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Syria-"secret steps" in Doha. Russia/Syria gas deal? Geneva pretalks

Back to Syria, yes, but we have to keep an eye on Egypt! 

Since the US is coincidentally & curiously moving troops to Egypt: U.S. soldiers set to deploy to Egypt at a tense time
 A group of U.S. soldiers are rocked and ready to deploy to Egypt for a 9-month peacekeeping mission.
Oddly enough, or not, this deployment was announced before the warning from Egypt's military. Egypt's Army delivers an ominous warning Prepping for something?????

Was going to get this up yesterday...better one day late then not at all
Is the no fly zone a possibility? I noticed there wasn’t any mention of it after the Doha conference this past weekend. Which means, nothing.
I found two news stories on Sunday that seemed to indicate that the no fly zone might still happen...
Arab News :“Secret Steps” adopted to change Syria balance

World powers supporting Syria’s rebels decided on Saturday to take “secret steps” to change the balance on the battlefield.

In their final communique, the ministers agreed to “provide urgently all the necessary materiel and equipment to the opposition on the ground, each country in its own way in order to enable them to counter brutal attacks by the regime and its allies and protect the Syrian people.
“Secret steps” what might those be? “Secret steps” is most certainly not a reference to the weapons being sent, that is not secret.  Being well publicized via the msm.   
Nor can the secret be all the training the hired mercs have been receiving.   
Arming  and training the terrorist mercs is not new or startling. So that can’t be the secret steps taken?

Speaking in Doha, top Qatari diplomat Sheikh Hamad bin Jassem Al-Thani said the meeting of foreign ministers of the “Friends of Syria” had taken “secret decisions about practical measures to change the situation on the ground in Syria.”

“Secret decisions about practical measures to change the situation on the ground in Syria”

Who attended the Doha meeting?

Ministers from Britain, Egypt, France, Germany, Italy, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and the United States attended the talks.
NATO nations and their GCC lackies. I do wonder what ever happened to all the other ‘friends’?
I am also curious if Israel was represented but that representation was not reported on?
I am of the opinion that someone, or a few someones, from Israel were in Doha.

Each country in it’s own way. Secret steps........

                                            US troops to remain in Jordan

The US just so happened to move patriot missile batteries (1 or 2)  and 12- 24, F-16 fighter jets in Jordan.
Coincidentally the US, after wrapping up exercises in Jordan left ‘dozens’ of personnel in Jordan

 “U.S. military personnel, including dozens staying on from joint military drills, are in Jordan”

Just what is needed for each country, in their own way, to shift the balance on the ground.
The US leaves behind 1 or 2 patriot missile batteries. 12 -24 F-16 fighter jets. And dozens of personnel stay behind after exercises.
No fly zone?
It looks like it

First a word of warning about the next linked article..

This piece is from WND.(World Net Daily) I do not find WND credible 99.9% of the time.
This is the first time I have ever used their info.
So, why am I using the upcoming piece?
Because it is interesting and quite plausible considering Assad’s 4 seas strategy and the spoils going to Qatar if  Syria fails.  It could also be an attempt to demonize Russia and China further.
You read, you decide.

                                                    map from here, what looks like a good read
                                                  Looking at that pipeline, what do I see? Egypt.

Syria's backroom deal with Russia

 Notice the headline is already spinning? “Backroom deal” The Assad government, leading Syria, would be able to make such a deal with Russia. No “backroom” necessary. Also, information is from unnamed sources, originating with Israel. Still we are all aware of the eastern Mediterranean gas resources, therefore it seems possible the article has some truth buried in all the spin. Speaking of spin, I will omit it as much as possible and add my own commentary.

Assad last month agreed to sign the document, considered an understanding of principals on control of his country’s gas resources, including transiting pipelines.
The officials further said Russia helped to broker a separate understanding with Assad that would allow public and private Chinese companies to rebuild damaged infrastructure in Syria if Assad defeats the insurgency.

            The alleged deals underscore the economic benefits that may motivate Russia to back Assad while the West, including the Obama administration, aids the rebels seeking a post-Assad Syria.

As opposed to the economic deals that benefit US/Israel/UK via Qatar?

Syria is a key energy transit route to Europe. A number of countries appear to be seeking dominance of the energy market that runs through Syria.
In 2011, Syria announced it had discovered a promising gas field in the city of Homs, which would later see some of the fiercest battles between Assad’s forces and the rebels.

Isn’t that interesting. Promising gas fields in Homs....
Beside the prospect of its own gas field, Syria is also one of the most strategic locations for natural gas pipelines to flow to Europe.

Syria is site of the proposed construction of a massive underground gas pipeline that, if completed, could drastically undercut the strategic energy power of U.S. ally Qatar and also would cut Turkey out of the pipeline flow.

I have covered the pipelines aspect of the Syrian conflict in a number of posts. Hopefully you have read them? For newer readers, I will relink later today
Set to open in 2016, Iran, Iraq and Syria signed a deal in 2010 to construct the 3,480-mile natural gas pipeline connecting Iran’s South Pars field to European customers.

A key portion of the pipeline is concentrated on the Syrian ports, which would export directly to Europe out of the Eastern Mediterranean. Russia has reportedly built up its naval presence along the major Syrian ports of Latakia and Tartus. 
Turkey, however, is a key player in the Nabucco natural gas pipeline, which is being constructed to transit natural gas to Europe from the Central Asia and Caspian regions. That pipeline is set to traverse Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary, and end in Austria.
Turkey has been a key supporter of the rebels fighting Assad’s regime, while Qatar has reportedly been supplied arms and training to the rebels.

The Islamic pipeline would boost the Shiite factions in the Middle East at the expense of Sunni-dominated countries.
The Sunni dominate countries are already under the heel of Israel and company
Qatar, home to the world’s largest gas field along with Iran, recently proposed a U.S.-backed gas pipeline from the Gulf to Turkey to Europe. Qatar has also had previous designs for a Syria pipeline that would connect to Turkey.

Qatar, while small, is backed up by the U.S. military. It is the location of U.S. Central Command’s Forward Headquarters and the Combined Air Operations Center.

Mentioned this meeting last week: Russian and U.S. Officials Return to Geneva for Talks on Syria

Senior United States and Russian officials returned to Geneva on Tuesday for another round of talks at the United Nations on convening an international conference on Syria but with no hint of flexibility from parties to the conflict or their foreign backers.

Interview Rick Rozoff/Steve Lendman

approx 30 minutes


  1. remember the outrage when it was alleged thru a dodgy translation, Ahmadinejad said: israel should be wiped off the map': he didnt say this but he was pilloried around the globe..

    NOW guess who says a country SHOULD be wiped off the face of the map....in plain english: the country to be genocided is North Korea..the person who said it..a former israeli ambassador...as an eg to Iran
    no response in 2 months from media

  2. I'm with you on WND, but even a stopped clock..you know.
    I believe the goal in the US and its' minions policy is global resource hegemony. These ideas fit that policy.
    What's going on is a struggle for access to resources. Not a "War on Terror." Our Corporate empire must be fed.

    1. Yes, I know the saying

      global resource hegemony for control.. denial of resources and control of the global economy

      But also to create the one world government/order with the one world army which equals a global tyranny

  3. "Syria is a key energy transit route to Europe."

    Excellent point!

    - Aangirfan

    1. A point I think has been beaten to death here
      Sometimes I worry that if I repeat it to much people will be bored to tears
      But, one never knows who is reading for the first time and i cannot assume everyone has been reading along since day 1

      ty Aang

  4. Penny, thank you for the good explanations.

    This is classic divide and conquer.
    The owners own both teams,
    and small scale cold fusion
    making toxic oil and gas obsolete.

  5. Hey penny,

    can you link me to some articles that proves that isreal has a hand in helping the rebs inside syria? I can't find it, I am sure I read it on this blog.


    1. it would be tough to point you to one article
      It would take several to make the case
      latest would be below



      Literally there would be several dozen posts, linked to different articles, here demonstrating Israel's complicity

      click the Syria tag at the bottom of the post and start reading.

      Hope that helps?

  6. "All military and civilian personnel had been evacuated from the Tartus base and there were no Russian military"

    1. thanks
      for readers, that info is from here

      Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister says all personnel had been evacuated from the navy resupply base in Tartus, Syria, adding that not a single Russian military serviceman remained in the country.

      Mikhail Bogdanov made the announcement in an interview with the Al-Hayat newspaper. “Presently, the Russian Defense Ministry has not a single person stationed in Syria. The base does not have any strategic military importance,” the newspaper quoted the Russian official as saying.

      Russian media have verified the statement and the business daily Vedomosti quoted an unnamed source in the Defense Ministry as saying that this was true as all military and civilian personnel had been evacuated from the Tartus base and there were no Russian military instructors working with the Syrian military forces. The source added that the withdrawal was prompted not only by the increased risks caused by the ongoing military conflict, but also by the fact that in the current conditions any incident involving Russian servicemen would likely have some unfavorable reaction from the international community.

      Russia currently has a 16-ship flotilla in the Mediterranean Sea but none of them has called at the port of Tartus in recent months and there were no reports of such plans.

      Mikhail Bogdanov is also Russian President’s plenipotentiary for Middle East issues and he headed the Russian delegation at this week’s talks between Russia, US and UN on preparations of the major international conference on Syria, dubbed Geneva-2.

      Following the Tuesday round of talks another Russian diplomat – Deputy Foreign Minister Gennadiy Gatilov – told reporters that the sides failed to agree on a number of questions and the terms of the future conference were not yet agreed. In particular, the participants of the talks varied on Iran’s possible role in the future conference.

      Moscow supports Tehran’s participation in talks as it would make a positive contribution to the possible political settlement in Syria, the Russian official noted.

      Besides, the participation of some of the Syrian opposition groups remains under question though the US side said they were working on this, Gatilov added.

      The Russian diplomat said that the supplies of weapons to the Syrian opposition were not discussed at Tuesday's talks, though he noted that this issue “was not creating positive political environment for the start of the political process.”

      Gatilov said that Russia still hoped the plan to call the international conference would end in success. In particular, the issue will be discussed at the forthcoming meeting between Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and US State Secretary John Kerry, due soon within the framework of the ASEAN conference in Brunei.

      Any thoughts? Anyone?

    2. Russia's position is that there should be no foreign intervention in Syria. It would be against international law i.e. any US intervention will be clearly illegal. But it makes it difficult for Russia to claim this loudly if it has forces inside Syria. It also give the US the opportunity to say "If it is ok for the Russians to be in Syria, then it is ok for us to be there too" i.e. if it is illegal for us then it is illegal for Russia too."

      It would not be the same, of course, because Russia is invited to be in Syria but in the 'court of public opinion' it would be enough to muddy the waters for the average teevee viewer our there.

    3. thanks for sharing that James
      There is often a huge disconnect between what is said and what is reality on the ground
      as we are well aware.
      With a 16 ship flotilla in the med..does it make a difference of some persons are not at Tartus?
      don't know how many have actually been there for some time now?
      crazy days

  7. foreign intervention already exists: the jihadis are mostly foreign! armed and funded by foreigners....bent on bringing freedom democracy and sharia lawlessness

    1. Yes, quite right. Make that "foreign state direct intervention"

  8. /An Australian has been charged under anti-terrorist laws for issuing a how-to list on Facebook for how young men can engage in holy war without getting killed or ending up in Guantanamo Bay.

    Zaky Mallah had travelled to Syria and lived with the rebels engaged in the bloody civil war against Muslim hardliner President Bashar al-Assad.

    here is how the media portray president Assad: 'Zaky Mallah had travelled to Syria and lived with the rebels engaged in the bloody civil war against Muslim hardliner President Bashar al-Assad.'...................muslim hardliner???dont know what they means but the word 'hard' is meant to suggest brutal repressive, and induce sympathy in FSA