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Syrian Army takes Golan Crossing: Media obfuscates Israeli role as safe haven

2ND UPDATE BELOW RE: Austrian Peacekeepers at Golan

There is something that bothers me about the way this news is being presented via NATO media.
The NATO media is lying or obfuscating what really happened. That's how I see it...

  First of all, don't get me wrong.. this is good news. If Syria can get control of the borders, as much as possible, they can keep NATO's hired killer/mercenary army out.
So, it is not that aspect of this news story that  perturbs me. And perhaps some of the readers can offer some input here? The crossing in discussion is at Quneitra.
And Quneitra has been the subject of a few previous posts at the blog.
Israel set up a field hospital there   

After NATO's mercs crossed there and were treated in an Israeli hospital

We will start with the news stories:
BBC: Syrian Army retakes Golan crossing

Fierce clashes were reported on the Golan Heights close to the ceasefire line with Israel

Tanks and armoured vehicles were used in the raid at Quneitra, near Israeli-held territory, the BBC was told.
 The fighting came a day after Syrian troops  - retook the key town of Qusair after a three-week siege.
Qusair was beseiged by NATO's mercs for longer then three weeks...but this is lying media, what can be said about such information?

The fighting at Quneitra took place after Syrian troops retook the key town of al-Qusay(i)r

Rebels seized a ceasefire line crossing near the old city of Quneitra, with explosions and heavy shelling rocking the area.
But an Israeli military source said Syrian regime forces retook the symbolically significant crossing hours later and that it was now relatively quiet in the area.
 Doesn't it make way more sense that the rebels, did not take the crossing, instead were being chased by Syrian Army and fled through the Israeli controlled crossing back into their safe haven of Israel? That is what makes sense to me. 

*We can be certain their was no "massacre", real or otherwise, of NATO mercs at the border crossing or the NATO media would be playing that up.

It's time for a map!!

Make it bigger. It is quite detailed.

Using the scale it appears as if Quneitra is about 125 kms away from al-Qusay(i)r (give or take a few km's)'s not a stretch to suggest these men were indeed some of the fighters that fled al-Qusay(i)r, not able to get back to their safe hideouts in Lebanon, being forced to go to Israel.

Do you notice the vagueness of the BBC report?
Where did the NATO mercs go once they took the crossing ? Clearly they could not have gone back into Syria! Not with Syrian Army in hot pursuit. These NATO mercs would surely have been killed.
Common sense tells us the only answer is the NATO mercs fleeing from Syrian Army, likely after fleeing from Al-Qusay(i)r took refuge in Israel. BBC doesn't mention that. Nor does CNN or Haaretz, all linked below


 What appeared to be a symbolic victory for the Syrian rebels turned out to be short-lived.
The Syrian army recaptured Syria's only crossing to Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, Syrian state-run TV reported Thursday. A journalist working for CNN in the area confirmed that account.
Just a few hours earlier, an opposition group said Syrian rebels had seized the Quneitra crossing after battling Syrian forces in the city.
Clashes continued after the army retook control, but at a lower intensity than before.
 And where did the NATO mercs go? CNN doesn't mention it. I say, they went right on into Israel.
These media  narratives are being used to obfuscate Israel's involvement


The rebels opened their offensive on Quneitra early in the morning and seize it shortly after. IDF soldiers positioned in lookout towers around noon said Assad's forces had regained control of the crossing, amidst heavy fighting. 

Reading the account from Haaretz makes clear the IDF asissted the NATO mercs in their retreat from Syria.
They headed to the crossing. Poured through it as IDF 'positioned in towers' ensured their safety..
Syrian Army did battle, but, once the hired killers got through the border crossing it was all over.

Then some unnamed Syrian opposition whatever makes this claim:
 Quneitra is less important than other border crossings, a source in the Syrian opposition told Haaretz. "The crossing may have symbolic [significance], but it doesn't have a strategic value because it does not function as a line for logistical support," he said.
That doesn't make sense. If this was not a useful or strategic crossing why did the rebels even flee to it?
Why did Israel set up a field hospital? Media lies and spin. Obfuscation, always.


Ynet news 

This news out of Israel blends seamlessly into narrative constructed above. Here we have the mercs, rescued by Israel at the Quneitra crossing , being treated in Israeli hospital. With their grenades still on their person.

A fragmentation grenade was discovered in the pants pocket of one of two Syrians who were evacuated to the Ziv Medical Center in Safed on Thursday after being severely injured during the fighting in their war-torn country. The emergency and trauma wards of the hospital were cleared and sappers who were called to the scene detonated the grenade.

Quoting from the BBC article before it disappears: Voices from al Qusay(i)r

"They killed my brother, they killed children - because we support the government," one man told the BBC's Lyse Doucet as he drove away in a van. 


Israel is spinning fast and furious on the peacekeeper absence at Golan, their spin is as usual, lies.
There were clearly no UN peacekeepers present when the NATO mercs fled into Israel with the help of IDF 

Today's JP fabrication  

1-The Austrian decision came after battles between Syrian troops and rebels near the Quneitra crossing point.

2-Israel is keen on the force remaining on the border and trying to preserve the quiet that has reigned there for some 40 years. 

Let's address lie number 1: 
The Austrian decision to remove their peacekeepers, if there were any left at Golan, was made 9 days ago.
HT bot tak: May 29/2013 Austria to withdraw peacekeepers from Golan 

 The Austrian government took the decision soon after the EU Council meeting at the foreign ministers’ level failed to agree on the extension of arms embargo to Syria that will end on June 1
Therefore... Austria's decision to remove peacekeepers had zero to do with what happened today at the Golan Border. In fact peacekeepers have been being slowly, surreptitiously removed from Golan via 'kidnappings' by NATO's merc. To the benefit of Israel.

Now we will address lie number 2:

Israel is "keen" on the international force remaining. NO they aren't.
-Or they would not have been participating in the 'kidnappings' of UN peacekeepers.
-Israel does not want an international force remaining at Golan because they are free to continue on with their war making ways. Of course, Israel has their sites set on an even larger piece of Golan.
-Israel does not want an international force anywhere near them, because that might restrain them from their expansionist ways

Quoting- International Relations Minister Yuval Steinitz
"Even as part of peace agreements, Israel cannot place its security in the hands of international forces instead of relying on the presence of IDF soldiers."

Can it be made any clearer?
In case you have any doubt about Israel wishing to have no pesky international presence to interfere....
 'Israel opposes int’l forces as part of peace deal' 

Quoting Steinitz again:

“Some people are speaking about international forces, maybe [in] the Jordan Valley or the hills and border areas, that will take care of Israel’s future security" 
“The Palestinians should be able to control their lives, and we should be able to control our security in our own hands.
For us, security means survivability, and we have had very negative experiences with international forces so far.”

Israel does not want and had ensured that peacekeepers would be removed from Golan.
Israel is not now, nor had Israel ever has been interested in peace.
Only acquisition of land and resources. Israel has imperialistic aspirations.


  1. I thought the same as soon as I heard it, this is the rats being chased back to their holes.

    1. Hello FW:

      I am going to add an update to this post that bolsters my thought, your thought and what i wrote

      This is indeed the rats going back to their holes. Their holes in Israel.

  2. I listened to the Austrian news, the army has pulled all the troops from the UN command citing too dangerous. The Spokesperson was very edgy reading the statement, probably written by Israel. The consensus is that Israel has intentionally started this front, to snare Hezbollah and some Palestinian fighters into battle. Keep digging Penny this will be the next big story.

    1. Probably written by Israel hans
      Because Israel is spinning hard on this fabrication
      I have updated my post to reflect the phony austrian narrative
      ty for dropping by

    2. Another bust of zionist spooks in Syria:


      SyrPer received this Intel last night: 3 foreign intelligence officers were taken prisoners yesterday while they were conducting a special recon operation around the Kunsurwa Factory north of Idlib City. The first officer was an American female. The second was a British male and the third is believed to be an American-born citizen of the Zionist Abomination.

      According to reliable sources, this team of English-speaking spooks was carrying detailed maps, charts and software as they took down specifics on a Syrian Army military checkpoint. According to one source of ours who does not like to even be given a code name, the material seized was a treasure trove of incriminatory evidence against all 3 nations."

      вот так

  3. 'The fighting came a day after Syrian troops - retook the key town of Qusair after a three-week siege.'

    This B(ritish) B(ullshit) C(orporation quote means that the SAA retook the town after three weeks not that the terrorists had been there for three weeks :)

    The Israeli's took the wounded vermin to hospital, as they've been doing for some time. Patch 'em up and send 'em back. From Israels pov it's a win-win scenario. They get to send Muslims back to kill Muslims and JaNF have a debt to Israel for saving the lives of their 'comrades'.

    That the crossing has symbolic value shouldn't be underestimated, in a lot of instances symbolism boosts moral. If there was no value there the terrorists wouldn't have bothered taking it in the first place.

    Nothing that is released by NATO should be taken as having any credibility whatsoever. Or any Western media come to that. They are feeding a one way lie to the gullible public and have been doing so since the first US inspired 'uprising'. Every single politician in the West that has backed the US terrorist proxy army in Syria should be arrested and put on trial for war crimes. Along with the Qatari and Saudi dictatorships. And let's not forget Turkey...

  4. Yup, Israel never sleeps. I wonder if any of those injured "freedom fighters" Israel so kindly took to their hospital will be leaving minus a kidney?

    Israel is the initiator and continuer of this terrorism against Syria, and they wont stop pulling the puppet strings until Israel itself is demolished as a threat. There is no reasoning with zionist fascists any more than there was with their nazi spiritual brothers.

    вот так

  5. Israel launches military unit to document operations

    In other words, field hasbara.

    The nazis did this. They had film crews filming all over the place. Naturally, being their spiritual buttbros, Israelis would latch on to that propaganda tactic.

    вот так

  6. Syrian troops repel rebels' attempt to control border point with Israeli-occupied city

    • Syrian troops repelled the rebels' attempt to control a border point between Syria and Golan Heights.
    • Large numbers of rebels were killed and others injured during the showdown at the Quneitra border.
    • The rebels have apparently chosen al-Quneitra as their new battlefield.

    "Smoke rises from the Israeli occupied Golan Heights near the Quneitra border crossing on June 6, 2013. The Israeli Defense Forces on Thursday sealed off an area adjacent to the Quneitra border crossing in the northern Golan Heights, shortly after the Syrian rebels seized it from forces loyal to President Bashar Assad.

    The Syrian troops repelled on Thursday the armed rebels' attempt to control a border point between Syria and the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, the state- media said.

    Quoting an official source, SANA said that large numbers of rebels were killed and others injured during the showdown at the Quneitra border crossing on the Golan Heights. It noted that the army continued to hunt down rebel fighters who fled towards the adjacent al-Qahtaniyeh village.

    Israeli ambulances transported some of the injured rebels into Israeli-held territories, the source said, adding that the move constitutes a "new proof of the close link between these terrorist groups and the Israeli occupation."

    Other media reports said the rebels had actually took hold of the border crossing for a few hours before the Syrian troops unleashed an attack and regained the crossing.

    The pro-opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that violent clashes took place in al-Quneitra coupled with government forces' bombardment.

    It said clashes in the area also spread to the towns of Khan Arnaba, Bir Ajam, Bareeqa and Jebata in al-Quneitra.

    The rebels have apparently chosen al-Quneitra as their new battlefield after the Syrian troops dislodged them from the central strategic city of al-Qussair in Homs province a day earlier.

    The recapture of Al-Qussair by government forces has deprived the rebels from key supply line from the neighboring Lebanon.

    As part of their all-out assault in Homs, the Syrian troops regained control of the troublesome district of Khalidieh which has largely spun out of government control over the past year."

    The terrorists and Israel acting together once again. This may be the opening phase of an Israeli plan to move the propaganda centre of their terrorists' fighting to the region of Golan. To use as justification for open Israeli warfare upon Syria.

    вот так

    1. Hey bot tak, apologies the two comments above were in the spam folder, just got them out this am
      I wish google would have been efficient when it came to the varying hasbara trolls polluting the blog. sigh......

  7. Mother of Tunisian Jihadist Weeps as She Apologizes to the Syrian People

  8. Communist Party Of Turkey - TKP

    A man who opened fire on police and tried to provoke the protestors last night in Hatay is reported to be a member of the Free Syrian Army. The protestors, who were alarmed by his unusual behaviors, revealed the identity of the provocateur. The Free Syrian Army is an armed group supported by the Turkish government against the Syrian regime.

    Parliamentarian from Hatay, Hasan Akyol, spoke to soL newspaper and said that the people surrendered the man to the security forces.

    The provocateur is holding Syrian identity card. He stayed at the camps of the Free Syrian Army. It is not known yet whether the police have started legal investigation on the issue or not. (soL)

  9. While the government has so far refused to comment on the issues, quite understandably since its military is still locked in an on-going military struggle against Islamic operatives in its southern provinces, all the while preparing for the return of some Gitmo terror prisoners. Yemeni officials would have a difficult time reconciling the idea of Jihad in one place while fighting off the same rhetoric in its own backyard.”

    If true, the Yemen Post report could be construed as another piece of evidence against the apparently terrorist-supporting Sen. McCain. For, according to this story, McCain lobbied the Yemeni government to send more jihadi fighters to Syria, in order to swell the ranks of groups engaged in terrorist activity—representatives of which the Arizona senator had met with immediately before traveling to Yemen.

    1. brian

      "For, according to this story, McCain lobbied the Yemeni government to send more jihadi fighters to Syria, in order to swell the ranks of groups engaged in terrorist activity—representatives of which the Arizona senator had met with immediately before traveling to Yemen."

      Well. McCain is a loyal Israeli.

      Nice work over at MoA, your posts there are a breath of fresh air in the smoggy atmosphere there. Even the LA doesn't have that much smog, even on a still day.

      вот так