Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Terror Plot- British Columbia, Canada. On Canada Day (allegedly)

Yes, on Canada day. Which the media has informed the Canadian readership is the equivalent of the 4th of July in the US.

Canada Day is the equivalent of the July Fourth Independence Day celebrations in the United States, with street parties, barbecues and fireworks displays

This way we feel the kinship, once were forced into the NAU.

Sorry, story for another day ... back to the "TERROR PLOT"

A selection of news stories-

*Montreal Gazette
*Reuters Canada
*Vancouver Sun

Just the meat and potatoes!

 - Police charged the suspects with plotting to set off the three home-made devices outside the parliament building in Victoria, the capital of the Pacific Coast province, during Canada Day festivities on Monday.

Arrests took place on Monday, allegedly,  but no arrests announcements till Tuesday? Why?
If anything was actually going to take place on Canada Day, would it not have been better to arrest them before hand? Particularly since CSIS and/ or the RCMP have been monitoring them since February/13 and were fully aware of their plot.

The advantage for these arrests taking place when they did come from being in the Tuesday news cycle. A day after the plot date. (dodged a bullet) Lots of media play during the new work week/news cycle. 

Had the arrests taken place prior to Canada day, when one would sensibly think was the time for prevention and all, these arrests would not have garnered the necessary media hysteria. 

- Police charged the suspects with plotting to set off the three home-made devices outside the parliament building in Victoria, the capital of the Pacific Coast province, during Canada Day festivities on Monday.
“Officials said they had monitored the pair since February and that the public was not at risk, since agents had made sure the bombs would never have exploded

”Police said there was no risk to the public at any time because they began monitoring the suspects in February and had known all along what was happening.”

The investigation began in February when the Canadian Security Intelligence Service tipped the Integrated National Security Enforcement Team about a possible terror plot, leading to the four-month investigation dubbed Project Souvenir.”
How were the pair monitored? What did this entail?
How were agents able to ensure the bombs would never go off? Unless they were in close, personal contact with the pair.
Which would explain the monitoring... and the ‘knowing all along what was happening’
Project Souvenir? Curious name.
Were CSIS and the RCMP out to gather some souvenirs?Make themselves appear valuable to society, hard at work and worth the vacuuming of the taxpayer dollar?

Quoting RCMP commissioner Rideout   
“Rideout said the RCMP used a variety of techniques to “monitor and control” the accused throughout their conspiracy, though he said he couldn’t provide specifics now that the case is before the courts.”

The RCMP used a variety of techniques to “monitor and control” the accused throughout their conspiracy

“They took steps to educate themselves and produce explosive devices designed to cause injury and death. ... They discussed a wide variety of targets and techniques."

Who assisted the pair with their steps? Who did the pair discuss a wide variety of targets and techniques with? It would seem since they were monitored and controlled for months by the RCMP that the pair most likely discussed their wide variety of targets and techniques with none other then... the RCMP.

Doubtful there were talking this up in amongst the general public, so who else is there?
“Federal Public Safety Minister Vic Toews applauded the work of the law enforcement agencies involved in the investigation.

"Yesterday's arrests demonstrate that terrorism continues to be a real threat to Canada," Toews said in a statement.

"The RCMP has assured me that at no time during the course of this investigation was there an imminent risk to the safety of Canadians."
I couldn't imagine that there was an imminent risk to Canadians
Plenty of meme bombs dropped, sorry for that tasteless pun, I couldn't resist

-Pressure Cookers
-Al Queada
-Boston Bombing
-Terror plot


Little is known about Nuttall and Korody, but it appears that Nuttall had an intense interest in music and had a history of cocaine and methadone abuse.

The pair had been renting a basement suite in a Surrey home for about three years, and their landlord, Shanti Thaman, said they appeared to subsist on social assistance.
Answers my question about the drug use of this pair. Nutall also having a fairly extensive criminal history.


  1. I saw this yesterday, watched the press conference with tweedle dee and dum. Shifty eyes - both of them.

    "Al Queda" inspired - what in the world does that mean? (CIAduh inspired? RCMPduh inspired?) One would think that after the slopfest of the Toronto 18, er 11, er 4? debacle that they would at least try to improve on their BS. Sadly, even the quality of false flags is deteriorating in this land.


  2. In this case it seems to mean RCMP inspired
    I read some descriptions of the two alleged perps.. really they are patsies
    Hooked and reeled
    Him a list of priors, her nothing
    him with guitars
    wonder how much drugs they both use?
    What did they RCMP give them to reel them in

    I don't think they can hide their handiwork. It's just not possible given their heavy involvement
    should make it easier for the show trial and convictions
    given the fact they will have all the necessary evidence
    however contrived it may be

    1. oh yah

      RCMP = Royally Corrupted Mounting Police


      no oversight, no accountability

  3. What do you want to bet that at the end of the day the RCMP conceived of the plan, showed them how to build it, supplied the materials and then drove them to The Leg so they could bust them.

    1. gragor:

      At the end of the day, I would say that is exactly what the RCMP did.
      It's pretty obvious via the msm that they(two druggies with dreams of grandeur) were controlled and managed all along
      The RCMP says that explicitly in their press talk
      It's sad that this is what the gov and law enforcement resort to in order to manipulate the populace
      Canadians should face the fascism. That is the terror at hand
      Right in plain sight

  4. I was able to search through the BC court services website to find when they were arrested..

    Using their case file # 198990 and the Surrey provincial court, you can look up the charges.

    The offense dates said March 2nd... Now I can't find anything

    Here is a screen shot someone else posted that made me do my searching for myself.


  5. Actually here is the link, the offense dates are March 2, 2013 but the news said they were arrested Canada day


  6. anonymous at 3:29 and 3:32
    yes, I see that that 2 offence dates are March 02/2013
    and 1 is June 25/2013
    Totally shoring up the already obvious false flag narrative
    going to update this post with a second part because the two junkies are, well two junkies