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Egypt, Syria, Propaganda and more Propaganda, Eid Aid/IHH and weapons

This is one of those tying up loose ends kind of posts... Or following up, if you please?
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Following up on: Very Ominous for Egypt: Robert S Ford, the next Ambassador to Egypt.
It appears the Egyptians are less them impressed with this appointee.

                                                Egypt rages against likely US ambassador on Twitter

  Egypt Rages against likely US Amabassador This article is from france24. Yet another NATO news outlet.
First paragraph “US media reports that Robert Ford, former top US envoy to Syria, will be Washington’s next ambassador to Egypt has sparked a vitriolic Twitter campaign over a Canadian conspiracy website's claims that he once ran “death squads” in Iraq. “

The so called “ Canadian conspiracy website” is Global Research-Centre for Research on Globalization. Name Calling propaganda tactic duly noted. The article contains the usual perception management media type stuff about Robert S Ford in Syria.

The surprise visit was seen as the first concrete sign of US support for the Syrian opposition. It sparked a furious response from the government but won the ambassador hero status in the eyes of the opposition and, as he arrived in Hama, protesters were seen greeting Ford with flowers and olive branches.
Flowers and olive branches? Yah, in one of those staged photo ops.

One of the sample tweets quoted “The new sponsor of terrorism in Egypt,” referring to the US career diplomat. I can’t disagree with that sentiment.

Egypt’s military-appointed government said on Wednesday that it was giving up negotiating.... hinting that it might forcibly disperse tens of thousands of them from two sit-ins in the capital.
 And although the two main sit-ins are both open and seemingly nonviolent, the statement called them “nonpeaceful.
Egypt’s interim Cabinet, Prime Minister Hazem el-Beblawi said Wednesday on state television that the decision to clear the sit-ins was “irreversible.” He said that the clearing could begin any time.
Robert S Ford's influence already at play?

Speaking of propaganda. Or perception management? Or mind control?
Whichever you prefer?  This next piece is rife with propaganda devices. Can you spot them?
Review this and then challenge yourself as you read this next piece- Internet Report Says Syria has Largest Oil and Gas Fields
"A new propaganda video making the rounds of Internet conspiracy theorists claims that Syria has discovered the largest oil and natural gas and reserves in the world in its territorial waters. The new find the video claims, while offering great financial rewards to a country with a wobbly economy, to say the least, has at the same time been Syria’s curse. According to the video, this discovery is the real reason behind the Syrian civil war, a war that was instigated by the “Zionists who control 100 percent of the world media.”

According to the report Syria’s new find will place it ahead of Qatar, currently one of the world’s largest producers of natural gas. The fields, lying in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, off the Syrian coast, are also far more important than those off the coast of Israel. The video makes no mention of the oil and natural gas fields discovered in Lebanese waters.

The report claims that there are 40 oil fields in this yet untapped area and that just four wells alone can produce in a single day more oil than all the fields in Kuwait currently produce
If true, this could be fantastic news for Syria and the money could be used to rebuild the war-shattered country and its economy. But then again it is not going to be all smooth sailing for Syria, even if it indeed does have the world’s largest oil and gas reserves. As long as the current regime remains in place, so too will the sanctions imposed on Syria by the United States.

The video is cleverly done and like any propaganda effort worthy of its name,
it encompasses elements of truth carefully wrapped around fabrications and exaggerations"
The author of the linked editorial has written a piece that can only be called propaganda. He is attempting to appearing authorititive and truthful. In reality he appears to be a typical agent of disinfo. We will get to that later.

For example, the video claims that the civil war raging in Syria today is entirely over the fate of a gas pipeline that was to run from Qatar through Iraq and onto Syria and Turkey and into Europe, but Syria did not agree.

Pipelines are very much at stake in the destabilization agenda.  Syria’s government had independent ideas regarding the pipeline. I have covered this on a number of occasions here at the blog.

Qatar, the report claims, along with Saudi Arabia, “under the authority of the Zionist –controlled US, funded all the terrorist activities against the Syrian government. In other words, the video want us to believe that the reason that Syria is at war has nothing to do with the internal situation in Syria. They would like us to believe that it is entirely the fault of the West who want to get their hands on Syria’s oil. They would like us to believe that lack of individual freedom and the absence of people’s participation in government has nothing to do with the current violence.
Plenty of evidence out there to clearly and abundantly demonstrate collusion between Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel and the US.

“Using the Zionist controlled world media empire,” which in the West, according to this report “is 100 percent controlled by the Zionists, ran fairy tale cover stories.   

Playing the anti-semitism card. Yawn. This one is tired and worn out.
At the same time the video portrays the new might of the Iran-Syria-Hezbollah alliance, will defend Syrian and Iranian oil and it’s interests around the world. It boasts that Iran can attack all of the 35 US military bases in countries around it. It claims that the alliance has a total of 150,000 missiles that can sink all US warships in the Gulf and in the Eastern Mediterranean. It claims that Iran has advance EMP technology, --Electro Magnetic Pulse -- that can shut Israeli cities down.
Iran is a threat. Iran bad. Iran threatens Israel, when it is actually the other way around. 
Blah, blah, blah
You can read the rest at the above link. It is disinfo. Classic disinfo.  Claude mixes bits of truth with liberal doses of lies.
Did you notice I underlined "the video". Another item we have yet to get to.

The man and the video: Claude Salhani, movie reviewer

So, who is Claude? Answer: Claude Salhani

Claude Salhani is editor of He is a specialist in the Middle East, terrorism and politicized I roll my eyes. Repeatedly. 

A quick search on Claude Salhani shows his affiliations/associations. His vile consorts?
 Think Tanks & NGO's

International Institute for Strategic Studies – member.
Institute of World Affairs - Senior Fellow and director of Media & Conflict Program.
Center for American Progress – Debated on the situation in Western Sahara
Middle East Institute – Debated on the Iraq War and the Media War
The Potomac Institute - Frequent guest speaker on terrorism
RAND CORPORATION – Invited to participate in drafting a paper on the Middle East
CATO Institution – Wrote a policy paper on Syria and lectured on Islam and terrorism.
Hudson Institute – Guest speaker on Iran, Islam and the Mideast.

 Claude Salhani @ Linkedin :editor at arabspringnow,com
Washington, District Of Columbia (Washington D.C. Metro Area)  Media Production

Yah. I don’t think any more needs to be said about the agenda Mr Salhani is pushing. 
But, wait!   Media Production? Media Production!

*****Here is a thought..... Claude Salhani is connected to the video he is critiquing? Entirely possible! Perhaps Claude Salhani, who is in "Media Production" made the video and posted it online to justify his obvious and blatant propaganda piece. ******
Wouldn't doubt it myself.

Claude Salhani, "Media Production", whatever that entails, started writing for beginning Sept 29, 2011. (Interesting timing?) Claude must have felt it necessary to contradict a previous editorial at Iran-Iraq-Syria Pipeline Must Tempt Europe
A piece that contained this paragraph

We have stressed numerous times that this (pipeline) is one of the main reasons for the conflict in Syria. Right now there is a race on to get gas through this region, to Europe. This was Qatar’s main goal of meddling in Syria—and now Qatar has been largely sidelined having extended its reach a bit too far. (Qatar shares the Pars…
You may recall the last time we discussed this pipeline, not the only time, but the most recent time was in this post: War against Iran, Iraq and Syria? If you didn't read that one.. now is the time.
While speaking of the previous post, linked directly above, and thinking aboout Iraq in particular, this rather odd statement from an Iraqi MP caught my eye

MP, Liqa Wardi, of the Iraqiya Slate ruled out “Repeating the Syrian or Egyptian scenario in Iraq.”   
She stated to “The scenario in Iraq is different from the Syrian and the Egyptian,” noting that “We expect the international community to interfere to stop the violations against human rights.”

“Due to the tendency to increase the sectarian violence, the international community will interfere to stop the violence,” she concluded.
Who has she been talking with? And what does she mean when she suggests the international community will 'interfere' to stop the violence

Update on the Eid aid convoy.

Which should have made it’s way to Syria by now? ..I will assume it made it through to Syria or at the very  least to the border area in Turkey. If you have not been paying attention I first covered the Eid aid convoy in this post. (You gotta get up to speed!) Problem, Reaction, Solution? AQ threat or Opportunity to advance war agenda?

I ended that post with this comment "I find this so called aid delivery highly suspicious"

One of the ultra well informed commenters that drops byhere added this comment along with other goodies you should check out
Thanks anonymous!!
maybe the aid convoy is smuggling weapons?
AND... this should sent chills to those who understand the history. Eid in Syria is sposored by IHH. You know, the guys smuggling weapons.
I am familiar with the IHH and it's 'humanitarianism'. I have a way back post, which contained much info and  an extensive batch of comments on the scummy IHH and it's connections to the Turkish government. It's weapons smuggling and worse in Libya. Let me say it clearly and emphatically  there is nothing, not one drop of humanity in the humanitarianism of IHH

Moving along, this information should be the cherry on top of the scummy IHH sundae
Syria aid charity is being monitored by regulator

Monitored simply means we are turning a blind eye to what is really going one under the guise of ‘charity’
Pay attention to the individuals involved in this Eid aid.

“A spokeswoman for the regulator said it has an ongoing monitoring case into the London-based charity Aid Convoy "regarding trustees’ duties" and "the end use of charitable funds".

One of the trustees of Aid Convoy, as listed on the commission’s website, is Moutaz Almallah Dabas. According to the Sunday Times, Dabas was arrested by British police in 2005 for alleged involvement in bombings in Madrid which killed 191 people in 2004. He was extradited to Spain in 2007 but was acquitted of the charges in 2011.

Moutaz Almallah Dabas: connected to the NATO terror state and the false flag Madrid bombing

Emdadur Choudhury is also listed as a trustee of the charity. In 2011, Choudhury was found guilty of public order offences after burning poppies at a protest in west London on Armistice Day, according to the Sunday Times.

 Emdadur Choudhury: another NATO terror state participant- useful idiot, patsy, whatever.

Usman Ali was also listed a trustee of Aid Convoy but resigned last month. The Sunday Times said that Ali was banned for life from a mosque in Woolwich, southeast London, after allegedly showing children footage of the 9/11 attacks and proclaiming "God is great"
 Usman Ali- Agent Provocateur for the NATO terror state. Radicalizer of unemployed youth.

You get the idea? This Eid aid is a NATO op. The aid is guns and worse.
Notice the regulator is simply‘monitoring’ despite all these very shady connections. Is that realistic? It seems to be the only thing being monitored is a safe delivery of the accoutrements of death and destruction 

 All these red flags and the  Eid Aid convoy left the UK.  
What the hell should that tell us?  I am ending with the video from euronews showing this 'aid' convoy leaving Leeds It is a must watch! 


  1. Hey all you clever persons :)
    I am taking a break for tomorrow.
    I will be around, but no new post(Unless all hell breaks loose)
    Leave comments, I will put them through. Share info and keep me in the loop.
    I just have to much to do tomorrow..but, there is a heck of a lot of good info in this post
    Thanks everyone :)


    1. Hi NYS

      thanks for picking up the post.:)
      I was over your way..but will go back for a better look

      I wonder what other media production Salhani has created for the cause?
      and the Eid aid, in the video, the one man looks familiar.
      as if I have seen him in other videos or news reports
      then the names of the persons involved with those charities
      I am sure I have heard those names connected with Libya also
      which makes sense as they are affilliated with IHH, connected to Turkey, connected to Muslim Brotherhood...

    2. ill look nto it,at momemnt im battling ciatica ,and life is very difficult under this ...also i recommend you pay close attention to my lebanese posts..wch are directly tied to syria,for instance.. these are just a few exmaples,i post them almost every can easily make case that sytias rebels are everyday bombing and plotting to bomb Lebanese society,wich proves they have no regard for life in Syria or region..just a headed to dr for cortisone shot.when i get back ill offer,some sites in english for Lebanon and wich politicians actors to wtach for reharding their statements on break it down with names,affiliations parties..Lebanon is even mroe important theater to understand in region then Syria in my opinion...because its politics are what destabilized Syria jund al sham and Lebanese refugee camps are from where many rebels are based..its a bit complicated but ill offer easy to understand format and how to bcome an expert on that strategic relationship and affairs affecting each other in less then 10 minutes,if you are interested...take care sister b b soon to do that if you wish

  3. Nice work, again, Penny. If Ford goes to Egypt, I hope the locals give him some justice.

    Syria captured more Israeli weapons:


    "All sources also confirm that they were armed with Zionist-manufactured weapons purchased recently by Bandar Bin Sultan from the Zionist Abomination in a well-publicized deal that stunned some readers. Uzi sub-machine guns, PKC machine guns, RPGs, gas masks and Zionist grenades were found aplenty among the carcasses strewn about the Ghouta countryside."

    As should be patently obvious to anyone by now, this war on Syria is an Israeli war, for Israeli interests, and it is planned and controlled from Israel. All the others, the Americans, the Turks, the Saudi, etc. are working for Israel and getting their orders from Israel.


    America's first Jewish bisexual president got his latest orders from Tel Aviv:

    Obama cancels Moscow meeting with Putin over 'lack of progress' on various issues

    "The United States said Wednesday it was putting off a summit in Moscow because of "lack of progress" on a range of issues, including missile defense and human rights, and "disappointment" over Russian asylum for intelligence leaker Edward Snowden."

    Gee, Israel's little nazis seem to be in a pout because Russia wont bend over for them. Let's break out the violins and comfort the poor sods. It's likely these oft buggered drama queens will be doing all they can to also sabotage the Sochi Olympics.

    вот так

    1. Bot tak, recall I spoke of trolls?
      It was the mention of Israeli involvement in Syria that brought out the trolls...
      So putting two and two together, that told me much about the troll problem here

      I saw the news about Obama. And seriously speaking, It's not a surprise
      It has been obvious for some time now that Russia is in the cross hairs
      the tsarnev frame up at boston made that abundantly clear, at least to me.
      Some dullards thought me wrong. LOL. Dullards will be dullards.

      the mercs are claiming they struck Assad

      Assad was shown alive and well dressed after the claims
      and in the video at al jaz

      the propaganda war rages on, along with the bloody war of destruction

  4. The European Intelligence Service decided it won't allow the Salafis who are fighting in Syria, to return to Europe.
    id prefer they did go bring sharia chaos to eu

  5. Yah, they should go back, so Europe can reap what it sowed
    Only thing..Europe would love it
    They could go all out fascist and tyrannical on the residents

  6. Ford in Egypt and Indyk as Palestine Peace Talks mediator - Jeez-oh!

    EMP is the new Nuke. Used as a propaganda weapon against Iran and N.Korea. For nukes to be displaced as the ultimate bogey and become 'normalized' there has to be a replacement - EMP.
    Is this part of that normalization-
    The Genie is Out of the Bottle
    I don't trust VT but that blog entry is indeed in Google's cache and Channel-4 have pulled the Snoblog. Did Ch-4 pull it because it was too hot or is the revelation of the use of tactical nukes being released a drip at a time - tap-on, tap-off. We'll see if other MSM outlets let slip about the use of nukes.

    The big story in UK is something to do with Bongo Bongo Land - an earth shaking scoop from the mighty and fearless Guardian.

    The guy fronting that Lifecare charity seems to be a real Guardianista judging by his twitterings. Lots of RTs from the likes of UNICEF, various UN ngos, a Flu-vaccination lobby group, the WWF and the Gates Foundation etc. Dupes like him believe everything the BBC and Guardian say without question.

  7. regarding the explosion in Homs the 'nuke' claim pertains to????
    Not claiming any special knowledge for dam sure
    I had two videos up on that explosion
    Looked like a large fuel explosion to me. James thought it possibly a certain type of explosive
    Hubby seemed to think that was possible. see the comment section there
    I have qualms about VT also

    Bongo Bongo Land?
    clarify, please and thanks :)

    "The guy fronting that Lifecare charity seems to be a real Guardianista judging by his twitterings"

    affiliated with the Guardian? Hmmmm bot tak and I were discussing the connectedness of the Guardian to the intelligence class (not meaning smart, just meaning covert)

    And a flu vaccination lobby, well......
    btw: glad to see the gift has come back to ya! ;)

    1. Looked like a fuel fire to me to, but what's reality got to do with it? The key thing is a player like Jon Snow talking about nukes being used (whether they were or not in this case). Jon Snow and Ch-4 News are very much of the Guardianista class - ultra PC, Cultural Marxist to the core, very establishment in a trendy-lefty way.

      Not affiliated, just a lefty pseudo intellectual poseur that wears his heart on his sleeve. Yeah the Guardian on one side and the Telegraph on the other - left/right, young/old, progressive/reactionary - whatever dialectical labels you prefer, they are both spooky.

      Bongo-Bongo - do a search, you'll be underwhelmed.

    2. "The key thing is a player like Jon Snow talking about nukes being used"

      freethinker: I don't even know who this Jon Snow is?
      Key Player?
      sorry, doesn't mean a thing to me?
      I will look up the bongo bongo, but I am not going to end up somewhere having to do with Silvio Berlusconi and his "parties"
      That would be frightful- eek!

    3. No, no, not a key player just a minor bit-part player but he takes himself very seriously and so do his bleeding-heart liberal followers; he calls himself a journalist (and has the {establishment} awards to prove it) but he's just another talking head. Here's a random clip of him giving an HRW guy a grilling (sarc)-
      Jon Snow & HRW on Syria

      I wouldn't be at all surprised if Silvio has had Bunga Bunga parties in Bongo Bongo Land.

      Penny, to save you the time-
      A pathetic nonentity of a story that's being hyped-up by the PC-brigade.

    4. hey freethinker
      I watched jon snow and the hrw guy
      then I puked
      Holy melodrama
      I despise HRW, they make just enough noise to retain a semblance of credibility, to the unawares, but are totally co-opted by the elite psychos and the NATO world army


    more money/goods for Eid in Syria???

    another sponsor of Eid in Syria is CHILDREN IN DEEN

    which is sposored by JustGiving

    some donations to children in deen are sent through JustTestGiving which is a service to send funds via SMS service by Vodafon in partnership with VISA. just so happens this service is available in Turkey.

    Vodafon is partnered with JustGiving.

    another partner is Barklays bank. (aka Rothschild central)
    and KPMG, started by the same people as the bank above.

    another 'front' in all this is Khadimabad Welfare Trust

    notice the similarities in the websites of childrenindeen and kwtrust? they are made by the same company, Print Xpress

    whois info
    Manawar Mohammed - Birmingham, UK
    Masood Yasin - Birmingham, UK
    Amjad Khan - Birmingham, UK
    Amjad Khan - Birmingham, UK

    so who are these 3 guys...?

    research finds ties to Jammu and Kashmir People's Democratic Party and Lashkar-e-Taiba. I won't go into it due to its a book in length but you can find it if you look.

    Manawar Mohammed makes regular trips to Kashmir by route through Bahrain, which is more expensive and longer trip than direct to Islamabad. would it have anything to do with DOD and CIA having offices there????

    notice the picture of the ambulance on kwtrust homepage, same as in the aid convoy to Syria.

    they don't even hide it...
    "The travel costs and expenditure for the essential Journeys we make to Pakistan are not paid by the charity, it is a personal expense to us, which we are pleased to make as our contribution, indeed, we are not exempt from Zakaat. "

    so why did obama make this anouncement in California? could it have to do with a certain law firm that does pro-bono work for charities in aid to Kashmir???

    another company in this mix is Comm:Pact. officers include Manawar Mohammed and Masood Yasin. official name was Commpact Europe but just changed to PRAXIS EUROPE C.I.C. located in, where else, Birmingham, UK.

    whois info for is classified. they are sposored directly by the European Commission

    keep going with these things. the links are never ending... big network of front companies.

  9. more with the post above...

    note the connection with Karen Cheney

    whois info
    Nick Booth - Birmingham, UK
    member of British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce

  10. according to one eid in syria facebook page, parts of the convoy have been crossing the boarder into Syria since Aug. 3 and more to come. around 8-10 vehicles per day. crossing at Reyhanli, Turkey.

    also sponsoring the convoy is United Muslim

    this is a large group with outlets all over North America and Europe

    looks like this is not the first convoy. another crossed back in April.

    lets also not forget Ansar Trust. they do a better job at hiding their true nature...

    whois info
    Wleed Haq - West Bromwich, GB

    Wleed Haq worked on the Quran Project majority sponsored by JustGiving


    so from all the posts I made on this, do you see a trend???

    blow up some kids, show the horror to get your donations so they can feed and arm themselves, then blow up more kid...

    I do not have words to describe the evil in this. Please excuse me while I go throw up...

    1. Anonymous commenter above 3 comments

      I want to take the time to really look into all that you have left

      And yes, I see the trend, the 'charities' all linked to the elite psychos hoodwink the masses into donating and getting emotionally involved with the NATO destabilization

      Or as you put it the killers, get money from the unwitting, by traumatizing them with news and images of the devastation they themselves have caused
      Talk about the perfect psy op?!

  11. Hello Penny,

    Our favorite ambassador made zerohedge via wsj. Comments there are usually pretty raw, so will go back later if I remember, to laugh at just how low they will take Ford.

    Egypt isn't going to be fooled easily at least.

    1. karin
      went and looked earlier today, wasn't to much in the way of commenting, but, if the readers there are even half aware of what a devil Robert S Ford is, I am certain there will be some good comments