Sunday, August 4, 2013

Problem, Reaction, Solution? AQ threat or Opportunity to advance war agenda?

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Found this comment interesting:

US forces prepared to respond to latest 'serious' threat
A senior US official has said American forces are pre-positioned and ready to deal with the latest threat from al-Qaeda, which has seen a worldwide travel alert issued.
We've had US forces prepared for some time to respond to potential contingencies in the Middle East and North Africa.
We're postured to support timely and effective action if requested. This latest threat is serious, and the Pentagon is working closely with its partners, to include the State Department and the intelligence community, to confront it," the official said on condition of anonymity.
– Senior US official, speaking on condition of anonymity

Yah, I have been following the alleged AQ threat via the media
Is anyone else getting the vibe of 'anticipation building' ?


Next up Eid aid convoy en route to Syria. Originating in the UK. Entering Syria via Turkey in the next couple of days.  “Eid” aid convoy en route to Syria

Suspicious? Dam straight!

The biggest convoy organised to take humanitarian aid to Syria has almost reached the country after a journey that began in the UK and is currently in Turkey.
“Eid in Syria” is the name given to the 75 vehicle convoy worth €7.5 million.

The organisers have said they will enter the war-ravaged country at the Cilvegozu border gate in the south of Turkey.

The convoy consists of garbage collection trucks, fire trucks and ambulances. (And what else?)They are in much need in Syria where infrastructure has been severely damaged because of the conflict that began in March 2011.

I find this so called aid delivery highly suspicious.


  1. Yes,and I'll tell you why. Months, if not about a year ago, the US sent a huge load of more tanks, munitions, etc to Egypt. Since then not a whisper about it, and if memory serves, the point was made at the time, that Egypt itself has little to be called a military.
    Huge police force, but not diciplined military.
    (I'm far from an authority of Egypt military by any means, btw)

    My first inclination was/ is that all that millions of dollars worth of military crap added to theh already HUGE amount 'stored' there, was back up for isreal trained mercs and IDF in whatever kind of horrible plan they were planning as the noose tightened around the elitist neck and more and more isreal is getting found out as the scum they are along with the REAL reason for most of the horror in the Middle East.

    I'm even more suspect of all that stuff since Jordan is chock full now also along with Turkey which already had the NATO stuff there who can keep up with all the extra brought in there.

    So, yep, that feeling has been heightened for a long time, with surges every time scumbag israHELL flies into Syria and desecrates something more there.


    1. Hi karin

      Well that is really interesting
      About a year ago? That would have been around the time of the fall of Mubarek?
      Give or take? I looked some stuff up and see what looked like multiple ship loads heading Egypts way
      Reported on beginning in March 2012

      around that time frame we have Israel 'intercepting' a ship that was supposed to be loaded with Iranian arms heading for Egypt

      Then Israel tipping Italy off regarding another shipment that is allegedly Egypt bound
      Italy intercepts the weapons
      Posted by control on December 9, 2012.

      IMO these interceptions cover up a distribution of NATO weapons in the Med area during the year of 2012

      so..... early preps for all contingencies?????

      ty karin. ty

  2. many lies but also many hidden gems.

    in damage control, stress in put on the fact only metadata is collected. this is a lie. metadata does nothing without context of the message. you can not distinguish between someone ordering pizza or a real threat(to themselves) without the message itself therefor metadata by itself is worthless.

    also note the many times 'national security' is used. understanding of what nation is being referred to critical. DC is a sovereign nation apart from the 50 states.

    what we are watching is a security system at threat of being exposed. when exposed it needs to divert attention away from itself. it is scared. it does not like to be scared. it wants to transfer its fear onto you.


    more vids from aspen...

    1. thanks anon I will check out the vids

      "it does not like to be scared. it wants to transfer its fear onto you"

      RE" the security apparatus

      It wants the people scared always, then the ends justify all the means.

    2. Funny how they always are looking for the "scary" terrorist?
      All they need to do is just look in the mirror.

  3. maybe the aid convoy is smuggling weapons?

    maybe for troups?
    "These ambulances, labeled with “Syrian People’s Relief,” would actually be carrying U.S. and NATO troops."

    AND... this should sent chills to those who understand the history. Eid in Syria is sposored by IHH. You know, the guys smuggling weapons.

  4. HSBC closing embassy accounts.

  5. I believe this is relevant to this thread due to the possibility of a fresh assault with new weapons and new terrorists all under the cover of a worldwide terror threat to get things in position.

    For cover of western weapons supply to the terrorists in Syria, the Syrian Observatory For Human Rights has distributed a made up story showing the terrorists stealing weapons from Syria. This is quoted from their facebook page.

    Reef Dimashq: Footage of the arms gained by the rebels from (al-Islam brigade, Jabhat al-Nusra, al-Tawhid battalion, Quwat al-Maghaweer, Shuhada' al-Qalamoun battalions, and some other rebel factions) after taking over 3 arms storage centres, Danha, near the town of Qaldoun in the Qalamoun area of Reef Dimashq.

    First thing I noticed was how nice clean and new all the weapons were. Syria has not purchased any weapons of this type for 15 years. Second were the western made weapons, such as the AT4s and RPGs(western made copies).

    Below is the first video showing the weapons and I list what I believe each one is. If someone has a different idea, please post.

    First at :50 in the video.

    9M113 Konkurs - Russian
    wire-guided anti-tank missile
    high explosive warhead

    possible source was from the Croatian weapons shipments.

    Second at 1:00

    9M133 Kornet - Russian
    laser-guided anti-tank missile
    high explosive warhead with secondary thermobaric warhead

    many possible sources.
    Syria purchased last in 1998 but the video shows newer versions so probably not stolen from Syria.
    Jordan purchased 2000
    Turkey purchased 800
    though most likely source is Libya as some were used in 2011

    Third at 1:08

    first thought was israel MAPATS,
    but second look they appear to be a variant of the RPG-26 called RShG-2
    only difference in RPG-26 and RShG-2 is the warhead
    RShG-2 uses a thermobaric warhead.

    possible sources.
    readily available black market.

    Forth at 1:18

    many more 9M113 Konkurs

    Fifth at 1:55

    M136 AT4 - United States
    point and shoot, unguided
    high explosive warhead

    possible sources.
    Croatia, Iraq, Lebanon, Georgia, Indonesia, UK, US.
    available black market.

    Sixth at 2:20

    shaped charge high explosive warhead

    these are manufacured by unlicensed third parties
    and distributed on the black market.
    (no Russian labels and different end caps)

    Second video shows the actual theft... as they claim.

    First thought is why would the SAA leave weapons that could do them great harm in a position to be easily taken. They would not.

    at 2:20 you see a what looks to be a Barrett M99 (USA) sniper rifle.

    then I see some guys shooting. at what I don't know. they are not really hiding and no return fire.

    then I started laughing. I've been through specialist courses on several automatic weapons and these guys have no idea what they are doing. not a single one looked through their sights and one guy sticks his muzzle in the dirt...

    they can do the akbar chant well though.

    8:00 into the vid you see a guy shooting with an AK. sorry, but the target is out of range for that thing.

    13:50 shows the 9M133 designation IN ENGLISH.

    Never shows a single person other than terrorists, and no wounded.

    not even good enough for a 'B' movie rating...

    1. excellant info and thanks for the walk through on last video.

      7:45ish "we alwayssay allah akbar" tutoring


    2. I had to guess on the # part of the darn post question.

      pretty darn blurry faint, plus these old eyes aren't what they were once upon a time. :)

  6. Hey all, sorry for tardiness in letting comments through
    it is long week end and gotta have some fun, some time
    the video is surely relevant to the ongoing situation and I had more on the humanitarian aid to boot, but, not able to get to it
    hopefully tomorrow?
    thanks for everything!

  7. Pepe's thinking is very close to what is thought in this thread.


    One simple, but time consuming, way to see what the 'main stream idiots' think of a topic is to take a story like the one above and search the title for reposts on other sites. Then visit these sites and read the comments to get an idea or 'trend' from the shills. They don't seem to like Pepe's reference to a FF event. Disturbing.

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