Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Very Ominous for Egypt: Robert S Ford, the next Ambassador to Egypt.

This is BAD news for Egypt. Very BAD news. My stomache turned when I read this.
Very dark clouds appeared in the sky. The winds whipped up. The rain poured down
A rancid smell filled the air.   The appointment of Robert S Ford as ambassador to Egypt can mean one thing and one thing only. Evil

NYT’s- Original published as "Kerry picks former Syrian envoy as Ambassador to Egypt"
Title later changed. Perhaps, the first headline gave away the fact that this selection is a done deal despite the show/psy -op of needing approval ?

Secretary of State John Kerry has recommended that Robert S. Ford serve as the next American ambassador to Egypt, American officials said Sunday, a critical role at a time of rising turmoil and anti-Americanism in the traditional Arab ally.

Mr. Ford, a longtime Middle East hand and fluent Arabic speaker, is well known for taking an active role as ambassador to Syria

 “An active role as ambassador to Syria”  Let’s take a moment to define this “active role” meme.
Creating death squads, fomenting dissent and destabilization, those can be defined as active roles, indeed.

Of course, Robert S Ford has been covered in quite a few posts at the blog
I will relink a few of them starting from most recent. There are more, but, these few should suffice.

*Ambassadors- Tools of destabilization
*Syrians egg Ambassador and flunkie...... 

*US Ambassador Ford: A provocateur in Syria? 

The Daily Beast is calling Robert S Ford a “trouble shooter
Rob Ford "trouble shooter? No way in hell. He is a trouble maker!. His appointment to Egypt, fits like glove to hand for the planned destabilization and slide to civil war, mentioned here at the blog,  in the comments section, immediately after the ‘coup’ that ousted Morsi. 
In this post: Fireworks burst over Tahrir square after Army announcement

Cue the civil war

The civil war theory expanded upon in the follow up post:  Egypt’s coup “Game Over” not by a long shot

Quoting Essam Haddad from the July 4th post:

"There are still people in Egypt who believe in their right to make a democratic choice. Hundreds of thousands of them have gathered in support of democracy and the presidency. And they will not leave in the face of this attack.
"To move them, there will have to be violence. It will either come from the army, the police, or the hired mercenaries. Either way there will be considerable bloodshed. And the message will resonate throughout the Muslim world loud and clear: democracy is not for Muslims."

There will have to be violence. There will be bloodshed. And Robert S Ford will be the violence inducing ambassador to Egypt.


  1. Not good news at all, Pen.
    Some background

    1. Hey james

      I know, I know. Which is why I opened the post the way I did.
      My stomache really did turn. I felt that sick feeling.
      Impending doom.
      thanks for the background, I will read it.

  2. Penny,
    Dropping off this article:
    White House Courts Al-Qaeda from Kabul to Damascus. 9/11 Becomes Thing of the Past.

    Saw other day that Ford was Kerry choice and he was X Syria amb. but didn't know much abt his "past performance".
    Looking forward to reading your blog posts on him for deeper understanding.

    This partcial paragraph from above article struck me hard.

    the Jihadists ranks were added around two thousand fighters

    12 years of US global war against Al Qaeda, billions of dollars spent, UAVs delivering deadly strikes in the skies of many Muslim countries – the death toll among militants ranks never exceeded the number of those who has escaped from prisons lately, if you don’t count the losses among civilians. It’s open to guess where the next strike will come from.

    Another "I read this a long time back" flashes: (I can't keep track of what I do save anymore)

    Anyhow, and it goes back to the Jose Barrea blog post of yours long ago when I first came to your blog.
    Around that timespan, I read that the zionists wanted to erase the whole Middle East culture and they especially wanted to destroy the Pyramids.
    I think there is info there they are afraid humanity will find. ( there, I said it. If I sound like a fool, fine )

    Religion is not my strong suit. I'm a non-believer, but Culture itself seems to be at stake worldwide to me.

    rattling on.. morning coffee excuse :)

    1. karin

      rattle away

      "Religion is not my strong suit. I'm a non-believer, but Culture itself seems to be at stake worldwide to me. "

      culture or our shared human history
      I have long felt that destroying the ME destroys much more then just the people present, it also deprives humanity at large of knowlege, hidden and yet to be discovered

    2. You don't sound like a fool, btw :)

    3. the zionists are trying to destroy all evidence of preceding and competing cultures and religions to their own Old Testament fairy tale for the time they rule the world and everyone in its minds - they hope.

  3. This is truly bad, bad news for Egypt. This guy is a Negroponte clone. Where ever he turns up, just like his mentor John, death squads and terror riegns shortly after. Terrible.

    It'll be School of the Americas all over again, Egypt is toast.


  4. Putting Ford in Egypt probably means Israel wants the USA to do to Egypt what they have done to Syria. The questions is, who will Ford be promoting? The out of power MB crowd (sort of similar scenario to his role in Syria), or the Egyptian army side? Or will his job be to run both sides against each other, as Israel did in Sri Lanka, and do in Palestine?

    Whatever role plays in Egypt, it aint going to be good. He's war criminal and should be stretching a rope in The Hague, along with all those he works for.

    вот так