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Sisi’s Neo-Fascism

Back to Egypt:

To understand where we're going let's step back to a previous post on Egypt

Egypt: Creating a false paradigm to justify death and destruction

And open with an excerpt from that piece:

"I wasn’t a recent coup supporter. Certainly not because I am a fan of the Muslim Brotherhood. Nor am I a supporter of religious extremism in any way shape or form. That includes the Islamic, Judaic and Christian forms of extremism.  In fact, I don’t support organized religion. Period. It’s all mind control in my book.
I simply could not support the coup because it looked to me to be a step in a very bad direction. Not a correction. Certainly not anything that could be touted as restoring democracy. And definitely not something done for the benefit of the populace of Egypt. Just a step towards destruction & death.
Some people understood where I was coming from. Others, not so much. "
 A step in a very bad direction, indeed. Some cheered the coup. "Restoration of democracy", "will of the Egyptian people" and other blather.  That coup had zero to do with either of those platitudes.

Sisi's leadership was going to be a problem. A problem that many did not want to acknowledge. Isn't it odd to notice the self labelled western progressive/leftists silence regarding all the killing going on in Egypt? When the abuse was done under Morsi, that was bad. The same or worse abuse done under Sisi, isn't even worth a  mention. I wonder why that is?


Sisi’s Neo-Fascism

The author correctly points out that a cult of personality is being built up around Sisi. In advance of his selection/election, no doubt. My own opinion regarding the Arab Springs, needs no rehashing. I have written plenty on that topic. Most recently here : Rebranding the Arab Spring to Reorder the ME and Africa
The romanticized version of those events are not ascribed to here.
All that out of the way, let us now read the featured article-

  As the Syrian playwright Saadallah Wannous wrote, “What we see now is not the end of history.” The processes playing out in the Arab world today will take decades to reach their conclusions, so extreme pessimism is as unwise as wild optimism. Nevertheless, at this stage it seems that the most comprehensively defeated of the Arab revolutions is not Syria nor Libya but Egypt, where genuine popular frustration with Muslim Brotherhood incompetence was so cleverly exploited by the military and its business class and Saudi backers (very many supposed ‘secular’, ‘liberal’ and ‘leftist’ Egyptians fell headlong into the trap). The coup solidified a junta in power which has destroyed democracy and the chances of democracy for the foreseeable future, slaughtered and imprisoned supporters of the country’s first elected president, appointed Mubarak-era army officials to governorships of the provinces, revalorised the security services, intensified the siege of Gaza, unleashed a savagely xenophobic campaign scapegoating Palestinians and Syrian refugees, and promoted a cult of personality around the figure of General Sisi. The panegyric below comes from the pen of someone called Lubna Abdel Aziz, and was published in the state-owned Al-Ahram Weekly. It could have come from a German newspaper of the late 1930s.

    He stands straight and tall, impeccably attired and starched from head to toe. His freshly washed countenance and youthful zeal shield a Herculean strength and nerves of steel. He wears the feathers of a dove but has the piercing eyes of a hawk. During our thousand days of darkness, dozens of potential leaders pranced and boasted, to no avail. The leader of the people should combine a love of country, a deep faith in God and the desire to serve the nation’s will.

    Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi’s name lit up the darkness. He was called upon at a supreme moment in history; a kind of mysterious rendez-vous with destiny. He was a hero like no other! He aroused attention without exhausting it. Nothing that touched the common run of mortals made any impression on him. All in all, he is but a common man, with an almost aristocratic aura of a nobleman. Composed and cool, Al-Sisi is everyman’s man, with a sort of serene majesty on his brow. He is the chosen leader of the people because he is willing to be their servant.

    Let the deaf, dumb and blind media and governments of the West say what they will, Al-Sisi submitted to the will of 33 million Egyptians in the street and 50 million in their homes, crying for salvation. The people led — Al-Sisi followed.

    What the West cannot comprehend is the warm affinity between people and army in Egypt, which has endured for centuries. Gamal Abdel-Nasser is a recent example, even when he ruled with the firm grip of a military dictator.

    Whatever else is going on in the rest of this vast universe, this much is certain — Al-Sisi has captured the imagination of all Egyptians, if not all the world.

    He popped out of nowhere — almost — and his secret ingredient was hope. Napoleon Bonaparte once said “a leader deals with hope”, and the brand of hope that Al-Sisi deals, breathed new life into our withering, perishing dreams.

    Are heroes born, made or chosen? Perhaps, all of the above. William Shakespeare believed, “some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them.” Our hero may be the latter, for he sought nothing, yet emerged unexpectedly, admired and beloved, and in full army regalia, smoothly assumed the role he was born for.

    In the full vigour of his prime, he exudes a magic charm, afforded to a select few.  His physical appearance — and appearance counts — is flawless. He wears the emblems of his rank on his shoulders as he does the legends of his ancient land, with gushing pride. But it is the swelling reservoir of love for his Egypt and his God that sealed the deal. We responded to this love a million times over. Therefore, for those who raise an eyebrow at the portraits, flags, pins, pictures, chocolates, cups and other forms of Al-Sisi mania that fill the streets of Egypt, it is only a fraction of the love and appreciation we feel for this strong yet modest, soft-spoken, sincere and compassionate leader. It is Kismet.

    Shy and reserved, Al-Sisi is a man of few words and much action. We know little about the private life of Colonel General Abdel-Fattah Saad Hussein Al-Sisi, except that he is married with three sons and one daughter and he believes that is all we need to know.

    He was born on 19 November 1954, to the right kind of father, in the right kind of district — Al-Gammaliya — right in the heart of the bustling city of middle-class Cairo. This is what gives him that sharp perspective into the hearts of his people, their pains, their aims, their wishes, their dreams. His father Hassan, an amiable accomplished artisan owns a shop in Cairo’s legendary Bazaar, Khan Al-Khalili, where he displays his craftsmanship of intricate inlay of mother-of-pearl and rosewood. Cultured and well-read, he owns a huge library filled with history books, and socialised with famous writers, poets, musicians, and theologians. Al-Sisi is one of seven children, four boys — a judge, a doctor, a businessman and an army general. All three daughters are married.

    According to his brothers, Al-Sisi developed a love of books from their father. He was the one who saw the most and said the least. Even as a boy, they called him “the General”. There was little doubt he would join the army and make it his career, and what a distinguished career it has been. He studied in the UK in the General Command in 1977, and attended their Staff course in 1992. He spent a year in the US at the War College in Pennsylvania and became the youngest member of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.

    He took over as defence minister in 2012, but by 30 June 2013, there was no doubt in his mind that he would do what is right. He responded to the 33 million voices clamouring in the streets. Yes, the Eagle had landed.

    His bronzed, gold skin, as gold as the sun’s rays, hides a keen, analytical fire within. He challenges the world not with bellows and bravura but with a soft, sombre reproach, with an audible timbre of compassion.

    There is almost poetry in his leadership, but the ardour of the sun is in his veins. He will lead us to victory and never renounce the struggle, and we will be right there at his side.

    “To lead the people, walk behind them” – Lao-Tzu (sixth century Chinese philosopher)


  1. Cult pedlars, heres a nice copper pot as a bonus. R. Olausen

    1. R. Olausen

      A reference to pot banging protest?

      Scary to think that anyone would peddle a cult around any military figure or political leader for that matter

  2. Another excellent Worlds Apart (RT) interview-
    Former ICC Chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo squirms under the scrutiny of Oksana Boyko-

    Presumption of guilt?

  3. Thanks Freethinker!
    Looking forward to checking out the vid from Oksana

  4. forgotten in all this is sisi and the generals helped prevent/postpone WW3

    “I want them to say they’re against Assad!” shouted Ahmad Muhammad Said, 30, an anti-Assad protester who works in a computer company. He said he lived in Syria until May 2011, after Assad’s regime launched a brutal crackdown on a pro-democracy uprising, sparking a civil war that has killed tens of thousands. “I’m Egyptian,” he said, flashing his identification card. “I know what happened in Syria.” A protest organizer, wearing a T-shirt from the Nasserist Popular Current coalition, took him by both arms and led him back a few meters from the crowd.

    The prospect of U.S. strikes against Syria is further stoking a surge of militaristic nationalism that has gripped a large portion of Egyptian society since the armed forces removed Muslim Brotherhood–affiliated President Mohamed Morsi from power on July 3 following huge protests. Morsi, who owed his presidency to the wave of Arab uprisings that began in 2011, enthusiastically supported the Syrian opposition and called for international intervention in the crisis.

    Since taking power, the military-backed government that supplanted Morsi has changed Egypt’s official stance with regard to Syria, sternly rejecting military intervention and arguing against international action at the Arab League. Inside Egypt, riding high on public support, the military rulers have pursued a forceful clampdown on the Brotherhood under the slogan of “fighting terrorism,” killing more than 1,000 people and jailing at least 1,000 others. Morsi himself is in custody, and on Sunday he was referred to trial on charges of inciting the murder of protesters during demonstrations outside the presidential palace last December.


  5. The Kurds have managed to take an important checkpoint at the Syria-Iraq border which was used to bring in weapons and djihadists. It seems they have managed to take back up to 70 percent of the North-East.
    The Syrian army is now busy in the area between Damascus and Homs. If they manage to control it, the djihadists will be deeply weakened.
    Qatar is trying to get the two abducted bishops freed.

  6. 'Seeing more of Nasser’s portraits hanging from buildings in Cairo and hearing his name mentioned in the same breath as al-Sisi’s also casts a new light on the political crosscurrents that led to Morsi’s ouster. Standing among the crowd at Sunday’s demonstration was Mohamed Haikal, one of the five founders of Tamarod. By his reckoning, the impetus for the anti-Morsi campaign came not in May 2013 but in June 2012, when in a speech in Tahrir Square, the newly elected Morsi referred to the “long oppression” suffered by Egyptians in the several decades leading up to the 2011 revolution. “He said a sentence about the time of the ’60s, which was the years of Nasser,” Haikal said in an interview a week earlier. “We felt that we have been humiliated by the new President, that he is against our beloved leader and icon, Nasser.”

    Read more:

  7. Egypt’s Military: Doing What Germany’s Should Have Done in 1933

    1. brian: I get the impression you think Sisi is OK?
      Or that the coup that was not is acceptable?
      If I am mistaken please let me know. I don't want to misinterpret where you are coming from
      If that is what you think, however, that's fine by me.
      All opinions are to be respected

      By Sisi is no good guy in my book
      And all the Egyptians being killed under his watch are equally as unacceptable to me as under Morsi;s watch
      And from the above linked piece seems very concerned with demonizing Morsi, after the fact and playing the 'anti-semite' card
      That is a big flashing neon sign IMO

      In a September, 2010 interview, Morsi gave a preview of what Egypt’s approach to Israel might be:

      Either [you accept] the Zionists and everything they want, or else it is war. This is what these occupiers of the land of Palestine know – these blood-suckers, who attack the Palestinians, these warmongers, the descendants of apes and pigs…We must confront this Zionist entity… We want a country for the Palestinians on the entire land of Palestine, on the basis of [Palestinian] citizenship. All the talk about a two-state solution and about peace is nothing but an illusion…

      In another 2010 appearance at a rally in his hometown in the Nile Delta, Morsi said:

      We must never forget, brothers, to nurse our children and our grandchildren on hatred for them: for Zionists, for Jews.” Morsi added that Egyptian children “must feed on hatred; hatred must continue… The hatred must go on for God and as a form of worshiping him.

      So Morsi had to be ousted because he was talking bad about Israel?
      That doesn't work for me

      Robert Reilly is a Senior Fellow at the American Foreign Policy Council. He has taught at the National Defense University and has written for The Wall Street Journal, National Review, Claremont Review of Books, and The Washington Post. He has served in the White House as Special Assistant to the President (1983-85) and was Senior Advisor for Information Strategy in the Office of the Secretary of Defense (2002-06). He is a former Director of the Voice of America and is a member of the board of the Middle East Media Research Institute. Mr. Reilly is the author of Surprised by Beauty: A Listener’s Guide to the Recovery of Modern Music (2002). His most recent book, The Closing of the Muslim Mind: How Intellectual Suicide Created the Modern Islamist Crisis, was published by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute in 2010.

      Robert Reilly looks like a zionist
      And this piece just doesn't pass my sniff test

    2. Penny,

      Do you know anyone in Egypt? Any connection? What do they tell you? The reason I ask is that it is widely discussed and viewed that the MB is an instrument of the West, just as NATO is. I've heard of placards by the MB thanking Obama for his support and asking for more. The US arranged Morsi's victory in the first place. That doesn't mean Sisi is a new Nasser, but the situation was about to go down a drain with a good chance of no recovery.

      In the real world, you get bad choices. Some abstract thing like democracy, which is debatable in the first place, being implemented in a country with no institutions for checks and balance is not going to work with a radical type like Morsi. So, to answer the question about a coup against Hitler, yes, it would have been a good thing. Your unhappiness about the deaths in the recent clampdown seem a bit off base to me. This was heading to something far, far worse.


    3. Paul:

      Your unhappiness about the deaths in the recent clampdown seem a bit off base to me.

      So, some deaths are more acceptable then others?
      I am not sure where you are coming from with that statement?

      " This was heading to something far, far worse."
      Was it?
      Maybe yes?
      Maybe no?
      But, it isn't looking like anything great right now, is it?

    4. Paul: "Do you know anyone in Egypt? Any connection? What do they tell you?"

      No I don't Paul. Read the statement what his blog is about?

      "This blog is a place to not only post information that will never see the light of day on the mainstream media, but, also to present alternative perspectives to main stream media information, that most often presents no background, no context, and never questions the information presented."

      Sometimes I have contact with others from other nations
      And sometimes not.

      But, where you are going with this is... paraphrasing- I do know some people in Egypt and they tell me this and therefore I come from a position of authority

      That said and you will have to admit, because this is factual, if you or I had contact with persons in Egypt who had elected Morsi, or did not support the coup that wasn't and they were telling me, in their opinion, a completely different opinion that wouldn't make there opinion any less valid.
      Would it?

      "The US arranged Morsi's victory in the first place"

      Yes, I am aware of that. And i don't need anyone from Egypt to tell me that. Some things are self evident, ya know?

      Paul, I get the impression your presenting a narrative of
      'the lesser of two evils"
      Like voting here in Canada for Harper vs Trudeau
      Both evil- One just dresses his evil up in a hipper fashion
      But evil is still evil

  8. Stymied in Syria, the zionazi/NWO retro knuckledraggers have not let up on Africa, though they may be seeing increased resistance to their fanatical fascism there, as well:

    Neocolonial Ritual and Servitude to the West: Gratifying the African Elites with Human Rights Awards, Grants and Prizes


    "I am always amazed at how much time and energy is spent by those of European decent discussing “Africa’s development”. Birgit Brock-Utne, an astute European educator of Norwegian origin, wrote the following in her book[1] about those who insist on preaching to Africa about development:

    “… when Europeans came to Africa toward the turn of the fifteenth century, they found a prosperous civilization and enormous wealth. Agriculture and cattle rearing, iron-work, pottery, fishery, salt-mining, gold refining and ornament making, weaving, hunting, and long-distance trading were well advanced at a time and Europe was still relatively backward…From the fifteenth century on, however, the fate of the two continents reversed….Africa stagnated for over three centuries as a direct result of slavery and colonial conquests. This part of global history, for the sake of maintaining a correct historical perspective on Africa and Europe, must always be kept in mind when looking at the contemporary African situation…The bulk of the African people fought heroically against the imposition of slavery and colonialism, though there were some Africans who collaborated with the white slave-hunters and colonialists as well…”


    "Aaron Berhane, writer and editor at Setit, now living in Canada is also a recipient of Human Right Watch’s Hellman/Hammett grant. After leaving Eritrea illegally, he smuggled his wife and children and brought them to Canada. Today, he is engaged with Meron Estifanos, Elsa Chyrum and Dan Connell in the trafficking of Eritrea’s youth. He is an active member of EYSC and has conducted seminars and workshops with Dan Connell of Freedom House in Canada and elsewhere. Most notably, he has engaged in the intimidation, harassment and terrorizing of the hard working Eritrean-Canadian Community and defiling their reputation through the local media.

    Semere Taezaz Sium, a reporter at Keste Debena was brought to the US and was awarded Human Right Watch’s Hellman/Hammett grant. Lives in the Washington, DC area and still engaged in anti-Eritrea activities, including the intimidation and harassment of the Eritrean Diaspora youth through social networking sites and cyber forums.
    Biniam Simon was recruited by Reporters Sans Frontiers’ Vincent Laurent and smuggled into France. He now runs Radio Erena, an RSF sponsored outfit. Meron Estifanos also works for this outfit. Like his partners in crime, Simon has been engaged in the trafficking of Eritrea’s youth and uses his radio program to entice and lure gullible young Eritreans into committing crimes against their own people, and endangering their lives through illegal migration.

    I have only mentioned the mercenaries from the Horn of Africa that I have followed since 2001…no doubt there are more out there that need to be exposed. For the most part, Eritreans know who they are, but some of those born and raised in the Diaspora do not…it is more so for their benefit that I decided to pen this piece for today…

    So…if there are no recipients for the Mo Ibrahim Prize this year, it must be a good sign…it means the people of Africa are becoming more conscious and its leaders are rejecting western prescriptions for their countries. It means they are rejecting the emasculation of the continent and its people…it means hired mercenaries are no longer able to hide behind the cloak of “democracy”, “human rights”, and “Press freedom” to advance illicit political agendas.

    Can’t respect others, if one has no self respect…"

    вот так

  9. Sisi’s Neo-Fascism

    Robin Yassin-Kassab

    That author, and pulse media are ziofascist through to the bone marrow and are without any doubt part of the zionist disinformation network. They faithfully spread all the zionazi propaganda designed to demonise both Libya and Syria and promote zionazi policy by stealth. Yassin-Kassab is literally another version of the Rami Abdulrahman, arch-supporters of Israeli run war crimes. This is another example of the hasbarat's writing:

    Iran Shoots Itself in the Foot

    "In Syria, however, Iran supported the Assad tyranny against a popular revolution even as Assad escalated repression from gunfire and torture to aerial bombardment and missile strikes."

    Pulsemedia is infused throughout with zionazi propaganda of that sort and was thoroughly discredited back during the war on Libya, when Yassin-Kassab promoted one of the "Syrian Dannys" pushing that zionazi war. I'm very surprised anybody still takes this Israeli rubbish seriously as anything other than an indication of what zionists want people to be befuddled into believing.

    Yassin-Kassab has about as much credibility as ziofascist "stars" like Sarah Palin or Sean Hannity. The main difference between these disinformation agents is which side of the political fence they work to manipulate people for the Israeli "vaterland".

    вот так

    1. Really?
      Almost all media touts the zionist agenda
      But, thanks for that heads up, I will keep a watch on that from here on in
      That said the author does correctly, IMO, point out the cult of personality being built around Al Sisi in advance of the election

    2. "That said the author does correctly, IMO, point out the cult of personality being built around Al Sisi in advance of the election"

      How do you know that, Penny. Yassin-Kassab is a professional zionist spinmeister. From what I've seen of his writing, I don't view Yassin-Kassab as credible enough to rely upon, even if he says the sky is blue on a sunny day. Can you supply some more reputable sources, that are not Israeli biased to support your views?

      вот так

    3. Bot tak:

      Are you suggesting that Al Sisi is not supported by Israel?
      Because from what i have read and have a number of posts on the subject Israel is very supportive of Al Sisi
      Everything is here for you to read
      click the Egypt label and they will come up.

      Not to mention that the Rafah crossing is closed by order of the Sisi military government

      This has been mentioned previously here:

      it doesn't take to much work to find ample evidence of Israeli Egyptian cooperation

    4. And bot tak, if you have information substantiating your claims please leave it

    5. Penny

      The MEM article you linked to is sourced mostly to Israeli sources. I remember at the time how it was thought Morsi was just doing an Erdogan number, anti-Israeli pr to please the masses, but quietly, in the backrooms, things remained pretty much as they were. The Israelis also have a habit of pretending they support people whom they don't in order discredit them with their own. Something to remember when dealing with duplicitous Israeli sourced material.

      In the PressTV article, it says:

      "According to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Israel was behind the coup."

      Both Erdogan and Morsi were "friends" of the Palestinians in order to get Palestinians behind the "Arab spring" color revolutions, but if one looks at what either of these did to help the Palestinian people, that help was was very minor and was mostly empty promises and symbolic gestures.

      In my opinion, neither Morsi, nor Sisi factions had much interest in Palestinians, other than their use as tools for color revolution by the Morsis, and probably keeping Palestinian influence away from Egypt in the Sisi faction. In the long run, I don't think one would see much difference between the two in alleviating the misery in Palestine. I don't really see much difference between these at all, other than what I posted below about the rivalry of different groups of western oligarchs differing on strategy and tactics (and market share) in their drive to remain number one world hegemon.

      "if you have information substantiating your claims please leave it"

      With regard to the Morsi-Sisi competition, the fact that western media has been pretty much back and forth about which is the "good guy" and which is the "bad guy", with pundits from both the right and left on the side of both, as well as people known as zionists and anti-zionists also promoting both. When the message from the zionist run western media is this mixed up, it means the oligarchs are split. Morsi was given a lot of promotion in the zionist western media, they covered his arse quite a bit. If he was a actual foe of Israel, that simply would never happen.

      With regard to Yassin-Kassab, one need only search subjects on Syria and Libya at pulsemedia to see the craven promotion of zionazi propaganda about these two countries. It's quite blatant.

      Also look up Nafissa Assed at pulsemedia. This was the "Syrian danny" I referred to. It turned out the woman was a member of the Libyan royal family, booted by Qaddafi & co. back in the 60's. A Libyan equivalent of the royal rubbish of Saudi Arabia, and about as rank. Naturally, she was presented as your average Libyan citizen brutalised by the "evil Qaddafi regime". In fact, the whole scam was reminiscent of the phony incubator story woman used to get the American public to be OK with the first war on Iraq. Same sort of duplicity. Yassin-Kassab claimed she was a personal friend of longstanding. Besides this obvious indication, he showed a lot of contempt for left wing ideals and people in his writing there. Much like a semi-male version of Laura Stuart, another recruiter for Israeli sponsored "jihad" against Muslim guvs not subservient to Israel.

      вот так

  10. BTW:

    "Lao-Tzu (sixth century Chinese philosopher) "

    Lao-Tzu lived sometime during the 4th, 5th or 6th century BC, not 6th century AD. Yassin-Kassab is even incapable of getting something like that right. It's actually rather typical of zionist/far right disinformation (Yassin-Kassab is a far righty, BTW, though his hasbara is designed to manipulate those on the left), where being fast and loose with historical details is often part of pieces of current affairs disinformation. Being, in effect, advert writers, these people really don't give a damn about facts, honesty or consistency, as long as the rubbish "sounds" right and sells the "product".

    вот так

    1. (Yassin-Kassab is a far righty, BTW, though his hasbara is designed to manipulate those on the left)

      Hmmmm, seems at odds with manipulation of the left, since the western left is completely enamored with Sisi?

      I don't know bot tak.

    2. Penny

      "Hmmmm, seems at odds with manipulation of the left, since the western left is completely enamored with Sisi?"

      Really, I have not seen a lot of praise for Sisi in leftwing material. Can you provide some examples?

      Rightwingers manipulating views of the left to suit a rightwing agenda is neither unusual or new. In fact rightwingers pretending to be leftists is what most sabotage of the left originates from. Just ask: Who has the most interest in undermining the left? Rightwingers. Look at zionist manipulation of the left, for example. That infiltration has all but neutralised the left in much of the "western" nations.

      вот так

    3. Bot tak:

      "Really, I have not seen a lot of praise for Sisi in leftwing material. Can you provide some examples?"

      Yah, scoot over to MOA and read all the praise for Sisi
      Is that left enough for you?
      But, wait you thought that place was to quiet on Israel and now you are hostile towards my pointing out the Israel/Egypt connections
      I find that very odd?
      Can you clarify that discrepancy?

    4. Penny

      "Yah, scoot over to MOA and read all the praise for Sisi
      Is that left enough for you?"

      MoA (Bernhard Horstmann) is not leftwing, he's a websayan promoting Israeli interests under the cover of a leftwing writer. There is actually little real leftwing material covered at that site. It's mostly BH writing about what is popular in the news and putting the "correct" spin on it to keep Israel, and the NWO out of hot water. Most of the phony zionist "left" has gone in for Morsi support (a dead give away of that guy, BTW), while most of the support I've seen for Sisi is from the right (zionist and non-zionist), and from people concerned about the zionism of Morsi and hoping Sisi's initial rejection of of the overt war on Syria could signal opposition to Israel and zionism in general.

      I wasn't hostile to your pointing out zionist connections to Sisi, just the unreliability of the sources you used, which falsely portrayed Morsi as the "good anti-zionist" when he is every bit as much a zionist tool as Sisi. Perhaps, on the sly (the usual zionist Jewish way of operating) even more of a zionist than Sisi.

      вот так

  11. And this is where the left vs right divide becomes clear

    I have given everyone fair warning
    I am not right or left.

    I will not label myself in that way.
    I will not put myself in either of those boxes

    I want to judge each situation as best as possible based on my access to information, past experiences and knowledge.

    Every issue gets dealt with with the same 'question everything' I apply across the board.
    If that disappoints some. What can I say
    If that makes some happy. Well that is ok

  12. Paul & Bot tak

    We agree on how despicable Saudi Arabia's leadership is, right?
    Yet, Saudi Arabia is playing a big role in the Sisi leadership.
    And yet somehow we are supposed to believe that Sisi is the saviour of the Egyptian people

    Then we have Israel pleased as punch with the role Sisi is playing in Egypt?
    But we also know Israel was peachy with MB in Egypt, after all it is quite quite clear that Israel loves the MB crowd. (think Turkey)
    And we also know that Israel created Hamas

    So here is my problem
    How is a military dictatorship led by Sisi supported by SA and Israel a good thing for the Egyptian people vs a fake 'democracy' of MB backed by the US, Israel and SA.
    Particularly considering Morsi was nothing but a figurehead and the military held all the cards anyway
    If our shared ideal is a better life, safety and prosperity for the Egyptian people
    Help me sort this out
    Especially Paul, this doesn't seem to be winning situation for the Egyptian people

    1. Penny

      I agree with you that the "Sisi" faction is not much different than the "Morsi" faction with regard to being quislings and being unsavoury characters in the employ of even worse unsavoury characters. But some of those unsavoury characters probably stopped a war.

      The rulers of the west are not monolithic. They do differ, at times significantly. And these factions include both zionist and non-zionist elements, it's not zionists vs non-zionists, but groups of both. War against Syria is one of those times. While they may want to see Assad removed, they differ on how. In this I think there has been a major backstage policy change from that of earlier using anything, including open warfare, to bring Syria down, like Libya. This is why the zionist owned western media actually began registering opposition to the war, where earlier, they were all "let's do it now!". This is why the U.S. Congress showed opposition, when before it was all gung ho. Similar happened in Vietnam and Korea, and more recently with the pull out from Iraq and planned pull out from Afghanistan. Likely, this Morsi vs Sisi competition is this playing out in the colonies, with Morsi losing because he was backed by the western oligarchs favouring increasing the war against Syria, among probably other reasons.

      If one will notice, Sisi was the first western puppet to publicly back off making war on Syria. That got the ball rolling. Many puppets are now adopting less belligerent stances. Jordan, Turkey, Jumblat in Lebanon, even Qatar is now reversing (if what SyrPer posted was true). Same among the NATO nations and the rest of the western nations in supposed "leading roles".

      Anyway, I'm out of time, but what is happening now is that the west backed off Syria and Sisi was part of that. Back when the USA retreated from Vietnam, many who made that happen among the oligarchs were just as nasty as those who wanted to continue the war, but that didn't make the retreat a bad thing. Sometimes there is a difference between the evils, and I think that replacing the "Morsis" with the "Sisis" in Eqypt was one of those situations, just like with the U.S. Congress critters who opposed the war. Preventing the expansion of the war against Syria (to save their failing terrorist proxy insurgency there) has probably saved many lives.

      I have no problem with material showing Sisi's role, owners and crimes. Where I have a problem is when zionazi propagandists, people who lie consistently to promote and defend Israeli war crimes, and skew everything they write to support such, like Yassin-Kassab, are used as credible "authorities" to lay out "the facts". To me, this is like using Limbaugh as a credible, authoritative source for criticism of Obama's corruption and war crimes. Penny, you mentioned Reilly not passing the smell test, but compared to the stink of burning children emanating from Yassin-Kassab, Reilly's stink is a few strands of hair accidentally lit up lighting a smoke on a breezy day.

      вот так

    2. We all live and learn, you and i both bot tak
      This was the very first time I had ever seen that author.
      There is a veritable smorgasboard of writers and sites out there and I like you cannot be familiar with them all. It's simply not possible, since I have a, well, a real life, to live.

      That said, everything written here and there is years worth of material and thousands of posts is mine. My reading, my research and my time.
      Unlike persons such as yourself, my thoughts on current events are an open book since 08 at this blog.
      So, if I hold an opinion that I do it is based on much reading and background. But, I am still a work in process
      Always learning and keeping an open mind
      That is how it always will be at this blog

    3. Bot tak, you said, "but what is happening now is that the west backed off Syria and Sisi was part of that."

      Can you elaborate on this? What did he do?

    4. james

      I thought I pretty much covered it in the paragraph above the quote you are asking about. My speculation was Sisi is sponsored by the western oligarchs who decided to back off open war against Syria (Morsi being sponsored by those who wanted to go all out), and as part of that group, he reversed the Morsi policies of supporting the terrorists operating against Syria. This loss of Egyptian support then later perhaps influenced other states in the region to "cool it" against Syria. Though those countries, being equally under the thumb of the western oligarchs, were probably also given the same message Egypt got that there is "new management" over western policy. M K Bhadrakumar has some additional info on Sisi here:

      Egypt's Sisi banishes wild dogs

      A little more "earthy" than he usually is :), but according to him, Sisi did more than just make a public statement reversing Morsi's stance fof support for the terrorists attacking Syria, he's been actually backing it up with actions. I don't agree with Bhadrakumar about SA with regard to Syria, though, as they are one of the 4 countries that are still quite adamantly pushing for "regime change" there.

      See also:

      FIRST POST - OCTOBER 26, 2013

      (scroll down a bit till you see Qatar mentioned, that part and rest below it )

      Consider that info with that in the first piece about Turkey becoming isolated.

      вот так

    5. Regarding Turkeys isolation
      Odd that you mention that because I noticed this article the other day
      And I have to admit it made me go hmmmm...

      The National Post is a pro zionist/tyranny outlet of the most blatant
      keeping that in mind

      "Is it time for Canada to designate Turkey as a state sponsor of terror?

      The question may strike some as surprising. After all, Turkey is a member of NATO; it conducts joint security operations with Western allies; it has contributed to a $200-million fund to combat violent extremism; and it co-chairs the Global Counterterrorism Forum.

      Yet under the rule of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey is heading in a troubling direction.

      Perhaps most striking are the ties Erdogan’s AKP government has forged with Hamas – a group that promotes a violent Islamist agenda, has links to Iran, and is listed as a terrorist entity in Canada.

      In December, 2011, Erdogan’s Ministry of Finance reportedly set aside $300-million for the Hamas government in Gaza. He has so far welcomed Hamas leader Khaled Meshal to Ankara three times this year."

      When I read this... I had thought oh, oh...


      "Turkey should also be held to account if it is backing Iran"

      I don't see that Turkey is backing Iran, however, this could be used as a convenient excuse

      "Taken together with Turkey’s decision to select a Chinese firm under U.S. sanctions to build its long-range air and missile defense system, Erdogan’s true alliances should be called into question"

      This could be more troublesome for the war mongers based in the US

      And the article just keeps getting more interesting

      "The Erdogan government’s close associations with the IHH – which itself should be examined by Ottawa for terrorist ties – also warrant scrutiny."

      The IHH is of course the humanitarian group that sailed to Gaza and saw IDF kill muslim brotherhood members on board

      IMO Turkey and Israel colluded completely on that
      Israel killed some individuals that Turkey wanted dead
      Then the IHH was the first group to set up shop in Libya delivering aid of course
      The IHH is also linked to groups bringing aid into Syria

      The suggestion that the group warrants scrutiny is talk of course, the IHH does the bidding of it's NATO masters for all intents and purposes
      But for some reason, something is going on with Turkey...

    6. Penny

      Interesting stuff about Turkey and the IHH.

      Turkey has been a "bad boy" in the eyes of the neo-con zionazis, especially after Erdogan's earlier disingenuous criticism of Israel. It seemed at the time that those murdered by Israeli subhumans on the Mavi Marmara were specifically singled out for murder, though at the time, I thought it was typical IDF terrorist tactics (Jewish mafia, nazi gestapo, Ami death squads) of murdering a few people to set an example.

      Might see Erdogan given the treatment Morsi got soon, with the "blessing" of Israeli and American oligarchs, and replaced with some "old school" Turk military faction. One thing little discussed is that one of Turkey's main trading partners is Russia (perhaps THE main trading partner). I'm sure that complicates things for the western capitalist polygarchy even more so than they have to deal with in Egypt.

      I did not know about the IHH involvement in Libya and Syria. The war criminal attack on the Mavi Marmara is one of the major catalysts that sent Israel down the road of pariah nation extraordinaire in world opinion, the sods really took some very serious PR damage in that, which they have not yet managed to BS their way out of. The attack gave Erdogan a lot of credibility to promote the "Arab spring" color coups. Perhaps the zionazis figured the hit they would take for it could be easily papered over (as usual), and the benefits would outweigh the downside, and were unaware how much the crime would damage their much vented PR machine?

      вот так

  13. re: "How is a military dictatorship led by Sisi supported by SA and Israel a good thing for the Egyptian people vs a fake 'democracy' of MB backed by the US, Israel and SA. Particularly considering Morsi was nothing but a figurehead and the military held all the cards anyway If our shared ideal is a better life, safety and prosperity for the Egyptian people. Help me sort this out."

    It may be hard to follow on вот так's fine explanation, but I would add that the Sisi side of evil is of the kind that we are quite familiar with: A military with large business interests and a corrupt and unfair way of running a country. The Egyptian military has large business interests that it wants to protect, besides bribes from other countries for doing or not doing certain things. OK, that's lousy when compared to, say, Iceland, but how about when compared to where the Morsi side or evil likely wanted things to go? They probably want the Egyptian state weakened to the point where the Sinai and Suez Canal are in play. Actually, there are reports that Morsi basically wanted to sell or lease the Suez Canal for a long time. Weakening the Egyptian state could mean a large number of violent deaths, plus simple starvation and death from a lack of medicine. We know that one of the evil groups out there wants a Greater Israel. That requires a huge number of deaths in Egypt, as no such thing is possible in normal circumstances.

    Similarly, let's look at the Obama versus Romney struggle. One could make the argument that Romney would have managed things better and had a better understanding of economic requirements or perhaps the goal of better efficiency. That's fair, but the problem is that Romney was coming from a very aggressive foreign policy perspective, and had the added baggage of being born to the purple in the Mormon Church, with its apocalyptic view of a huge war against Russia. So, yes, they were both bad, but one could have led to WWIII, something Obama has somewhat resisted.

    From an Egyptian perspective of "a better life, safety and prosperity", well, you are phrasing this unfairly. It's bad and worse or perhaps bad and terrible.

    Finally, the fact that SA is helping Egypt may simply mean that SA is paying them to suppress the MB. If SA hadn't done this, Egypt might have gone to China, and China might have invited their friends, the Russians, to spend a bit of time there. This would have left SA in an isolated position, and also made it more obvious that the USSA's days on top are numbered.


  14. Well since bot tak and Paul are basically on the same page as me with Sisi being no better then Morsi, not really.
    Other then a dance with the devil you know
    What on earth is the problem?
    Oh it is the source of the material. (one problem)
    Well at least once a day a stopped clock has the right time?
    Or is that twice?

    And Paul you lay out all the reason sisi is bad. And bad is bad
    Bad isn't good. Bad isn't happy. Bad = bad.

    Paul: ": A military with large business interests and a corrupt and unfair way of running a country. The Egyptian military has large business interests that it wants to protect, besides bribes from other countries for doing or not doing certain things. "

    I have laid out these very issues regarding the Egyptian military in more then a few posts on this blog.

    Paul" They probably want the Egyptian state weakened to the point where the Sinai and Suez Canal are in play"

    Wow, thanks, I have said as much here. You are verifying every statement I have already made in better then 70 posts over 5 years now.

    "We know that one of the evil groups out there wants a Greater Israel"

    Thanks, yet again

    Therefore in essence my claims about Sisi, have been correct. Without the knowledge of any Egyptians on the ground.

    And actually I don't think I am phrasing a better life, safety and prosperity wrong.
    I want that for every human being on this planet.
    I want people to break free of the right/left paradigm
    The greater evil vs the lesser evil
    These are corners we as humans paint ourselves into and I do not participate.
    Those hopes stand behind each post I make

    Bottak: my reference to MOA is not to b himself, soley, but also to the vast majority of commenters there who IMO are typical of the boxed in leftist
    Gun control in particular. And every 'ism get's it time. To quote Bob Marly 'isms create schisms I don't go for that.
    So there is no feminism, no lgbtism, no other isms
    Everyone is a human here. A sentient living human being

    bot tak the attribution for the philosopher does not belong to Kassab
    that came with the article Kassab cited
    Just pointing that out for the sake of clarity
    And I will look into the background of that author, thanks for the heads up

    And finally, because I do have to go
    thank you both for your comments, they are much appreciated.
    But, I will always write here as I see fit. It has always been that way and it will always be that way.

    1. Penny

      "Bottak: my reference to MOA is not to b himself, soley, but also to the vast majority of commenters there who IMO are typical of the boxed in leftist
      Gun control in particular. And every 'ism get's it time. To quote Bob Marly 'isms create schisms I don't go for that.
      So there is no feminism, no lgbtism, no other isms
      Everyone is a human here. A sentient living human being"

      Both Horstmann and his "in crowd" comment writers are sayanim associated with the small minded club of zionist bigots who call themselves left, but display the same psychosis one sees among the far right. This lot are complete phonies. Their view of the left has nothing to do with leftwing philosophy beyond muttering long-winded slogans. These are the people who do the "witch hunts" there. Outside of this group, which dominates the site for Horstmann, there is a bit of variety of views, but I don't think I've seen more than just a few who are honestly left in their perspective.

      BTW, gun control is not a left issue. Eradication of fascists playing with guns is, though. ;D

      вот так

    2. Horstmann? Is that b's last name? I didn't know that

      "BTW, gun control is not a left issue"

      It is usually presented as one, though I would personally agree with you that it is not a left issue. Or a right issue. It is an issue of freedom from tyranny.

      "Eradication of fascists playing with guns is, though. ;D"

      A very liberal ie: freedom issue indeed

      One of these days we will have to get all these stupid terms sorted out.

      The 'in crowd' are sayanim also?
      I don't know about that?
      I do however know there are indeed some that are extremely long winded and I can barely get through their comments
      It is more like a puffing of feathers then a real comment
      I like every short, sweet and to the point!

    3. Penny

      "Horstmann? Is that b's last name?"

      Odd, that is now blocking results about, where before they didn't. They must have some Jewish zionist connections they don't want people knowing about. Not surprised, really, that look-up site was at the top of google searches. I've seen this sort of selective zionist asset censorship before, and now it is getting quite oppressive in an overt way. Where before it wasn't so obvious.

      It may not be his real name, but a phony name he uses as part of his Mossad cover, though. It's standard procedure in their ops.

      "The 'in crowd' are sayanim also?"


      Both Horstmann, and core there, are among the phony leftists at the site (ex Guardiantalk spammers) and associate closely with the likes of (associated with the Mondoweise, eh hem, "left"), - Greenstein's ziofascist smear and disinformation site. The pov of this group of phony left sayanim dominates the MoA site, both content, and "acceptable" comment writing. "Bevin" is a very good example of their work,and how they will warp everything into a pro-ziofascist safe pov and slander anyone who disagrees. It's this lot who do the witch hunts of anti-zionists (as they do on Mondoweiss, btw, with full support of ALL the editors there, I mean that literally). The "ban this person" campaigns in the comment section at MoA are literally identical with the same tactics they used at Guardiantalk (and the sods still do at CIF), and at Mondoweiss, and I'm sure every Jewish zionist run site (of all political views pretenses).

      "It is more like a puffing of feathers then a real comment"

      If one really takes a critical look at what is front staged at MoA, it is mostly "puffing of feathers", BH feathers, much like an Ami low order stripper uses feather props to extend the act and psychologically exploit the mental warps of their audience. ;) The comments naturally have to follow suit, or they become "suspect" and dealt with accordingly.

      вот так

    4. "The comments naturally have to follow suit, or they become "suspect" and dealt with accordingly"

      That explains much. I can't seem to go there and participate with everyone else without being slammed for having an opinion other then what is acceptable.

      Last time this happened I disagreed with 'somebody' comment
      (just touting the official story IMO)
      And ignoring completely the obvious involvement of Israel in the happening (Ghouta) Instead suggesting SA and Turkey
      I was like no lets say SA and Israel (Israel provided all the intel to the US)

      And Bevin jumped in to attack and then horsewhisperer too
      I don't know who the hell that is?
      Who then made a comment about me no longer being on Xymphoras blog roll? So, I must have done 'something'?
      As if that person is god or something? Who cares?
      I find that kind of weird
      I replied considering the fact that Xymph has Josh Landis on the role and another PR firm (Desmog blog) I consider it complimentary

      Who is on a blog role has everything to do with the blogger, that's how I see it.

      I am now getting the picture thanks to you providing the eye opening information -limited hang out?

    5. Regarding the IHH:

      I have a couple large posts here on them, they appear to be part of a web of 'charities' that deliver aid to countries targeted and in the process of being destroyed.

      The aid, and yes there is food and medicine, is also guns, equipment and other accoutrements of war

      IHH set up shop in Libya immediately
      And IHH was the only charity allowed into the 'refugee camps' on the Turkish border- hidden from view, no reporters allowed
      to provide aid. The very first attack into Syria came out of those camps and into Jisr Al Shagur
      IHH was recently involved in a shipment of aid that left the UK for Syria
      A 'caravan' of stuff- It's all done quite openly
      But then there is no better place to hide then in plain site?

    6. Penny

      "Last time this happened I disagreed with 'somebody' comment
      (just touting the official story IMO)
      And ignoring completely the obvious involvement of Israel in the happening (Ghouta) Instead suggesting SA and Turkey
      I was like no lets say SA and Israel (Israel provided all the intel to the US)"

      Every Jewish site has at least one "somebody". These sit on the site and repeat variations of the zionist propaganda, misdirecting people away from looking at the Israeli role in what is being discussed, with the blessings of the site hosts. They serve another purpose on Jewish sites in that their constant spam is intended to annoy anti-zionists and get them riled up. The "house" commenters then complain about the annoyed anti-zionist and the Jewish site then boots the anti-zionist, while the "somebody" continues on spamming.

      "And Bevin jumped in to attack and then horsewhisperer too
      I don't know who the hell that is?"

      Both "house commenters". Bevin repeats the views of Jewish zionist phony leftists of these 3 sites and is likely a regular of at least one of them: - specifically:

      Horstmann being long time friends with many of the sayanim at, and a regular there, it's likely he and bevin are also personal friends.

      Horsewhisperer is one of those "me toos" zionist Jews have around all the time, providing "moral" support. He sort of reminds me of the "mooser" ziospammer that was a Mondoweiss regular and occasionally showed up at MoA when the zionists were ganging up on an anti-zionist.

      Also, thanks for the additional info on IHH.

      вот так