Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Alexei Navalny- He's back! Was he ever truly gone?- Destabilizing Russia

Alexei Navalny he's back in the news! Did you all forget his past appearances?
We will trip down memory lane in short order. First this, Navalny is a man of many labels. At least in western mainstream media. But the best use of brands & labels is to both identify and sell a product!  Navalny is a product. Being sold to the western mainstream audiences- Europe, Canada, US etc.

 In Russia, it's a different reality. Navalny is not really the ‘top opposition leader'. I am doubtful he is even a contender. Nor is he an "anti-corruption" blogger, that's just his role. In the war mongering media here, he is mentioned as an activist- that is about the only somewhat truthful piece of info I have read. But exactly what type of activist is he? The western war mongering, destabilization pushing, media wants you to believe Alexei Navalny is someone important in some imaginary opposition...  But given Putin’s something like 80 percent approval rating, what opposition is Navalny the leader of ? And how important is he, really?

My contention is that Navalny is important to the Western/NATO destabilization agenda. He is an activist of the type we have seen previously, playing a role, in yet another colour revolution/spring type operation. Navalny is the face/mascot used to appeal to the masses in most NATO nations.
Which is why this Russian activist's journal is available in English via social media
Because Russian activists who are allegedly working for change in Russia need an Anglo readership? Right?

Staged Photo-op:  Navalny and a sign. Cameras, photographers & no one else! No supporters. No Surprise
 To the masses of ordinary Russian’s his importance, it would seem, is pretty much non existent
Yesterday, I left this comment at the Vineyard of the Saker and it does relate to the comeback of Alexei Navalny and the destabilization of Russia

“What is more probable is a destabilization campaign launched from Ukraine- along with some internal destabilization (aka colour revolution) along with economic warfare being waged present day’

Internal destabilization aka colour revolution. That explains why Alexei Navalny is being pushed into our consciousness, yet again. The very first mention of Mr Navalny, here,  goes back to a 2013 - The Strange Case of Alexei Navalny

The typical 'defiant' photo- Yawn

This article can still be read entirely at this link-MK Bhadrakumer @ Russia India Report
I will just refresh your memories ever so briefly:

-Unlike Navalny’s theft of state property.....
-Navalny-  he has a record of embezzlement of public property and, therefore, ineligible to hold office. Ironically, it is on the issue of corruption that Navalny built up his strange career in the blogosphere from where he tiptoed into politics with magical ease.

-He (Navalny) went to Yale under an American scholarship and returned to Russia as a freshly-minted public crusader

- Despite the West lionizing him, Navalny looks less and less convincing as a leader of a coherent opposition. And it raises a question: Is Navalny an individual or is he a project? There is something sinister going on.
Navalny is clearly a project!

Commenter brian left some info linking Alexei Navalny to the "Scoop" Henry Jackson society

Terre @terbleu 4h4 hours ago
Navalny in ‪#‎Russia‬ is an Internet-based "attack dog" used to spread insinuations and libel against certain business and political targets.
Navstéva retweeted
Terre @terbleu 4h4 hours ago
In 2013 ‪#‎Navalny‬ accused ‪#‎Russian‬ Railways' CEO of "corruption" (character assassination) in the middle of RZHD's fight with certain biz ppl
Navstéva retweeted
Terre @terbleu 4h4 hours ago
#Russian Railways refused to sell 1 of its assets to these biz ppl and #Navalny's attack via his blog against RZHD's head was well timed.

Terre @terbleu 3h3 hours ago#Navalny has been spotted at such neo-con gatherings as the Henry Jackson Society in London. #
Thanks brian! - Yup, the connections are definitely there!

Henry Jackson Society/Navalny- Here and Here. Or this Reuters article that makes very clear the cooperative relationship between the man and the  influential Henry Jackson Society
"The allegations were contained in a report co-published by Alexei Navalny's Foundation for Fighting Corruption and the Henry Jackson Society, a British-based think-tank"
Where there is a destabilization plot, there is the Henry Jackson Society!
And others, of course. Yet another group that figures into a planned destabilization is the Heritage Foundation!

Flashback to 2012- Predicting the Future: The destabilization of Russia

The scenario mentioned is the rise of an Islamist Insurgency- and Russia's inability to react requiring, of course, western intervention. Does that scenario sound familiar at all?
It should!

" Keeping in mind, of course, the goal of balkanization.
As laid out by the Heritage Foundation and one Ariel Cohen Ph.D
I am only including excerpts here, it's a big article, linked so you can read it at your leisure

A Threat to the West: The Rise of Islamist Insurgency in the Northern Caucasus and Russia’s Inadequate Response

A threat to the West?  Of course! 
The rise of "Islamist Insurgency"?  Of course!
Russia's Inadequate Response?  Of course!
Well you just know someone is going to have to step up to that plate!"

Before I close off what has grown into a far larger post then I had intended were going to experience one more flashback, very connected to the Islamist threat to the West, requiring NATO action, as proposed by the Heritage Org. In fact, so connected, it could be the exact scenario in the process of coming to fruition?

Recall this?

A very NATO/US sounding ISIS threatens Putin- "God Willing"- Updated

Islamic State: "We will liberate Chechnya and the entire Caucasus, God willing."
Islamic State: "We will liberate Chechnya and the entire Caucasus, God willing."
Islamic State says Vladimir Putin's throne is 'under threat and will fall when we come to you'
Moscow: Islamic State militants have issued a threat to Russian President Vladimir Putin, vowing to oust him and "liberate" the volatile North Caucasus over his support of the Syrian regime.


  1. Head of major Russian bank just said. US cuts Russia off from swift and it means war.

    Cutting Russia out of SWIFT banking system would mean ‘war’ – head of VTB. Excluding Russia from the global SWIFT banking transactions system is another form of sanctions and would mean “war,” said Andrey Kostin, head of VTB Russia’s second largest bank, adding that should it happen Russia has a “Plan B.” If Russian banks no longer have access to SWIFT, the American ambassador would leave Moscow the same day, he said.

    RT: http://rt.com/business/211291-swift-banking-russia-vtb/

    From 2012

    "State television has lashed out at the new U.S. ambassador to Russia, questioning his credentials and suggesting his agenda is to support opposition leaders and promote revolution."
    In Washington, U.S. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland rejected the suggestions that McFaul was sent to Russia promote revolution. She said McFaul was sent to try to find new areas of cooperation with Russia and also to meet with a broad cross-section of Russians.

    "From our perspective this is a benefit, that he knows Russians of every political stripe," she said.


    Now John F. Tefft..

    1. Russia not do much cut from swift as has chosen to LEAVE swift ! Tyler Durdwn says so at zero hedge

  2. If (?) this is true:

    Is Ukraine Hiding A Huge Radiation Leak At The Largest Nuclear Power Plant In Europe? http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-12-30/ukraine-hiding-huge-radiation-leak-largest-nuclear-power-plant-europe

    1. Stuxnet
    2. Obama talking about "strategic patience" in tanking oil prices and Putin miscalculation on Crimea
    3. Uralkali sinkhole opening up after the strange sinkholes in Siberia over the summer
    4. Russian launch of another ICBM days ago after the US stepped up AEGIS deployments and just put a destroyer back in the Black Sea
    5. Russia just put down another N Fleet sub described as follows:

    “Our potential opponents call it the ‘Black Hole’ due to the very low noise emission and visibility of the submarine,” Konstantin Tabachny, captain of the Novorossiysk, told Channel One TV. “To be undetectable is the main quality for a submarine. And this whole project really fits its purpose.”

    6. More Russian bombers circling Guam last month. Dial back to to February when bombers were also circling Guam. That was the same day as another alleged NK nuke test (Feb-14) and that Meteor strike
    Nov 19: http://freebeacon.com/national-security/russian-bombers-threaten-guam/
    Feb 12
    Feb 15:

    7. Ukraine biggest wheat growing regions in view of the 10 YR Russian GMO ban

  3. thanks- anonymous for all the links!

    I had noticed the news on the sink holes opening up in Siberia on more then one occasion, but, didn't know what to make of it. What would cause them? Not a clue, really.

    Oh, I remember the meteor strike that was something else, believe, I have a big post on that here

    hang on while I check back....

    tick tock tick tock


    that meteor,or pieces of it, were put into some of the Sochi Olympic medals, recall that?

  4. Here in sweden we got no report of mass demostration in Italy and Spain. These demostrations amount to more than 100 000 person. Suddenly a little demostration of 2000 (reported 15000) in Moskva get attention in the news. The same about the Olympic games in Sothi . We only get report of corruption concerning the building of the stadium. And not so much about the happy games. Hence it turned out here in sweden we have also corrupted construction companies. But not as bad as the russian according to the news. Here no one to blame, but in Russia it's always Putin's fault.

    1. Hello person talking Sweden

      Its no different here in Canada, lots of corruption, brushed off, dismissed
      downplayed or portrayed as incompetence- but when it comes to Russia our media blames absolutely everything on Putin-

      Same case with the massive demonstrations in Europe, when the very large ones were ongoing in Greece the only way I knew anything of them was from on line news and resources- that's it

      It's quite clear the media is doing it's best to tell us all only that which the elites want us to know

  5. Penny,

    Just one guy's two cents' worth, but the attempts at a color revolution in Russia are now a big win for Russia. Nobody wants what happened in Kiev, and the West's name is now dirt. Attempts to earn their salaries by the usual suspects just make it easy to find out who they are, and, more importantly, to figure out their networks.

    Russia seems to be making a major push to attack color revolutions worldwide. Way late, of course. The Russian elite have tried to have a relatively friendly modus vivendi with the West for long past the point when it was obvious that this was not realistic. However, it is debatable what they could have done in Kiev. Yanukovich was trying to sell out to both sides, and eventually he needed to deliver. Oleg Tsarev has been on Russian TV talking about how the Sharp/color revolution was basically defeated, and the US went into coup mode.

    The Kremlin's mistakes were basing their entire foreign policy on oligarchical interests for too long and in viewing the Ukraine as a place where everything could be achieved by money.


    1. Hi Eurasian :)

      Your two cents is valid :)

      Re: Colour revolutions and the potential for one in Russia despite what happened in Ukraine- Colour revolutions give cover for overthrows and do not necessarily require broad support in any nation
      I believe that colour revolutions are as much a psyop on western audiences as they are on domestic audience. And these colour revolutions give cover , for the planned overthrows of 'undesirable' governments

      I actually didn't get the impression that Maidan had really broad support
      However it had just enough support that the west could bring in their rent a mobs, their thugs, their merc, their snipers and make a good show for the cameras- force the sitting government to respond in a necessary- but portrayed as evil fashion, which would then be used to explain why the coup that the NATO nations had planned all along simply had to take place
      all the while presenting it as 'power of the people' kind of stuff
      which plays very well here in the west to people who have been so indoctrinated into believing this is a democracy of and by the people-

      It works and that is why it is used over and over- We in the west really need to stop believing in these lies, and really what boils down to heinous abuse by the elites against us all

  6. Penny,

    The Sharp theory is to avoid needing a coup. Of course, there was always the possibility of violence, but that is especially relevant for weak governments. That won't be so relevant in Russia; plus, Russia and China are now in the game. For Russia, it is a matter of survival.

    The problem for Russia in Kiev was really all the years without ideological work and the basics of working with groups and friends, which leads into the issue that scum like Yanukovich were the best they could hope for.

    Anyway, I wouldn't worry about the need for Western media cover as they can now just make up stories and videos out of thin air. Film some protestors in a different country or what have you.


    1. "The Sharp theory is to avoid needing a coup"

      Wouldn't the Sharp theory, in practice, actually result in a coup?
      By design?

      Coup- :b. A sudden appropriation of leadership or power;

      Ukraine. most recently
      But Libya
      Egypt- twice
      Just the way it looks to me-

      " That won't be so relevant in Russia; plus, Russia and China are now in the game. For Russia, it is a matter of survival."

      Definitely Russia is a different target, as is China, as was Syria.
      In Syria the military was large, well trained and nationalistic.

      As for western media coverage?
      It's important, it's very much part of the over all illusion
      but yes they can and do make up stories out of thin air- still sometimes they have to rely on their 'boots on the ground' to assist in the mind control management of the western audience- the elites need everyone to 'believe'

      "The problem for Russia in Kiev was really all the years without ideological work and the basics of working with groups and friends, which leads into the issue that scum like Yanukovich were the best they could hope for"

      Yah, that does look to have been a real problem.

      thanks Eurasia

  7. Thanks for keeping the light on these people and their seedy backgrounds. Also enjoyed your post on Russia that was posted by The Saker.

    Wishing you all the best for 2015!

    1. Thanks Aeneas,
      Navalny is definitely seedy
      All the best to you too! :)