Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Syria claims drone downed, US confirms drone 'lost contact' - Chlorine in my eyes

Syrian air defense systems shoot down a UAV over Lattakia
“Damascus, SANA – The Syrian air defense systems shot down a hostile UAV in the northern province of Lattakia on Tuesday.

The Syrian T.V said authorities are carrying out investigations to verify the side which the drone is affiliated to.”

A US drone is NOT mentioned by SANA- The SANA report says investigators are verifying the drone affiliation.

“A military source said the drone was not immediately identified as being American but was shot down as a hostile aircraft.

“As soon as it entered Syrian air space, we considered it to be gathering security and military information on Syria’s territory,” the source in Damascus said”
Unnamed Pentagon Official Confirms Drone Downed
A Pentagon official confirmed the U.S. military lost contact with an unarmed Predator drone Tuesday while it was flying above northwestern Syria, but could not corroborate reports that the aircraft was shot down by President Bashar Assad’s air defenses.

The official, who was not authorized to speak publicly on the matter, said that U.S. forces lost contact with the drone about 1:40 p.m. Eastern time and that the reason for its disappearance was being investigated.
The unnamed Pentagon official does not speak in terms of ownership- Just saying that the US military lost contact with an unarmed Predator? He does not say lost contact with our unarmed Predator.

If the drone originated from Israel,  would the US provide cover for Israel's spying? The election taking place in Israel would be a good smokescreen for Israel to test Syrian air defences?
Just a thought!  Admittedly I don’t find the confirmation by the Pentagon “official” very confidence inducing.

Barrel Bombs and Chlorine:
Six people, all from the same family, died Monday night in northwest Syria after government planes allegedly dropped a chlorine-filled bomb on a residential neighborhood,
Barrel bombs, dropped from a 'government plane' filled with chlorine kill just one family, in one home, in the night?

 Syrian army denies this claim and I have some serious doubts about it also

Six people, all from the same family, died Monday night. Seems likely someone else or a whole bunch of someones could have killed the entire family, for some unknown reason.

I wonder if some Kurdish fighters are behind the death of this family? Recall just the other day the Kurds were claiming ISIS used chlorine against them? Two months ago...

It seems to me the common factor with chlorine is always the symbiotic entity Kurds/ISIS
Why is that?

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  1. The chlorine story like the 'where's Putin ' story meant to test readers gullibility




    1. brian- you must have missed my post on that subject last week?
      March 12/15
      It's mostly gone from the media here already and our so called broadcaster
      CBC didn't touch it until days after and then the spin was thick and heavy

  5. As for the CIA funding terrorism? It's not blowback, it's intentional.

    thanks for the additional info- curious did you leave the cia funding intentionally at MOA? More blowback promotion goes on at MOA then here- could be more beneficial left there?

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  7. US Special Forces caught red-handed in Syria [Link]

    (Israel's) ISIS released Video of alleged beheading of Kurds after US Special Forces were caught red-handed [Link]

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    [Flashback to March 2011] Israeli spy cell found in north Iraq: Israel set up a secret operation room in Iraq to instigate anti-government protests in Syria [Link]

    1. thanks, I will get back to reading all that tomorrow
      Looks like some good, good reading :)

    2. Israel spy cell in northern iraq..... like in Kurdistan with their good buddy Barzani- the lackey jewish kurd like his father?