Friday, May 22, 2015

Dave McGowan- Say a little prayer...

From the day I began this blog Dave McGowan (uberfave)  has been a constant in the sidebar of the blog. He became known to me via his appearances on Meria- the mouth that roars
I can't say with any certainty how many years ago I first heard him talking up his  writings?
It likely had to be around the time he published his first book -Derailing Democracy  So that was  at least 13 years ago???
I own and have read all of his books.  Yes, there are more books then the more recently published "Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon" A book, I actually have two copies of. One purchased from Dave with a very lovely autograph. And the other copy bought to read and lend. The other books are  Understanding the F-word and of course Programmed to Kill- and the already mentioned Derailing Democracy. Dave is no 'Johnny come lately' to  what I characterize as the questioning authority and everything else scene.
Hell, yours truly is even responsible for the 'send in the clowns' title of the regular show that Meria and Dave did every month! It described the tomfoolery (playful or silly behaviour) of the two hosts, but especially of Dave, while delivering some of the most difficult or challenging information. Like a spoon full of sugar...

Sigh.. I don't know how to say this, but, I'm going to just get it out there. Dave McGowan is facing the toughest life challenge imaginable. I'm going to quote from his last facebook posting:
So I guess I’ll just cut right to the chase and say that the prognosis is not good. I’ve been in the oncology ward of Glendale Adventist Hospital for several days now subjecting myself to various tests (X-Rays, a C-T Scan, an MRI, blood panels, a bone scan, and a biopsy). And the news has gotten progressively worse. As it stands now, I have small-cell cancer aggressively attacking my lungs, liver and bones, and the doctors fear it could soon invade my brain. The survival rate for this form of lung cancer is very low and beating the odds is a daunting challenge. I’m a fighter by nature, but this is going to require a hell of a fight. On the plus side, the staff here has been wonderfully supportive and they have done everything possible to keep me comfortable and to take the edge off the intense pain. Start my first round of chemotherapy this morning, which hopefully will go well.
I don't have 'facebook' so can't comment there- I, like Dave, detest that giant information sucking, manipulating, anti-social, anti human space.
Therefore what I have to say about this sad new is going to be right here:

I'm dam sorry to read this news Dave.. Truly.  Your FB mesage is pure Dave- the fighter in you is apparent in the words. My husband and I send nothing but the best thoughts imaginable to you and your family at this very difficult time.

If anyone wants to comment here, please do, well wishes would be appreciated.


  1. Hi Penny:

    Thanks for this info re Dave McGowan. I know him as my prime source for my "Apollo Moon Landing Hoax" theory.

    As a Big C survivor, I can say that the latest remedies are a lot better than before. I wish Dave all the best. He's one of the good ones.


    1. Hi GC
      yes, waggin the moondoggie. We had a big discussion on that one, here, some years back.

    2. And you will have noticed that I didn't give my 2 cents about it ;-)

    3. I noticed gallier- you were not a fan of that series. I know.
      but, if I recall you enjoyed the Laurel Canyon info?

  2. HPrice (hprice3@hotmail.comMay 22, 2015 at 10:57 PM

    Hi Penny et al,

    What terrible news. Dave is a real giant of the independent research field. There are only a few like him out there, really eg. Michael Collins Piper. Fearless seekers of the truth who will say what the truth actually is without any spin. I have followed him for years, and have read a large number of his articles on his website, books, and seen and listened to a number of his many interviews.

    Heck, I only just watched his 4 hour presentation on "Caravan to Midnight" in which he nailed the Boston Bombing hoax to a very big cross, a few days ago.

    So ... yeah, a bit hit by this. I just want to wish him well. I have lost one friend to leukemia, and saw an acquaintance go through chemotherapy, and so I understand the process that someone hit with something like this goes through.

    Anyhow, I really hope we don't lose another giant like Dave (we lost Kenny of Kenny's Sideshow, not so long ago). Like I say there are few of them out there already. So all my best wishes go to him and his family.

    If I was religious, I would pray ... but I am not ... but I will send all my well wishes, and good thoughts his way, as much as I can.

    Heck ... he was just getting started!

    Anyhow, hope all is well at your ends, and sorry about the disjointed-ness of the above.

    Best wishes

    Harvey Price (Palmerston North, New Zealand)

    1. Hi Harvey P :)

      I managed to get through about half of the Boston Bombing Caravan to midnight- I will make another attempt at getting through the rest of it, sometime soon

      You know I still miss Kenny :(
      Sigh. So, I know what you mean

      Everything is ok, here
      we had a busy weekend
      big birthday shindig (Dad) and then gardening. yard work

  3. ps Just told my wife about this. She is someone who suffers from multiple allergies, and so is rather health conscious. She has told me that Dave should try going on a raw vegan diet. Apparently, she has discovered that people who have gone over to this whilst having quite serious cancer have recovered rather successfully. So a look into this might prove rather helpful.

    Anyway, just a heads up. Anything is worth trying when it comes to this kind of thing ...

    Best wishes, again.

    H Price

    1. Hi Harvey, just got this out of spam, apologies for the delay in getting posted

  4. Hi Penny

    Best wishes to Dave and his family, hope that the newer treatments do some good.

    He always brings a bit of humour to the darkest of subjects, while doing the job thousands of lazy, lying journos don't.


    1. Hey aferrismoon
      He does indeed do just that bring a bit of humour to the darkest of subjects
      and the job of thousands of lazy, lying, pentagon regurgitating 'journalists'

  5. I have tried many times, often fruitlessly, to get friends and family to read Mr McGowan's works as they open so many doors. He is a rare treasure and I wish him and his all the best x

    1. Hi majestika
      Often but not always fruitlessly?

      I do to, and have lent the Laurel Canyon book out to those interested, hoping, it sparks a fire
      thanks for stopping by :)
      ps: saw the link to the documentary you left in the other thread- I will check it out !

  6. I notice someone mentioned Michael Collins Piper here in the comments.

    Two great truth speakers are in dire trouble at this time. We have just read about Dave and can only do what we can do.

    Michael Collins Piper could use a few prayers too. As you know, Mark Glenn moved the failing MCP into a (very basic) guest house a few meters from the family cabin out there in the middle of nowhere. MCP has been suffering from extreme PTSD and health without medical with some major challenges ... and now in a wheelchair.

    A few weeks ago the cabin burned almost to the ground; Michael is, to the best of my knowledge, living in a residential hotel nearby. Mark had no insurance so the cabin is a loss. I don't know more than that but they are never far from my thoughts, wishing there was something I could do to help.

    It just seems criminal that a man like MCP who contributed so much has come to this.

    The system is indeed absolutely heartless; despite all his contributions, Michael was rejected on every turn over the past few years due to his unpopular stance on various matters like Sandy Hook, a situation I personally avoided like the plague it has proven to be.

    Anyhow. All we pray, hope for the best and have faith that things will work out well. It is, after all, really all we can do.

    1. yup, Noor, all we can do is hope for the best, send some good thoughts and prayers.

      btw: I was completely unaware of the situation around MCP. (He's someone who has always been on my perhiphery)

      As for Sandy Hook- I just can't do these psyops anymore
      I had the 9/11 calls up here and it was clear from those that there were multiple shooters and someone had left the scene- so it wasn't what we were told. But then, is it ever?

  7. Dear Penny,

    A lurker here coming out of the woodwork. Thank you for providing a place to leave comments regarding Mr. McGowan. I don't do Facebook either.

    When I read his post yesterday, I prayed for him right then. Ultimately his future is in God's hands, but I pray also that the Father will help him and his family to endure any difficulties he/they face.

    Mr. McGowan is a gem, and I owe him a big thanks for helping me get past my reluctance to see the moon missions as the hoax they were.

    Psalm 90:10
    The years of our life are 70, or even by reason of strength 80; yet their span is but toil and trouble; they are soon gone, and we fly away.

    1. Hi Gwen, lurker
      Your not alone in lurking, and I hope you come out of the woodwork more often :)
      Yah, Dave is a gem. I hope he will be ok, though, it will be a long time coming

  8. Replying to Noor's post ... I knew that Mark Glenn's place had burned down, but I didn't fully realise how Mike Piper has suffered recently. I knew he had a heart attack fairly recently ... but again terrible stuff. Hope he is a bit better soon.

    Funny how people only comment on things when stuff like this hits the fan. But you can, I suppose, only keep track of a few things. I've been a Mike Piper fan for years, and have sent him a couple of emails. One which got read out on one of his broadcasts which made my jaw drop a mile :D ... praise indeed from such a great man (very few of them left, unfortunately).

    Anyhow, hope both recover fully from their various ailments, and they come back to hit the bad guys again really hard soon.

    Best wishes to all ...

    Harvey Price

    1. "Funny how people only comment on things when stuff like this hits the fan. But you can, I suppose, only keep track of a few things"

      It's true, you can only keep track of a few things- so often there are so many items of interest I bookmark to put here and then don't
      I just can't find the time to do it. To get them all up, once I have found them
      Thanks again for the comments Harvey

  9. Send him the PDF, The Water of Life, by John Armstrong.

  10. Sad to hear that about Dave McGowan - thanks to you Pen for bringing it to our attention, much appreciated.

    My thoughts are with him as he chooses to fight the good fight.

    I only wish he wasn't quickening his demise with chemo, but there it is . . . the horrible, bitter irony. He who questions and has questioned and upturned so many of the upheld myths and truths and found them to be lies; he chooses to weaken and kill his body with chemo, one of the biggest reasons cancer is so lethal.

    I hope he has a few more writings in him before folding down his tent. He is a credit to all truthers and bloggers out there, and he's a good man, I feel.

    Hope you're feeling better soon, Dave. Cheers.

    1. Yah, slozo- chemo is a huge part of the problem.
      From my reading it is no cure and often makes everything worse
      It will 'help' in the short term, but, afterwards?
      I have no faith in it.

  11. I'll keep you posted on my show as to how Dave's doing. I'm in constant touch with him and his family. He's a national treasure for sure.

    1. Hi Meria
      thanks for stopping by here :)
      I've been listening for updates on Dave and of course, you were good enough to update me last weekend via email too :)

      Dave is not just a national treasure, he long ago grew into an international treasure- I know because he shipped more then just my book into Canada!
      I'll check back in with you for updates and hubby and I are still sending good thoughts to him and his family
      bye for now-

  12. I'm coming in a bit late here, and I don't know Dave's condition at the moment, but here's a link that might provide food for thought:

    This is certainly terrible news. Dave is one of the best independent researchers out there. He is the one who first completely woke me up as to the official 9/11 conspiracy theory. I hope to be reading his terrific exposures of government lies, and other subjects, for a long time to come.

    1. Hi- thanks for the comment and just so you know I had an interview up with Dave himself very recently
      Dave McGowan in his own words- hoping the link is still viable
      about 30 minutes in length
      I will pass the baking soda info along