Sunday, May 31, 2015

IPCC's Rajendra K Pachauri GUILTY in sexual harassment case

 Remember this? : IPCC Rajendra K. Pachauri accused of sexual harrasement- resigns

Resigned from the IPCC- Resigned from the Prime Ministers's council and on indefinite leave from The Energy and Resources Institute

The Energy & Resource Institute-  Brought to us all by TATA chemicals
Hmmm...conflicts of interest abound....
Here is the latest!

 TERI's internal panel finds RK Pachauri guilty in sexual harassment case

Psycho pervert

 An internal committee of The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) found its director general RK Pachauri guilty in a sexual harassment case.
Reportedly, the three-member panel of Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) found that Pachauri made repeated attempts at establishing a personal bond with the young woman colleague, which caused her “harassment”.
The panel also noted that when the woman resisted, Pachauri retaliated by 'taking away her work'.
TERI committee recommended disciplinary action against the accused.
Last week, the Delhi High Court refused to cancel immediately the anticipatory bail granted by a trial court to Pachauri.
The matter has been posted for July 16 after the counsel for Pachauri sought more time to file response to the application move by the 29-year-old woman, who has alleged that “free and fair investigation” cannot be carried out if Pachauri is “allowed to roam around freely.”
The complainant had moved the High Court seeking cancellation of the anticipatory bail granted to Pachauri by the trial court in the case. The complainant’s counsel alleged before the court that Pachauri was “dictating what needs to be said to witnesses” in the case.
He claimed there was “overwhelming evidence” against Pachauri that he misused the bail conditions. A criminal case on charges of sexual harassment, stalking and criminal intimidation was registered against Pachauri on February 18 by the police.

Is Pachauri stalking the victim like a real flippin' psycho? Sure reads like it!

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