Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Ramadi to Palmyra: KurdISHIS/Israeli collusion- Stealing Assyrian history

Going Long! - Palmyra, Ramadi , KurdISHIS, Israel and the theft of human history.
Talked a bit about Ramadi yesterday as it related back to Mosul. Pointing out the fact that Mosul and Ramadi fell in the same manner. The Fall of Ramadi Mirrors the Fall of Mosul: ISIS "bigger threat then ever" Almost immediately after Ramadi fell, Palmyra was taken by KurdISHIS.
Coincidence or a plan?

Looks to be a plan
"The simultaneous fall of Palmyra (also known in Arabic as Tadmor) in Syria with that of Ramadi in Iraq in the presence of the anti-ISIL coalition shows that the US and the ISIL are on the same side," Abdel Fattah Mohammad (Egyptian analyst) told FNA on Wednesday.
He underlined that anyone who looks at the developments of Syria and Iraq from outside surely sees a relationship between the simultaneous collapse of Palmyra and Ramadi.

"After nine months since the beginning of the US-led anti-ISIL coalition's airstrikes on ISIL positions in Iraq and Syria, the coalition is still incapable of preventing the ISIL advances in both countries because the US is cooperating with the ISIL,"
True enough and I discussed that abject “failure” of the coalition yesterday. But Palmyra is interesting for a couple of reasons:

1 st reason: According to the Egyptian analyst Palmyra is strategically located

 “at the crossroads of key highways leading West to Damascus and Homs, and East to Iraq”

Look for yourself? Palmyra is definitely strategically located.

Strategic local aside, what else makes Palmyra an interesting target is it's history!

 Palmyra has a very interesting, very long history.  Palmyra was part of the Assyrian Kingdom.

 For about one millennium it was an Assyrian caravan town
 The Kurds, and I have covered this previously, covet Assyrian history. To the point that they are attempting to make it their own. Stealing Assyrian history in order to make a history for themselves, pushing the meme of a people that deserve a country, though, they have always been nomadic and have from all my reading never had a country. Or a nation for that matter? Or even a constant territory? They have from all my reading lived within the borders of other nations. Since they never lost a country or nation how could they have anything to take back? This is but one connection that the Kurds and Israelis have. Stealing the history of others, including the land, and rewriting known human  history to suit their own political agenda.

What does the Jewish Virtual Library say about Assyria?

Not much when one considers the extremely long history of the Assyrians in the region.
In fact if  one was to take the Jewish Virtual Library’s word as fact, which it does not appear to be, the Assyrians were small players in the area. Perpetrators of violence, mostly except for one little bit of interest at the bottom of the page linked
The odd paradox of Assyrian culture was the dramatic growth in science and mathematics.  Among the great mathematical inventions of the Assyrians were the division of the circle into 360 degrees and were among the first to invent longitude and latitude in geographical navigation. They also developed a sophisticated medical science which greatly influenced medical science as far away as Greece.
A dramatic growth of science, mathematics & sophisticated medical science which greatly influenced medical science as far away as Greece should indicate to us all that the Assyrians were vastly more important/influential in human history than the JVL would have us believe.
Can’t imagine why Jewish Virtual Library would go to such lengths to downplay the importance and influence of these people? Me being facetious.

The Kurds and the followers of Judaism- birds of a feather flock together

 A brief history of the Assyrians
Assyria is located in north Mesopotamia and spans four countries: In Syria it extends west to the Euphrates river; in Turkey it extends north to Harran, Edessa, Diyarbakir, and Lake Van; in Iran it extends east to Lake Urmi, and in Iraq it extends to about 100 miles south of Kirkuk. This is the Assyrian heartland, from which so much of the ancient Near East came to be controlled.
Kurdistan, which your supposed to believe previously existed seems to be ancient Assyria. How is that possible?

Kurdistan from wiki- note the obfuscation!

If you read critically, you immediately realize that the Kurds never had a nation
“is a roughly defined geo-cultural region wherein the Kurdish people form a prominent majority population”
  • A roughly defined geo cultural region
  • Where the kurds formed a prominent majority
No defined borders, no defined territory and of course no definition of prominent majority.
 No country to regain. Sound familiar? It should. Think "Israel" 
 Reading further, from wiki, we get to  the description of the desired Kurdistan:
“Contemporary use of the term refers to four parts of a greater Kurdistan, which include parts of southeastern Turkey (Northern Kurdistan), northern Syria (Western Kurdistan), northern Iraq (Southern Kurdistan), and western Iran (Eastern Kurdistan)”
By now it should be very obvious to you that what is being claimed as Kurdistan is the heartland of the Assyrian empire! Unless you are too deep into your main stream media mind control, victim pushing program? Then you won't notice a thing!

History is being rewritten to suit a political agenda- The taking of Palmyra by ISIS, so called, benefits both Israel, the Kurds and the NATO remake the ME agenda.

As long time readers here know I have long theorized that the sunni muslim Kurds & sunni muslim ISIS are one and the same. I’ve seen nothing in the way of information that has changed my mind. In fact the attack on Palmyra gives more support to my theory

What else aroused my suspicion regarding Kurdish involvement in Palmyra?

A news report out of Erbil, Iraq. I saved it because it seemed so prophetic. May 14/2015- Nearly two weeks ago By far the earliest reporting I had seen regarding a move on Palmyra. Straight from the Kurds in Erbil, Iraq.

 Historically, Assyrian:  Palmyra in Syria
Civil rights activist Bassam al-Dairi said that fierce battles broke out Wednesday (May 13/2015) between the IS group and the pro-regime forces, during which the group controlled al-Thinayya checkpoint at the northern entrance of the Sikhna city.

The source pointed out that the IS group was able to advance into major parts of the city and clashed with Assad army near Sikhna’s police station, headquarters of the Baath Party and the National Hospital.

“Dozens of the regime’s army and the allied militia forces (mainly the National Defense) were reportedly killed and dozens others wounded,” he added, pointing out that a state of panic spread among civilians in the historic city of Palmyra.
“The IS hardline group announced Wednesday evening taking a full control of Sikhna city and advanced in the suburbs of Palmyra,” al-Dairi told ARA News, quoting military sources.
Pro-IS sources confirmed that the battles reached the outskirts of Palmyra city, saying that fierce clashes broke out in the vicinity of Amiriya area, north of Palmyra, and ended with the militants control. This coincided with a mass displacement among civilians for fear of shelling by the pro-Assad forces and possible atrocities by the IS group.

How is it that the Kurds were able to access and report on this incident so early in the attack? A full week before Palmyra was taken? Also days before Ramadi fell to “ISIS” aka the Sunni Muslim Kurds and their compatriots bolstered by Israel and NATO.  Who is this 'activist'?
Such early access to information reeks, to me,  of inside  or connected to, knowledge.


Today the Kurds are reporting success in liberating Assyrian Christian villages- No news on the Christian Assyrians that had inhabited the villages. Apparently they had fled from ISIS earlier and now ISIS has fled from the Kurds, leaving behind the Assyrian villages they had controlled to the Kurds, who are busily erasing the Assyrians from history.

Still can't see the symbiosis? KURDISHIS? IS KURDISH?
Following a 10-day offensive, Kurdish fighters took control early this week of 14 Assyrian villages that IS had controlled since February,” said Rami Abdel Rahman, director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
Assyrian Christians, who are from one of the world’s oldest Christian communities, have been under increasing threat since IS seized control of large parts of Syria. Thousands of Christians fled an assault by the jihadists in the northeastern province of Hasakeh in February after a spate of kidnappings by IS, which is still holding 210 Assyrians hostage
The Observatory also reported that Kurdish militia took control of the strategic village of Al-Mabrukah, southwest of the flashpoint Kurdish town of Kobani on the Syrian-Turkish border.
According to Abdel Rahman, the Kurdish advance could also open the road towards Tal Abyad, a border town used by IS as a gateway from Turkey.
Over the course of 20 days, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) seized control of 4,000 square kilometres of territory from IS in Hasakeh province, Abdel Rahman said.



  1. First of all I want to express my utmost respect for you and your ongoing investigation and flawless documentation of your articles! I do agree with claims your in this post, which also corroborate the assumption, that cultural heritage the "others" do NOT have (archeological evidence of "their" undeniable cultural influence) have to be flattened, so that history can be rewritten as you go. But there is one thing that bugs me: How can an army just drive thru the desert without being at least attacked? I mean, there are satellites which provide you with all necessary info. We have access to static google earth data, but i assume, the "real-time" tracking of elements in a particular area is not such a big challenge for secret services. At least I am sure Russian services do have their own data. I just cannot understand how the Russians did not intervene by targeting the evil ISIS, particularly if it is Mainstream compatible and the Syrian army being stretched and squeezed after 4 years of fighting close combats all over syria. I might be naive,but why, if we keep all ideological or ethical considerations aside, do the Russians not intervene when their very interests are at stake? From an objective point of view, it is hard to imagine Putin giving up his interests just like that,unless...unless something else has been agreed upon in Sotchi a few weeks back, when Kerry, Lavrov and Putin met...

    1. Hello Anonymous from yesterday: Apologies for my tardy response.
      First of all you are very welcome! :)
      I'm glad you value and appreciate the information
      I write them as I see them. Repeating patterns speak to me of planned events
      Mosul and Ramadi being virtual repeats of the same plan
      The Kurds- it struck me some time back their narrative had a very creation of Israel feeling to it-
      Lots of reports of them being nomadic- no reports of a specific area- just a hoped for 'land'
      When I put up the other post :regarding how the Kurds along with the Turks happily killed Assyrians and their theft of Assyrian history the repeating pattern struck me, yet again
      The attack on Nimrud, another Assyrian city, by "ISIS" reeked of Kurdish stealing of Assyrian history, again
      Then the strike on Palmyra- Sealed the deal for me
      How many times do the patterns have to repeat before they look like a plan?

      I saw from the Assyrian information that the Assyrians had spread their kingdom at one time, right down into Palestine, presently occupied by the followers of Judaism, through to Egypt and beyond

      There we can see one reason but not the only reason, the impetus for Israeli involvement to collude with the Kurds in erasing the Assyrians and their entire history-
      If the Kurds can entirely disappear the Assyrian history- Israel can steal the entire thing for themselves
      It's really diabolical

      Re: Russia
      Deal in Sochi? Something else? I don't know. Not a clue.
      I could speculate- hands full with Ukraine? Sanctions?
      but that would all be speculation on my part

  2. One last thing:

    I know for certain the media has promoted the Kurds as a 'people' deserving of a nation- I see many people lapping that shit up as if it's correct, right and true
    That's perception management extraordinaire.
    I received some cheap shots for pointing out the collusion and duplicity on the parts of the Kurds/Israelis because I did not accept the victim ideology presented via the media

    I don't like the victim ideology, personally. It always indicates an agenda of manipulation.

    When ever I wrote about the Kurdish/Israeli collusion visits would drop right off on the blog- It seems difficult for people to get past their msm indoctrination and looks at what the facts themselves seem to bear out-

  3. In June 2006, Armed Forces Journal published this map from Ralph Peters, a prominent pro-war strategist. It shows the method to the madness -- creating ethnic tension and civil war in order to redraw the boundaries. Most of the existing borders were imposed by Britain and France after World War I - and conveniently (for the US and Europe) divide most of the Arabs from most of the oil. Note that their new "Arab Shia State" would contain much of the oil, separating governments in Riyadh, Baghdad and Tehran from what is currently the main source of their national wealth.

    1. Hi tal:

      I've seen the map on a number of occasions- In Riyadh the Shia State would contain much of the oil- but, would the Shia have any real control of that oil?

      I am aware that the Shia inhabit the oil rich areas of SA and always have-
      And that hasn't done them any good. Nor has the oil wealth trickled down to the masses either?

      To my knowledge in Iraq the Kurds would be the recipients of the oil rich areas- as for Tehran, Iranians or Persians I would have to do a bit more work... on figuring that out, but, will take the time to read the link
      I have also read that the US already controls Saudi oil, for all intents and purposes- US/UK troops guard the oil fields to my understanding?
      Do you know if this is correct information? It seems plausible given the fact that it has been the US/UK who have controlled, manipulated destroyed and rebuilt that area for decades now.
      Thanks for your comment!