Sunday, September 20, 2015

Al-Moallem: Russia's participation in fighting terrorism will turn table on conspirators

UPDATING as I find info- scroll down!

1st- Short on details, but, interesting:

Damascus, SANA – Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem said Russia’s participation in fighting Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS terrorist organizations will turn the tables on those who plotted conspiracies against Syria.
“There is something new beyond (Russia) providing Syria with weapons, which is Russia engaging in fighting ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra,” said al-Moallem in an interview with the Russian RT channel that was aired on Saturday.
“This is a major issue. It is something that will turn the tables on those who conspired against Syria and will show that the US and its coalition have had no strategy for combating ISIS, and the evidence is that they have grasped the Russian message and now want to coordinate and cooperate with Russia,” al-Moallem added.
He made it clear that what Syria is doing along with its friends in Russia is open and that there is nothing going on under the table, pointing out that Russia does not hide its will to participate in fighting terrorism.
“We in Syria,” he said, “trust the Russian Federation’s leadership and its intention to participate. What we are doing is open and known to all.”
Al-Moallem explained that Russia is acting under the international law and in coordination with Syria, criticizing the US for acting otherwise as far as the international coalition it leads against ISIS is concerned.
He said the US is busy counting the number of airstrikes carried out by the coalition and not the results “because they are ineffective,” stressing that the only force fighting Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS is the Syrian Army.
The Minister renewed Syria’s welcoming of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s initiative for establishing a wide front of countries to cooperate with the Syrian government in facing terrorism, stressing that Syria welcomes any country that is really willing and sincere to fight terrorism.
As fas as the political solution is concerned, al-Moallem stressed that the Syrian government does not mind starting political dialogue in parallel with the efforts of fighting terrorism.
“We don’t want to walk in a dark tunnel. We want to walk in an open path,” said al-Moallem, stressing that it has become today clear that fighting terrorism is the priority, “but this doesn’t mean that we are not pursuing political dialogue.”
“What the Syrian citizen wants above everything else is security,” he added.
Asked about the situation in al-Zabadani and the ceasefire there, al-Moallem explained that there had been four attempts at establishing ceasefire and there were results, but in each time the terrorists received instructions to break it, noting that there is now a fifth attempt at a time when the Syrian army and the Lebanese Resistance are only meters from resolving the battle in al-Zabadani.
“We care for the people’s lives and we are open for considering the ceasefire,” he added

Update #1: GulfNews: 

Russia is conducting a series of massive military exercises with live ammunition in the Mediterranean Sea between the Syrian port of Tartus and the island of Cyprus. Aircraft-carriers and missile units are involved in the exercise, thereby confirming Moscow’s commitment to support the Syrian regime led by President Bashar Al Assad.
Russia had announced, several days earlier, that it would supply arms and ammunition to Syria so as to enhance its military capabilities to take on Daesh (the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) after it announced war against this organisation.
Readers here already know about the military exercises in the Mediterranean-

Covered here: Fear Reinforcement- Lavrov “unintended incidences’ Russian Naval Exercises & Circular Narratives- The arms and munitions supplies has been a constant
At the official level, Russia described its manoeuvres as routine, but it is difficult for any political analyst to be satisfied with the excuse that these are mere routine manoeuvres in isolation from the current tensions in Syria and in Iraq and in isolation from the general instability in the whole region.
The term “warfare manoeuvre” is commonly used in military parlance to describe the movement of the military on the ground, in sea or in the air along with logistics related to the administrative, technical and intelligence aspects of the armed forces.
However, on the other hand, manoeuvres are also a media and marketing display for the performance of weapons on the ground, in line with the combat doctrine, whereby, military experts and commanders take the front seats during such manoeuvres.

Update #2: Russia and US Chiefs of Defence in Talks

Russia and the United States launched military talks on the Syrian conflict on Friday as Moscow stepped up its buildup of forces in the war-torn country.
The phone conversation between Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter ended an 18-month freeze in military relations triggered by NATO anger over Moscow’s role in the Ukraine crisis.

Russia’s defense ministry said the talk marks a resumption of military-to-military cooperation between the countries and that the practise would continue, although Washington was a little more circumspect. Spokesman Igor Konashenkov said the call lasted one hour and focused on "the necessity to coordinate bilateral and multilateral efforts to combat international terrorism." Washington has expressed concern over any Russian military buildup in Syria as a boost to President Bashar al-Assad, accusing Moscow of sending ships, artillery and tanks.
Named person, quoted statement
And on Friday, a US official told AFP that four Russian fighter jets had been seen on the Latakia airbase in Syria.
Anonymous US official- Jet's could be part of military exercises in Mediterranean?

Update # 3: Back that train up on the claim of  4 or 5 US trained fighters..  US has trained only 'four or five' Syrian fighters against Isis, top general testifies I had my very big suspicions about this claim being made public, while all the Russia hysteria continues!
Today we have  many more  US trained fighters entering to "fight ISIS" via the Turkish conduit  Dozens of US-trained fighters enter Syria from Turkey

 Seventy-five Syrian rebels trained to fight jihadists under a beleaguered US programme have crossed from Turkey into northern Syria
75 more rebels. 75 more US trained rebels.
Hassan Mustafa, spokesman for the US-backed Division 30 unit to which some of the rebels were deployed, confirmed that the group had entered Syria.
"Their training in Turkey lasted two months and they went directly to the front lines with Daesh.
They went to the frontlines with Daesh/ISIS? With Daesh? As in together. Alongside?
 Mustafa didn't say they went to confront / fight/ destroy/crush or conquer Daesh.  He said "with Daesh"

According to Abdel Rahman, the group had entered in a convoy of a dozen cars with light weapons and ammunition, under air cover from the US-led coalition that has been carrying out strikes against IS in Iraq and Syria.
He said the rebels crossed through the Bab al-Salama border point, the main gateway for fighters and supplies heading into Aleppo province.
Bab al Salama border crossing? Wow, that rings a bell! Hold on to your hats boys and girls!!!
Bab al Salama was the VERY FIRST border crossing taken by ISIS! You know to form the caliphate and all that rubbish!

 Bab al-Salam is the first border crossing between Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s Islamic emirate and Turkey
 The Islamic State captured the town of Soran Azaz and two nearby villages, giving it the ability to move along a road leading north to the Bab al-Salam crossing between the Syrian province of Aleppo and the Turkish province of Kilis
It's also the border crossing for US trained Daesh fighters!
 Before the fresh batch of fighters, the US-led train-and-equip programme had only managed to vet and train some 60 rebels to fight ISIS jihadists on the ground.
Gee, I thought it was 4 or 5 US trained rebels- but the early number was 60 and now we have another 75.

It appears the US and company are bolstering KurdIShIS with the additional fighters.
Also: the claim of 4 or 5 fighter being trained, which I never believed, was promoted to push the incompetence meme- Someone, somewhere always has to be 'incompetent'


  1. I'm making no assumptions on how it is Russia is "engaging" in fighting.
    There are a number of ways this statement could be interpreted, but, NO details were offered.

    1. Also: I'm staying away from hyperbole, intentionally.

  2. I was skeptical about the fighter story, but here is a pic.

    4 SU-30 in plain view. These are not for ISIS. These are a no-fly zone for western fighters.

    1. original Paul:

      Which fighter story? The image shows SU-27's?
      I'm not 100 percent sure what exactly you are referencing? Can you clarify?

    2. not attempting to be difficult, but, don't want to make assumption about what others are saying- thanks

    3. ok I see where that has changed to su30's

    4. Original Paul:
      that was a repost from bellingcat
      written by Chris Biggers

      "Chris Biggers is a public and private sector consultant based in Washington, D.C. and a regular contributor at and War is Boring. He holds a BA in International Development & German from the University of North Carolina in Greensboro and an MSc in Global Politics from the London School of Economics. He also recently received an International Business Management Certificate from Georgetown University. He has worked for the US and Indian governments."

      bellingcat is not credible as a resource
      And Mr Biggers reeks of a spook. And of course, an affiliate of Israel. Georgetown for goodness sakes
      The CIA and Georgetown are like cojoined twins!
      Why do you persist in being such a purveyor of disinfo?

    5. Which fighter story? The image shows SU-27's?
      I'm not 100 percent sure what exactly you are referencing? Can you clarify?

      The first I saw of the fighter story showed up through reuters. my first though was bs, but turned out to be true.

  3. Penny, the su30 is an upgrade of the su27. You can make out the canards on the aircraft which the 27 does not have. so they have to be 30s. They were escorting a transport so they may not be at the base very long. We will see.

    I just read the bellingcat story and it mentions the same thing, the canards. Though, this does not ID them as the SM variant. We do not have a clear picture of the engine nozzles to see if they are thrust-vectoring which would make them SM variants. Also, the article compares them to the F15E which is not accurate. The 15E is a ground attack aircraft with air-to-air capabilities. The SU30 is a air superiority fighter comparable to the F15C. Note: the su30 can outfly the f15 hands down. No eagle driver in his right mind would get in a dogfight with one.

    colonelcassad is credible

    I also know fighters very well. As a weapons controller in the USAF it was part of my job and studied them quite often.

  4. original paul: right now I'm taking issue with bellingcat and their 'intel' so anything that doesn't smell right, I'm extremely suspicious of it.
    Time will tell if anything , anything at all, promoted by bellingcat is correct no matter where it is posted.

    saker had this up today and I found it interesting to read
    don't know if you saw it?

  5. why are you associating the cassad article with bellingcat? just because they have the same pic? did you even translate cassad's?

    I read saker's stuff every day, have for years. I remember when there were only a couple of us posters at his first blog.

    1. "The network has photos of the Russian Su-30 at the airport in Latakia. Initially, they took over the Su-27, but experts point out that it is the Su-30 (on the modifications still being debated, but argue it is the Su-30cm)".

      What experts pointed out the plane was the Su-30? Was it the bellingcat "expert" mentioned above? I don't know? He was not named- That's why I am associating the two-

      "Earlier without specific fotodokazatelstv it stated that in the area of Latakia have already been noted Russian helicopters li4.html , who allegedly had attacked the positions of the forces vooyusche with Assad. Overall, we continue to cover up their actions in Syria Information camouflage, but something under the hood of the network still leaking, after all possibilities of satellite and technical intelligence agent-NATO countries do not allow to fully preserve secrecy in certain matters. However, given the fact that military assistance to Syria, Russia or Syria is not denied and moreover it increases, all these revelations is essentially little to influence"

      "It is worth noting Posts German press that Moscow has quietly flew a delegation from the CIA amos.html for communication with the RAF on the coordination of actions in Syria. This is justified consultation, taking into account the involvement of Russia in the Syrian war and mushy state of local fronts, the US and Russia somehow have to negotiate some unspoken conditions to avoid situations where you might just happened to collide Russian and American forces, well, maybe discuss possible distribution of air strikes on the positions of the troops of the Caliphate"

      "US airstrikes and their satellites in the territory of the Caliphate are ongoing, but so far in spite of the considerable cost of the operation and a large number of sorties to significant changes at the front is not led"

      "In general, if we talk about what will engage Russia in Syria, it is more likely to still participate at the level of the Americans, which minimizes losses"

      At least Cassad doesn't promote the dramatic battlefield confrontation so many others are pushing

      "And on the issue, saying that Syria information overlap Donbass.
      In fact, Syria as the Donbass, one of the conflict, which is determined by the course and outcome of the confrontation between the US and Russia. Therefore, it is reasonable to cover the conflict not only in one of the theater. I do not watch much TV, so not much aware of what there is now Syria and the percentage of Donbass. The social networks are still visibly prevails Donbass, because it is closer and dearer to live there are not strangers to us the people who are fighting for their freedom. Therefore, they certainly need to continue to support, because their struggle is not over. If you think that their struggle is getting insufficient light, you can start to fix it themselves, spreading through the available tools various information (text, photos, videos) about the situation in New Russia. The main thing is not to be just a consumer of information, and to lament, "Oh, do not show so bad, all is lost."

      "Will Syria more in news bulletins? Yes, it will. All the same, there is a war in which the Russian Federation is already involved. It would be strange if the topic was ignored. But it is worth remembering that there is very close to another war that should not be forgotten, because the loss in the Donets Basin, as well as losing in Syria for all of us can be fatal.But the task of our army to prevent this"

      And I too recall the old and better days at Saker's