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Barbara's Spectre: Israel's Refugee's Materialize in Europe

Have you noticed the myriad of stories regarding Jewish helpfulness towards the people they usually heap disdain on? Jewish groups & organizations from all over the globe helping the very people these same groups and organizations always imply are dangerous to the "lone democracy in the middle east" Wouldn't the action of assisting these "hostile to Israel" persons by saving their very lives seem an oddity? The media wants their audience to 'believe' this is empathy in action. Humanitarian feelings towards these persons. Kindness and caring. If the media is pushing this meme, we need to wonder just why it is this specific perception management is being promoted? Particularly when it is so contradictory to the normal narrative. Israel/Jews under attack etc., Obviously there is  much more to this largess that has nothing to do with caring, concern or love of fellow man. Especially concerning the drive to push these persons into Europe! Definitely some other agenda is at play. You'll understand what I'm getting at once you read through the post. You can say I had an Aha moment recently that took me back a few years. We will get to that!

Let's start first of all with some of these great humanitarian stories as they are spun:

I'll start with my favourite theatre of the absurd news story-
"theater in which standard or naturalistic conventions of plot, characterization, and thematic structure are ignored or distorted in order to convey the irrational or fictive nature of reality"
Top Prize goes to...   Jewish Sheep Farmer Shepherds Migrants in Austria
A shepherd rounding up a wayward flock... Filmed by a "fellow activist" shepherding passengers while singing Yiddish songs for social media- Can you say contrived?
 Even at his remote sheep pasture in the Austrian countryside, Hans Breuer was too disturbed by the plight of the Syrian refugees streaming into his country to go about his daily routine.
Especially troubling to Breuer, a 61-year-old Jewish shepherd and singer of Yiddish songs, were the overcrowded conditions at Traiskirchen — a government-run refugee camp near Vienna that was featured on the local news last month because its 4,500 residents were double the intended capacity.
“I was sick of this crime, I asked my wife whether we should do something, and that’s how it began”
During one of his trips this month with migrants, Breuer was filmed by a fellow activist driving five passengers who said they were Syrian Palestinians while singing a Yiddish song: “Oyfn Veg Shteyt a Boym” (“A tree stands off a road”) by Itsik Manger. Breuer, an athletic-looking man with a thin beard, delivered the lyrics in a moving rendition. The giggling migrants joined in for a bit of the refrain.
 The video, uploaded to YouTube and disseminated on social networks, went viral.
 It’s been watched tens of thousands of times and also appeared in the online edition of The Jerusalem Post, where readers offered praise for Breuer’s “contribution to coexistence,” as one user phrased it in the comment section — as well as condemnations for his assistance to “the Muslim invasion of Europe,” as another put it.
“My connection to refugees is as strong as it is instinctive,” he said. “It is a political issue for me, but it’s also a question of human rights and humanity.”
"It's a political issue for me"I'm sure it is. But just whose politics?
"a question of human rights and humanity.” Doubtful

But still there is more!
2nd prize -How Israeli volunteers on the ground in Europe are helping Syrian refugees

Israeli physicians on the ground in Greece! Complete with heart warming image
Tali Shaltiel, an Israeli physician, taking a Syrian child from a dinghy that arrived at a beach on the Greek island of Lesbos

Notice in the image the doctor is wet? But the child looks dry? Makes me wonder if she waded into the water for the photo then when she emerged someone handed her a child? 

Multiple honourable mentions

Jewish Groups Lead Push To Crack Open Doors to Syria Refugees

Jewish Groups Call On President Obama To Take In Syrian Refugees

How we can help Syrian refugees...

Yet another baby featured
“One such is being espoused by Finchley Progressive Synagogue”
“Many of my members owe the survival of relatives to the kindness of people in offering them shelter”- reinforcing common believe memes
“Our synagogue is trying to remove the responsibility of Barnet to find the housing — it isn’t going to be a burden on their resources,”
“ The first 12 months will be paid for by the European Union under a scheme for placing vulnerable refugees. “We’re not asking for charitable homes, we are asking that people who would be renting out a property anyway will consider this scheme, and take a year out of their private rentals and be paid by the EU instead.”

So the resident EU taxpayer will foot the bill, for a year, paying no doubt exorbitant rental rates to private landlords for a full year for thousands of families throughout the EU, while the poor resident/citizens of the EU nations queue for affordable housing? Jobs? Benefits already paid for by themselves and their kith and kin.

This outpouring of Israeli/Jewish concern for the "Syrian refugees" struck me as strange. Particularly since I had already blogged multiple times on the fact that Israel had played an absolute pivotal part in creating all of these refugees. Expansionist Israel. Land grabbing, resource stealing Israel. 

Israel and it's messianic followers abroad have played major roles in the destruction and destabilization of Iraq, Libya and Syria. Palestine. Lebanon. To name just a few of the nations Israel has actively conspired to ruin. There are numerous posts on that topic here- Think Bernard Henri Levy as just one example of Israel's most ardent devotee.

Three recent posts at the blog pointing out the obvious benefit accruing to expansionist Israel inherent in the current ‘refugee crisis’ we’ve been hearing so much about.

Previous posts:
Rehousing refugees in Europe is an Israeli plan!

Suddenly the reasoning behind Barbara Spectre’s comments from a few years back are abundantly clear. Finally her statements make perfect sense. I admit when I first saw this video years back, it had me perplexed, but not anymore!

Doctors on the ground. NGO’s. The ADL.  The media. Etc., All working together to push victims of Israeli policies, war, attrocities, destabilization onto other nations.
All the while no mention of Israel's pivotal role in creating this refugee crisis. Israel's incredible foresight in being years ahead in  the planning for this refugee crisis. And the sheer "coincidence" of having a global network of Jewish persons/groups out to ‘help’ refugees.
I mean you just couldn’t have planned for the refugee crisis any better unless you were going to make it happen yourself.

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  2. I'm not surprised by the PR since they collect billions from Amerika and stupid believers. I do believe they are losing support. This downward turn in the Amerikan economy might just the news that is needed. Then again we all lose in the down turn:( Then again the so-called elected of Amerika will taxpayers money away to ever supports their life style.

    On other news from Amerika dancing with stars is on and I don't want miss it:-)

    Media on the lowest common?


    1. "Media on the lowest common?"

      Media of the lowest common denominator? Think that's what you meant.
      You must have been excited about dancing with stars ;)

  3. hey jo

    "I'm not surprised by the PR since they collect billions from Amerika and stupid believers. I do believe they are losing support"

    They/Israel collects billions from everyone- and I hope they are losing support- if they can't stand on their own, which it seems they can't- then perhaps it is time to fade away

  4. --> The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – - The genocide of the Peoples of Europe - The key to understand the mass immigration crisis in Europe [Link]
    English translation of selections of Practical Idealism - The Racist and Supremacist Roots of the Ideology behind the European Union [Link]
    Genocidal Kaufman and Hooton Plans for Germany that became the Reality for all of Western Europe [Link]
    Rabbi says migrant influx into Europe is ‘excellent news for the jews’ because "Edom" (Christianity) must be destroyed before "Messiah" can "return" [Link] [Link]
    Holocau$t survivor: We owe it to mankind to allow Syrian refugees into Europe [Link]
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    Just ONE IN FIVE migrants claiming asylum are from Syria, EU figures show [Link]
    German mayor blames Israel for Syrian refugee crisis [Link]

  5. The Abrahamic religions are founded upon deception. The Bible begins with two different and contradictory creation myths which were derived from Babylonian myths which were derived from Sumerian myths. There are two different and contradictory flood myths in the Bible, also derived from Babylon and Sumer. The biblical mythographers compiled fables from other cultures and twisted them to suit their own purposes.

    There is no evidence from archaeology or from the writings of contemporary neighboring cultures to support the fables in the Bible about Moses and the Exodus, the fantastic kingdoms of David and Solomon, or of the many absurd miracles written about in the Bible, yet the Bible is touted as the "inerrant Word of God" despite the hundreds of contradictions, inconsistencies, absurdities, atrocities and scientific and historical inaccuracies which it contains. All this has been known for a long time, but this information has not been widely disseminated. If more people knew these facts, support for Israel would plummet.

  6. The original protocols of the Elders of Zion are listed in Deuteronomy 28. These blessings and curses dictate the stratagem for global take over. Originally it was to bring in the messiah and survive the world empires of their day. This was later weaponized by the Talmudic Pharisees.
    IE "\You will lend money to other nations and they will not lend to you". That is a blessing. Jacob means supplanter deceiver. What troubles me is the total lack of empathy normal to all other nations in dealing with the other nations.