Thursday, September 24, 2015

IHS Janes Said: 2 New Russia Sites in Syria?

The Nation, quoting CNN, quoting Janes :Russia preparing to station troops at 2 new sites in Syria
Russia may be preparing to station troops at two new sites in Syria as it continues its rapid military buildup in the conflict-ravaged nation, a research firm says.

IHS Jane's said Tuesday that it had spotted two previously unreported sites in satellite imagery of western Syria where steps appear to be being taken to receive Russian forces.

The two new sites where IHS Jane's analysts (no name analysts) say Russian troops could go are the the Istamo weapons storage complex and the Al-Sanobar military complex, both north of the Latakia base.

"Military personnel would likely arrive at these two bases as part of the rapid expeditionary force buildup currently centered around Latakia," the (no name) analysts said.

Asked about the Jane's report at a regular news briefing Tuesday, Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook declined to comment on "intelligence matters."
 “Intelligence matters”? Or pure baloney, given an aura of authority, coming from Janes?

Let’s read Janes for ourselves:

Russia Deploys Powerful Strike Group to Syria

Any questions about that information?


  1. "717" dead in the haj stampede? Salman Al Saud needs a win desperately in Yemen and the ongoing destabilization inside the Kingdom is a purported stain on Crown prince Nayef. Which raises the issue of those US/western contractor hits.

    Say again, Algeria is being lined up. .mil/intel purges wiht rumored health of President unknowable? Staged transition? China and Russia reiterating their policy alignments w/ Algeria repeatedly. Resurrection of Belmokhtar who effected a merger with AQ. IMF call for austerity. Elections. Rebel Islamist, former fighter turned politician, registers for elections. Keep the rumored Algeria / Egypt operation in Libya top of mind in wake of reported Russian sub porting in country.

    1. I will keep the Algeria/Libya/Egypt situation in mind and must check out the news of that Russian sub porting
      who would the rebel islamist be? gotta look that one up?

  2. Some Biblical script calls for forces from the north to show up for the last set of wars before the second coming. O.K. granted script writers are weird but some say many like the plot enough to monetize it.

  3. The link to Jane's leads to an 'error' page

    1. Yup!
      I couldn't find a link that worked at all
      If you have any luck let me know!

    2. hey james
      I should have been more concise. It appears that Jane's disappeared the story that was quoted and requoted- The article above did not link to the original which sent me on a hunt trying to find it.
      All I could find was the error page.

      IMO, Janes has usually been reliable but it appears that they're not above the disinfo game, at least willing for a short time to go along, but, when their credibility is on the line, and after the lie is already disseminated Janes has filled it's role- done it's deed and takes the story down

    3. I figured they had taken it down and I think you're right about the disinfo. Jane's would be highly dependent on 'inside sources'. Without them there would be no business for them.