Thursday, October 29, 2015

Arctic Summers Ice Free by 2030? Or was it 2013? 2016?

Crystal ball science? 

Reading the tea leaves?

If at first you don’t succeed just lie and lie again?
The big lie?

  Arctic summers ice-free 'by 2013'?

 US Navy predicts summer ice free Arctic by 2016?

Crystal Ball Science: Arctic ice could be gone by 2030

Reality on planet earth- Arctic Ice has expanded overall because it's been so darn cold!

Reality on planet earth - because the SUMMER sun shines 24/7, on the Arctic ice, the ice always recedes in the summer. Which is why the liars and promoters of the big lie always use summer ice as their selling point!  Reality is such an inconvenient truth for the carbon cult!

Where does the summer sun never set?

In the Arctic Circle! Something most children should be aware of and I don't know why every single adult doesn't understand this reality?

"North of the Arctic Circle, periods of constant sunshine last for up to six months of the year at the North Pole"

Midnight sun

 The midnight sun is a natural phenomenon that occurs in the local summer months in places north of the Arctic Circle or south of the Antarctic Circle, when the sun remains visible at the local midnight. Around the summer solstice (approximately 21 June in the north and 22 December in the south) the sun is visible for the full 24 hours.

Using a natural occurring phenomena to fear monger. That is the way of the carbon cult.
The ignorance of the populace is what allows for this lie to pass.
  Appeal to fear Appeal to fear is a fallacy in which a person attempts to create support for an idea by using deception and propaganda

It is a deception to suggest that AGW causes the summer ice to melt in the Arctic, when the reality is the sun shines 24/7 for six months naturally melting the ice.

From earlier:

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    drops to 500 ft. a bomber. Another Ew demonstration?


  2. November 16, 2007 - "Arctic Ocean could be free of ice in the summer as soon as 2010 " -

    12 December 2007 - "Arctic summers ice-free 'by 2013' "-

    Friday, 27 June 2008 - "Exclusive: Scientists warn that there may be no ice at North Pole this summer" -

    12 August 2008 - "First Arctic Ice-Free Summer Could be in 2015" -

    August 31st, 2009 - "Kerry claims the Arctic will be ice-free by summer 2013" -

    October 15, 2009 - "Arctic Largely Ice Free in Summer Within Ten Years?" -

    December 15, 2009 - "Gore Parrots Scientist’s Ludicrous Ice Free Arctic Claim" -

    Greenland is blowing away all records for ice gain this year. They have gained almost 200 billion tons of snow and ice over the past two months, which is more than 50% above normal. The surface of the ice gained more than 200 billion tons during the previous 12 months.

    Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI
    Meanwhile, the New York Times is running a huge spread claiming that Greenland is melting down.

    Greenland Is Melting Away – The New York Times

    Five hundred billion tons of snow falls on Greenland every year. All of that has to return to the sea by either melt or glacier calving. Otherwise the ice would be piled up to the top of the atmosphere.
    The New York Times take pictures of that essential process, and call it “climate change”

  4. Levels of Atmospheric Methane , as part of a yearly cycle, rise in the Northern Hemisphere around this time EVERY year. The NH is the source of most of the atmospheric methane, the Arctic being the location of most of it.

    Expect to see lots of "Methane Rise will kill the Climate!!" scare stories, and lots of idiots ranting abot methane, over the next 2 or 3 months

    1. Hey anonymous
      Sometimes I get tired of reading so many lies, day in a day out
      And I had seen the news that was headlining today for years now- btw: thanks for the additional links that make it even more obvious how long these claims have been made and yet the Arctic still has ice!

      Obviously! cause even the liars keep saying it's yet to be ice free - rolls eyes
      Notice how it's always summer ice that will be lacking?
      big freakin' deal!
      Always failing to mention the sun is shining in the Arctic constantly at that time.......
      Throws hands up in frustration!

    2. the reason for concentrating on summer minimums is not only because its a very dramatic handwavery selling point but also to do with "albedo" - a measurement of how much energy is simply reflected back into the atmosphere toward space.

      white ice reflects more than open water, so the theorists say, and this difference/defecit in reflected energy output will suppossedly cause a runaway "positive feedback" to raise temp indefinitely killing us all by biblical floods or apocalyptic firestorms or more likely by the the wrathful vengence of haloed angels of gaia, or somesuch.

      also September is its turning point where melt cycle stops and the freeze cycle starts again, so it makes some sense to start there. This years cycle started much earlier than "average"

    3. thanks- I will have to read up more on the subject of 'albedo'

      brief description: "Albedo is the fraction of solar energy (shortwave radiation) reflected from the Earth back into space. It is a measure of the reflectivity of the earth's surface. Ice, especially with snow on top of it, has a high albedo: most sunlight hitting the surface bounces back towards space"

      So if the sunlight bounces back towards space, I'm not sure how that would cause run away warming on earth?

      Interesting that the freeze cycle started earlier this year- earlier then average that is.

      Odd also, I wouldn't really think ice would reflect more then water?
      Water being pretty darn reflective. going by personal experience here;
      easier to get a sunburn near water
      being blinded by sunlight reflecting off the water
      stuff like that?

    4. I haven't even had my first coffee of the morning and my mind is whizzing about thinking of this and that already!
      geez :)

  5. Idiot here, meanwhile Russia proceeds on reality based information.

    Russia Changes Arctic Map Due To What It Calls Global Warming-9 New Islands Discovered

    After reaching Novaya Zemlya and Franz Josef Land, the expedition conducted research on many islands in the area. Over the course of the expedition, which lasted 41 days, hydrographers surveyed more than 5,000 kilometers along the bottom of the Ocean, the source said.Apart from the discovery of major geographic objects, the expedition identified at least 15 new changes in the area that require corrections to be made in 23 navigational maps, guides and manuals. The changes are said to have happened due to global warming, reported.

    1. the changes "are said to have happened" (lol) due to climate change

      climate change -the deliberately vague dishonest catch - all for the utterly gullible.

      oh noes, we're all gonna die!

    2. dublinmick- did you read anything said?
      they did this exploration this past summer?? when the sun is shining 24/7

      "The changes are said to have happened due to global warming'
      The changes are 'said' to have happened...
      that's not proof of anything, fact Arctic Ice has expanded over the past brutal winters
      fact summer sun shining 24/7 melts ice
      real world not spin

    3. its pretty clear this man doesnt read anything so far presented.

  6. Penny
    Here in Florida we don't need scientific reports, the beaches I used to walk on are gone because the ocean is rising. That doesn't happen because of cooling. Many beach front homes are sand bagging the back door because of tides. They can no long be insured. The roads in south Florida are washing away due to rising oceans.

    The governor of Florida has issued a memo that state employees cannot discuss climate change. It is a big deal, large expensive ocean front homes are witnessing the roads wash out from in front of them. They are losing money. Salt water is encroaching into inlets and ruining the fresh water. Bad for investment.

    This happens because overall there is more more water in the oceans from the melting ice caps. Bear in mind not only is there an Arctic, there is also an Antarctic. Studies also happen to show vast ice fields breaking apart and much of the warming is not seen on the surface it is occurring down below by warmer ocean currents.

    It also has nothing to do with carbons, that is just Al Gore's spin. I trust the Russian Scientist much more than the clowns at NOAA who were just put under a gag order by the way.

    The entire solar system is warming.

    I trust my own eyes most of all.

    1. Dublin Mick:

      as the other commenter points out to you- one does not find new island because water is rising.....

      as for your coastal issue? Erosion.
      Erosion is a natural occurring process-

      I trust my own eyes most of all- but not just my eyes my interaction with my natural environment and because I walk the earth and till the earth and snowshoe and bike on this planet- I can see with my own eyes and feel with my senses, that we are over all colder- I've written here at the blog, from personal experience and experience in my geographic location about the brutal cold- from frozen over great lakes- masses of dead starving birds, slushee salt water,crop losses in the wine industry and tender fruit industry- ice caves- snowshoeing to my composter- ships frozen in the great lake ice- the past two winters have been extreme- and I mean extreme! none of that is synonymous with warming
      Prior to these two the winters had been getting longer and colder, but, not quite as bad

      As for beach front property? Sand is not the best building medium..
      It's up to you to make the case that you are simply not just talking about erosion, shoddy building and greedy insurance companies.

  7. This DublinMick character is a complete trickster

    i actually live in dublin and i can assure you that the historic tide guages and the evidence of my iwn eyes shows not an inch of sea rise in the last 50 years

    indeed some sealevel data in ireland especially on the atlantic coast show slight drop in sea level.

    i know because i checked the actual data

    I checked both his links, and theres little or no discussion of methane in either of them, other than the headline of his link to his own site, which tbh looks like a very confused jumble of copy and pasted claptrap culled from the web and seemingly only half understood, if even that.

    The other link rambles on about what sounds like a mapping expedition and theres zero discussion of any evidence for these claims of global warming causing 9 islands to magically appear.

    Hows does agw cause islands to magically appear amidst an alleged rising sea? This remains unexplained by sputnik or the apparently confused dublinmick


    Joyce would be turning in his grave with this being associated with his city

    1. Dublin Mick lives in Florida- and to my knowledge there hasn't been a rise in sea levels- nor are they holding the heat- and if the atlantic has dropped they would be consistent with cooling I believe?

      It's too bad that Dublin Mick didn't take note on how often the AGW lie just changes including the constant changing of the alleged year in which the Arctic will be free of summer ice

      This tells us all clearly, very clearly, that the summer ice is still there and the liars are forced to tell new lies to explain away the presence of summer ice or all that ice in the Arctic in general.