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Breaking! 4 Russian Warships Launch Strikes against ISIS from Caspian Sea


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Four Russian Navy warships have fired a total of 26 missiles at the position of the terrorist group Islamic State in Syria, Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu announced. The missiles were fired from the Caspian Sea. 
“Four missile ships launched 26 cruise missiles at 11 targets. According to objective control data, all the targets were destroyed. No civilian objects sustained damage,” Shoigu said.
The missiles flew some 1,500 km before reaching their targets, prob(v)ing their efficiency.

RT: flight path of missiles

 The missile attacks came from Russia’s fleet in the Caspian Sea, which borders Russia, Iran and three other littoral countries. The precision weapons hit all intended targets. The attacks apparently required cooperation from Iran and Iraq, as the missiles had to travel through their airspace to reach Syria.

The countries of Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Iran border the sea.


Russia has launched rocket strikes on Islamic State targets in Syria from its warships in the Caspian Sea, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu says.
Mr Shoigu was quoted by Russian media as saying four warships launched 26 sea-based cruise missiles on 11 targets, destroying them.

UPDATE # 2- (flight path of missiles being #1)


Interesting to note that the article is lacking in spin/perception management- however, that will come. Oh yes, that will come.
Sharply escalating its role in Syria, the Russian military launched on Wednesday medium-range missiles from nearly 1,000 miles away.
 The new Russian airstrikes came amid reports of an expanding ground offensive by pro-government forces in Syria, which is taking place in coordination with Russian warplanes operating from an airfield in western Syria. That offensive will include the Syrian Army, Hezbollah forces on the ground and Russia in the air — all coordinated with Iran, according to an official with that alliance.
The targets were about 930 miles, or about 1,500 kilometers, from the Russian flotilla of four warships that launched the missiles, Mr. Shoigu said. No civilians were harmed in the strike, he said.
Mr. Putin praised the work of the military in the missile strike and in the air operations in Syria that already showed a flexing of Russia’s military muscle in the Middle East.
“That we fired from the territory of the Caspian Sea, at a range greater than 1,500 kilometers, and hit targets precisely, this shows high qualifications,” Mr. Putin said, referring to naval crew members.
In Moscow, Russian authorities would not confirm that a ground offensive had begun. But a spokeswoman for the foreign ministry, Maria V. Zakharova, said on Wednesday that Russia had never made a secret of its policy of aiding the Syrian military.
“I can say coordination is taking place with the Syrian Army, that is unequivocal,” Ms. Zakharova said. “And we call on everybody else to do the same. Without a collective effort, all these activities in the air are useless.”


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You might like to add this YouTube, Pen 
Link originally found at Fort Rus

Update #4

A good article from Russia Insider on the firing of Russian cruise missiles and why they were fired from the Caspian Sea-
An excellent read- Concise! Thanks James :)
Russia Insider- How and Why Russia launched it's cruise missiles from the Caspian against ISIS

The Russian Defence Ministry has just confirmed that Islamic State positions in Syria have been attacked with 26 long range cruise missiles launched by four Russian warships in the Caspian Sea.
The missiles would have been the long range subsonic land attack version of the Klub cruise missile family.

The Klub family is a modular family of different cruise missiles tasked for different roles depending on their motors and guidance systems.
Some members of this family of missiles are used for attacking surface warships, and others for attacking submarines.  Those that are used to attack surface warships typically skim close to the sea, but have a supersonic terminal phase.  Those used to attack submarines are short range, sometimes supersonic, and launch a light anti-submarine torpedo into the sea near the point where the submarine has been spotted.
The land attack version of the Klub used in this attack uses a combination of inertial and satellite guidance and in order to achieve a longer range (up to 2,500 km is claimed) uses a turbojet as opposed to a rocket engine to fly subsonically at Mach 0.8.
It is exactly analogous to the subsonic long range cruise missiles the US has regularly used in conflicts starting with the 1990 Gulf war.
The Russians have not identified the warships that were used to launch the missiles.
The key point about the Klub missile family is however that it is modular.  This means that different versions of the missile can be launched from the same launcher.
Russia’s Caspian Sea Flotilla is known to possess two Gepard class frigates and six Buyan class missile corvettes, all of which would be capable of launching these missiles.

In order to strike Islamic State targets in Syria, the Russians will have needed to obtain permission from Iran and Iraq through whose airspace the missiles would have had to fly.
The missile strike therefore confirms two things (1) that the Russians again have demonstrated a capability that previously only the US had demonstrated; and (2) that the coalition they have created with Syria, Iran and Iraq is a fully operating reality, that is able to confer and agree on missile strikes.
Missile strikes have certain advantages over air attacks. They limit the risk of casualties, making it easier to attack fixed targets that are more likely to have strong anti-aircraft defences. 
The Islamic State is known to possess man portable short range surface to air missiles including Russian made Strela and Igla missiles.  They are also known to have anti-aircraft cannon. 
Whilst their air defence systems are unlikely to be very strong or sophisticated, and the Russians have well developed methods to protect their aircraft from such systems, there is no reason why the Russians should risk their aircraft and pilots when an entirely safe alternative exists.
In addition, supplementing the aircraft strike force with long range missiles greatly increases tactical flexibility, enabling a greater number of targets to be attacked.  For obvious reasons, cruise missiles are suitable for attacking fixed targets, such as weapons depots or headquarters. Using them to do so frees the aircraft to attack mobile targets, such as artillery or tanks.
Subsonic cruise missiles are exceptionally difficult to observe and track - and shoot down - so the element of surprise is increased.  The Islamic State now knows it can be attacked anywhere and at any time - day or night - without warning.
Lastly, it is significant that the Russians have chosen to launch their missiles from the Caspian Sea rather than the Mediterranean (land based versions of long range cruise missiles are prohibited by the 1987 Intermediate Nuclear Forces (“INF”) Treaty).
The choice of the Caspian Sea is dictated by the political situation.  The US has very powerful fleet and intelligence assets in the Mediterranean - as do US allies such as Israel.  Launching their missiles from the Caspian Sea enables the Russians to do so without outside observation or interference.


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    1. Imagine how surprised the US administration were/are! And I'd be surprised if the surprises don't keep coming.

      Imagine how the US military commanders stationed in Iraq are thinking when they contemplate the fact that Russian missiles have been whizzing overhead.

      Iraq is also giving the finger the the Americans. They must be confident that Russia has their back, totally

    2. I've added another image from RT
      james I tell you when I read this I was sort of stunned and whaat?

      After all the American whining about access denied by Turkey at Incirlik- blah, blah, blah... of course that's all questionable, point being here is Russia firing missiles through Iran, Iraq and into Syria from a distance of 1,500 kms!!!!!

      And yah there is cooperation right because Russia, Iran, Iraq and Syria have that central command all set up in Iraq so-- definite cooperation there

      wonder what the missiles were and how is NATO media going to spin this today??

    3. Can you now imagine anything like NATO bombing Belgrade? Russia is the biblical Gog who comes from northern extremes in wrath and floods the Middle East, but it is not God's sword.

    4. Russia to NATO: shut up, weaklings, it's men's business now. Russia is so impudent and self-assured because it has the backing of China and other BRICS nations.

    5. Igor- new here?
      thanks for stopping by!

    6. "Russia is the biblical Gog"

      That is just hogwash. Russia did not exsist when that was written. Gog, grandson of Noah, settled in what is today Georgia. There are many europeans bloodlines descending from this family, such as Germans, Finns, etc. And if you actually read Revelation 20 instead of repeating nonsence you will see that satan's army of Gog and Magog and the big war is 1000 years after Jesus returns.

    7. Revelation?

      Angry Jews and the "Churches of Asia"

      The Apocalypse of John

      The Revelation of Saint John scarcely merits the title. Far from being a revelation, it is the most abstruse book in the whole Bible; and it was not written by any apostle called John. Indeed most of the material is secondhand, being borrowed liberally from the Old Testament books of Isaiah, Ezra, Ezekiel and, in particular, Daniel (which also has fantastic images of the End Time and refers to ‘one like a son of man’). Revelation essentially is Jewish scripture.

      Revealing Truth Behind 'Revelation'

      Although the apocalypse does not quote directly, within its four hundred or so verses are about five hundred and fifty references to the Old Testament (B. F. Westcott and F. J. A. Hort, Greek New Testament, 184 ff.) Its core – several apocalyptic endings badly stitched together – was later given a Christian preface: a series of seven angry letters, chastising seven errant churches in western Asia Minor. Having berated the churches, Revelation then unleashes a relentless apocalyptic nightmare, badly written, repetitive and self-contradictory. In chapter after chapter, it details bizarre horrors, the supposed fate that imminently will befall the enemies of the Lord. It is the latter which gives the book its enduring popularity – a vision of the gore-fest at the End of Time.

      Revelation is the outpouring of a Jew seriously embittered by Roman imperialism. This fevered Jewish mind invokes retribution for his enemies from that old, vicious god of Hebrew scripture, who rips into humanity with poetic abandon. Thus, in a whole series of ‘Ends’, God releases seven ‘vials of his wrath’ (blood, plague, sores, fire, drought, etc.); sets loose four horsemen (at the head of an army of 200 million!) ‘for to slay the third part of men’ (9.15). He has his ‘demonic locusts’ torment unbelievers for five months; etc., etc. Kings, captains, false prophets and ‘the flesh of all men, both free and bond, both small and great’ are eaten by fowls that fly and are cast alive into a lake of ‘fire and brimstone.’


    8. Excellent points, No More Myths. And imagine, the "Christians" made it the climax of their Holy Book! Two thousand years of badly written Jewish propaganda causing chaos and confusion for the western heathens. You can't make this stuff up.

  2. Pen, I don't know how NATO is going to spin it but it doesn't matter. Russia has a plan and there is nothing the US can do about it and everyone knows it.

    If Turkey had any doubts about that, they won't have them any more. This is a message to Turkey as well, if you look at the map you added.

    Pretty soon Russia is going to be bombing ISIS supply lines in Iraq, I'd say. Which, again, will be a message to Turkey. The Russians are done talking!

    1. hey james and everyone else- NYT's is now reporting on this and I've added there report to the post..
      as mentioned it's really lacking in the spin/manipulative language at this early stage- however- I expect later reports to be 'doctored' well- loaded language, buzz words etc

    2. You might like to add this YouTube, Pen

      Link originally found at Fort Rus

    3. james- if your about and can save me searching do you have a link to Fort Rus?
      admittedly I've never read there.

    4. I Love It. Amerikas little neo-conns head must be exploding:)

      Yes the spin should be wonderfully stupid and can't wait for Ziad to put something up;)

    5. hubby just mentioned he has seen that site via Saker, so, perhaps I have also and it's just not ringing a bell-

    6. Yes, jo it will be wonderfully stupid, absurd and definitely over the top
      check the video out- scares the wits out of me

    7. Here ya go, Pen :)

    8. A good article from Russia Insider on the firing of Russian cruise missiles and why they were fired from the Caspian Sea-

    9. thanks james, I linked it earlier, but no time till now for responding

  3. Its president Putins birthday ! Hence the celebratory missiles


      Brian great timing and I'm sure that was the reason for the cruise missiles today:) There nothing like real roman candles;)

    2. I guess you could say he celebrated his birthday with a real big bang!

  4. Finally... someone standing up to the schoolyard bullies! Yes, and on Vlad's birthday! Thank you Penny, I hadn't seen this anywhere else. I am not as 'in the know' these days, but sure am glad you keep on digging.

    I think this is blowing the lid off of what the NATO consortium has been doing for so, so long. I would say 90% of all those I talk too are sick to death of the behaviour of Israel and the 'West'. Yep it is way past time for a really big change.


    1. Hey Buffy

      Hopefully it's becoming obvious that the US and co. including Canada and Israel are indeed state sponsors of terrorism

  5. Hi all:

    Glad to be back in Canada, online and blogging. Seems a lot of our communications are stifled and "hijacked" in Europe and I finally gave up attempts to blog and just enjoyed the trip. The US, IMO is wanting the Russians to "show what they have" in terms of missiles. The US has been trying to goad Russia into wargarmes for some years now. There has to be an equal effort at negotiations on the part of Russia or this will just end up like Afghanistan was for Russia.

    1. Hey GC!
      glad you got back ok!
      I was so jealous of your visit to Italy :(
      Green with envy one could say- not really, happy for you, but ah my heritage...

    2. GC "There has to be an equal effort at negotiations on the part of Russia or this will just end up like Afghanistan was for Russia"

      Russia has tried and tried to work something out with the US and no luck
      The US is completely non cooperative

    3. cripes and one more thing- dammit the more I hurry the more I forget to write...

      I don't think, at least it's my opinion, that Russia will put troops in Syria so this won't become Afghanistan 2- Where they committed troops and it was a mess.
      In this case the Syrians, Hez and likely some Iraqis & Iranians will be pitchin' in- NO Russian combat troops will be on the ground

  6. Russia is the biblical Gog who is coming down in all its fierce wrath southwards.

    1. Hi Igor, I've heard that previously about Gog etc, but know nothing about it

  7. Scroll down the page at the following link and check out the leaflet on the left with the caption "Dire warning: The leaflets (pictured) being dropped by Russian jets warn people to get out of the zone of 'special operations' - and one implies that terror group al-Nusra Front are backed by America and Israel"


    Regarding Gog and Magog, as is common with phantasmagorical biblical and quranic rants, the portrayals are contradictory. I don't usually link to Wikipedia, but their article contains some useful information:


    Gog and Magog ... are names that appear in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament), the Book of Revelation and the Qur'an, sometimes indicating individuals and sometimes lands and peoples. Sometimes, but not always, they are connected with the end times, and the passages from the Book of Ezekiel and Revelation in particular have attracted attention for this reason.

    From ancient times to the late Middle Ages, Gog and Magog were identified with Eurasian nomads such as the Khazars, Huns and Mongols and were conflated with various other legends concerning Alexander the Great, the Amazons, Red Jews, and the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, while in Islam they were identified first with Turkic tribes from Central Asia and later with the Mongols. They became the subject of much fanciful literature, and in modern times they remain associated with apocalyptic thinking, especially in the United States and the Muslim world.

    Excerpts from the article on Gog and Magog in the 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia:

    Magog is mentioned (Gen. x. 2; I Chron. i. 5) as the second son of Japheth, between Gomer and Madai. Gomer representing the Cimmerians and Madai the Medes, Magog must be a people located east of the Cimmerians and west of the Medes. But in the list of nations (Gen. x.) the term connotes rather the complex of barbarian peoples dwelling at the extreme north and northeast of the geographical survey covered by the chapter. Josephus ("Ant." ii. 6, § 1) identifies them with the "Scythians," a name which among classical writers stands for a number of unknown ferocious tribes. According to Jerome, Magog was situated beyond the Caucasus, near the Caspian Sea. It is very likely that the name is of Caucasian origin, but the etymologies adduced from the Persian and other Indo-European dialects are not convincing. In Ezek. xxxviii. 2 "Magog" occurs as the name of a country (with the definite article); in Ezek. xxxix. 6 as that of a northern people, the leader of whom is Gog. This "Gog" has been identified with "Gyges," but is evidently a free invention, from "Magog," of either popular tradition or the author of the chapter. The vivid description of the invasion indicates that the writer, either from personal knowledge or from hearsay, was acquainted with a disaster of the kind. Probably the ravages committed by the Scythians under Josiah (comp. Herodotus, i. 103, iv. 11) furnished him with his illustrative material. As contained in Ezekiel, the prophecy partakes altogether of the character of the apocalyptic prediction; i.e., it is not descriptive of events but predictive in a mystic way of happenings yet to be, according to the speculative theology of the writer...
    The Gog myth is probably part of a cycle which goes back to the Babylonian-Assyrian Creation accounts (the fight with and the defeat of the Dragon) and, on the other hand, enters largely into the eschatology of Judaism and Christianity...

    1. If you know where to look, you can find many examples of Jewish authors who admit that their sacred books are balderdash. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all founded upon hokum. If more ex-Jews, ex-Christians and ex-Muslims were to expose the fraudulent nature of the Abrahamic religions the world might be a more peaceful place.

  8. Jim Stone's opinion:

    October 7 2015

    Russia most likely responding to America warning CIA assets

    Today's strikes on CIASIS in Syria involved 26 cruise missile launches from the Caspian sea, along with additional strikes from the air.
    QUESTION: Why would Russia use expensive cruise missiles when there is no way any legitimate ISIS could take preventive action against much cheaper airstrikes?

    ANSWER: Because America can warn CIA assets of approaching aircraft and tell them to take cover or leave the area. The U.S. still most likely cannot track a cruise missile, which will take care of the CIA just fine, at additional cost. And Russia can fit that into a budget of $400 billion somewhere.

  9. Germany goes full retard.

    And everyone knows you never go full retard.

    In 2014 Germany had about 250,000 asylum seekers. A few weeks ago the figure for 2015 was estimated to reach just over 800,000. Now there is talk of 1.5 million for this year.

    Bizarrely, nobody seems to care about the numbers who will come in 2016. There has finally been some debate of the final number when family members arrive. 1.5 million times 4 or maybe 8. Who knows.

    The German people are concerned about future developments, but Angela Merkel has emerged as a democratic dictator and just hammers on about "We can do this. Germany is a great country. Blah blah blah." She started getting more criticism from her own party who are supposed to represent conservative Germans, but Merkel came out on TV and repeated her clich├ęs then got a standing ovation from the mainstream media.

    Unbelievable. Germany has gone full retard.


  10. With an invocation of Kursk...

    Bellingcat, which analyzes information available on the Internet, said on October 8 that the Buk antiaircraft system involved in the incident can be traced from the Russian city of Kursk in June 2014 to a field outside the Ukrainian town of Snizhne in Donetsk Oblast on the day of the flight MH17 disaster. RFERL

    & an ICC investigation into the Russia-Georgia war post the Yukos ruling which a Kremlin voice wa quoted as sayng "who cares when war is coing to Europe"

    & the Moldova story is a replay of the Dec-14 story
    "Uranium traffickers seized in Moldova with dirty bomb material — police. The confiscated materials, which allegedly were transported to Moldova from Russia by train, reportedly have a black market value of $2 million. FBI agents from the United States assisted Moldovan authorities in an investigation that started in January 2014. "

    1. bellingcat is a mouth piece for western intell. I could be wrong.

  11. The reaction from NATO/ZOG:

    NATO Threatens To Send In Troops After Russia Stations Ground "Battalion" In Syria

    Zero Hedge often has breaking news and interesting articles, and is worth checking out. The spin depends upon which "Tyler" is on duty at the moment. The comment section can be mined for some gold, but beware of the fools' gold.