Friday, October 9, 2015

ISIS "Big Win/Advance" in Aleppo? - Rebel Burgers!

Got wind of this news item earlier today-
Did ISIS advance in Aleppo? / Was it a big win? No. And No
Why do I say “no”?
 Because in a nutshell, this is yet another sleight of hand:  A way of deceiving people requiring some skill

I’ve talked about the varying ‘brands’ of rebels on a number of occasions

The concept of brand is familiar to all?  For this post let’s compare rebels to hamburgers? Think about a hamburger?  Consider all the brands affiliated with that food product?
McDonalds, Harvey’s, Wendy’s, A &W, Burger King etc.,
All brands selling their version of  a hamburger which is simply a beef patty in a bun!
The Syrian rebels, all of them, including the Kurds, are equivalent to a hamburger, sold under a bunch of varying brand names.  Therefore there is no real advance just because someone changed the name of the hamburgers holding the villages

First let’s read the reports-
”Islamic State militants seized a string of villages from rival insurgents north of the Syrian city of Aleppo on Friday in a surprise attack that came despite intensive Russian airstrikes that Moscow insists are targeting the extremist group, activists said.
“Daesh has exploited the Russian airstrikes and the preoccupation of the Free Syrian Army in its battles in Hama, and advanced in Aleppo,” one rebel commander with fighters in the region told Reuters.

Brand rebel ISIS is alleged to have taken villages from brand rebel FSA. A name change is not a real change. Behind both brands is the global military terror corporation of NATO.

NYT’s takes there nonsense a bit further with this:
“The Islamic State advance is threatening a strategic area north of Aleppo on the way to crossing points into Turkey that was to be part of a proposed ISIS-free buffer zone under a plan the United States announced over the summer with Turkey; that plan now seems to have stalled”
I want to tidy this thought up:

This zone (Turkey's version) was never going to happen- (It was never announced by the US, either?)I expressed that fact clearly to readers here some time ago. Turkey wanted this zone to block a continuous Kurdish zone. The US wanted nothing to do with it because the US is attempting to create Kurdistan. Turkey wanted to pour the refugees back into this area to impede the Kurds. So, NATO emptied the refugee camps shipping so called refugees off to Europe- But many refugees do not live in camps By claiming all those so called Syrian refugees went to Europe, the US pulled the rug out from under Turkey's attempt to block the creation of Kurdistan. The US also virtually guaranteed the destabilization of Turkey will continue. Reality is always different then spin and the fact is most of the Syrians didn't leave Turkey, because they want to go home to Syria.

I mentioned that previously here:

*A brief word about Turkey releasing the camp inhabitants- That was a NATO operation 100 percent- Who transported them? Who put them on trains? Who gave them smart phones and provided them connectivity to upload their travels to social media- The same persons who provided this very same equipment/opportunity to the jihadis/ nato's irregulars or as the US like to call them the moderate rebels. Turkey is NATO occupied territory. That was an intentional plan to weaken and bring discord to the European nations.

 The  Turkish desired safe zone was just one of the reasons for the refugee race to Europe. There would be no need for a safe place in Syria for Syrian refugees. That's what the claim will be! Therefore no need for an ISIS free zone. NATO undoubtedly shipped their jihadi fighters up to Europe in order to weaken & destabilize Europe, with an eye to eventually  pouring them into Russia. All this destabilization, destruction, damage is necessary for the creation of Kurdistan aka greater Israel. The weakening of Europe readying for global governance with a plan to eventually destabilize Russia again for the sake of global governance and this nonsensical global citizen junk. One giant monoculture GMO planet... This is a long term plan folks

 And finally-

Here is where we may get into a bit of a problem if Russia and Syria don't move quickly- Whenever ISIS comes to town- the Kurds inevitably follow- You know the Kurds come to 'fight' ISIS and ISIS just melts away??? As if they were rained on like the wicked witch in Oz. Taking this area will make their zone complete. What will happen next?

From Earlier:





    Iranian general killed allegedly in Aleppo

    Reminiscent of the Israeli accidental strike that killed another IRG back in Jan

    And the accidental - alleged - drone strike in Iraq back in March

    Is this latest WSJ dispatch a response to the Iran denial on the missiles and troop deployments?

    It appears the US has opted to escalate indirectly for now
    US has threatened to break off Anbar cooperation (so far denied) as Iraq calls in Russian strikes
    Kurdistan protests over the growing squeeze of Baghdad cutoff and export interruption (keeping in mind the US proposal to apportion aid that had Sadr months ago labeling the aid proposal a defacto partition of the country)
    Moldova opposition threatening full spring
    US General calling for troop deployments to Afghan as Russia is redeploying more heavy equipment to Tajik
    Georgia pushing a full NATO membership in the shadow of the ICC pushing an investigation into 2008 Russian war
    Ukraine defaulting on the bonds whcih is something of a contrast to the all hands on deck to avoid a Greek haircuts (in spite of IMF endorsement)
    NATO deployments of heavy equipment to Bulgaria for exercises
    NATO movement of heavy equipment into Poland basing
    Europe allegedly pushing back some sanctions on Russian rocket tech (aftr the joint Russian-Europe Exomars project was delayed in throwback to the Phobos crash)
    Russia rejects France call to alleviate agricultural sanctions
    US Norad commander saying the arctic has already been weaponized
    Germany loses the NSA list of corporate espionage targets as Merkel threatened with a constitutional lawsuit over refugee flows Eurasia
    Tajikistan escalation
    Turkmen escalation
    Russia deploying attack helicopters this week

    ...and in Israel
    Massive shale find in the Syrian Golan days ago
    Growing escalation of the knife attacks, something of a global theme these days (especially in China)

    Speaking of China
    Muscular threats to sail US warships around China claimed territory on back of TPP 'deal'
    China unveils alleged rocket system capable of being retrofitted with 20 warheads

    US economy
    Carlye just called a recession unavoidable by 2018
    DB just said S7P 50% overvalued
    Reserve dumping accelerating into Petraeus comments about there being plenty of buyers for US debt
    Yuan just moved up to #4 in trade settlement
    Pre announcements and EPS disappointments across virtually every sector
    GS says the oil rally is to be sold, hard(in spite of Saudi OPEC pleadings)
    High yield saved by an oil rally but BofA says train wreck ahead
    Bundesbank choosing to disclose all of its gold holdings. Question: Why now?
    Momentum money abandoning the biotech ship
    and a commodity rally entirely predicated on more easing - into the robust economy which presumably held back the Fed from lifting rates? - which ironically offers the greatest leverage for those emerging commodity economies that have been 'run into the ground"

    Accident dead ahead.

    1. I agree anonymous. Accident dead ahead!
      And thanks for all your links, some of which I had seen and some I hadn't.

  2. Yep the same PR is on yahoo, spin is on

    1. It's the same spin as when Assad bolstered ISIS- it's a rehash

  3. Off topic but want to get this news here before it disappears...,7340,L-4709192,00.html

    The police officer who was seriously injured during the stabbing attack near Jerusalem's Damascus Gate this afternoon appears to have been shot by friendly fire.

    The other two officers were lightly-to-moderately injured by the Palestinian assailant.

  4. Hi Penny:

    Looking forward to your view of the latest bombing of Kurds in Ankara, Turkey. Also re this linked article. The plot thickens.

    1. The bombing of the Kurds in Anakara- not the Erdogan government
      They had nothing to gain from doing that with the election just weeks away
      Look at who wants to destroy Turkey- NATO and the Kurds
      This suggests to me who was behind the bombing
      I've seen the news about the kurds looking to Russia, and have serious doubts about it- no doubt they are communicating, but if the Kurdish leaders/ militias think they are going to lead their criminal state then they won't cooperate with Russia


    US Led Airstrikes destroy two power stations Eastern Aleppo, Syria
    Government held or rebel held territory? Not sure. Anyone?

    The U.S.-led airstrikes destroyed two electricity stations in Syria's northern city of Aleppo on Saturday, causing a major blackout, said the Syrian state-run TV.

    Two warplanes with the U.S.-led anti-terror coalition struck the electricity stations in the residential Al-Rudwaniyeh district in eastern Aleppo, said the TV.

    "Two F-16 war jets violated the Syrian airspace and targeted the infra-structure in the city in a flagrant violation to the international law," the TV said, citing a military source.

    1. Hi Penny, strange, I read that same article in Syrian Perspective and have been looking for the Al-Rudwaniyeh, with various spellings, can't find the place at all, it drives me crazy sometimes the maps just don't have the places on them. I recall one of the posts on the Syrper blog mentioned the psychos blew up a turbine on a power station near the Kuweries airfield on their way out, maybe that is the same. If the airstrike report is true, the intruding aircraft should be shot down.

    2. Also on SANA site

      "a breach of international law"

    3. The "thermal power plant" with several units is just inside the ISIS held territory according to Wikimapia, it is about halfway between Aleppo airport and Kuweires airport, north of Jabboul city which was recently taken by SAA. So it looks like the US/coalition excuses itself by attacking "ISIS" when it really destroys what would otherwise soon be back in government territory.

    4. "Canthama" early on Ziad's blog today linked to a Twitter post

      calling it an ISIS blow-up of a turbine.

    5. D George, I looked and looked for that location too and could not find either
      however, your explanation makes perfect sense considering events on the ground

      "So it looks like the US/coalition excuses itself by attacking "ISIS" when it really destroys what would otherwise soon be back in government territory."

      the coalition has been bombing Syria infrastructure for some time now

  6. ?????
    Russian jet shot down by Turkey?

    It's from an unconfirmed 'social media' report so be wary

    A RUSSIAN jet has been shot down by Turkish forces after it flew into the country's airspace, according to as yet unconfirmed reports circulating on social media

    Eyewitnesses saw a large explosion in Huraytan, northern Syria, while three fighter jets were hovering above.

    One journalist tweeted that three Turkish planes were responding to "mysterious" lock-ons from Mig-29 jets, which are used by Putin's forces.

    1. What MIG jets ?
      Evidence for this story ? None

    2. there was no evidence, i put it here to warn readers

  7. I think it's doubtful, the Express quoting "social media" the only mainstream report.


    The lock on might have been this

    1. thanks jo, when I have time to read it I will, too much work to do these day
      drywalling.. two do it yourselfers hard at work