Saturday, October 3, 2015

On Cue: "US backed "rebels" make an appeal for....Anti-Aircraft Missiles!

As predicted in the earlier post! No crystal ball required.

US will indirectly confront Russian military via KurdIShIS and other rogues.

The current and former officials also expressed concern that the Russian strikes would prompt rebel groups to intensify their efforts to acquire antiaircraft weaponry, including -surface-to-air missiles — munitions the United States has worked to keep out of Syria for fear that they would be seized by al-Qaeda or the Islamic State.
Translation: The US and company will supply Kurds, ISIS and other thugs with anti aircraft weapons- they’ll simply  be unable to ‘prevent’ the acquisition of such weapons

That didn't take long at all!

U.S.-backed rebels in Syria appealed to the Obama administration on Friday for anti-aircraft missiles to defend their positions 
Kurdish Rebels- US/NATO backed- Yup
 "We need one of two things. Either a clear policy from the United States to prevent Russia and the regime from bombing Syrians, or otherwise they should send us anti-aircraft missiles so that we can confront the Russian planes," said Hassan Haj Ali"

 A U.S military official said the request was under consideration. Repeated requests by U.S.-backed rebels to be supplied with anti-aircraft missiles to be used against Syrian aircraft have been repeatedly refused in the past.

And just think giving anti aircraft missiles to the Kurds will assist with that Kurdish aided destabilization happening presently in Turkey- Think of the ramifications of this move..


  1. The "Freedom Fighters" we're facing defeat against the Soviet troops in Afghanistan when the U.S. supplied them with Stinger missiles (manpads) and changed the course of the war.

    Given the history, you can be sure that Russian military have allowed for this possibility and have a planned counter-measure.

    Giving the loonies manpads would place the air forces of Israel, Turkey and the US itself at high risk. This strategy could well backfire for the US

    1. Hey james
      considering the history, I expect that yes the Russian military had anticipated this and have a counter measure
      It's interesting to note that it's being reported the Kurdish militias will be moving towards Raqqa, where Russia has bombed, should anything happen to the NATO backed Kurds, or even if it doesn't, the media spin will be over the top- we may even hear or read the 'holocaust' meme being tossed around because Jews and Kurds have their intimate connections....

  2. I doubt it will work as planned. There are no shoulder fired MANPADS that can take out high flying planes (and Russian planes are flying high) and setting up a real surface to air missile system is near impossible to do unnoticed. And Russian retaliation...simply by offering S-300s or better to all and sundry...will be painful. And then the Russians can claim that the "rebels" must have used those missiles given to them to shoot down an F-16

    Of course, if they were to try to do it, they would not "give" the missiles to anyone. US/NATO contractors living among the terrorists would own and operate them. Training "rebels" in their use would take quite some time and it will be all over by then.

    So overall, this sounds more like the CIA daydreaming about its Afghanistan salad days rather than an actual policy. But I certainly could be wrong. After all, loosing in Syria means the empire will be loosing in the whole middle east. A Russian backed block from Iran to Lebanon will form and it will only be a matter of time before they would be able to destabilize and overthrow KSA royals. So yeah, the might try it. The same way a loosing gambler makes worse and worse bets as he hopes a long shot will recoup his losses.

    1. Lysander: "Of course, if they were to try to do it, they would not "give" the missiles to anyone. US/NATO contractors living among the terrorists would own and operate them. Training "rebels" in their use would take quite some time and it will be all over by then."

      US/NATO contractors already operating as rebels would/could be the recipients- negating any training right? I also have to assume it's entirely possible some of these 'rebels' may have already received training, it would seem plausible the NATO crew would play every angle

      Honestly, at this stage, I wouldn't put a thing past the NATO crew. Judging by your comment, nor would you?
      It seems clear to me that they are psychotic- deluded with power.
      Some of the statements made by some individuals I have quoted as of late including Obama have been so "out there" I shudder.
      So the losing gambler scenario wouldn't even seem to be a losing scenario when one is so intoxicated with power and the lust for power.
      Thanks for stopping by!

    2. To be sure, the Russians are unlikely to put anything passed them, too.

      There are close air support fighter jets there too which, by definition, will be low flying. I am confident, though, that the Russian military will be prepared for any deployment of madpads against them.

      If we have thought of it, you can be sure they have too.

      Pen, I've put a post up at WPC that you might find interesting

      Syria: A Turning Point in History

    3. james- an excellent article- thanks for putting it all together :)
      I just read it entirely over coffee and aloud to hubby who said 'very good article'!!
      I hope other readers also take it in.
      I've got to check out the videos etc you have included still but read the post from start to finish
      Good JOB!!

    4. Thanks Pen. The videos are very good. Short and to the point.

      I've also added a link to a Dan Welch interview at PressTV which is also well worth watching as he gets straight to the point. It's only 5 or 6 mins long -