Saturday, October 3, 2015

Ontario, Canada Health "Officials" RAID raw milk farm but leave empty handed

Because all supporters stuck together!!

Here in fascist/corporatist Canada it's more of the same. Yah, it's a tyranny here.
What are you all going to do about it?  A big first step would be to acknowledge the reality!
Stop believing in the lies. And then withdraw your support of this corrupt system.


Michael Schmidt said about 20 officials from Ontario's ministries of agriculture, natural resources and finance, as well as local police, arrived at his farm in Durham, Ont., at 10:30 a.m. Officials started removing equipment and computers when members of the collective showed up, he said.
"There was a complete standoff," Schmidt said. "Finally the farmshare members negotiated a deal that everything stays here, and they're leaving."
The action on Schmidt's farm came just days after public health officials in York Region obtained a warrant and seized raw milk products from a van belonging to the farming collective. The van distributes raw milk products, among other items, weekly to members of the farming co-operative from a location in Maple, Ont.
In that case, York Region's director of health protection said a "raw milk investigation" was underway.
Schmidt's farming collective currently produces raw milk products that are distributed to its members. He has maintained that he believes the operation is within the law.
"I was never hiding what we were doing," he said. "I was always of the opinion that we need to sit down with the government to establish a regular scheme that allows people to have their own cows and that they get uninterrupted the milk from their own cows."
Please come to witness a police state
Posted by Michael Schmidt on Friday, October 2, 2015

The Ontario government maintains the unprocessed milk poses a significant risk to public health, but Schmidt insists there's no evidence anyone has ever fallen ill from his milk, and he and his supporters argue raw milk offers health benefits.

Ontario, Canada merely supports the corporatist/ monopolistic agenda.

Last August, the Supreme Court of Canada refused to hear Schmidt's appeal of an earlier decision which meant his 2011 convictions on 13 charges under the Health Protection and Promotion Act and the Milk Act that saw him fined $9,150 stayed in place.
Ontario does not ban the consumption of raw milk and farmers are allowed to drink the milk produced by their own cows.
Earlier court decisions have found that Schmidt's previous method of allowing consumers to buy an ownership interest in a dairy cow was little more than a way to circumvent the rules.
Schmidt then changed the structure of his business, getting his customers to buy part ownership in the farm, rather than just the cows.


  1. Yep, they have been doing this near me mostly going after the local goat milk co-op. Sad

  2. Massive props to Schmidt - he sure is a subversive milk drinker ;)

    On another note - we can kiss our Canadian dairies goodbye with the passage of the TPP. Welcome hormone contaminated milk from the US and Carbon tainted dairy from bloody New Zealand!!

    Pen, you know I don't believe in Glowball Warming, but the hypocrisy is so clear wrt shipping FOOD that WE can make here across the damn planet... ugh.

    I would love to find a local raw milk source, alas they are very secretive!


    1. Hey Buffy, oh the hypocrisy is loud and clear.
      I too would love to find a raw milk source- but alas...
      No such luck
      I tried to get some Kerry Gold butter (grass fed cattle) but our government (using that term very loosely) doesn't allow for the importation of that butter to Canada

  3. Wait until we start importing some of that healthy, delicious 'Intermoo Corporation' 2 percent from Indonesia..

    If the growth hormones in Bordens are a 'kicker' wait till you see the race of giants on Sumatra.

    1. Hey Popsiq- I shudder and wonder when the people are going to demand better- never mind demand just go and buy that which is better just like this cooperative is doing- all this baloney about food poisoning
      Phooey- look at the cases of food poisoning rampant in our so called 'safe' food system- Aargh!