Friday, October 2, 2015

Pepe Escobar: A Syria/Berliner Ensemble- US will not cooperate on terror fight

I've omitted the first third of the article.

Russian jets fired 20 sorties and hit eight IS targets in Syria earlier this week
The “dreaming collective”
So many fabulous discussions at the HKW. How Germany “invented” adolescence – from Goethe’s Werther and Wagner’s Siegfried to 1960s California counterculture (echoes of the Lizard King: Die young, stay pretty, leave a beautiful corpse.)  And the inevitable eternal recurrence of that tragic angel — Walter Benjamin, who conceptualized the “dreaming collective”; bourgeois culture from which history is totally absent. And when history evaporates what’s left is the (unregulated) madness of the commodity world; our world. Thus an abundance of projected collective dreams which fit right into the history of political terror.

Inevitably “dreaming collective” – and political terror – had to bring me back, once again, to Syria, where Russia, in roughly 48 hours, did more to smash the Wahhabi/Salafi-jihadi terror matrix than the coalition of dodgy opportunists in over a year and 6,000-plus “sorties.” So many wonders you can operate with a couple of Su-24s, decent sat intel, decent ground intel, and political will. And then the bigger bang, not a whimper; the larger-than-life ridicule enveloping that tentacular industrial-military-security-intel complex that wastes 1.3 trillion a year.

Thus Full Spectrum Outrage; from neocons to neoliberalcons to “humanitarian” imperialists, everyone is absolutely fuming. It goes from “Putin plunges into a cauldron to save Assad” — no, dummies, the cauldrons will be laid out by Russia as traps for ISIS/ISIL/Daesh — to the new Russian “strategic blunder” (their new Afghanistan!) and the Pentagon weighing the use of “force” to “protect US-backed Syria rebels targeted by Russia.”

How dare the Russkies target “our” oh so “moderate” rebels? Our clean-cut al-Qaeda guys?
Instantly forgotten is that notorious August 2012 Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) paper that spelled out how the NATO/GCC combo and Turkey were facilitating the emergence of a Salafi-jihadi “Caliphate” to speed up the “Assad must go” regime change operation.

ISIS executions
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And instantly forgotten is how Gen. Michael Flynn, who headed the DIA at the time, went on the record stating this was a “willful decision” by the Obama administration.

And then there’s CIA top honcho John Brennan recently testifying that the CIA was “alert” to the emergence of the fake “Caliphate” — and had “correctly” assessed its power by 2012. Good job! And yet by early 2014 – when ISIS/ISIL/Daesh had already captured Fallujah and parts of Ramadi — Obama was still deriding them as “a junior varsity of al-Qaeda.”

So neither the CIA nor Obama nor any node in the acronym soup of US intel really gave a damn about ISIS/ISIL/Daesh. Willful decision. Let them wreak havoc. Thus the long convoy of gleaming white Toyotas crossing “Syraq” to take Mosul undetected by the most sophisticated satellite surveillance system ever.
Everyone who knows anything about the “Syraq” theatre knows there are no “moderate rebels.” And now Moscow is showing how you fight the whole Wahhabi/Salafi-jihadi matrix; a mix of drones, sigint aircraft, and on the ground intel (of which the coalition of dodgy opportunists is sorely deprived.) It’s progressive — starting near the urban areas in the east and moving to the western desert. And it will be relentless, to include direct ground support to the Syrian Arab Army when the “recapturing of territory” phase picks up, side-by-side with aerial support. You are leaving the American sector.

Expect the information war, from now on, to be absolutely vicious. The neocon, neoliberalcon, “humanitarian” imperialist galaxy will be madly trying to sell global public onion a monster “dreaming collective”; as in Russia is “evil” because they bomb “our” rebels and — horror of horrors — kill civilians! We would never commit such unspeakable acts!

And then there’s the prime slapstick effect to coronate the farce; Saudi foreign minister Adel al-Jubeir – in the role of proverbial Empire of Chaos lackey — adamant that the House of Saud petrodollar hacienda would never accept the Russian effort to keep Assad in power. And if there’s no political solution, there will be further weaponizing of the non-existent “moderate” rebels.
Now that’s a flick to watch: the fearful/paranoid House of Saud picking a fight with the Russian Air Force. But leave that to kindergarten — and let’s see why the Empire of Chaos itself is even more paranoid than usual.

Scene from German director Ernst Lubitsch's 1920 film Sumurun
Scene from German director Ernst Lubitsch’s 1920 film Sumurun

This Friday the “Normandy 4” format is back discussing that bankrupt IMF colony, Ukraine. Normandy 4 is France and Germany plus Russia and Ukraine. At stake is the EU possibly relaxing sanctions on Russia in early 2016.

The Empire of Chaos simply cannot allow the EU to support Russia in Syria – no matter the seriousness of the refugee crisis in Europe (precipitated, by the way, by Turkey, which released its “holding camps” en masse). The EU now wants – and needs – a Syria solution. The Obama administration still dreams of regime change; ISIS/ISIL/Daesh + refugees remain just a pesky detail.

*A brief word about Turkey releasing the camp inhabitants- That was a NATO operation 100 percent- Who transported them? Who put them on trains? Who gave them smart phones and provided them connectivity to upload their travels to social media- The same persons who provided this very same equipment/opportunity to the jihadis/ nato's irregulars or as the US like to call them the moderate rebels. Turkey is NATO occupied territory. That was an intentional plan to weaken and bring discord to the European nations.

Now imagine the EU eventually supporting Russia in Syria – if there is clear, substantial progress on the ground – and on top of it relaxing or ending those painfully counterproductive Ukraine-related sanctions; cue to inter-galactic fear and loathing trespassing the neocon, neoliberal, “humanitarian” imperialist combo.
But enough of this fake “dreaming collective.” So much to do. The Botticelli expo at the Gemaldegalerie. Revisiting the spectacular Asian collection of the Pergamon. A long stint at the Lubitsch cafĂ©, under the sign of the cigar-smoking master and his doppelganger. Lubitsch said that a good film is “a mysterious film, with unsaid things.” If only we had a neo-Lubitsch to chronicle what’s left unsaid in all those regime change dreams. Heaven can’t wait.

Obama says the US will NOT cooperate with Russia to fight Terrorism 

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  1. There you have it- The US will not cooperate to fight terrorism.
    Of course why would the they? The US has done more to promote terrorism globally then just about any nation I can think of.
    Canada has helped along the way.
    And the UN has provided cover for one of the biggest lies the people of this planet have been witness to - The war on terror The war on terror has always been a global war of terror- waged by NATO, US/Israel and company against many people and nations of the globe.

    The UN promotes and gives cover to that despicable lie but that's just the tip of the lie iceberg. AGW. The 'equality' agenda, which turns men/boys into second class citizens! The 'vaccine/drug/pharma agenda and all those other evil UN doings. The UN is the shiny happy face of the petrochemical war banking industry. In a nutshell- Time to wake up and smell the fresh roasted percolated coffee

    1.3 trillion of our dollars wasted for wars that enrich the few and spread so much misery to all the rest of us- Is the US reaction to the targeting of their terrorists making the lie obvious enough to the gullible masses?
    If you all can't see now please continue on your merry zombie way....


    Check the pictures and story the same as you have written.

    1. thanks jo, I loved the one cartoon so much I borrowed it

  3. " President Obama forcefully denounced Russia on Friday for its new bombing campaign in Syria and said the United States would not cooperate"

    “We’re very clear in sticking to our belief in our policy that the problem here is Assad and the brutality he’s inflicted on the Syrian people and that it has to stop,” Mr. Obama said. While the United States will work with “all parties” to broker a transition, “we are not going to cooperate with a Russian campaign to simply try to destroy anybody who is disgusted and fed up with Mr. Assad’s behavior.”

    I truly cannot believe Obama could utter these words.
    To whom is he speaking?
    Bankers. Military Industrial Complex. Human traffickers?
    Drug traffickers? Who?

    1. The candidate for the change you can believe in is trying to outlie the bush regime

  4. "I truly cannot believe Obama could utter these words.
    To whom is he speaking?"

    To the unthinking American public who still believe in and respond to "Authority". In particular, the American servicemen and women, their families and friends. These are the people the destroyers need to keep on board. This was the big lesson from Vietnam - the soldiers revolt.


    2. thanks james
      I just have so much difficulty with this belief in authority.
      As in I don't believe - period
      The best authority I know of, is my own.

  5. I agree, Pen. If we can see 'authority over others' as the same as 'power over others', we may paraphrase 'Lord' Acton's saying and see an added depth to it - "Authority corrupts and absolute authority corrupts absolutely"!

  6. What is the root of this madness?
    And yes, it is relevant. Strike at the root...

    By Logan Mitchell,
    A Follower Of Nature.


    "One universal mythos, or fable wearing the garb of history, has been the basis of all religions, ancient and modern. This mythos is rooted in, and has secret allusion to the zodiac and the solar system, in which the sun and the rest of the "Host of Heaven," were turned into imaginary personages, under peculiar nomenclatures in each country; and fanciful narratives concerning them, were invented by the astronomising priests, in order to stultify and subject the minds of the ignorant populace. This deception continues to the present day...
    It was the strikingly eloquent saying of Mr. Paine, that "prejudice is the spider that spins its web on the mind." This entangling web is so interwoven into the tender and plastic mind of youth by systematized deception, that even the strongest intellect can hardly extricate itself during life; and this spell holds equally good with Jew, Christian, Mahommedan, or in any other of all the heaven-derived superstitions that have afflicted the human race. These are the universal plagues—the fatal barriers which stand perpetually between man and the harmonious union which he would ever maintain with nature. All religions have in succession sprung out of the superstitions which preceded them..."

    Scan of the book:

    Transcription of the book:

    The atrocities due to this mythos continue unabated.

    1. Jews, Christians and Muslims are all being manipulated as they have been for centuries by those who profit from fables.

    2. You are quite welcome Penny, and thank you.

      The supremacist Habiru/Hebrew agitprop, in its Jewish, Christian and Muslim manifestations has been the source of misery and suffering for centuries. The truth needs to be told.

      No More Myths

  7. Oscar Wilde called 'disobedience ' the original virtue

  8. "*A brief word about Turkey releasing the camp inhabitants- That was a NATO operation 100 percent- Who transported them? Who put them on trains? Who gave them smart phones and provided them connectivity to upload their travels to social media-"

    Exactly! and isn't it clear how Germany is being targeted both by the migrating hordes and by the VW revelations. Fifth column at work inside VW; you can bet that car makers of all nations are playing the same game. Also Sweden is a target since they are regarded by a certain tribe as Nazi collaborators and must be punished/destroyed.

    1. "and isn't it clear how Germany is being targeted both by the migrating hordes and by the VW revelations"

      Yes it is. I saw that Sweden is set for a huge influx of these 'refugees' many of whom aren't Syrian- Many who are no doubt fighters.
      Heading for the next assignment

  9. Some comments to a NYTimes article :