Thursday, October 15, 2015

Russia: No Arms to Kurds/Cooperating with Turkey & Mike Whitney obfuscating for NATO?

As my disgust for alternative media, so called, keeps growing by leaps and bounds.

Some early but interesting news items to keep a watch on.

Russia says not sending arms to Syrian Kurds
MOSCOW Oct 15 (Reuters) - Russia is not supplying weapons to Syrian Kurds, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikahil Bogdanov was quoted as saying on Thursday by Interfax news agency.

 Russia, Turkey Exchange Information on Ankara Bombing Investigation
Russian and Turkish law enforcement are exchanging information on investigating a double suicide bombing in Ankara, a source in the Russian embassy in Ankara said Tuesday.
An unnamed source. But in this case I made an exception because of the direct quote from Sergei Lavrov below-

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Thursday Moscow was ready for close cooperation with Turkey on fighting terrorism, in comments after a deadly blast that killed at least 97 people in Ankara last weekend.

"We are ready for very close cooperation and very close engagement with the Turkish authorities in the fight against the terrorist threat," Lavrov told a conference on Russian-Turkish partnership in Moscow.

I’m losing what little tolerance I had for Mike Whitney- Who is starting to read more and more like some type of spin doctor, with "left appeal",  for NATO more then anything else!

Counterpunch- Did Russia's intervention derail Turkey's plans to invade Syria?

Did the nation state of Turkey have plans to invade? Mike Whitney spins the idea but the facts stated in his  article don’t substantiate his claim!

MW “We’ve suggested in earlier columns that Obama might have struck a deal with Erdogan to launch a Turkish invasion of Syria”

MW quoting David Kramer
DAVID KRAMER: We have the Turks that have indicated a willingness to go ahead.
 The United States could provide the air support, to provide the cover that way.

If Turkey would have invaded it would have been in partnership with the US.
Which contradicts disinfo Whitney's statement about Turkish plans to invade! Very clearly he is reporting on NATO plans to invade Syria! That’s quite a bait and switch on Mr Whitney’s part

Then Mr Whitney get’s really absurd with this statement

“DNA samples from the two suicide bombers indicate they were both members of ISIS”

Does ISIS have some kind of special DNA?

He doesn’t explain that foolishness at all. But then how could he? He is using a basic appeal to authority propaganda technique. Presenting the DNA as the ultimate 'authority' without any explanation as to how these alleged DNA samples relate to ISIS?!
I guess Mr Whitney's followers will believe unquestioningly so no explanation is required

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  1. I normal like Mike but today your right and the dna thing had me LOL.

    1. I know? What's with that? ISIS DNA?
      Makes no sense and I used to like Mr Whitney also, but, lately he's been kind of spouting nonsense

  2. I think the most likely culprit for the bombing is Mossad/CIA. Russia's offer to share info on the bombing with Turkey makes more sense then and so does the DNA red herring.

    If israel was behind the bombing and Russia can provide Turkey with the evidence, then Turkey's smartest move (assuming it is capable of making a smart move!) would be to withdraw from the Syrian war altogether which would suit Russia, of course.

    Back to Mr Whitney, if the U.S. is involved in any sort of plot/scheme, then it is leading it and not simply 'helping'. The U.S. always wants control. So I agree with you, Penny. If Turkey was to invade Syria, it would be as part of a larger US/NATO campaign and Whitney is either stupid or disingenuous to suggest otherwise.

    1. "Whitney is either stupid or disingenuous to suggest otherwise"
      Agreed and how about that ISIS DNA?

    2. Whitney is not stupid, of course, and his readers at CounterPunch, while not being the sharpest knives in the draw (evidenced by them reading there), aren't entirely stupid either. So why say something as brainless as ISIS DNA? I think he and whoever is guiding him are desperate to hide who actually bombed the demonstration because it could change everything.

      I generally don't buy the 'suicide bomber' thing. It's much easier to set an unattended bomb or put one in some unwitting patsie's car, etc. The possibilities go on . . . .

      As for DNA, how is anyone ever going to determine whose DNA a sample is? How on earth could you claim it belonged to the person who set off the bomb? And how can you identify someone in ISIS by their DNA? And I'm sure there are lots more similar questions.

      Normally this sort of bullshit is reserved for the Fox News consumers. So it must be important, is all I can think.

  3. Former chief of general staff says Bush administration supported plot against Turkish army. Başbuğ was asked who was behind the “game” played against the Turkish Armed Forces and replied, “The George W. Bush administration has supported the game against the Turkish Armed Forces,” adding that the Gülen movement was the main perpetrator of the violation of law via their cadre placed in the judiciary and police department. "

  4. Gazprom CEO: "Speaking about designed capacity ... we can talk that it will be created at volumes of up to 32 bcm," Miller said, adding that the reduction in capacity was linked to Gazprom's plans related to Nord-Stream-2

    Energy leverage? How much does Turkey still import form Russia? Syria offshore owned by Russia? New Egyptian field (note the Fx devalue into the Mistral deal). Israel says shale in the Golan. Imagine if the Lebanese work out an offshore bidding process and a new President. Then again Lebanon could south. Is that when the newly recently TOWs find their way onto the Syrian field? Ex DOD just wanred against those n the US pushing Manpads. The rush to arm up Lebanon hasnt gone unnoticed.

    1. Russians now saying rebels have manpads in something less than a surprise. And they say no moderates in country. Free fire

      Is this why Carter said the Russia would start dying?

      Interfax this am

      Russian military possess info indicating that IS militants have MANPADS - official

  5. US just deployed recovery helicopters to Turkey? Why?

    from 2013: “Joint Chiefs open opposition to a no fly zone and action in Syria: “"ability to bomb opposition strongholds and sustain its forces by air." But the risks, he writes, "include the loss of U.S. aircraft, which would require us to insert personnel recovery forces. It may also fail to reduce the violence or shift the momentum because the regime relies overwhelmingly on surface fires — mortars, artillery, and missiles."”

    1. There were also recent reports that Germany, in the midst of the massive refugee tidal wave, will send out special missions to Iraq to get several thousand ISIS victims and bring them to Germany.

      Given the timing, wouldn't that be a convenient way of returning assets out of harms way?


  6. Iran/Hez kills in Syria. US drone campaign Sept 1.


  8. Hi Penny,

    Long-time reader; first time commenter.

    Another issue with Mike Whitney: Last Friday, in his article at Unz called "Putin’s 'Endgame' in Syria", he quotes an article in the WSW that says, "an unidentified MiG-29 fighter jet locked its radar for four and a half minutes on eight Turkish F-16 jets that were on patrol on their side of the border, in apparent preparation to open fire." Whitney then states, "This was no mistake. The only time a fighter pilot adopts these protocols is when he plans to take down an enemy plane. This was a message, and while it might have been over-the-heads of the politicians and the media but, I assure you, every general in the Turkish High-Command knows what’s it means."

    I'm not any kind of military or aviation expert, but this didn't sound quite right to me at the time, and at least one comment on the article ridiculed the "only when he plans to attack" part.

    Then on the following day, in his wrap-up of Russia's first week in Syria, the Saker stated this:

    "Since this is a real combat zone and not just some peacetime patrol area, Russian and American aircraft have to use radar modes which are normally associated with a hostile intent: not just scan the skies for any potential enemy, but also actively track any detected aircraft. This is a very delicate situation because once a radar has acquired an aircraft and is actively tracking it all the pilot has to do to attack is press one button. For the pilot in the aircraft being tracked, this is similar to having a gun pointed at you – it makes you very nervous. To make things worse, modern aircraft can actually engage each other without using these radar modes and they can try to hide their radar signals, but that only adds to the tension. It is precisely because the US and Russia are two nuclear powers that it is crucial that neither side count on the other one to 'blink first' or play any game of chicken."

    So it sounds to me that Whitney and the WSW were both offering a simplistic, face-value interpretation of facts that could very well be interpreted in a more sophisticated way, and that Whitney then weny beyond that by dramatizing and sensationalizing the simplistic interpretation.


    1. Hi Phil K- thanks for your first time comment!

      And it's a good one too- I used to be fond of Mike Whitney- but as I learned and understood, more thoroughly, how propaganda functions, Mr Whitney and many others started to look more sensation then information.

      I did read both articles cited by you and recall that part specifically as being overly dramatic- I wondered myself if engaging in this locking on could also serve as some type of warning- Because in that instance there were 8 Turkish jets and only 1 Mig!

      It would seem possible that in that circumstance the pilot used the locking radar as the kind of warning if any of you fire at me, I will take at least some of you along type thing- no doubt it's dangerous but it didn't seem to necessarily imply I'm going to shoot you down, though it could?

      Mike Whitney also does not tell us whether or not the Turkish jets locked on the Mig. They could have as well. I simply do not know.

      So besides the sensational aspect Whitney pushes he may have omitted information

      In that article as well Whitney makes statements about Erdogan that can't be taken as anything but disinfo

      "Poor Erdogan. He rolled the dice and came up snake-eyes. He figured he could expand his would-be Ottoman Empire into Northern Syria"

      Besides the ridicule there really hasn't been any indication that Turkey was looking to "expand" the empire- I realize that the insinuation has been made all over the place but am not sure how so many ‘smart’ people forget that Turkey is a NATO occupied nation- Mr Whitney sure seems to have forgotten that fact

      Then Whitney is all over the place with the no fly zone, fly zone stuff

      Turkey ain’t going to get one, no matter how much Erdogan stomps his feet- (ad hominem) but, the US may try to have one?

      I have put forth the concept that Erdogan and Turkey are being targeted by their allies in NATO & Whitney’s sensationalism only shores up my claim

      Which is why I suggest he’s obfuscating for NATO.
      His sensationalist writing regarding the Russian Mig only bolsters the demonization claims of the West- bad Russia

      His writing should be taken alongside a heaping serving of scrutinizing

    2. I don't recall Russia bringing any mig 29's to Syria. Su 24/25's and Su 30m's yes but no mig 29's.

      Syria has mig 29's so if the story is true, which I doubt, it's possible they did it and who could blame them for sending such a message.

      Personally I've always thought Whitney was a disinfo agent -- of the sickly sweet leftish variety. I can't recall specific instances as I write this but I'm often left shaking my head when I read the propaganda directed at the Counterpunch set. No one mixes truth with lies like a Left Imperialist Loyalist.

      I tend to believe if I've so much as heard of them -- as alt journalists -- that they're profesional liars. I recall Pepe, for example, emphatically telling James Corbett that the Uighur uprisings had nothing to do with the CIA -- which is obviously nonsense. Thierry Meyssan is often superb but also makes me wonder. He often deflects criticism of Israel at critical moments.

      As ever, critical readers are few and far between. We make next to no headway against the media mind control grid because it is perfectly calibrated to manipulate almost every single one of us from time to time.

      As for Turkey, I think Erdogan is a deliquent asset of the Empire. I feel no sympathy for him even if he is the least bad option for Turks in particular. All these guys are monsters or they wouldn't be where they are.. on top in a kakistocracy: the rule of people compromised by their own evil doings. No one who is not evil will be permitted to attain power if the globalist oligarchs get their way.. and they usually do.


  9. Be back later all, busy day, busy day