Monday, October 5, 2015

Russian Fighter Jet Shot Down in Syria? Unverified first report

Don't know what to make of this first report?


Image accompanying article?
By Rufiz Hafizoglu – Trend:
A Russian fighter jet, involved in military operation against the terrorist organization “Islamic State”, was shot down in Syria, Haber7 reported citing sources in the Syrian opposition.
Further details are yet to be reported
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 Following hot on the heels of this news- Turkish Defense Radar Locked on Russian Fighter in Syria ?? UPDATED

I admit this feels contrived for perception management purposes. I don't know what this is actually an image of?  Keeping an eye on the narrative as it unfolds- Share some thoughts, please


Wow- the NATO media machine is working overtime!

Clearly the Russian strikes are having a massive affect on NATO's destabilizing force 

And Update #2

The story of the Russian jet shootdown  on Trends and Twitter is a total ruse. It did seem to be but thanks to an anonymous commenter we have the proof of disinfo in action- Check it out for yourselves.
Here is the original story.

A light aircraft was struck by lightning in Indonesia (lush vegetation fits) on 19 January 2014.
And thanks to the commenter, whoever you are :)


  1. I'd imagine they would be gloating about it non-stop if it were even kind-of-sort-of true. Re: Turkey, the elite plan is to harass Russia from every direction and to use sucker nations as cannon fodder. Ukraine has been the cannon fodder until now. Looks like Turkey is being set up to be next in line. They most certainly will not fight Russia themselves. Notice how the Russians are wisely being very diplomatic to allow Turkey every chance to climb down. "Sorry. Navigational error. It wont happen again." They are giving Ass-clown Davutoghlu a chance to talk tough and posture for the home audience, but giving him no chance to use this excuse to escalate. Smart. As for "5 mile buffer zone" I don't think the Russians will pay much attention to it. But for practical reasons, they may keep 1/2 mile away from the border.

    1. Hi Lysander:
      I am having serious, serious doubts about this entire narrative- as it started yesterday with the Russian jet in Turkish airspace- and now this claim, out on 'twitter' which can be passed around by other twitter users and then the msm can report on it as if it's all real- Yet it doesn't seem to be real at all- as in it never happened.

      Once Russia had it's footing solidly planted in Syria the inevitable NATO temper tantrum was set to occur- As Pepe said expect the spin to become more extreme-

      And this all feels like extreme spin

      Lysander- ' Looks like Turkey is being set up to be next in line"

      I've been saying that for a year now, here at the blog.

  2. ISIS have captured a large number of partial aircraft at one of the airbases (Abu al Dahur?) they finally captured after 3 years of effort. None of them were flyable. They could easily run a flase-flag using one or more of these. Most aircraft appeared to be older MiGs MiG-15? There were some helicopter hulls too.

    1. Thanks anon
      I recall that taking of the airport- Hubby and I were watching video footage and you could tell the planes were useless- parts and scrap basically, Clearly nothing useful was left behind.

      So yah they could stage a timely false flag/psyop using those bits and pieces-

      Very good! :)

  3. Not an expert by any means but that wing looks a bit long for a fighter while the livery looks like airline livery rather than fighter plane.


    1. Here is the original story.

      A light aircraft was struck by lightning in Indonesia (lush vegetation fits) on 19 January 2014.

    2. Thanks! I hope aferrismoon see's that also- AM check that link to the daily mail- It's the same dam image! And yet here it is being spun via Trends and out on twitter as rebels shooting down a russian plane
      tangled webs and so much deception!

      thanks so much for leaving that- I appreciate it a great deal :)

    3. I added your link and comment into the post-

    4. The image looked suspicious, partly because the vegetation looked tropical, as other mentioned. I used TinEye, a Firefox image reverse search plug in, to search for early versions of the image, then looked for the oldest image. Thank the TinEye team! TinEYe is a very useful tool to counter this propaganda bs.

    5. I had never heard of TinEye but what a great tool!
      I use firefox, so must look into it!
      Is it difficult to use?
      Ah, I can learn!

  4. It is a Propaganda War a Media War.

    “The people will believe what the media tells them they believe.” — George Orwell

    I trust only so we must wait it is true or not.

    Erdogan is a MuslimBrotherhood puppet . The muslim Brotherhood like the alwahabi is a Creation of the CIA.

    The CIA in fact Skull&Bones because the Directors from CIA were Members from there, and the CIA was created by man from the SKB, and the Scottisch ritte of freemason.

    The CIA is the real cancer of the World the father of Terror.

    It has nothing to do with Zionism ,Zero!
    Isreael is only a Katalysis. To do the dirt job.
    CIA controll M16 , M16 created Mossad , Mossad created Hamas
    The old saying"Ordo ab Chao"

    Dont forget where foundet Hitler ? Prescott Bush. He was the Director from the CIA in this time. Ladys and Gentleman.

    Was did Hitler on jews?... They kill it they hated it...

    It was Helena Blawansky Book, The Secret Doctrin that created the Thule Society. The same Doctrim that is on Skull and Bones.

    How many Jews are in top Position on the CIA? On Pentagon Zero, Ladys and Gentleman.

    The fucking Clown John Mccain a SKB Member said on 29.9
    "Russia's initial air strikes in Syria targeted recruits in the Free Syrian Army rebel group backed by the United States." Backed by the CIA Ladys and Gentleman.

    Dont forget John Kerry is a Member from Skull and Bones.

    It didnt stop it wouldnt Stop the terror, because the CIA is still Exist and thats mean Terror will come in the near Future. Dont forget When was the last yeahr that was a Skull and Bones member a President ? It was 2001 Georg Bush and what happend 9/11 the war on Terror has start then.

    1. thanks for the comment and leaving previous links

  5. Replies
    1. Hey Ziad:
      I didn't believe it happened but it gives us all a chance to think about media spin, lies and the bigger perception management psyop used against us all
      Thanks for stopping by and I will be checking your place out for updates

  6. Ziad would know if this happened.

    Also look at the background of the photo. Green vegatation. Flat terrain. Shape of roof lines in background. This is not Syria.

    1. Hi Singing Sam

      I actually don't think this did or happen?
      Nor do I believe the so called Russian incursion happened as reported
      we are talking psyop, media spin and perception management

  7. There was a Beechcraft B200 Super King Air that crashed in Chigwell, Essex. Some footage here:

    though not very conclusive, except for flames and greenery


    1. thanks aferrismoon, I went to look at the crash and video
      I was looking for roof lines like in the image, but, couldn't see any

  8. Look at the picture. The wing.

    It's not a Russian plane.

    Right now NATO strategy consists of desperate propaganda.

    Why highlight this nonsense Penny? It's such an obvious ruse.

    1. Right now NATO strategy consists of desperate propaganda"

      A point I'm in the process of making if you would read the post and comments already here

      "Why highlight this nonsense Penny? It's such an obvious ruse."

      Is it obvious to everyone? Doubtful, l hence highlighting it becomes necessary?

  9. a google image search already, this happened 2014.Where did u get that pic from anyway?

    1. "Where did u get that pic from anyway?"

      If you had actually read the post you would have known where that image came from- why comment unless you have read what is written?

    2. I do apologize! I was in a hurry! Also, the comment is written in a manner, which could be interpreted as impolite! That was not my intention!

  10. The last I read the Russian are flying only at night and 7000ft out range of manpads. I go with Ziad on this for sure.

  11. I see the hits from MOA. Thanks to whomever linked the post
    Sadly MOA commenters tend to jump to conclusion before being fully informed- as can be read by anyone

    Posted by: curious | Oct 5, 2015 11:11:04 AM | 31

    IMO Turkey's claim of airspace violation sets the pretext for entry of Turkey, and hence NATO, to escalate the situation. See link below of Russian fighter jet shot down

    Posted by: Jack Smith | Oct 5, 2015 8:39:35 PM | 70

    @70 jack smith... bogus info from penny.. she used to come by here.. check my example of dis-info video @38...

    Posted by: james | Oct 5, 2015 8:59:45 PM | 71

    Kudos to james for acknowledging the error of his ways...

    okay, i see penny acknowledged that further down in her blog..

    Posted by: james | Oct 5, 2015 9:01:11 PM | 73

    but not before denigrating my work-

  12. it was the Indonesian flight. Must improve vegetatian recon skills


    1. Hey Aferrismoon:
      thanks for helping out :)