Friday, October 30, 2015

Trudeau-bama reassures Bibi-


The window dressing changed, but the window is still the same
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has offered his congratulations to prime minister designate Justin Trudeau in a telephone call affirming the friendship of the two countries.

Past Liberal governments have always had a pro-Israel foreign policy, but because of the vocal support of the Conservatives since 2006, some Israeli commentators have raised questions about whether the new Liberal majority government will still be as close to Israel.
Barak told The Canadian Press on Thursday that Trudeau also has a record of unwavering support for Israel.

"Mr. Trudeau has been very consistent from the very beginning of his campaign, in expressing his support for Israel," said Barak.

"I'm sure maybe the style will change," the envoy added. "But I don't feel there will be a change on the substance. I'm really reassured."
 Trudeau also "explained there would be a shift in tone but Canada would continue to be a friend of Israel's," she added.
 In plain talk the Trudeau government will be just as servile to Israel as Harper's government. But will make that servitude less obvious.

No visit in short term

The Middle East was raised briefly during the election campaign's foreign policy debate in Toronto on Sept. 28, which gave Trudeau the opportunity to accuse Harper of using it as a wedge issue domestically.

"The issue of Israel, where we most disagree as Liberals with Mr. Harper, is that he has made support for Israel a domestic political football when all three of us support Israel and any Canadian government will," Trudeau said.

Netanyahu also invited Trudeau to visit Israel.
"We hope that we will see him soon," Barak said. "It was a very warm call."
That isn't likely to happen soon. Trudeau already has a full international schedule, packed with four multilateral summits in the coming weeks.
So far, he has committed to attending the Paris climate change conference in early December with a full delegation that includes the opposition party leaders and several provincial premiers.

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Pertinent to Syria and the remake the middle east agenda


  1. Yesterday Erdogan alleged that Obama operatives are behind the HDP

  2. Interesting on oil funding with US hitting refineries

    ISIL Sells Oil to Diffuse Network ‘That No One Controls’ - US Official
    Islamic State Secret Oil Lifeline Runs Through Turkey - Former CIA Officer

    Goes back to Barzani and the Swiss traders (now Israel)
    Israel buying Kurds

    original Kurd exports

    Which comes to this..

    "And if you take Col Warren's claims about the terrorists' maneuvering, supposedly after our strikes, what can I add to it?" Gen Konashenkov said. "Quite possibly, the terrorists stand captivated and chant 'Encore!' after each US attack on them. And then they invite their counterparts from around the world to watch the show." "It's difficult to understand, though, why the terrorists managed to seize and to place under their control a greater part of Syria after a years of such bombings," he said.

    Ignore the ICBM launches coming out of Russia the past 2 days: TOPAL and YARS?

    1. anonymous:
      I wouldn't characterize them as Obama operatives, rather I would call them NATO affiliates- but Obama ops would work too

      btw: IMO the ISIS selling oil has always been cover for the Kurds transporting oil- it's quite obvious to me that we are talking about the same entity transporting oil out of Syria etc

      Can't read the FT's article but am familiar with the Kurds selling oil despite Baghdad's objections & the 'mysterious' transports out of Syria

      Much of this through the Ceyhan pipeline (NATO sanctioned) then to Israel

      ""It's difficult to understand, though, why the terrorists managed to seize and to place under their control a greater part of Syria after a years of such bombings'

      it's not difficult at all to think of, when one thinks of the "terrorists" as allies of the US calling in strike targets etc

      Collaboration would explain the ability to take territory

      One thing that is very clear to me and I mean very clear- the Kurds influence and involvement in this entire situation is vastly larger then the msm leads us to believe- Rather then poor and bedevilled what we are really looking at is total and complete collusion and cooperation with the NATO military structure

  3. Left this at MOA- for the record

    "Erdogan reignited the war on the Kurds"

    Wrong- The Kurds ended the ceasefire
    Check facts, don't regurgitate lies.

    "His constitutional role as president of Turkey is to be a neutral arbitrator not the partisan dictator he actually is"

    Hey why not use the Hitler meme? Really push button

    Scraping the barrel with that (dis)information

    Posted by: Penny | October 30, 2015 at 12:52 PM

  4. I'm so sorry about your new and improved govt;-)

    1. hey jo!


    It's over according to the site and I just found it:-(

    1. Yes, I discovered the site as well as this one only a couple of months ago. Hopefully it can be re-energized sooner rather than later.
      As far as this site, I find it to be a wonderful source of information and analysis.

    2. hey jo and Charles

      I saw that yesterday that Strategika was gone :(
      hat tip to Gallier for introducing that site to this blog
      I was checkin in and what!
      They did have some very good information and I hope they do come back, meanwhile I'll save the bookmark
      And Gallier if you are around and find any other gems, let me know?
      Merci mon ami

    3. and thanks Charles- I try, really try to be accurate and most of all apply logic to my analysis

      Who says women can't be logical ;)

    4. Hi Penny,

      yes, it's a pity strategika went in a hiatus. This said, I discovered that site may be 10 minutes before I gave you the link, so it was not a secret site I had in my treasure trove (I got the link from a comment at Saker's). When I find something interesting in the French and the German blogosphere and which is relevant to your themes and not too foreign for an english speaking audience*, I will always give you the heads up.
      * the difficulty with foreign blogs is generally not the language itself, SMT's nowadays do a decent job on en-fr, fr-en language pairs, the results involving german is less stellar, but the cultural and historical references. To give an example, Marion Sigaud is a french historian and her work on pre-revolution France is game changing profound and complete, it completely destroys enlightnement and the whole republicanism (she even includes pedophocracy). To present that to an Anglo-Saxon audience would be completely a waste of time, because the whole British system (1st central bank) and after that the whole US one (masonic satanism) are based on this paradigm (Voltairism). If you didn't understand what I just wrote above, it's normal, it would take thousand of pages to explain it correctly.

  6. British MP Gerald Kaufmann is Jewish. He is now quoted as saying that at least half of the recent stabbings by Palestinians were definitely fabricated, while the other half may also be so, but there is no proof one way or the other.

    "Reading from an email from a friend who lives in East Jerusalem, Kaufman said: "More than half of the stabbing claims were definitely fabricated. The other half, some were true, the others there was no way to tell since they executed Palestianians and no one asked questions." "


  7. From Harper To Trudeau: Think Bush to Obama