Monday, October 12, 2015

US Airdrops Tons & Tons of Munitions into Northern Syria- For the “good” terrorists

Yup, the US is, as expected, upping the ante. And who is getting the arms? Arab and Kurdish militias. Recall me enlightening readers to the fact that the Kurdish militias had bad intentions? Too many wanted to believe them heroes, actually fighting ISIS.  They aren't heroes. And they aren't fighting ISIS. I've explained the symbiosis between the two groups on a number of occasions and had for the most part discounted news that the Kurds wanted rapprochement with Russia.  I couldn't see it happening, not at this time. And likely not at all.

Considering the multiple posts I've written on this topic, this latest news is unsurprising. Though others may be shocked? Can't say you haven't all been warned?

U.S. delivers 50 tons of ammunition to Syria rebel groups

(CNN)U.S. military cargo planes gave 50 tons of ammunition to rebel groups overnight in northern Syria, using an air drop of 112 pallets as the first step in the Obama Administration's urgent effort to find new ways to support those groups.
C-17s, accompanied by fighter escort aircraft, dropped small arms ammunition and other items like hand grenades in Hasakah province in northern Syria to a coalition of rebels groups vetted by the US, known as the Syrian Arab Coalition.
All pallets successfully were recovered by friendly forces, a U.S. official said.

All pallets were successfully recovered by 'friendly forces' including brand ISIS!

This article shows a specific location?

 Fox News

 The U.S. military airdropped 50 tons of small arms ammo and grenades in northern Syria on Sunday, a senior defense official told Fox News, representing the Pentagon's shift from training rebel fighters to equipping them.

Before you all read this paragraph, recall me suggesting repeatedly that the Kurdish militias in Syria and  Turkey are effectively "Stay behind Armies" Think of Italy and Gladio but wider spread and for a good long while now
 "This time, the official said Syrian Kurds were not recipients of the U.S. airdrop -- only Syrian Arabs fighting ISIS. There is sensitivity in Washington over arming Syrian Kurds, whom Turkey sees as an enemy but the U.S. counts as a NATO ally"
Washington views the Kurds as NATO allies. The Syrian Kurds are intimately linked to the PKK- Their sibling organizations. Do you have any doubt whatsoever that PKK and YPG are not both NATO allies? Because I don't!   

Baloney to the claim that the Kurds didn't receive weapons-  Do you really think that Washington, would view them as NATO allies and not drop arms to them? That is lip service to Turkish concerns and nothing more. Turkey knows they're being destabilized. I've written about this happening for the past year now!

Better still contemplate the possibility the Kurds are awaiting an even bigger shipment of arms? Maybe the 50 tons is only part of a larger arsenal yet to come- Recall the highlighted 'first step" above?

Unconfirmed but interesting and quite plausible
PUKmedia: YPG will receive 120ton of weapons&ammo fr US within 24h. Not confirmed by YPG yet.

Why do I think this massive weapon drop, 50 tons and more, to the Kurds is very possible?
For the obvious reason that the Kurds are one of the brands of 'good' rebel and they have always been one of the destabilizing forces in Syria

US-backed Syrian Kurdish militia joins new military alliance 

This is not a new military alliance, it's a rebrand, as you will read today. Long term participants here will already know and have seen video footage of the Kurds and certain Arabs (Iraqi Sunnis)  fighting together. Remember the vast majority of Kurds are Sunni Muslims.

The alliance calling itself the Democratic Forces of Syria includes the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia and Syrian Arab groups that have already fought alongside it against the Islamic State militant group in northern Syria.
Rebranded: The Democratic Forces of Syria! Doesn't that sound well..."democratic"?

The Democratic Forces of Syria includes the YPG, various Arab groups including Jaysh al-Thuwwar (Army of Rebels), and an Assyrian Christian group.

OH  my an inclusive batch of terrorists- See it really is democratic ;)
All they need is some LGBT fighters for it to be really, really fair and balanced!

Syrian Kurds, Arab rebels form alliance against 'IS'

 Again, not a new group, just a rebrand for purpose of perception management!

 The new force, the Syrian Democratic Forces, formally cements an alliance that has been in place for months as the groups fought the Islamic State in northeast Syria. It includes the Syrian Kurdish militia YPG, its women's fighting force YPJ, alongside Arab rebel groups and tribes and a Syriac militia.
The announcement of a "unified national military force"....

Syria has a unified national military force already! 
The bunch backed by NATO are a unified, rebranded horde of killers/mercenaries/terrorist/ethnic cleansing destabilizers 

Previous posts concerning Kurds/Kurdistan/Kurdish collusion with Israel etc. There are 161 Kurd related posts here and blogger is making my access to them difficult, but, here goes:


  1. Comparing the Kurds to ISIS makes sense given the recent bombing in Ankara....bombing the citizens was a favourite ploy of Gladio....instilling fear and terror was their motivational modus operendi...

    1. Hey Greencrow- I mentioned what seemed to be, rather obvious Gladio/PKK connectivity and Kurdish ties to NATO

      I was chastised soundly. Only because the msm has been spinning sound bites 'good kurds/bad ISIS'
      and then the kurds = jews persecution meme

      Aargh! people should be able to see through the manipulation and it was frustrating for me

      Here is an example from nov 2014

      Like I said PKK/YPG = Stay behind army or Gladio if you please?

  2. @38

    The Kurds and ISIS were always partners

    Posted by: Penny | October 12, 2015 at 02:17 PM

    let's see if this is allowed at MOA?

  3. Hi Penny, I think there is much more to be found out about this Kurdish story. This is from Sputnik this morning:

    YPG plus Kurdish Women's Protection Units (YPJ) as well as fighters from Burkan al-Furat and smaller opposition groups create an alliance called "Syrian Democratic Forces". They "would welcome Russia's help" against ISIL. Sputnik reports (17:02 today, Sputnik time):

    Then at 17:34, Sputnik reports the ammo drop from the CNN report:

    "The broadcaster claimed that this was a first step in a US effort to boost support to what the White House refers to as moderate opposition forces fighting regular Syrian troops loyal to President Bashar Assad.
    "C-17 cargo planes dropped ammunition . . . to . . . a US-vetted group called by Washington the Syrian Arab Coalition."

    I think from this that the Kurdish political scene is far from settled. There are here two different groups, both with YPG members in them. One is the NATO-Barzani-Mossad axis, and the other is the people who have been fighting alongside the SAA in Hassakah. It appears to be a classic Cold War "game". There has been other reporting on the complex Kurdish system which may be worth digging out. I recall from somewhere -- probably Voltaire-net -- that there was a meeting between Barzani and ISIS people before the offensive in Iraq when ISIS took Mosul and the Kurds increased their territory by about half again.
    I noticed that there is no mention of ISIL in the CNN story about the "Syrian Arab Coalition". I think the IS mercenary force is being disassembled now that the US has been found out as its patron. What now is set is your "rebranded" US-backed "rebels" as a pawn in the Syria game.


  4. Here is a Voltaire-net story of the June 2014 meeting that set up the ISIS-Peshmerga offensive:

    That storyhas a link to this story of the creation of ISIS:

    I have to say I think the PKK and the YPG are not automatically allies of Barzani. There are currents that go different ways.

    1. I will agree to some extent that PKK/YPG are not necessarily allies of Barzani, but, they will fight alongside the Peshmerga

  5. In other words, referencing your airdrop story, the weapons were not dropped to the Syrian Democratic Forces, they were dropped to the Syrian Arab Coalition.

    1. it's the same/same
      it's no different the brand abcd rebels


  6. Here is an excellent (IMO) perspective on what will go on in Kurdland now. This is from Ziad's blog, an excerpt from a long post by "teevee" this morning:

    "US is left with very little options, but they’re at last wising up to the fact that they’ve been outplayed, the best US can do is carve out a piece of land with forces that will be beholden to them and keep on fighting on behalf of US and Israel.
    For this reason there is a wild dash to liberate Raqa from the infection of Wahhabism in the form of DAESH. The US has decided to fully and totally arm and provide strong air cover for the Kurds and allies. The hope is they will reach Raqa before SAA and allies. That will give them the pretext that ISIS is defeated and no more need for Russian involvement in Syria or Iraq. As well as having the Kurds as a viable force on the side of America in the region....
    "The issue with the American plan is the hapless Turks, while US is arming the Kurds the Turks are bombing them, my friends that is the comedy of our enemies. If these idiots didn’t have the entire banking system, UN and unlimited resources at their disposal we would have defeated them 100 times by now."

    However, remember that the "Kurds and allies" are not united.

    1. The Kurds and the allies are very united. And they have been for a long, long time.

      " The US has decided to fully and totally arm and provide strong air cover for the Kurds and allies"

      That is nonsense. The US has been arming and providing aircover for the Kurds for months now. The Kurds have been calling in airstrikes in Northern Syria for months and months now- In fact there have been reports of Kurdish militias intentionally calling in strikes targeting civilians. Arab civilians.

      The Turks are being double crossed by NATO- which is why the Kurds, the PKK broke the ceasefire and lobbed the first attacks at Turkish military

      The US is fully onboard with the PKK attacks, because, quite frankly they have used the PKK for years to keep Turkey in line

      I have written probably close to 100 posts over these many years about the Kurdish situation wrt Turkey, Syria, the creation of Kurdistan and the allegiances to Israel- The erasing of Assyrian history and the Kurds usurping it as their own

      I can't agree with what Teevee has written-

      I will relink a bunch of back posts on this topic in the main post D George and you can read and decide for yourself

    2. Dear Penny, a quick glance at the search engine Bing with the search words "barzani Kurdistan" will show you that you are wrong.

    3. wrong about what specifically? The Barzani stuff?

      I said above "I will agree to some extent that PKK/YPG are not necessarily allies of Barzani, but, they will fight alongside the Peshmerga"

      Barzani has corruption issues, but, he is strongly allied with Israel
      In fact Barzani is a jewish kurd name
      And his father was allied with the tribe, heavily so
      read this post...

      btw D George I linked just a tiny smattering of the 161 posts I have written over the years, plus the three above

  7. Yep, uncle santa doing what Amerika does best Death & Destruction.

  8. D George: where did you get the idea that Kurds were fighting alongside SAA?
    From Canthama at Ziad's place?

    They are not allied
    . Assad has made that clear- the Kurdish militias are not allies of the SAA- He said that quite clearly and concisely in an interview he gave a short while back- It;s linked here

    The Kurdish militias have stated clearly they are not allied with SAA
    and I would watch out for Canthama ..... that's a bit of disinfo in action
    And I've told Canthama that quite plainly


    A Kurdish militia that has been backed by U.S.-led air strikes in Syria has joined a new military alliance that includes Arab groups, a statement released overnight said.

    The alliance calling itself the Democratic Forces of Syria includes the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia and Syrian Arab groups that have already fought alongside it against ISIS in northern Syria.


    Assad Interview:

    Kurds are not allies as some suggest

  11. Penny's point is that ALL these groups are essentially the same. They are sub-contractors or franchisees. And I agree.

    To get caught up in which group likes which and what are the differences (if any) is to look too closely at a shell game and get mesmerised into wondering which shell hides the pea. If you do that, you will be taken for a ride. If instead you step back and take the overview, you will see that it is all a con job.

    All the talk about good terrorists and bad terrorists and various personalities is to get you to look myopically at the shells and to distract you from the the overall game which should be otherwise obvious.

    All the groups are funded, trained and supplied by the U.S. and israel. The Kurds having had the longest dependence on these warmongers. All these groups will do largely what they are told to do by the U.S. Or they won't get their funding and supplies. It is not very difficult.

    The U.S. has long since moved onto Plan B in Syria which is to prolong the death and destruction for as long as possible. therefore they will supply arms to anyone who will use them to kill - anyone

    1. Amen james, amen!
      You summed it up beautifully. just beautifully
      But D George wants to play some silly game wrt the Kurd burgers, it's ridiculous and I'm not playing this foolish game


  12. Dear Penny, I see that I am wasting my time. A quick glance at the "World Conflict Research" map for Hassakah in northeastern Syria will show that the YPG and the SAA share the city: YPG in the north and SAA in the south. They recently withstood a huge offensive by ISIS in which thousands of ISIS fighters were killed. They do not fight each other. They are not formal allies, but they are both citizens of Syria. I will not be reading your articles above, and your words about Barzani and the Israeli connection but without any mention of the big three-letter word that starts with O and ends with L leads me to wonder what or who you are. I won't wonder much longer, however, bye bye.

    1. Actually D George, you are wasting my time, here spreading nonsense and disinfo, intentionally or not-
      You are playing the NATO good vs bad rebel game and that is utter and total hogwash

      The Kurdish militias have long, long been affiliated with NATO/ Israel.
      The US administration calls them NATO allies- NATO ALLIES- face the facts or delude yourself, it matters not to me.

  13. MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The report by Amnesty International documented “deliberate displacement of thousands of civilians and the razing of entire villages" by the local Autonomous Administration controlled by the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) and its military wing YPG in retaliation for residents’ perceived sympathies with Islamic State.
    People watch as smoke from a US-led airstrike rises over the outskirts of Tal Abyad, Syria.
    © AP Photo/ Lefteris Pitarakis
    Russia’s Syria Intervention Exposes Hypocrisy and Contradictions of US Policy

    “By deliberately demolishing civilian homes, in some cases razing and burning entire villages, displacing their inhabitants with no justifiable military grounds, the Autonomous Administration is abusing its authority and brazenly flouting international humanitarian law, in attacks that amount to war crimes,” Lama Fakih, a senior crisis adviser at the watchdog said in a statement following the report’s release.

    Read more:

  14. Hi james

    I am very, very, very familiar with those types of reports- Not just from amnesty international, other, groups have reported on the Kurdish perpetuated atrocities as well- but the media kept the crimes off the radar of nearly everyone- Now that is a privilege extended to one tribe almost exclusively. what does that tell us about the Kurds?

    Pro Kurdish organizations have wrung their hands about them- you know perception and deception? How it would make the militias look like the bad guys they are. Oh dear. They of course were unconcerned with the victims of Kurdish atrocities- only that they had to keep appearances up

    Another bit of nonsense stated by D George and other regurgitators of the Kurd = Saint meme is well they are Syrian. Well yes, some of them are and some of them are PKK. (Turks) And some are Peshmerga (Iraqi) because the call to take up arms went out to all of these militias to fight as one.

    That is somewhere on the blog also- what get's to me is how anyone can spin the arming of the kurds, by NATO, this massive drop along the same lie filled line as NATO media- amazing!

  15. Hi Pen,
    people aren't taught how to think. They are not taught to zero in on the contradictions because one of the sides, at least, is going to be wrong.

    1. Well that is clear enough witnessing the irrational response of D George
      I was thinking about all these contradiction and how it is people can't see them or excuse them instead of realizing the contradictions point out very big problems
      shakes head and sighs....

    2. Well, we are presented with contradictions every day by our culture/media and we are expected to shrug our shoulders and accept it as just part of life. But it's not!

      There are no contradictions in nature. To say it another way - there are no contradictions in reality. Contradictions can only exist in unreality. So if you are looking at a contradiction, you are looking at unreality - bullshit, in other words!

      If that simple lesson was drummed in in school, we would have a different world, I think.