Tuesday, October 13, 2015

US Airdrops Weapons to Kurdish Militias in Northern Syria: Kurds & War Crimes!

 Miami Herald

In a major boost for forces fighting Islamic State extremists in Syria but likely to stir controversy with NATO ally Turkey, the United States on Monday began airdropping pallets of weapons and ammunition to a Syrian Kurdish militia and allied Arab forces in northern Syria.
The US arming Kurds to "fight" the US/Israel/NATO proxy of ISIS- War theatre!
“They started dropping the arms in Rojava early this morning,” said Polat Can, the spokesman for the Democratic Union Party (PYD), the Kurdish political party whose armed wing, with the help of U.S. bombing, has pushed the Islamic State from as much as 6,800 square miles of northern Syria. Rojava, or “west Kurdistan,” is the name the PYD uses to refer to northern Syria’s Kurdish areas.
Because the Kurds have been affiliated with the US for a dam long time now
Meanwhile, Russian aircraft continued to bomb targets in Syria’s west, far removed from the main operating areas of the Islamic State, while the United Nations’ special envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, stepped up his efforts to find a diplomatic solution to the conflict, setting visits to Moscow and Washington. He said his first priority was to make certain that Russian military intervention doesn’t result in a spreading conflict.
The Pentagon confirmed that C-17 transport aircraft had dropped 45 tons of arms in 100 pallets to groups inside northern Syria. But it said the initial drop, which it said occurred late Sunday night, was to benefit “Arab groups,” a nod to Turkish concerns about U.S. support for the PYD’s Popular Protection Units, or YPG, militia.
The US confirms the initial drop into Rojova- which is land the Kurdish militias stole from Syria, while SAA was actually busy, actually fighting, the other US backed militias
Can said the airdrops are expected to continue for days.
And there are yet more arms to be dropped to the Kurdish militias- Likely the 120 tons mentioned in yesterday's post!

US Airdrops Tons & Tons of Munitions into Northern Syria- For the “good” terrorists

The drop came just two days after the Pentagon announced that it had ended its ill-starred $500 million program to train and equip vetted Syrians to fight the Islamic State and said that the money that remained would be used to supply weapons to armed groups already in Syria that had had success combating the Islamic State.
Of course the Kurdish militias had "success" fighting IS. They are on the same dam team!

Syrian Arab Army has struggled with all the US backed terrorists because real war is being waged against them by all the US/Israeli/NATO terrorists- Every single brand name of them
AQ, Al Nusra, YPG etc. That is a fact.

Our prime and most important goal is to liberate Jarablus and to connect Kobani with Afrin. . . .The Turks are very unhappy. Polat Can, Kurdish spokesman
Can said the weapons dropped in “Rojava” included assault rifles, mortars and ammunition – but no TOW anti-tank missiles nor anti-aircraft weapons. He said the Kurdish forces would distribute weapons to Arab units affiliated with the YPG.
“Everyone will take arms. We believe in sharing,” he said in an interview with McClatchy, adding that the YPG’s ability to provide arms “is why some Arab tribes are joining us.”
Kurds and NATO/US/ Israel affiliated Arabs have been fighting together for a dam good long while now. Cause al Nusra/AQ/ISIS/ Kurds are all on the same team! This has been covered here previously.  The Turks are unhappy because they are getting royally screwed over and are completely aware of it happening- I've covered that for a dam long time here!
It’s just short of a year since the United States last dropped weapons to YPG, which at the time was battling to beat off an Islamic State offensive against the town of Kobani. The YPG prevailed, with the help of hundreds of American airstrikes. Turkey, a U.S. NATO ally and a major player in the region and which views the YPG as a terrorist organization, objected bitterly.
Because the Kurds are not loyal to Syria. Or they would have assisted SAA with the fight against ISIS and this would have won the war. Instead the Kurds stuck with their  longtime NATO benefactors
The YPG is the Syrian affiliate of the Kurdistan Workers Party or PKK, with which Turkey is currently fighting in southern Turkey and in Iraq.
The YPG is the sibling organization, which means they have the same "parent"- NATO
The PKK is a globally recognized terror group armed by NATO 
The very fact that the U.S. could not deliver the arms overland from the territory of two allies, Turkey or Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government, illustrates the controversy surrounding the U.S. decision to supply the YPG.
Yes, it's controversial because Turkey is getting railroaded and knows it. The US  has no concern for Turkey's borders or unity. The weapons were airdropped for expediency! 
Get munitions into the hands of the US/NATO backed fighters as quickly as possible
Turkey views the YPG’s stated ambition of creating a contiguous Kurdish-run entity in northern Syria as a threat to its own security. Meanwhile, the largely autonomous Kurdistan government in Iraq has strained relations with the YPG militia and often holds up its supplies over the land border to Syria.
The quantity of arms may add to the strains. The Obama administration has said much of what remains of the money appropriated for the train-and-equip program will go to groups in northern Syria, a huge amount for a force that numbers an estimated 20,000.
The YPG ambition is a threat to Turkey. And the quantity of arms was designed to threaten Turkey and aggravate every situation at hand
Under the plan, a YPG officer will be in overall command of the Kurdish-Arab fighting force, which is calling itself the Syrian Democratic Forces. Can announced the creation of the alliance Sunday, just as the airdrops were starting.
The Kurds and the Syrian Democratic Forces are one and the same.
U.S. officials hope the YPG will now turn its attention to Raqqa, the Syrian city that is the defacto capital of the Islamic State, which lies just 60 miles south of Tal Abyad, a border town the YPG seized from the Islamic State in June, with U.S. help.
But PYD spokesman Can said the Kurdish group’s first priority is to link the Kurdish enclave of Afrin, northwest of the Syrian city of Aleppo, with Kobani, the Kurdish enclave northeast of Aleppo. That would mean clearing the Islamic State from villages along 60 miles of the Turkey-Syria border, in particular the border town of Jarablus.
“Our prime and most important goal is to liberate Jarablus and to connect Kobani with Afrin,” Can told McClatchy. Capturing Raqqa, a mostly Arab city, is “not really” a PYD objective, he said. “Not for now,” he said.
But the capture of Jarablus and the linking of Afrin with Kobani is likely to be seen as a threat to Turkey, whose objection to Kurds control that last stretch of border was one reason a Kurdish push against the Islamic State has stalled in recent weeks.
 All that land taken by the Kurds is Syria's territory and it was inhabited by all manner of other peoples, until the US dropped bombs on civilians and the Kurds burnt many of them out of their homes- Raping and pillaging along the way- all these facts have been covered here at the blog on numerous occasions- 
“The Turks are very unhappy,” Can said, though he added that at the end of the day, the outcome in northern Syria is “a Syrian issue, not a Turkish issue.”
The Turks are unhappy and that makes this their issue- Good thing the US and other NATO nations have sold them down the river already 
Turkish officials have said Turkey will not permit the YPG to establish a contiguous link across northern Syria, but how Turkey will prevent that is not clear. Turkey is preoccupied by the final six weeks of a controversial parliamentary election campaign and reeling from a suicide bombing Saturday that killed nearly 100.
There was no immediate Turkish reaction to the airdrops. A Turkish government official interviewed in Ankara last week told McClatchy that Turkey cannot and will not let a linkage of the Kurdish enclaves happen.
In noting that the first airdrop was to “Arab groups,” a Pentagon spokeswoman said “we share the concern of our Turkish partners over the sensitivity of expanding Kurdish control into traditionally non-Kurdish areas in Syria.”
The Pentagon spokeswomen just paid the most blatant lip service to Turkish concerns one could ever read. Lip service : To just say something but not actually do it. To pretend that you believe a certain thing but not practice that belief.  Believe me the US doesn't share a drop of concern for their Turkish partners and they never have.

Anyone even suggesting the Kurdish militias are 'good rebels' is spreading lies. Period. Don't do it here

Ooooo- lame media finally catching up to my older coverage regarding Kurd terror against others and their own!

Earlier posts here on Kurdish atrocities:

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The above post takes us all back to a May 2015 post-

 US Led Airstrikes Kill 52 Syrian Civilians, 7 children inc. Completely missing ISIS
 “Kurdish spokesperson, associated with YPG, knows of no civilian casualties. Or doesn't wish to acknowledge them? If the village was emptied of civilians prior to the strike, as the Kurdish spokesperson claims, what was this large group of civilians including children still doing there?

My question is this. Was this large group of persons the intended target of the airstrikes? Because that's the only conclusion I can draw from all these reports”
August 2015 :Western Media's Absolute Hypocrisy In Covering Kurdish Militancy

Clearly I was on top of the subject!


  1. I'm wondering if the Kurds' overland supply lines have been cut or if they are too vulnerable to air attack. In which case, there has to be a chance that the U.S. dropped supplies would include anti-tank and manpad missiles.

    This would be provoking the Russians and account for the U.S. aircraft carrier moving out of the Persian Gulf. Just speculation, of course.

    I'm also wondering how the oil pipeline that delivers cheap oil to Turkey (that has been attacked by Russian planes) figures in all the Kurdish moves outlined in your article, Pen

    1. "I'm wondering if the Kurds' overland supply lines have been cut"

      Turkey did tighten up the borders so it's possible this has left the Kurds stranded to some degree, though, I'm certain they can still smuggle through arms between their PKK brethren but perhaps it's more limited
      There had been reports that Kurdish party members in Turkey (HDP) were caught smuggling weapons to PKK- so the YPG may be limited in what can be brought between the two nations. You know since Turkey cracked down on "ISIS" ;)

      The supply lines may also be vulnerable to air attack.

      I was unaware that Russia had attacked the Kurd pipeline delivering oil into Turkey, that should deny some revenue to the kurdishis team


    2. I was unaware that Russia had attacked the Kurd pipeline delivering oil into Turkey, that should deny some revenue to the kurdishis team

      There's mention of the bombing of the pipeline here-

      I've come across mentions of it elsewhere but no definitive sourced reports. Never the less, it makes sense that the Russians would target the pipeline.

  2. I've updated my post to reflect the number of times I've covered Kurds being brutes to others

  3. another thought:

    this weapons drop is designed to inflame the Turkish situation

  4. According to strategika51, the Syrian air force destroyed 50 tons of these dropped supplies. They also claim that the Syrians found a way to circumvent the danger the TOW missiles pose. They also say that Russia continued to shoot with cruise missiles from the Caspian.
    I have no way to check their claims but they are quite unique.
    If I find contradictory info (or confirming one) I will tell.

    1. Hey Gallier/tristopia?

      I'm so used to calling you Gallier after all these years
      If you find any additional confirming or contradicting information let me know

      Meanwhile I'm putting the link through translate

    2. Gallier
      I see the comment about more then one cruise missile launch?
      I found this report and wonder what you or anyone else thinks


      "The bulletin said: "EASA was informed from public sources of several launches of missiles from warships, located in the Caspian Sea, to Syria on 6 and 7 October 2015. Before reaching Syria, such missiles are necessarily crossing the airspace above Caspian Sea, Iran and Iraq, below flight routes which are used by commercial transport aeroplanes."

      How to interpret that?

    3. Complete bullshit i.e. simple agit-prop. Cruise missiles fly at an altitude of less than 300 m (1000 ft). Commercial planes fly at more than 10000 m (30000 ft). Even proposing the risk of collision is outrageously stupid.
      The most important German news channel tagesschau brought the same crap yesterday and the association "Publikumskonferenz" has filed a formal complaint against it for lying and "panic making" (Panikmache).
      RT Deutsch follows regularly these complaints

    4. Hi Gallier2 :)

      Yah, it says that in the article gallier "below flight routes which are used by commercial transport aeroplanes."

      So, I wondered the spinning the danger aspect of the cruise missile overflights because it seems as if the two could never meet
      That aspect- danger- seemed a preparatory narrative or a reinforcing narrative - MH-17- what it didn't seem was plausible

      It was the two dates cited that interested me- the article states cruise missiles were launched on the 6 and the 7 th of October- could this coincide with Strategika implying there was more then one firing from the Caspian

      btw: I'm glad someone filed a complaint against the fear mongering media

    5. Hi, concerning the protection against TOW missiles I've found corroborating information. It's a system called shtora-1 which messes with the missiles laser and infrared guiding and telemetric system and make the missile miss its target. It also disperse an aerosol around the tank with special grenades making the vehicle invisible to infrared and laser pointing.
      According to this site http://reseauinternational.net/la-russie-teste-dautres-nouvelles-armes-en-syrie/ (sorry french) the system has been massively distributed to the Syrian Arab Army. There's a video in Russian explaining on that site presenting the system.

    6. Gallier2- apologies for being so tardy in responding
      that definitely validates the information in the Strategika post and is such an interesting read on it's own, I'm going to post it

      Another commenter had mentioned that the jihadi videos has disappeared immediately after Russia began their campaign and this device explains how that may have been possible- thanks so much for digging up this gem Gallier :)

      I've checked strategika the past couple days but they didn't have anything new, still have to check today

      thanks again Gallier!

  5. strategika via translate:

    Syria: the Syrian army continued to advance in Hama, Aleppo and Idlib
    Issued on October 13, 2015 by Strategika51

    The war in Syria had its Battle of the Bulge: the Syrian Army units supported by the Lebanese Hezbollah and the military advisers of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, advancing at high speed under intense tactical air support provided by swarms of Russian attack helicopters Mil Mi-24 managed to cross the forest of Sahl al-Ghab in the east of the province of Latakia, in fighting extreme violence before storming of Hama where the campaign more than 520 different elements rebel factions were eliminated in less than six hours. The rebels have shelled bunker shots 155mm Smerch rockets and 300 mm while Sukhoi Su-34 (Fallback) Russian flew over the battlefield at 400 meters altitude are pouring bombs and shells 30 mm (Canon GSh 30-1 / 9A-4071K)

    In Aleppo, combat tank units armored regiments of the Syrian Army managed to find a parade with anti-tank missiles Raytheon TOW US manufacturing in possession of the rebels. For the first time, Tow missiles heavily used by rebel became inoperative face a new static combat tactical implementation by Syrian armored units.

    In an unprecedented development, US warplanes raided over Aleppo before targeting power generation facilities serving loyalist areas with Sol-Air missiles.

    Other US cargo aircraft have dumped large quantities of military equipment and ammunition including sophisticated anti-tank missiles over areas controlled by the Islamic State (EI). The Syrian warplanes opened fire on cargo dropped by US planes and credible reports of the destruction of more than 50 tons of equipment. Washington has asked Moscow explanations on this "incident" but Russian replied that they did not have any information about it. The Americans launched an ultimatum to Damascus today ending at 0000Z for its aircraft cease to harass the US drops to terrorist organizations of Ahrar al-Sham, the Army of the Conquest and Ennosra Front récipendiaires official military aid that Washington calls the "moderate opposition".

    A Idlib (a set of 60 cities) the chief of military operations of Hezbollah was killed in action during a special operation on the back of Daech forces in the region.

    The Syrian warplanes began conducting raids on northern military base in Deir Ezzor while Russian aviation continued its raids with amazing responsiveness throughout fortified positions, centers of commands and deposits weapons and fuel and Ennosra Daech Front. Other Russian cruise missiles were launched on targets in Syria Daech from the Caspian Sea.

    Whatever the future military developments in Syria with increasing involvement of opposing forces (one evokes a diabolical plan prepared in England) it seems that the Russo-Syrian tandem has already acquired gains to negotiate a comprehensive peace with the camp adverse scheduled for neutral-territory Greece is increasingly citée- with a possible displacement of Syrian President Athens under the protection of Sukhoi Su-35 Flanker E.

  6. Had to chuckle at this


    "Lo and behold, last night, almost at the exact same time Obama was heaping scorn on the idea of supporting armed opposition groups, a new Syrian resistance group magically appeared: The Democratic Forces of Syria.

    It’s sort of the Rainbow Coalition of Syria. Kurds. Arabs. Assyrian Christians. So you should feel all warm and fuzzy about the inclusiveness of the new group."

    Considering , my statement in yesterday's post:

    "OH my an inclusive batch of terrorists- See it really is democratic ;)
    All they need is some LGBT fighters for it to be really, really fair and balanced! "

    it would be funny if it wasn't so dam deadly

  7. Who is behind all the carnage? Who hopes to benefit? Who are USSA/NATO/ISIS & Co. working for?

    Israel, the modern manifestation of an ancient Habiru/Hebrew Cutthroat Bandits' plan for world domination. They have been writing about what they intend to for centuries, and they have been doing it.

    The myths serve to manipulate the dupes on all sides: Jews, Christians and Muslims. Only the controllers will benefit. The rest of us will suffer.

    1. Thanks NMM:
      Israel does seem to be a bigger player in this situation then they really should be.

    2. Penny, I think that the plan for Eretz Israel is the greatest factor in the destabilization of the Middle East. The Israelis want to ethnically cleanse the surrounding countries in order to annex them. That's why their puppets (USSA/NATO/ISIS & Co.) have been ordered to attack Syria.

    3. HI NMM:

      I agree that is part of it and have mentioned that in a number of posts.
      I actually believe "Kurdistan" is an extension of Israel without exactly calling it greater Israel. There is also good evidence suggesting that Israel and the Kurds are/have colluded to erase the history of the Assyrian empire and claim it as Israel's- to give legitimacy to Israel's land usurpation.

      So much real history lost to us all- sigh

    4. Penny, yours is one of the few sources of information which I have encountered which has pointed out the collusion between the Kurds and Israel. Most have tried to portray them as heroes.

      "So much real history lost to us all- sigh" Indeed:

      Excerpt from The Astronomico-theological Lectures of the Rev. Robert Taylor Published 1857:

      And then you will understand that the Benui Yesreile, or Children of Israel, literally, really, and from the first use of that term in the ancient Phoenician language meant the Stars of Heaven; Yesreile being the Phoenician name of the planet Saturn, of whom all the celestial bodies within the range of his immense orbit are the children.

      And among these children of Israel, the Lord, or the Lord God of Israel, is the leading constellation, or that which brings them up out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage—that is, not out of any real land of Egypt, or house of bondage, but from below the horizon.


      The myths of the Hebrews have led to so much mischief.

      Strike at the root.

    5. Oh, yes the "heroic" kurds
      the "victim" kurds
      but never the colluding and treacherous kurds- scandalous and I'm just about the only one that points out that other aspect
      and what happens because of that truth telling?

      well you can see it in the irrational reaction- the cognitive dissonance on display- when others are presented with contradictions to their beliefs- they take it out on me- because I don't 'believe' as they believe
      which I don't-cause I don't believe horseshit and bullbiscuits

      The kurdish leadership have a very long history of colluding with the powers that be, for a good long while now- and when it blows up in their face- they cry victim- just like the jews

  8. An aside: why is the media actually reporting on the kurdish militias and their atrocities, of which there are many. Why now?
    When they've been known for months and months. And have been quietly covered up for or excused?

    One thing that comes to mind is it's more lip service or cover to distract from the fact that the Kurds are openly aligning with terrorists and to obfuscate the NATO betrayal of Turkey

    1. Pure speculation here, but I think it would be reasonable for the Kurds to see the writing on the wall as regards Russia's active entry into the Syrian war and put out feelers to the Russians.

      The U.S. response is 'carrot and stick'- lots of weapons as an inducement and bad press as a warning.

      It's getting messy all round as all these warring psychopathic factions get jammed between a rock and a hard place. There is no honour amongst thieves, after all.

    2. I don't doubt the Kurds would make some noise towards the Russians, but, what there intent is with it? Who knows?
      Is it to distract from their collusion with the US?
      To cast the Russians in a negative light, particularly with Turkey?
      To save their sorry asses should the US not be able to follow through on Kurdistan aka greater Israel?
      All, none or more of the reasons then mentioned.
      Which Kurds reached out to Russia? Non YPG Kurds?
      Because Russia has been going back and forth with rational opposition from Syria for a good while now

      "The U.S. response is 'carrot and stick'- lots of weapons as an inducement and bad press as a warning. "

      That is sort of how I'm seeing the Kurdish stories right now. Carrot and stick

  9. The problem for Turkey that will not go away and will only get worse unless it co-operates with Russia in squashing ISIL-

  10. Hi Penny,

    On Military Maps it looks like the Syrian army is making moves to clear the terrorists from the outskirts of Damascus as well as around Aleppo.



    1. Anthony, meant to get back to you. saw your comment wrt refugees and Germany- sigh
      I had read some news yesterday suggesting they were proceeding well, they better get it done quickly.

      Thanks Anthony and I will look at the maps :)