Thursday, October 15, 2015

US Colour Revolutions- The Root of the Refugee Crisis

Can't say I disagree with the assertion that US policy is to blame for the destabilization, death and destruction that has created the refugee crisis.
Of course it's not quite that simple. NATO the global terror machine, lead by the US, played it's part. Working towards the mono culture world- One government- Tyranny. One people- lacking diversity and a whole host of control mechanisms/gmo's and other sick, disgusting anti-life ideologies (carbon)  The servitude of the US to Israeli interests was a factor that must also be considered. 

 Still the US undertook the lead role and because of their vile machinations they have destroyed ancient civilizations, killed many people, displaced many people and through their actions the world will mostly ignore Israel's role in the carnage

I do not see this mess as a miscalculation on the part of the US. I don't even want to read incompetence or blow back in the comments section. That's baloney! This was the plan. Order out of chaos. New order.
CAIRO, Oct. 14 (Xinhua) -- As waves of refugees displaced from Syria (allegedly) seem to have overwhelmed the continental Europe, the West-backed so-called "Color Revolution" that has brought endless wars and conflicts to the Middle East over the past several years is now under widespread criticism
According to the United Nations Refugee Agency, Syria's four-year-old civil war has displaced 12 million people since the uprising erupted in 2011. Among them, four million chose to flee their homelands and moved to neighboring countries such as Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan.
"The U.S. intervention in Syria, as well as its regional allies' support for the oppositions have caused this humanitarian disaster. Syria is on the verge of a split-up," said Samir Ghatas, chairman of Middle East forum for Political and Strategic Affairs.

Analysts say that the current refugees crisis, the worst in the post-war era, can find its roots in the U.S.-sponsored Color Revolution, which, under the pretense of spreading western-style democracy, aimed to facilitate regime changes by fanning anti-government protests.
The truth is that because of the intervention, the countries, including Syria, Yemen and Libya, have now been struggling with unprecedented level of chaos and bloodshed.

Saeed al-Lawendi, political professor at Cairo University, told Xinhua that " revolutions mean change, but the change in the Arab world has destroyed the region. The United States has created new enemy for countries in the region: terrorism and sectarianism."
United States came to support the revolution for two reasons: one is to protect Israel, while the other is to prop up Washington-friendly governments.
 This is where the creation of Kurdistan comes into play- It benefits Israel. One could say it makes Israel "Greater".  Kurdistan will be another 'Washington friendly' government and NATO terror state if all goes according to plans.

The U.S. government is quite influential among the liberals in the Middle East. And that has helped Washington promote its own agendas in the region, like turning the younger generations there into advocates for the Western political systems, he said.

Samir Ghatas said that the United States also backed the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Syria and Tunisia under the table, which Washington could use as tools to facilitate the change it wants.
Now that the tide of the revolution has ebbed, the United States and its European partners have to deal with rampant terrorism and tremendous number of refugees, products of their their own making.
Last month, German Chancellor Angela Merkel promised that her country agrees to take in more refugees, which is applauded by the international community.

However, as large numbers of refugees have swarmed in, they are straining the ability of local authorities to host them, and causing a hardening of public opinion.
A new opinion poll in Germany showed that about 51 percent of Germans no longer believe that their country can handle the refugee tide.
German President Joachim Gauck recently warned that refugees's assimilation could be the nation's biggest challenge since the cold war ended in 1991. "We're facing a challenge that will occupy us for generations," he said.

According to a new government report, about 1.5 million refugees are coming to Germany this year, twice of the previous forecast. "It will be an extreme burden on state and local governments," the report said.

On Sept. 20, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said that the United States will accept 85,000 refugees from around the world next year, up from 70,000, as Obama administration was under further pressure to accept more victims of the Syrian crisis.

"The United States is not an uninterested bystander in Europe's refugee crisis. If mishandled, the mounting flow of refugees will pose multiple challenges to U.S. interests and could prove a divisive element in transatlantic relations," Ian Lesser, political analyst from the German Marshell Fund, said.
"In the view of many Europeans, the United States is already implicated in the current crisis. It is not uncommon to hear that today's unprecedented refugee flows are the direct result of failed strategy towards Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and the Mideast as a whole," he added.
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  1. Note to the rest of the world:

    Some of my ancestors were Celts/Teutons who have been in "America" for hundreds of years and who probably came here to escape persecution.

    Some of my ancestors were Apaches, who have been in "America" for thousands of years.

    I do not condone, support or consent to what ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government) does in the name of "America." They do not represent me. They disgust me.

    There is no political solution. I do what I can to peacefully expose what I see as the root of the problems.

    1. NMM:

      Yikes, I wasn't talking about the average person and do apologize if you felt that way.

      You, same as I, do not support or consent to this mayhem. Our so called governments do this for the people they really serve, which is not us.

    2. Penny, no apology necessary. I was simply stating my position. I'm sorry if I wasn't more clear about that. No offense taken. Sometimes not everything can be effectively communicated in a comment box.

      I appreciate all that you do to disseminate the truth, and I appreciate your giving me the opportunity to comment.

    3. Perhaps I should further clarify my position. While I can sympathize with the victims of aggression, I also recognize that the "refugees" caused by the neocon/neoliberal wars for Israel in the mideast and Africa are being used to destroy Europe. The perpetrators have openly declared their intentions e.g. Barbara Lerner Spectre.

      I don't believe in any religion, whether it be Native American, Paganism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam etc. What I find most interesting about them is how they're used to manipulate people, and we should be aware of that in order to defend our own interests.

  2. Hi Penny,

    I agree that the plan has been around for a long time and the colour revolutions merely a mechanism to accelerate the process of moving people en masse to undermine and ultimately destroy all European nation states.

    A few odd pieces of news from the past weeks stand out for me.

    1: There was a news item a couple of months ago describing the desire of ISIS to destroy Europe in a nuclear holocaust. This was not referring to a dirty bomb but to an all out nuclear assault leading to the deaths of tens of millions.

    ISIS clearly couldn't do this, but one of their major sponsors not only has the capability but also has stated that before it goes down it would take down Europe with it.

    2: Against all political, economic and military wisdom, Angela Merkel, in the midst of the direst warnings of ISIS terror simply throws open the gates to the world, including God knows how many islamic extremists.

    3: Just a couple of days ago I read that, I think a UN agency, was forecasting the movement of millions of Palestinians in the coming years. There was explicit reference to Gaza.

    4: The recent tensions and violence in Israel seem to carry the hallmarks of a psyop designed to portray Israel as the victim of terror while seeking to inflame the Palestinians into acts of violence which will be used to justify a further heightening of Israeli retribution. There are now calls to arm all Jews in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, although I assume rearm and upgrade is closer to the truth. Is Israel planning to ethnically cleanse all Palestinians?

    Israel has seen its plans for Greater Israel receive a massive blow and if it endures, the alliance between Syria, Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and perhaps even Iraq, China etc. coupled with perceived American weakness has seen Israel pushed back into a corner.

    This may be the mad dog time we were warned of when Israel will seek to take down everyone if it feels threatened, although I expect the Jewish elite to relocate far from harm (if they're not there already).

    Again, the Albert Pike prophecy comes to mind. Islam and political zionism are to mutually destroy each other. That couldn't happen unless the zionist / NATO powers have been significantly weakened from their position of absolute dominance just a few years ago.

    Is the US / NATO leadership really so dumb, or have they been intentionally misled into overextending, weakening and neglecting their powers to ensure a new look playing field in the region?

    I've felt for a while that the US and NATO have been set up to fail. Perhaps even Israel as well.

    Interesting times.

  3. An average of 10,000 refugees per day have been registered in Germany over the past 40 days and there is no end in sight.

    "between 5. September and 15. October 409.000 new migrants".

    zwischen dem 5. September und dem 15. Oktober 409.000 neue Migranten,

    As usual, there are no comments allowed on the Spiegel article.

    More and more Germans are getting scared and angry about this situation which they fell threatens the future of their country, but they are being denied a voice by the political class and state controlled media.

    As usual, the most extreme voices against the influx of asylum seekers are cherry picked to permit the ruling class to paint all opponents as Nazis.


    1. I wrote "state controlled" but even though it's probably true, I should have written mainstream media.

      The gap between the state and media propaganda and the feelings of the men and women on the streets has never been greater in my personal experience.

      It has the feeling of a political coup where any pretences of being a democracy in the interests of the German people has been discarded.


    2. Hi Penny,

      The following interview with the chief of the German police force is very telling. There are English subtitles.

      1: He describes the chaos and violence including rape, child abuse, physical violence and more that already exists with the police force stretched to breaking point and

      2: Makes clear that the impending catastrophe was clear to see a year ago, yet the top politicians have been claiming ignorance until recent days.


  4. Is George Soros the unelected chief policy maker for the European Union?

    Just the who the hell does this man think he is to dictate policy to 500 million people?

    This sounds like he made Angela Merkel an offer she couldn't refuse.


  5. NMM and Anthony_ I will be back, such a busy day today and I'm pooped
    I need to catch up before responding
    thanks for the comments, I always appreciate them :)