Friday, October 23, 2015

US Drone Crash/Fails You May Have Missed.

Plus, as mentioned by an anonymous commenter, the deployment of A-10's to Incirlik.
Keeping in mind all the drama surrounded a  Russian drone allegedly being shot down?

Two US drone crash/fails, that didn't get reported on anywhere until now:

 "The USAF announced on 21 October that one of its General Atomics MQ-1 Predator unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which are also operated out of Incirlik, had suffered a mechanical failure and crashed in southern Turkey on 19 October.
Another USAF MQ-1 is also reported to have crashed near Al-Kut in Iraq on 17 October"

The A-10's 

The United States has deployed 12 Fairchild-Republic A-10C Thunderbolt II ground attack aircraft to Incirlik Air Base in Turkey to support its strikes in Syria and Iraq.
The US Air Force (USAF) revealed the deployment on 22 October, although the aircraft arrived at Incirlik on 15 October.
The A-10s, from Moody Air Force Base, Georgia, are reportedly replacing the six Lockheed Martin F-16Cs that the USAF deployed to Incerlik from Italy in August. The A-10s have already flown combat missions over Syria and are supported by 300 ground personnel.
The deployment is not the first time A-10s have participated in Operation 'Inherent Resolve', as the US terms its strikes against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. In November 2014 the USAF deployed A-10s to Ahmed al-Jabr Air Base in Kuwait to support the operation.

The comment from the other day regarding this deployment:

H/T Anonymous, whoever you may be? 

US Deploys A-10 Ground Attack Airplanes to Turkish Airbase

Read more:

See US deploys of S&R copters last week. 


  1. 2 Turkish Parliament Members: Turkey Provided Chemical Weapons for Syrian Terrorist Attack

    Two members of the Turkish parliament gave a press conference this week saying that they have wiretapped recordings and other evidence showing that Turkey supplied the sarin used in Syria...


    1. Zero hedge isn't exactly credible IMO, but, I'll look at this article anyway..

      But I;ll bet that the Turkish parliament members were the identity politics Kurdish led destabilizing party? The HDP party?
      Second guess would be the party affiliated with Gulen?

      Let's see if I'm correct or not?

    2. So, it was my second guess: CIA man F Gulen's party says "turkey supplied the sarin for the Ghouta attack"

      Who in Turkey supplied the gas to the rebels?
      Considering Turkey is NATO occupied territory?
      And the CIA runs the show at the border?

      btw: Turkey has been accused of supporting ISIS but that accusation has never been substantiated- I've covered that on a number of occasions and also ISIS has turned on Turkey- Something else I've covered

      btw: I have long considered Ghouta and Israeli operation and haven't seen anything as of yet to convince me otherwise not even Sy Hersh's information from unnamed sources that happen to fit right into the demonization/destruction/destabilization of Turkey

    3. rumor had the Georgia facility.

    4. eek, that's bad!

      "Moscow is concerned over the presence of the Pentagon's medical and biological laboratories in the immediate vicinity of the Russian border.

      "We are deeply concerned by the Pentagon's measures to place its medical and biological laboratories in the immediate vicinity of Russian borders, notably the so-called R. G. Lugar Center for Public Health Research on the outskirts of Tbilisi," the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a commentary.

      This center, which has a high level of biological isolation, "houses a medical research unit of the U.S. Land Forces, which is a branch of the U.S. Walter Reed Army Institute of Research," the ministry said.

      "The American and Georgian authorities are making efforts to conceal the true agenda and areas of the work of this U.S. army unit, which studies highly dangerous infectious diseases," it said.

      "The Pentagon is trying to set up such disguised military medical and biological facilities in other states in the CIS space as well," the Russian ministry said"

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  4. Hi Penny,

    A map of US aircraft carrier deployment as of October 23rd 2015.

    Note that there are no US carriers in the Med or Middle East.

    One theory is that the massively expensive and massively prestigious US carriers are also massively vulnerable, hence their withdrawal from possible confrontations with the Russians.

    Although there has been US sabre rattling against China recently, the Chinese most likely also have carrier busting technology.

    The era of "unchallenged" US global hegemony is over.

    What next?


  5. US / NATO demonstration of military power in Portugal is defeated by...

    The wrong kind of sand.

    The sand was apparently too soft and the vehicles got stuck in the sand, much to the amusement of the Portuguese media... and now the rest of the world.