Saturday, October 3, 2015

US will indirectly confront Russian military via KurdIShIS and other rogues.


“President Obama has decided not to directly confront Russia over its new air offensive in Syria, believing that President Vladimir Putin will soon find himself in a Syrian “quagmire,” but he has approved a new escalation of U.S. efforts against the Islamic State”
 Translation-  Proxy war to create the quagmire
Obama engages in neurolinguistic programming

Obama laid out the U.S. response to Russia’s actions during a meeting with senior aides Thursday evening. Details were firmed up in a meeting Friday morning among national security principals at the White House, senior administration officials said”

“At the same time, the president also approved proposals, made prior to this week’s Russian actions, to strengthen the U.S. fight against the militants. Those measures were recommended by Obama’s new Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr”

Translation: No cooperation and no peace- Just more war- The creation of Kurdistan, the destruction of Syria- the removal of Assad, the expansion of Israel. These plans must proceed.

“They include direct U.S. weapons shipments, overland from Iraq, to Syrian Kurdish and Arab fighters who in recent months have pushed the Islamic State from a major portion of northern Syria along the Turkish border.
Translation- Using the same route to ship weapons that ISIS took from Iraq to Syria- must be a coincidence- Not! They've already got the routes...
The Kurds are now expected to begin moving south toward Raqqa, the de facto militant capital, in north-central Syria”

YPG/PKK = NATO allies 
Hence KurdIShIS and that not so curious symbiosis I've repeatedly mentioned on many more occasions.

“Current and former U.S. officials voiced concern that the Russian bombing would damage a covert program already struggling to gain traction in the fight against Assad. It is also likely to increase frustration among the rebels “that the Americans don’t do as much as the Russians do for their side of the conflict,” said Robert Ford, the former U.S. ambassador to Syria who resigned that position in part out of frustration with administration policy”
Damage a covert program?  Which covert program is being referenced? The brand ISIL/moderate/Kurd  program that is for all intents and purposes (destabilization/destruction)  the identical program save for the differing brand names?

  “Rep Adam Schiff (Calif.), the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said the Russian move “really ups the ante for the United States. We do have great reputational costs in letting the Russians assert themselves and be seen as a more forceful actor on the ground in Syria”

Statecraft and the projection of power. Mentioned in this post-Russia building an A2/AD Bubble over Syria/Levant And again A2/AD Bubble, Syria and the Bigger Strategic Picture
“Any direct military response against Russia, a U.S. military official said, would probably require new presidential authorities. But Obama, speaking at a White House news conference Friday, made it clear that he has no intention of directly confronting Russian forces”
I didn’t expect that the US would confront Russian forces directly- That would not be a war of choice, rather it would be one of necessity. And confronting Russia is not necessary for the US when they have their proxies to do their dirty work.

“This is not some superpower chessboard contest,” Obama said.
Obama lies. The ‘peace’ president lies. Obama has been playing superpower chess all along.
“The CIA has provided the thousands (tens of thousands?)  of fighters (of all brands) it has trained at secret bases in Jordan with communications equipment, intelligence support and arms, including antitank missiles. Those CIA-backed fighters reentered Syria across that country’s southern border with Jordan, but many have made their way into units that are now arrayed north and east of Damascus — areas that have been pounded by Russian strikes over the past several days”
When I read info, such as that quoted above, I struggle to accept that anyone can actually believe the situation in Syria is really the tired, despotic leader and freedom lovin' fighters backed by democratic NATO, fiction

The current and former officials also expressed concern that the Russian strikes would prompt rebel groups to intensify their efforts to acquire antiaircraft weaponry, including -surface-to-air missiles — munitions the United States has worked to keep out of Syria for fear that they would be seized by al-Qaeda or the Islamic State.
Translation: The US and company will supply Kurds, ISIS and other thugs with anti aircraft weapons- they’ll simply  be unable to ‘prevent’ the acquisition of such weapons

You can read the WP article entirely at the link above

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