Sunday, October 11, 2015

What Syrian Exodus to Europe? Most Syrians Stay in Turkey

It was obvious the refugee spin was about many other agendas, but it was never about assisting Syrian refugees.


"For some refugees, Europe is a bridge too far. But most of the more than 2 million Syrians would rather grapple with the challenges in Turkey"

The bulk of the CSM article is written to obfuscate or downplay the fact that most of the real/actual Syrians still  remain in Turkey

 The UN statistics, contained in this article, regarding the numbers of "Syrians" going to Europe are not credible.  Too many news reports mentioning the many fake Syrian passports being dragged around by so called refugees.  

Everyone and anyone can order up a Syrian passport.  Any numbers presented by the Useless Nations would be as useless as that evil organization is! 

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  1. Hi Penny,

    Germany appears to be the destination of choice for most "refugees" with Sweden being another favourite. It seems clear that the German paradise has been heavily pushed (by George Soros) across Africa, the middle east and south Asia. For Germans though, any objections are met with insults and any insults of their own likely to be met with police action.

    This article contains a summary of the current situation while one of the comments includes a YouTube collection of refugees disappointed with their new lodgings despite the best efforts of local red cross and many other voluntary helpers.

    It's been a very mild Autumn so far, but when Winter sets in and hundreds of thousands of new arrivals predicted, the situation is likely to get far worse.

    I wonder if the poor bloke complaining about slow internet access will get a high speed connection for Christmas.... whoops... Holiday season...