Tuesday, April 19, 2016

"Arch of Triumph" Destroyed by ISIS, Recreated (in Under 6 months) And On Tour

I find the speed with which the "Arch of Triumph" was recreated and put on display unbelievable!
Suspicious, entirely suspicious!  Of course I'm referencing the infamous Arch that was allegedly 'destroyed' by ISIS.
As opposed to being stolen for the benefit of and then sold to some elite person?
Which is much more likely.
The "Arch of Triumph," located in the historic town of Palmyra, was destroyed by ISIS in October, after militants captured the city last spring.

The Arch of Triumph was destroyed less then six month ago and by golly there is a life size marble extravaganza on display in London- In fact this Arch of Triumph was recreated in London

The Arch of Triumph

 The replica of the ancient arch was made of Egyptian marble in Italy by Oxford's Institute of Digital Archaeology (IDA) using 3-D technology.

It stands 20 feet tall, weighs 11 tons, and took six hours to construct.

Ok it took six hours to construct it, but, how long to fabricate it? The Arch was destroyed less then six months ago- When was the decision made to recreate? Who made the decision? How much marble? How long to recreate? How was the recreation undertaken?

 The replica will stand in London for three days before moving to Dubai and New York, officials said.
 Michel said the replica is intended to be placed in Palmyra near the original arch sometime next year, according to the BBC.

Abdulkarim visited the site one week after its liberation from ISIS and told the BBC that 80 percent of the original arch remains intact.

"We can never have the same image as before ISIS," Abdulkarim said. "We are trying to be realistic. But what we want to do is respect the scientific method and the identity of Palmyra as a historic site."


  1. Would anyone have any information regarding the significance of the Arch of Triumph?
    Using the limited time I had for searching all I could come up with was story after story about ISIS destroying this.

  2. I wonder if their were inscriptions that might have been altered via this recreation to support a historical rewrite, in favour of certain groups of persons???

    There seems to be a dispute about the ethnicity of a certain queen- Arabic? Or Jewish, which isn't really an ethnicity in my book. Considering the multiple ethnicities of those who practice judaism... turkic, african, slavic
    germanic, etc.,

  3. Theft of antiquities is big bidness...especially in London...the museum there has many objects stolen from the middle east over the past several centuries (witness the "Elgin Marbles"). It is quite possible that the original was removed...piece by piece and this is it...on tour. It could be the theft was long planned and replicas were left at the site. Truthers have learned that if wey put anything (morally) past the perps...it's at our own peril.

  4. Penny,

    It's the Palmyra Arch from the Temple of Bel/Baal.

    The high places of Israel were devoted to the worship of Baal, the Sun god. "The inhabitants of Canaan were addicted to Baal worship, which was conducted by priests in temples
    and in good weather outdoors in fields and particularly on hilltops called 'high places.'"

    "Baal. The Semitic word baal, meaning owner or master, was also used in ancient religions for lord or god, and it is still defined as a Canaanite or Phoenician deity. Among the greatest of the Semitic peoples' deities were Baal and Astarte
    both symbols of fertility. Baal, the god of the sun, was supposed to make crops grow and flocks increase." (Encyclopedia Britannica, "Baal")

    (The two excerpts above are from http://watch-unto-prayer.org/HBP-6.pdf)

    Also, see this link. This is written by a Christian who sees the conspiracy and deceit going on in this world.


  5. In other news I've been working in my garden, I planted my tomatoes on the 18th. It's a way to avoid all the news. Election Amerika is a sad mess, then that's nothing new;)

  6. https://www.rt.com/news/338705-turkey-syria-artifacts-trade-churkin/


    Same logistics lines as oil



  7. Archaeologists from Russia, and representatives of UNESCO said it was crumbled and could NOT be easily reconstructed. They needed more time on site to get more information.

    See Tass News english..
    Russia is the one who came up with the idea of UNESCO

    I've seen a video of a young Iraqi crying in the UK Museum when coming upon his countries antiquities there. It was very emotional for him.
    I also read ( and saw pictures) of the US theft of thousands of antiquities from Iraq. One being a statue that was 3 stories ( I think) tall.

    Sorry, you blog post got me emotional. This is a very sore subject with me.

  8. Keep an eye on this reminiscent of the Kasserine riots heading into the Egypt anniversary. And yet another Egypt-Italy nexus.


    Tunisia vendor?

    "hotos and video clips circulated on social networking sites showed crowds smashing a police car and ambulance as they blocked a road while chanting "the police are thugs".

    The body of the dead vendor was seen lying in the street. Police sealed the area and deployed riot squads to disperse the crowd.

    More violence broke out when police and an ambulance tried to take away the body of the dead vendor, state-run newspaper Al-Ahram reported on its website. The crowd was later dispersed, it said.""

  9. Regarding your question about the Arch of Triumph, I came across some links that may be helpful. The upshot is that it signifies worship of the sun (the topmost keystone) in the "arch" of the sky.


    The Arc de Triomphe also has the zodiac as 12 streets radiating out from it.

    All Baal worship, as Gwen has pointed out.

  10. Thank YOU EVERYONE!!
    I've read but just can't respond. simply too short of time
    this blog is a one woman show and sometimes I can get to all comments and other times- not so much
    But I do appreciate all relevent, thoughtful and helpful comments
    all the other ones- not so much

  11. This video talks about the symbolism and how the arch is being used as modern day war propaganda. Boris Jonson sticking up 2 fingers to Daesh is classic British tabloid fare.