Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Kurdish Mullah Protected in Norway- Founder of Ansar al-Islam aka KurdIShIS

I've stated many,  many times that cheering for the Kurdish militias was cheering for ISIS and cheering for terrorists- And I've amply demonstrated the connection, time and time again, including  on April 12/2016 in the post KurdIShIS: Face the Reality/Discard the Perception Managing Fiction So for all the terrorist cheerleaders out there and you all know who you are... 
 Thanks for supporting NATO terrorism. Israeli expansion. Destabilization and Ethnic Cleansing! You've done your masters bidding well. Even though there was ample information available that should have stopped your mindless rah rah rah...

Came across the news story below- Ignoring his attention getting stunt in Norway to focus on very important information. Priority information.

Najmaddin Faraj more popularly known as Mullah Krekar 

This Najmaddin Faraj aka Mullah Krekar is very, very clearly protected under the NATO, global tyranny umbrella

1-He is wanted for terrorism in Italy
2-He is wanted in Iraq, but, Norway won’t deport him
3-He started Ansar al Islam ( a known and recognized Kurdish terror group) in 1994
4- And has been on the UN terror list since 2006
Well, I say... He's in Norway boys, so go and get him! After all it is 2016?

‘The 59-year-old cleric still risks being extradited to Italy to face terror charges there. He is accused of having a hand in planning terrorist activities and is the head of the organization Rawti Shax.”

Krekar was born in Sulaimani in the Kurdistan Region and is the father of four children.

He completed a master’s degree in Islamic studies in Pakistan and moved to Norway in 1991, where he established the Salafist jihadi group Ansar al-Islam in 1994.
Since 2006, Krekar has been on the United Nations’ terror list.

The Norwegian conservative party in 2002 raised the issue of national security and demanded his deportation.

Iraq has demanded his extradition for trial, but that has been denied by Norway, which prohibits the expulsion of an individual without a guarantee against the death penalty or torture.

In 2013, negotiations for Krekar’s deportation to Iraq failed, after Iraqi officials could not promise Norway that the cleric would not face torture or execution after deportation."

Let’s now talk about Ansar al Islam- Council on Foreign Relations From 2008:
Ansar al-Islam (Iraq, Islamists/Kurdish Separatists), Ansar al-Sunnah
Corroborating the Kurdish preacher as creator of the Kurdish Islamist Militant Terror Group.
Ansar al-Islam (Supporters of Islam) is a militant Islamic Kurdish separatist movement seeking to transform Iraq into an Islamic state. Mullah Krekar, also known as Faraj Ahmad Najmuddin, reportedly founded Ansar al-Islam in December 2001 with funding and logistical support from al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden.

The U.S. State Department in 2003 asked a UN Security Council sanctions committee to add Ansar al-Islam to its list of entities and individuals are linked with al-Qaeda (PDF), the Taliban, or Osama bin Laden. Such a move obligates UN member states to freeze the group's assets. It initially operated under the name Jund al-Islam (MEIB) (Soldiers of Islam), but has since dropped the name.

Since the beginning of the war in Iraq, U.S. officials have accused Ansar al-Islam of training and deploying suicide bombers against U.S.-led coalition troops in Iraq. Ansar was named a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) by the U.S. Department of State on March 22, 2004 and is considered an active force in northern and central Iraq today.

The roots of Ansar al-Islam extend back to the mid-1990s. The group consists of Islamist groups that splintered from the Islamic Movement of Kurdistan (IMK) in northern Iraq.

 Ansar al-Islam announced its official inception a few days before the September 11 attacks. One month before, leaders of several Kurdish Islamist groups reportedly visited the al-Qaeda leadership in Afghanistan seeking to create a base for al-Qaeda in northern Iraq (MERIA). In late 2003, Abu Abdullah al-Shafii (a.k.a. Warba Holiri al-Kurdi) reportedly took over leadership of Ansar from Mullah Krekar, who has been in exile in Norway for allegations of terrorism in his home country and links to Ansar al-Islam as the organization's leader.

Mullah Krekar and Ansar al-Islam

Mullah Krekar, who is believed to have started Ansar al-Islam, has been living as a refugee in Norway since the 1990's. Krekar has been accused of financing terrorist organizations within Iraq and sending money to them from Norway. In 2002, his refugee status was revoked because Norwegian officials claimed Krekar had traveled to Iraq and had helped fund and orchestrate various terrorist organizations, which he denied. In 2003, the Norwegian government ordered Krekar to be deported to Iraq, but the order has not been implemented due to the security environment in Iraq. Norwegian law also prohibits the country from exporting a refugee back to a country where the death penalty will be inflicted upon the accused.

In December 2006, the U.S. Treasury Department designated Krekar as an individual who was providing financial support to terrorist organizations, including allegations linking him to Ansar al-Islam, Ansar al-Sunnah and al-Qaeda. The department's press release said the designation "freezes any assets the designees may have under U.S. jurisdiction and prohibits all financial and commercial transactions by any U.S. person with the designees."

On November 7, 2007 the Supreme Court of Norway ruled that Krekar is a threat to Norway's national security, upholding the February 2003 decision by the government to deport him to Iraq. It is still unclear when Krekar will be deported due to Iraq's death penalty laws.

 The emergence of Ansar al-Islam as threat

Ansar al-Islam operates primarily in northern and central Iraq and claims the second largest number of Sunni (Kurdish) jihadist attacks in Iraq after Al-Qaeda in Iraq. The group targets coalition forces, Iraqi government and security forces, and Iraqi political parties. Ansar al-Islam made headlines in September 2001 when it ambushed and killed forty-two PUK fighters. Ansar al-Islam continued to organize small terrorist threats (CSMonitor) in the war era of Iraq, but their major terrorist attack came three years after the occupation in Iraq started. (in sync with the US/UK)  On February 1, 2004, during Eid al-Adha, the Muslim festival that celebrates the willingness of Abraham to sacrifice his son Ishmael to Allah, the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan were celebrating the holiday in Erbil, Iraq, when suicide bombers entered the PUK and KDP headquarters and killed 109 (MEIB) people, including KDP Deputy Prime Minister Sami Abdul Rahman.
Notice the Kurdish Islamists are more then happy to kill their Kurdish brethren, so called
Which is why I do not believe "Saddam gassed the Kurds". It is much more sensible that fanatical kurdish factions gassed other kurds.
In January 2005 the group assassinated Sheik Mahmoud Finjan (Mahmoud al-Madaeeni), an assistant to senior Shiite cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, in the Salman Park area of Baghdad as he was returning from evening prayers.
The transformation into Ansar al-Sunnah
On September 1, 2001, al-Tawhid, Hamas and Soran Forces announced the formation of Jund al-Islam. The group declared jihad (holy war) against secular and other political parties in Iraqi Kurdistan deemed to have deviated from the "true path of Islam," according to a report by the U.S.-based rights monitor Human Rights Watch.
Jund al-Islam, led by al-Shafii, seized control of several villages near Halabja, Iraq in September 2001 and established a local administration governed according to Sharia law. Mullah Krekar formed Ansar al-Islam as a merger of Jund al-Islam and a splinter group of the Islamic Movement in Kurdistan.
 In the area then under its control, Ansar barred women from education and employment, confiscated musical instruments, and banned music both in public and private, banned televisions, and threatened the use of Islamic punishments of amputation, flogging, and stoning (hey that sounds just like ISIS!!!) to death for offenses such as theft, the consumption of alcohol, and adultery, said Human Rights Watch.

As I stated in a previous post:

 "These are the people who raided Iraq & Syria and are now in the process of destroying Turkey. Next will come Iran. The Kurds are Sunni Muslim and many of them are very radical, ardent, one could say fanatical islamists, just like ISIS.  It's all been done in plain site. You just had to have eyes to see it. And be able to sort fact from flights of fancy"


  1. My opinion of Norway is that its leaders and many of its citizens are jelly fish fully brain boxed and controlled by the US/NATO terrorist organization and completely in agreement with what has become an immoral, decadent social system. It's an opinion, I admit to that. But one I could easily support given ample time to collect sources. Moral choices are moral choices. As for the Kurdish groups, they are fully controlled by the US deep-state actors. If thete"s money in it, they're with it.

    1. I keep noticing Norway coming up allied with these Islamist terror groups all the time- tied to terrorists and their gov allows it of course

      Yup, the Kurds are up to their eyeballs with the NATO terror entity

  2. Jund al-Islam, Ansar al-Islam, Ansar al-Sunna, Ansar al-Sham,... we run out of als, are the same entity all along. Although Kurdish, it started its stellar carrier massacring its own more secular Kurdish brothers who might pose a threat to a growing Islamist Turkey and her dreams of restoring the accursed Caliphate of yore. Their merger with ISIS is what was bound to happen (irrespective of what appears to be personal vendettas between the leaders of both 'organizations').
    They are not part of a plot for 'destabilizing Turkey" by NATO. Turkey is full steam behind ISIS, and is actually supported openly by NATO. NATO won't be 'destabilizing' Turkey ever. On the contrary. Turkey must be kept whole and strong because it was assigned the role to 'stand up to the Russian bully' who is hellbent to "oppress Moooslims and Türkler" (from Caucasus to Crimea, passing through the Balkans), in addition to the Islamization of Europe. It was the role that the 'Atlanticists' assigned to the Ottomans since (actually before!) the fateful day of 29th of May 1453.
    There are very few people who would cry if Turkey would disappear altogether.

    1. You forgot to caveat under new management

    2. wiz oz- I disagree. And I wholeheartedly but respectfully disagree.

      Turkey is being destabilized. And it will be balkanized.

      A Kurdistan aka second Israel will be created

      Israel is talking openly and repeatedly about this.

      - Turkey is not full steam behind ISIS- that's the accepted main stream narrative- not the fact.

      The PKK is annexing Turkish territory as I type, and have been for months and months now.

      Turkey in it's present form is not necessary to destabilize Russia

      And as anonymous points out- what remains of Turkey will be under new management and finally accepted by the EU

      If you read the information posted above the Islamist Kurds have always been massacring their own brethren and it has zero to do with Turkey-

      The YPG target Kurds and have all along
      The PKK in Turkey have caused more suffering to non compliant Kurds then to Turks.

      I've covered all of this in 100's and 100's of posts

    3. The part about India is way off track. Look into the timing of the border crossing bombings and loc escalations. The compare them to the peace talks momentum.the dig into the latest us SECDEF visit as the 4th brahmos test goes off in month. Finally check the geography of the Indian sub trials ongoing and the latest Indian naval ship explosion. Shards of truth in the Eurasia analysis playing out most notably in kazak and kyrgz and afghan escalation. How quickly the stories about the one eyed al queda scratch that mullah omar and his death being kept quiet by all parties for years is forgotten. Baluch seems the more relevant geography here as Moscow fires off a hyper ICBM warns nato of baltics and deploys artillery as reported to northern Turkey. and the ongoing ring of s400 around Moscow. India has not only remained steadfast in its nonaligbned tradition but if you note the Indians have guarded the Indian Ocean rather jealously even visavis the USN. Whioch speaks to the latest boat refugees offshore Myanmar and the us offering those patrols last yearvasean roundly rejected. The French fighter deal the lack of the Modi crew to ram through gold market reforms and broader privatization not to mention the very important project syndicate article the RBI Rajan just penned calling for a new Bretton woods. Your analysis of indi is perhaps half on the mark but there is a large opposition. And that opposition sees itself manifested in the student protests of late sectarian and caste divisions abnd most notably the leak a few years ago about us intel being behind a Bangladesh coupa s reported by Indian intelligence (which is curious in view of laest central bank heist in Bangladesh pinned ona china national like those Thai bombings coming back to your euasia point and those ever-present grey Wolves in Crimea.

  3. It might seen out of place here and without relation to Turkey's shenanigans. The following piece of information would have been more at home in the post about Shambala, but apparently all interest in it faded away. But in fact it has an ominous relation.

    Modi govt is acting like a bull in China shop, by M. K. Bhadrakumar– April 21, 2016@

    "The Deccan Herald newspaper reported today that the Modi government proposes to promote democracy in China. The government is pioneering a Track II event that espouses the liberation of Xinjiang from the Chinese yoke.
    The venue of the Track II is the abode of the Dalai Lama up in the Himalayas in the vicinity of Xinjiang – Dharamsala. The World Uyghur Congress leader Dolkun Isa, whom Beijing has listed as a ‘terrorist’, will be the star performer at the 4-day conference that begins on April 28.
    Indeed, Chinese dissidents of all hues are flying in, including, curiously, a US-based Chinese activist who was behind the Tiananmen Square incidents of 1989. (Deccan Herald)
    From all appearance, India is dusting up an old CIA file that had worked on the democracy project to stifle the communist system in China in its cradle. This is a plausible meaning of what is unfolding. From a mile, the participants at the Track II in Dharamsala resemble CIA “assets”."
    The Shambala Wars all over again!
    Turkey is smarting take part in them. «Neo-Ottomanism + pan-Turkism + Islam = Great Turkey.» Once this formula has been put into practice, Turkey should become the «central government» of the new Eurasian order.(Davutoglu)

    Significantly, the "Circassian card" (“Russia has been oppressing Circassians for centuries”) is played again, however ridiculously ("setting up of a virtual republic, “Greater Circassia,” which is planned to become real as time goes on. The essence of the project is as follows: select via Internet several thousand willing persons to become its citizens and let them already receive passports of this virtual state by the year 2016...“Circassian polity”, as an initiator of the project, intends to announce “its claim to statehood and representation before the international community.” Moreover, it has stated that, ”In case of any natural or other alteration of the existing borders of Russia, liquidation of Russian statehood or other reasons which will lead to a change in the status quo, the Circassian people is the only and indisputable possessor of the right to the territory and the status which had been lost because of annexation by the Russian state.”)
    There are 2 million Circassians in Turkey descendants of the "genocide" perpetrated by the Russians, who want apologies and compensations.
    The UN High Commissioner for Refugees supported an application to the management of the EU on behalf of Australian Circassians concerning a special procedure for the absorption of Circassian refugees from Syria. Such a passport system is aimed at differentiating Circassians from Syrian refugees who are arriving in Europe and also helping them to assert their right to be considered as refugees from virtual Circassia...It is planned also in the future to negotiate with the countries which have recognized the “genocide” of the Circassian people, acknowledge the Circassian passport and agree to provide its bearer with civil and economic rights comparable to the rights of natives in those countries. It would give the Circassians the right to enter those territories without visas and legalize their property."!!!

    1. wiz oz I mentioned your comment in the Red Shambala post because it does seem to be related, and yes, that post is still being read
      Thank you for leaving it :)

  4. Hey Penny - Norway again, seems all European states are taking hits recently. Lots of analysts are drawing attention to two things as the reason 1)TTIP is not popular and getting them to sign on has been tough. 2)Russian sanctions due for renewal by July and businesses strongly oppose. Seems US has been pulling out all the tricks in their bag to try influencing pols in different ways. You could add Panama Papers to the list - Ukraine reshuffled the deck and Iceland let banksters out of jail, while Pakistan is still up in arms over their PM.
    Amsterdam was hit by several "suspicious packages" at Schipol airport right after the Dutch vote against Ukraine. Even today French are still trying to extend their State of Emergency AGAIN (cuz they can not that it helps).

    1. Hey silver palomino
      dam straight the ttip isn't popular
      Canada's central banker is pushing that agenda and hard- there was an article in globe and mail how it is so necessary and Canadians have to be convinced of it's wonderfulness- so sell, sell, sell or manipulate more accurately

      "e governor of Canada's central bank says policy-makers have a duty to explain the merits of free trade at a moment marked by anti-globalization sentiment lapping across different continents.

      Stephen Poloz will deliver a speech in two weeks in New York on strengthening global trade, its growth rendered sluggish by a variety of factors including low commodity prices and a multi-country economic slump.

      The Bank of Canada governor said protectionism is also a concern, in an exchange with reporters at the global financial meetings Saturday"

      Canadian leadership probably loves the Russian sanctions, anything to serve the US and NATO all the time..


  5. Watch the egype and Italy nexus. Take note that back in 2013 world gold council calle,d for India to mobalize it's gold with gold backed bonds. Pimco today out calling for fed to bid for gold and re monitixe it which is itself a remarkable development. The establishment getting behind gold as China begins setting in yuan. Italy has the 4th largest gold stock in the world. Repeat Italy has the 4th largest gold stock in the world. Bigger than the German repatriation. Add that to the refugee pipeline and Renzi reform issues cramming down on Italy in the form of the latest banking scandal slash bad bank. The alleged Italian hit on anniversary of Egypt spring. And thelatest tea cup vendor kill by police and the social viralness as Israel says Sisi doesn't live out his term months ago.


    Not sure what 'they' want out of the Syria/Turkey situation other than chaos and no stable developed countries that can resist internationalism, but Erdogan is sealing his own fate by building a throne out of bayonets. Calling intellectuals terrorists and demanding that those who insult the President be 2016...

    1. thanks for the link Modern Kant- Looks like an interesting read.

      As for Erdogan, don't believe all the hype..

      Erdogan is being demonized in the same fashion as Assad, Ghaddafi and many others.
      That's what happens when a nation is being targeted and Turkey is being targeted!

      Doesn't matter what the kurds really want- all that matters is what Israel wants.. Israel 2.0 aka Kurdistan
      I've numerous posts on that topic and Israel 2.0 requires a sizeable chunk of Turkey