Monday, April 25, 2016

Think Tanks, Oligarchs and NGO's: Destroying Humanity, Society and More

 Jay Dyer @ Jay's Analysis  with Patrick Henningson @ 21st Century Wire

 "Patrick Henningsen of 21st Century Wire invited me on the Sunday Wire to discuss the steering and planning committees of the global order, and in particular the Atlanticist establishment. We cover the fake humanitarian agenda, organizational cover, how RAND shaped the new world, as well as the green/climate scam. From there, we cover the 28 pages of the 9/11 report as a red herring distraction and how Trump and the political theatre is shaping up. A killer interview you must hear!"
Indeed, a killer interview!


  1. I finally finished listening to the whole thing. It was interesting, and spot on for the most part.

    Only issue I had was when they talked about Trump's son, and how his point of view was fairly spot on and anti-establishment . . . without mentioning why Trump has been foisted upon us. And one one of the reasons he is even a candidate with a chance to win is key, and I haven't heard talked about very often.

    Reasons Donald Trump is a candidate for the presidency, and why he gets such an enormously disproportionate amount of media coverage:

    1) As the bad guy to vote against, so Hillary can get in.

    2) He is one of the very few candidates who actually calls out the establishment on several issues (TPP, for example, as mentioned by the radio show), but he is also an abhorrent person for the majority of other issues and opinions. The elite LOVE to do this, pairing an admirable opinion with 5 nasty ones, so that if you dared to want that one admirable thing . . . you voting for a nasty a-hole. Which is Trump in spades.

    Of course, even if that candidate gets in, all the good promises disappear faster than you can say bullshit.

    3) And of course, Trump is there to hog the spotlight, waste brain cells and time, to obfuscate and misdirect (essentially, it is the media who is really doing this, but Trump has to make the odd outrageous statement so that it can be covered ad nauseum).

    But yeah, otherwise a very good interview.

    1. Hey Slozo:

      there is also an article that is part and parcel of this interview- especially the NGO's

      Or as I like to call them No Good Organizations

      It's a good read too

      As for Trump... Since I think Hillary is all set to get in. I agree with your points

  2. Mean Mister MustardApril 29, 2016 at 3:48 PM

    I haven't got around to listening to that yet (I find Dyer rather humdrum) but I bet it's not as good as this one from your old pals at Gnosticmedia-

    Another very insightful talk from one of your compatriots, Penny -

    I agree with Slozo and it's very sad to see so many who really should know better being taken in by him.

    1. Hey MMM :)
      I like Dyer-
      and yah, I heard that talk from Jan and Joe, it's very good.
      I will look at Graeme's article at SOTT thanks MMM
      Not sure who is being taken in by Trump other then Michael Rivero at WRH?
      Everyone needs a hero- or too many people need a hero?
      nice to see you around mmm :)

    2. Mean Mister MustardApril 30, 2016 at 4:34 AM

      I listened to it last night - it's a good talk, Dyer has gone up in my estimation. I agreed with everything, but didn't learn anything new.

      He was quite good on the dialectic of soft-power / hard-power (2 hands of the same beast). There are 2 paths to world dominion being 'progressed' at the same time. Most see neither, some see one which reinforces their own biases, very few see the dialectic at play.

      Re Trump - I guess I was thinking of the likes of Mark Glenn of TUT. I doubt he's your cup of tea anyway.

      You're doing great work - better and better. If only there were more like you.

      ciao bella ;)

    3. aahhhhh.... how can I not adore anyone who calls me bella :)

      I don't listen to Mark Glenn at TUT. I think I've heard him previously and your right he wasn't my cup of tea

      "You're doing great work - better and better. If only there were more like you."

      thanks. so nice to read a compliment.
      I wish there were more like me, just people who are learnin' and sharin'- lots of m/disinfo out there to sort through that's for sure!

      If you've been quietly reading you know I've become disillusioned with many other sites and personalities- I'm less angry about being mislead and just see it now as part of the learning curve

      take care MMM