Sunday, April 10, 2016

US Aircraft Spotted Dropping Arms to ISIS in Iraq


I don't doubt it! This wouldn't be the first time, or event the second or third time, I've seen this type of activity being reported on by the Iraqi media.
Several Iraqi policemen claim they have seen US aircraft dropping weapons and munitions for Daesh terrorists in a region west of the Anbar province on Friday.

In a video posted on Iraq’s al-Maaloomah news website on Sunday, they are purportedly heard saying that the American plane had also jammed their communication devices in the Hadisah Island district.

"There is an American aircraft seen at four o’clock in the morning on Friday over the Hadisah Island district of the Anbar province, delivering weapons and munitions to Daesh criminals,” one of the policemen says.

"The plane proceeded to jam radar devices of the police regiment stationed in Hadisah Island to prevent contact between the affiliates and the headquarters of the regiment," he added.

The man said they had seen a military vehicle of Daesh arriving in the region a few minutes later and transferring the weapons to the place the group controlled.

In the video, the man and his associates are heard appealing to Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi to follow up the issue.
The Iraqi army and the volunteer Hashd al-Shaabi forces liberated the district from Daesh terrorists just last month.
So the Iraqi army and the volunteer forces had just liberated this area. Freed it of ISIS/Daesh fighters. And the US is dropping arms to ISIS/Daesh so they can retake the area???? 

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"Until recently, Tasucu has been for civilian use only but the port has now been rented by the Americans in preparation for war with Iraq"

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