Monday, May 16, 2016

Erdogan: West More Concerned With Animal And Gay Rights

Shame on those who in the West divert their sensitivity to the so-called freedoms, rights, and law shown in the debate over gay marriage away from Syrian women, children, and innocents in need of aid," Erdogan said.
RT:  allegedly quoting from here, which is Turkish media. If Ally is around and would like to translate that would be nice :)

Hammer meet nail! The West loves despicable identity politics. The West employs identity politics relentlessly as a divide to conquer method.
"Earlier this week, Turkey’s president refused to bring his country’s anti-terror laws in line with EU standards, describing Europe lecturing Ankara as a “black comedy,” because it allegedly offers safe haven to terrorist groups’ political wings and refuses to fix its own flawed laws"
Turkey's terror laws must not be loosey goosey (careless and imprecise) enough for the EU.
Since the EU has a hand in lots of terror creation.
“European countries continue to be safe havens for the political extensions of terrorist groups. When this is the case, it's a piece of black comedy that the EU criticizes our country over the definition of terrorism,” Erdogan said in Ankara on Tuesday.
In an effort to follow the philosophy that the best offense is a good defense, Erdogan said it is Europe that should be amending its laws"
“First of all, we expect EU countries to fix their own laws that support terrorism,” Erdogan said, calling on the EU to answer why it allowed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) activists to set up tents in front of the European Parliament in March"

Erdogan called out the EU to fix their own laws that actually support terrorism! Which of course they do. That's why the EU allowed an EU/US recognized terror group to set up tents in the global terror capital- Brussels. Home of NATO. The global terror army.

Flashback: Washington Post Obfuscates, GREATLY, on Erdogans's Brussels "warning"
 "Critics believe Ankara's ambiguous anti-terror laws are being used to stifle dissent"
Canada's laws are used to stifle dissent- Where is the criticism? US laws are used to stifle dissent, where is the western criticism? Oh never mind! EU hypocrisy.

From earlier!

Bye Bye Barzani. Hello, Israel 2.0 aka Kurdistan


  1. Hey Penny -

    This doesn't really belong on this post but it's totally amazing so had to pass it along. The videos in this short article are #1 FSA killing a couple YPG (1 a female) and #2 is why they did it - YPG a couple weeks earlier had paraded dead FSA bodies on a flat bed truck thru Efrin in N. Syria
    Not sure if we should laugh/cry or just shake head, but they were likely trying to negotiate a truce because they knew there would be payback for their stunt.

    BTW loved your conversation with Ally :-)

    1. Hi SP: Yah, I'm not sure how to react to that either
      and Ally was great to talk with

  2. Lol.
    I don't really speak Turkish that well but from what I can see, he doesn't even mention gay rights.

    1. Really? Can you give me a run down to the best of your ability? That would be so great because it would give us all an idea of what is lost in the translation
      thanks if possible

    2. The first 2 paragraphs refers to the 'Geziciler' who were the Gezi Park protestors - Erdogan has been critisizing these people a lot.
      The next part is about Erdogan's presidential system and how the centre-left CHP has said that in order for Erdogan to switch to a presidential system, he will have to spill blood. Erdogan is criticising them and saying that America never spilled blood and they have a presidential system.
      the next part talks about some Kizilay
      Then Erdogan goes back to talking about spilling blood and says that we should be happy to do this. He says that we will spill blood against terrorism. he talks about creating a better democracy and believing.
      Then he criticising the centre-left CHP and talks about how they are 'supposedely Kemalist' and then gives some quote by Ataturk.
      Then he talks about the 2019 elections
      And then this is the part which I think RT might have gotten the quote but he doesn't quite say that RT has written: He is talking about the religious leader in Bangladesh who died and nobody in the West cared. He criticises the fact that when a person dies in the West, everyone seems to care but when Muslims are dying in Syria, no one cares. And then he also talks about the kids drowning trying to reach Europe and the lives of 23 million Syrians and how no one in the West cares. He also mentions how terribly the refugees that have reached Europe have been treated, some countries have been taking the money and possessions of refugees (he is probs talking about Sweden). He is criticising the West as they keep talking about 'democracy' but don't care about the way Muslims, especially Syrian refugees. Trying to say that they are hypocrites.

    3. Thank you for your help with translation. RT, America, has become a not so reliable source.

    4. Charles: Yep, I think RT has become unreliable for turkey. RT is now just filled with anti-Turk and anti-America propaganda, lots true but Putin is deliberately targetting Erdogan after the downing of the plane. Every time something happens in Syria, it is blamed on Erdogan and many times not even true like in this case. We also have the BBC in the UK which is a government mouthpiece too, publishing about the 'heroic' Kurds and making up rubbish about Assad 'regime' when it is Assad, with the help of Russian airstrikes and lebannon that have saved most of the areas from Isis.

    5. Thank YOu Ally- I have saved your translation it is a great help to us all :)

  3. Though not a fan of Erdogan, he makes an interesting point. What he may not realize, and I stress may, is the west uses such issues as distractions. Along with abortion rights and certain environmental issues.

    1. The west used all these issues as disctraction, i wish more people would realize this and not get caught up in it- sigh
      and yet they do

  4. Absolutely. Emotional issues rather than the real problem issues. The emotional issues that government has no place in legislating or acting upon become the focal points. In my opinion you can thank religious beliefs for it. Another thing which has no place in government excepting legislating religious tolerance.

  5. Hi Penny,

    Long time! Came back here to add what I know... hopefully you'll find it useful. :)

    "He is talking about the religious leader in Bangladesh who died and nobody in the West cared."

    Actually he deserved it. He was a monster created/supported by the western powers. Before taliban, al CIADoh, isis etc. there were jamaat e islami shitheads. Luckily my family escaped all the carnage but many people weren't so lucky.

    Here is a link: