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Germany’s Dead Baby Find Requires an Expanded Military Role. Against Libya. Again.

It's always about dead/injured children isn't it? It's like the sickest war mascot there is.
A close second is women- Sometimes pregnant women
Young men just can't be used to play the manipulative card as effectively.

This time a German NGO allegedly found a deceased refugee child

this is the image accompanying the article
May 31/2016- Let's read together:
But when a German rescuer who gave his name as Martin looked closer, he noticed the "shining, friendly but motionless eyes" and the body that looked like a doll with its "arms and tiny fingers stretched toward the sky." 
A German 'rescuer' whose name may or may not be Martin- "gave his name as" tells us this is likely a false name. No one checked the facts. Very descriptive recounting
  According to the German aid group Sea-Watch, the baby was on a boat
So an NGO operative claimed this baby was on a refugee boat. Both Sea-Watch and the Italian navy participated in the rescue operation. According to "Martin". No verification other then from the person who gave his name as Martin
The rescuer, a father who usually works as a music therapist in Germany and was volunteering with Sea-Watch, said of his reaction to recovering the baby's corpse: "I wanted to scream, but I decided to sing instead, in order to calm myself and the baby which should never have died — and to give some kind of expression to this incomprehensible, heartbreaking moment."
I wanted to scream but I decided to sing? I'm not believing this tale.
 According to Martin, most of the other drowned refugees were women; two of them appeared to have been pregnant.
"The death of refugees is being tolerated to scare off others who might come after them," Sea-Watch founder Harald Höppner was quoted as saying.
 As a deterrent?!
A deterrent to who. Apparently not fleeing persons because we have NGO's continuing to show us images and present contrived narratives. Sort of a self serving narrative, no?  We need NGO's to 'rescue' fleeing persons
Germany Concludes The Way To Prevent Refugees Is to Make More War

German cabinet backs expanded role in Mediterranean mission

Chancellor Angela Merkel's cabinet agreed on Wednesday to expand the role of the German navy in the Mediterranean Sea to include efforts to stop arms headed to Islamic State militants in Libya, German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen said.
The German decision comes days after the European Union gave its naval force the authority to search suspicious vessels as part of its five-frigate "Sophia" mission, which is also seeking to break up gangs smuggling migrants to Europe.
Search suspicious vessels and break up gangs smuggling migrants to Europe- Very humanitarian- For all those humanitarian interventionists out there...
  The mandate also covers work to help Libya build up a coastal patrol and navy.
 And here is the real reason why Germany, after finding a baby, is expanding it's role in the Mediterranean.
"She said the expanded EU and German missions followed a U.N. decision to reinforce an arms embargo on Libya, where Islamic State fighters operate. "That sent a very strong signal," von der Leyen said
Von der Leyen said there were still some legal issues to resolve regarding Germany's expanded role, but the cabinet decision and expected parliamentary approval would allow the German military to begin detailed planning for the bigger role."
Arms embargo? Or Arms delivery? Planning for the bigger role in attacking Libya

Recall this post from May 23/2016?

  Looks to be a move to increase the weaponized migration into the EU
Among other agendas of course

 "Daesh has deliberately opened a second front in Libya to break out of its encirclement in Syria-Iraq. It has anything between 4,000 and 6,000 fighters in Libya, based on Gaddafi’s old stronghold of Sirte. Despite ceding ground recently to General Hafter’s National Army, Libyan Daesh last week inflicted heavy casualties on militia units protecting Serraj’s puppet GNA.
Daesh conveniently moves to Libya... rolls eyes

At Nato’s July summit, the decision will be taken to blockade Libya’s 2,000-kilometre coast. Britain has already deployed a spy ship (HMS Enterprise) to the area and US drones are flying daily across Libya from the Italian island of Pantelleria. Various reputable media sources reveal there are already British, American, French and Italian Special Forces on the ground directing militia operations against Daesh. Come July expect renewed airstrikes targeting Daesh.
 So, let's look at this from a realistic point of view- 

 Next month NATO will meet. One of their decisions (already made) will be to blockade Libya's 2,000 Kilometre Coast line in anticipation of beginning renewed airstrikes- Germany was missing from the mix of mass killers mentioned above, but not anymore- Thanks to a German NGO finding a 'dead baby'- which required Germany to expand it's military presence in the Mediterranean in order to participate in this NATO attack on Libya

And that's how you sell a war folks! Wave around some dead children. Dead babies. Have an NGO find the child, pregnant women whatever, in order to create a perception of being at a distance and then get your war on!

The Latest from Libya
CAIRO – Fierce clashes in Libya between pro-government militiamen and Islamic State militants in the city of Sirte and an explosion at a depot near the capital, Tripoli, left more than 60 dead in just one day, a spokesman and a Libyan state news agency reported Wednesday.

In Sirte, the last bastion of the Islamic State group in the North African country, Tuesday’s clashes killed 36 militiamen aligned with the newly-UN brokered government. The militias, mainly from the western town of Misrata, have been leading an offensive since early May to take full control over Sirte.

At first, the militiamen rapidly advanced into the city but the push got bogged down in recent days amid a series of suicide bombings by IS. Along with the 36 militiamen killed, mostly in direct gun battles with IS militants, Misrata hospital spokesman Abdel-Aziz Essa also said that about 140 were wounded in Tuesday’s battles.

IS fighters reportedly have hunkered down at the militant group’s headquarters in Sirte, the sprawling Ouagadougou convention centre that was built by late dictator Moammar Gadhafi. Sirte was also Gadhafi’s birthplace and the city he fled to during the 2011 civil war, when Libyan rebels backed by NATO bombings forced him out of the capital, Tripoli.

Meanwhile, the state LANA news agency said an explosion at a depot on Tuesday in the town of Garabuli, near Tripoli, followed clashes with militias and killed 29 civilians.

According to a statement on the Facebook page of the Qarabouli municipal council, the clashes took place between militiamen in charge of the town security and armed local protesters. When the protesters stormed the militia’s barracks, the depot exploded, the statement said. It said that the depot housed firecrackers, not ammunition.

Photographs posted on the page showed charred bodies covered in plastic sheets.

The U.N. envoy to Libya, Martin Kobler, said on his Twitter account he was “shocked and saddened by reported violence and lives lost in Garabuli tonight.”

The high death toll illustrates the violence that has roiled Libya since Gadhafi’s ouster and death in the 2011 uprising against his rule that turned into a civil war. Over the past years, rival militias and governments have torn the country apart while IS-linked militants gained strength, setting up a base in Sirte, along Libya’s central Mediterranean coast. As Libya slid into chaos, hundreds of thousands of mostly African migrants flooded the country’s coastline, attempting to cross to Europe.

Meanwhile, on a third front, inside the war-raged eastern city of Benghazi, army forces and local fighters have been battling Islamic extremists the past two years. The army is under the command of controversial commander Khalifa Hifter, who answers to the internationally-recognized parliament seated in eastern Libya.

Foreign military advisers have been working with different factions in Libya.

On Tuesday, the Marine Corps general Lt. Gen. Thomas D. Waldhauser who is nominated to lead U.S. forces in Africa said the United States has a small number of troops on the ground in Libya but that no more are needed “at the moment.”

Waldhauser testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee, saying the Americans are in advisory roles in Libya while acknowledging that he isn’t aware of an “overall grand strategy” for Libya. The U.S. previously has conducted airstrikes in Libya, targeting Islamic State fighters and IS leaders.

For its part, the European Union on Monday boosted the role of its naval operation in the Mediterranean to counter the increasing numbers of desperate migrants trying to reach Europe.

EU foreign ministers agreed at talks in Luxembourg to extend their operation in Libya by another year and tasked it with building up Libya’s coast guard and navy. The operation will also help to police a U.N. arms embargo off the Libya coast.

Rights groups have warned that working with Libyan militias could come with a high cost, citing grave violations by militias acting on behalf of ruling authorities against the migrants

Sick, sick, sick!


  1. Any falsified, trumped up reason to slaughter the brown-skinned populace of a Middle Eastern or African country. Any falsified reason to destroy their infrastructure, collapse the economies of same creating failed, fully dependent states, then rob their reserves of money and resources. Anything to facilitate the hegemon's goal of world domination will put into action. Any sort of morality be damned. Never a religious sort have I been, but the US and their Nato vassals, have led me to believe true Evil does exist. Satanic like evil.

    1. Is the middle east's most peaceful democracy about to get bigger?

      According to Olay daily, Fatih Erbakan, son to former "Turkish PM Nacmedin Erbakan, stated that developments in Syria are in line with the developments in Turkey as well as the developments in Iraq and Libya’s division and all are within efforts to create the big Israel."

  2. Any falsified, trumped up reason to slaughter the brown-skinned populace of a Middle Eastern or African country. Any falsified reason to destroy their infrastructure, collapse the economies of same creating failed, fully dependent states, then rob their reserves of money and resources. Anything to facilitate the hegemon's goal of world domination will put into action. Any sort of morality be damned. Never a religious sort have I been, but the US and their Nato vassals, have led me to believe true Evil does exist. Satanic like evil.

    1. I understand you completely Charles!

  3. And here comes the US navy to get things started with China as the UNCLOS South China Sea ruling is about to be revealed. Same for Russia btw. 2 day old report. Very disturbing timing.

    By David Brunnstrom and Matt Spetalnick

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Navy chief said on Monday where military tensions have risen amid China's growing assertiveness.

    The U.S. carriers John C. Stennis and Ronald Reagan began joint operations in seas east of the Philippines at the weekend in a show of strength ahead of an international court ruling expected soon on China's expansive territorial claims in the contested South China Sea.

    Admiral John Richardson, the chief of U.S. Naval Operations, told a Washington think tank it was not often the United States had two carrier strike groups in the same waters and it was a sign of U.S. commitment to regional security.

    He referred to a similar deployment of a second U.S. carrier in the Mediterranean Sea last week, at a time when U.S. officials are raising alarm over Russia's maritime expansion.

    Once more

    " ...he hoped the deployment of two aircraft carriers on a training mission in East Asia would deter any attempts to destabilize the region,"

    Because sending an unusually large nuclear "show of force" could in no way be interpreted as something that might invite an adverse Chinese response. Get ready for war folks.

    1. Is Soros/Rockefeller funded and their NGOs agitating for a revolution in Mexico in addition to Brazil, Venezuela etc. etc.?

      "In the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca, a deadly police crackdown against teachers has left nine people dead and more than 100 wounded. On Sunday, police descended on teachers in the community of Nochixtlán, where they had set up blockades to protest against neoliberal education reform and the arrests of two teachers’ union leaders last week on what protesters say are trumped-up charges. "As soon as they arrived, they began to attack. And we were few, very few," said a Oaxacan teacher. "Then we started running. But they began to attack right away, instantly. At no time did they give warning to clear the area."

  4. German theater shooting at shopping mall

    Day after Steinmeier warnings on warmongering

    Going back to the CDU bomb scare after the same steinmeier warned on the open borders August 2015

    Steinmeier is also the one who floated the staged rollback of sanctions weeks ago

    ""We are aware that resistance in the EU to extending the sanctions toward Russia has increased," Frank-Walter Steinmeier was quoted by Lithuania's BNS news agency saying in an interview."

    Vice Chancellor Gabriel who just backed the Steinmeier comments on NATO warmingering off to Russia to discuss eocnomic ties (Nord Stream 2 +) as Merkel says non need to roll back sanctions with reported EU backing of extension

    Earlier this year Gabriel called for fewer refugees

    Which comes back to the carwash plagerism scandals in Germany going back to 2011-13 including Gabriel, Steinmeier and the presumed Merkel replacement..

    Plagiarism ensnared Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg in 2011 another Chancellor candidate

    "Schavan is the second member of Merkel's cabinet to step down because of plagiarism allegations. In 2011, Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg stepped down after he was found to have plagiarized large sections of his Ph.D. thesis."

    Steinmeier warnings on russian sanctions last year into the sanctions rollover

    Steinmeier has been the leading voice warning of the forces in Ukraine escalating conflict into any minsk progress.

    Nuland is in Moscow today meeting with the Cardinal

    As the Argentine is buying memorabilia

    1. Image is a replay of the mysterious Michael Yon and his Iraq photo - who has moved on to China

    2. Comment went to spam

    3. Westgate shopping mall

      2012 Aurora shooting

      MFS ship now in Med

    4. I did get one comment out of spam and thanks for the links- I've had a swamped day today


    1. Kobani canton?

  6. just a variation on the incubator babies story. that thing he is holding looks like a prop to me. they are very realistic these days. it's a science. here's a webpage where someone makes them for regular people, not just the film industry. they sell them as dolls.

    I seriously doubt they would have taken a real baby out on the high seas for the photo op.

    1. When they start using dead puppies the end is nigh...

    2. Hey Willy

      Yup, it is a variation on the incubator narrative!
      ty for the link

  7. Is Erdogan preparing to turn against the EU/NATO and send millions of refugees streaming across it's border to destabilize Europe?

    Sure smells fishy to me.

    Here he is talking at a recent graduation ceremony. Europe better not keep upsetting him since there are 2 million refugees in Turkey, another million in Lebanon and 600K in Jordan, which incidentally just closed it's borders.

    "You do not know the Turkish people. These people are not after travel without visas. It is you who is concerned about what would happen if Turkey opens its doors and all the refugees will go to Europe[…]. At the same time we take care of the refugees. Why? Because we care about people, unlike you. You don't care about anything like that," Turkish news agency Anadolu cited Erdogan as saying.

    Paranoid persecution complex? Theatrical performance?

    "And here is your ugly face. And then you are angry when Erdogan shows your ugly face [to the world]. So you are trying to get rid of Erdogan," the Turkish President said talking about himself in the third person.

    Refugee map >

    1. "Is Erdogan preparing to turn against the EU/NATO and send millions of refugees streaming across it's border to destabilize Europe?"

      Erdogan turning against the EU and NATO? No
      Erdogan sending refugees? NO

      This is a familiar but very false meme

      I know it's very pc to say Erdogan is spreading Islamists and Ottamanism etc

      But the only party with the logistics to "islamize' Europe has always been NATO/USA/Israel

      It's been the US that wants to subjugate Europe

      It's been Israel that benefits from the 'immigration'

      The map fails to show the migrant route via Italy, which has overtaken Greece.

      So, it is lacking greatly

    2. "Erdogan turning against the EU and NATO? No (YES)

      "Erdogan sending refugees? NO" (Ya... I agree... that's just an empty threat. That's why I asked it as a question ;))

      "I know it's very pc to say Erdogan is spreading Islamists and Ottamanism etc." (That I wouldn't know. What I do know is that if you listen to what he says and watch what he does... I mean passing a new law giving himself what amounts to dictatorial powers? How is that not problematic? The other law allows him to prosecute his political opposition which is a handy thing to have during the tough votes. Bedsides... he's a huge muslim brotherhood sympathizer who still wants Morsi back in power in Egypt. This man has greatness written all over him I assure you! ;) and

      "But the only party with the logistics to "islamize' Europe has always been NATO/USA/Israel"
      (Who said anything about Islamization of Europe? I think immigration is over in Europe. Immigration will likely be a third rail issue from here on in. )

      "It's been the US that wants to subjugate Europe"
      (It's the same bankers that own Europe that own the United States last time I checked. ;)

      Sorry about the map. I actually saw that it was old but at least it had numubers. I think the number of refugees in Turkey has increased by a million or so since then.

    3. " I mean passing a new law giving himself what amounts to dictatorial powers?"

      That's spin and I've covered that here previously
      He wants to turn Turkey into a system like the US, where the power is in the Presidents office.

      Does the world consider Obama a dictator or a freely elected president of a democracy?

      The difference is in the spin by the media.

      Dictator Erdogan is spin

    4. RE: Changing governance in Turkey

      "All this hyperbole stems from the fact that Turkey wants to move away from a constitution that came into being after one of Turkey’s many coups. And ironically what is being proposed is the same type of government that exists in the US!

      Erdoğan wants to change the Turkish constitution to turn the ceremonial role of president into that of a chief executive, a Turkish version of the system in the United States, France or Russia.

      The current constitution has remained in force since 1982 but several amendments have been made to it since then as it carries traces of the military takeover in 1980."

      Emboldened by the AKP's sweeping electoral comeback on Nov. 1, Erdogan has stepped up his appeal for a presidential system similar to that of the United States or Russia

  8. Hey Penny -

    Great story and comments!! Have you forgotten the "freedom fighters" lately?? I've got some interesting book quotes to US supplying the "contras" in 1980s and it sure looks like they have been using a similar game plan now with kurds.

    1. Hey Silver Palomino:

      Funny you mentioned that because I often think of the contras as being = to the Kurdish militias

      In fact I just said to hubby, haven't I been saying that
      He just replied 'exactly what you've been saying to me'

      I totally believe it's the same playbook, perhaps with slight variations, but overall the same.

      And no I haven't forgotten them- It's just been a crazy week- And I know Libya is heating up so I want to stay on top of that

      Sigh... it's impossible for me to do it all - though I wish I could!

    2. I hear ya - things are heating up in MANY places. A good idea of what's really going on in Libya on this weeks Africa Today show:

      Too many things seemed like a blast to the past in Syria so I was rereading some old books and the similarities between kurds and contras was too much. Take special note of the name the group in Honduras had. Check out this AP (msm media) quote from Dec. 1985:

      "... the AP cited a CIA report alleging that a "top commander" of the Costa Rican-based guerillas had "used cocaine profits to buy a $250,000 arms shipment and a helicopter." ... Two Nicaraguan smugglers convicted in largest cocaine seizure in West Coast history - 430 pounds - admitted that they passed drug profits on to contras... A leading Bay area fund raiser for the Honduran-based *Nicaraguan Democratic Force*, the largest contra group, was identified in 1984 by DEA as "the apparent head of a criminal organization responsible for smuggling kilogram quantities of cocaine into the US".

      The entire program of the contras appears to have been repeated several times since then just in different countries. But the pattern is almost exactly the same. It would take typing the whole book to make the case, but that one quote where the names of both kurds and contras are identical was a major clue.

  9. I see the brexit vote is 'hanging on a knifes edge'!/brexit-sum-of-voting-so-far-remain-469-leave-531-20160623

    Brexit - Sum of voting so far Remain 46.9%, Leave 53.1%

    Brexit looks to be the biggest distraction going- Is all heck going to break loose
    market craziness
    or will it all be a smokescreen for an event elsewhere
    I don't know

    1. Don't worry. Tusk says it will take #7 years to exfiltrate the zone. Meanwhile in poland they are exhuming the plane crash bodies while France tables the Ararat polonium inquiry.

      Soros came out of retirement to trade the Gbp where he made his name. Chaos it is.

    2. "Brexit looks to be the biggest distraction going- Is all heck going to break loose market craziness or will it all be a smokescreen for an event elsewhere I don't know"

      That's why the monkey is here! ;)

      Boris (I don't know how to comb my hair) Johnson will be the new Prime Minister of Britain shortly btw...

      Sheer speculation as always!

    3. Buckle Up! ;)

  10. Us deploying more troops to iraq.
    Isreal pushing port offshore Gaza and inviting the Russians in like the tamar offtake.
    Lebanon says needs to ramp up exploration into shared offshore gas fields which can only mean more not less turbulence re the maritime border especially in view of the ENI superfield in Egypt.

  11. The selective censorship of the media - even showing the flag draped coffins of dead soldiers is off limits, as it is too upsetting apparently. Yet when it suits, the actual snuff films of Neda etc are aired.