Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Oh Canada?! : Law Enforcement Surveils Journalists in Canda

 A journalist who coincidentally has written unfavourable news items about law enforcment

Where are the phony little SJW’s? The ones who are all outraged, for purposes of mass manipulation of course- The twitter revolutionaries? Hashtag whatever?
 Our freedom loving government has granted itself powers that are only associated with  tyranny. Can we really go on believing we live in a free nation? And that we are free?

This news concerns me for both the journalist and for the fact it makes quite clear Canada is not freedom loving and that it’s only an unrealistic indoctrination that keeps Canadians quiet and complacent.

"La Presse reported Monday at least 24 surveillance warrants were issued for Patrick Lagacé's iPhone this year at the request of the police special investigations unit. That section is responsible for looking into crime within the police force.

The warrants were used to track Lagacé's whereabouts using the GPS chip in his iPhone. The warrants also allowed police to obtain the identities of everyone he spoke to or exchanged text messages with during that time.
"The new powers that the police have to surveil Canadians are absolutely horrifying, they're basically limitless, there's very little oversight, and when that happens the system will be ripe for abuse, and this is just an example of how it's abused," said Tom Henheffer, executive director of Canadian Journalists for Free Expression.
"What's even more worrying about it is the fact that this is a justice of the peace who actually authorized this."
In this case, Lagacé said police told him they obtained the court-authorized warrants because they believed the target of one of their investigations was feeding him information.
But he said the story in question was actually first reported on by a competitor, leading him to believe the investigation was actually a thinly veiled attempt to learn the identity of his sources within the police department.
"To me, this was a great pretext to try to investigate a reporter who has done numerous stories in the past that have embarrassed the service,'' he said.
"This is a big thing in a country like Canada. Police were permitted to spy on a journalist under very, very thin motives on a secondary part of a criminal investigation.''

Montreal police Chief Philippe Pichet said Monday that investigators never violated any rules.

"We respected every law to obtain the warrant we got. We followed the rules, and the judge authorized the warrant," he said during a news conference"
We respected the laws and followed the rules... The problem is, of course, the laws and the rules.

"Pichet also said the measures were necessary because it was an "exceptional situation."
It's always an exceptional situation- rolls eyes
"We are very conscientious about the importance of respecting the freedom of the press. However, the [Montreal police] also has the responsibility to carry out investigations on criminal acts – even against police officers."

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  1. Yep, and here in the land of the free corp. tries to kill citizens from having solar.

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