Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Ontario, Canada: Our Fatal Future! A Place to Live and Grow? Live Poor and Grow Broke.

A peeve of mine! Likely a peeve of every resident of Ontario, Canada. Electricity Rates! Sky High!

Was talking with GreenCrow about this last week.
Blogger Penny said...
Justin booed- yeah!
I get a sense of anger all over the place
In Ontario were getting hammered with very high electricity rates- as in ridiculous and extreme- and the irony of it all--- when the electricity that is created here is not used- Ontario pays other parties to take the electricity.
In 2013 it cost us a billion dollars

Blogger greencrow said...Hi Penny:

Ontario is the home base of Ziofascism in Canada. Any wonder that issues like the electricity theft is going on?

That's right Ontario, in 2013 paid over 1 BILLION Dollars to dump excess electricity- 

"Beleaguered Ontario ratepayers last year paid $1 billion to dump cheap electricity into neighbouring states and provinces, NDP energy critic MPP Peter Tabuns claims. “We’ve done the math, we found that last year (2013) Ontario subsidized power to people in the United States and Quebec and Manitoba to the tune of over a billion dollars,” the Toronto-Danforth MPP told reporters Monday.
“It is an extraordinary expense that people are carrying on their electricity bills. We think this is a broken system,” Tabuns said, adding that the cost to each of the 4.9 million Ontario ratepayers is about $220 a year. 

This is not the first time that this kind of expensive power dump has been raised, including by Ontario’s auditor general. In 2012, the Council for Clean and Reliable Electricity published a paper stating that Ontario consumers subsidized out-of-province electricity buyers to the tune of $1.2 billion over the previous three years. While it costs 8.55 cents a kilowatt hour to produce electricity in Ontario, excess power was sold to five neighbouring jurisdictions — Michigan. New York, Minnesota, Manitoba and Quebec — for 2.65 cents/kwh, Tabuns said"
So readers from Michigan, New York, Minnesota, Manitoba and Quebec, you can thank people in Ontario, people like me, for subsidizing your electricity use. I'm not upset with you all. I'm disgusted and annoyed with the leadership in Ontario.( Leadership I didn't vote for choosing to formally, at the polling station, DECLINE my ballot) And I wasn't alone!

Ontario is headed for a fatal future and only ending the renewable deals can prevent it

I have a particular disdain for the army of giant wind turbines that spoil the lake shore and open fields in Ontario- Higher then the tree lines in so many places- Ruining the panoramic views of many open spaces. Killing birds. Making people sick.

Ontario was once the engine of the Canadian economy, a Triple-A-rated powerhouse commanding more than 40 per cent of the country’s GDP. Today this once-proud place is a have-not province whose credit rating is near the bottom of the pack, a loser that collects subsidies from the rest of the country.
Ontario lost its lustrous Triple-A credit rating when Ontario Hydro went out of control, ending the province’s low-price advantage, making industry uncompetitive and sinking the province in a morass of debt.
Ontario’s credit rating then continued to sink, in tandem with continuing boondoggles in the energy sector that now leave Ontario the world’s most indebted sub-national jurisdiction. According to a 2012 MacDonald-Laurier Institute study by Marc Joffe, a former senior director at Moody’s Analytics, the province’s likelihood of defaulting over the next two decades is 43 per cent.
But there is a way to reverse Ontario’s downward spiral, likely the only way that avoids a painful and protracted retrenchment — by righting the province’s power sector, the biggest cause by far of its ruin. And there’s only one way to right the power sector — by rethinking Ontario’s Green Energy Act and rewriting the ruinous contracts that are responsible for most of Ontario’s power woes.
According to Bonnie Lysyk, Ontario’s auditor general, Ontarians paid $37 billion above the market price for electricity over the past eight years, and face an additional $133-billion overpayment by 2032. Industry and wealth-creation as a result are fleeing the province in what could become a death spiral — the more that industry leaves, in the process depriving the provincial treasury of tax revenues and the power system of sales revenues, the more that Ontario must make up the shortfalls by increasing taxes and rates on those who remain, which in turn convinces others to leave. According to an Ontario Chamber of Commerce report last year, soaring power bills are expected to shut down one in 20 businesses by 2020. Those that remain will simply avoid investing in Ontario — 40 per cent admit to having already done so. With Ontario now burdened with the continent’s highest electricity rates, and with the doubling of rates to date for most industrial customers on track to become a tripling, businesses can’t go wrong by looking elsewhere.
The government’s current direction is unsustainable. But it can change direction by admitting its mistakes, rewriting the ruinous contracts it entered into and clawing back the overpayments, which amount to several times the fair market price for their power.
Once Ontario industry is able to pay a competitive price for its power, industry will stay and expand in Ontario and the province will collect ever-increasing revenues from both employers and employees. With the province in recovery, its downward credit rating will reverse itself, rather than continuing a slide to the default that credit rating agencies like Standard & Poor’s now view as thinkable.
Can a province unilaterally rewrite a contract that it entered into? As every one of the multinationals who entered into one of those obscenely rich renewables contracts with Ontario surely knew, the Ontario legislature has — as every legislature does — not only the power to rewrite contracts whenever it feels so justified, but has done so numerous times over its history.
After the Ontario legislature rewrote a contract between government-owned Hydro One and its CEO, Eleanor Clitheroe, firing her and denying her much of the pension she had negotiated, Clitheroe sued her former employer.
In a 2009 decision, the court denied her demand to have her contract honoured, beginning its Reasons for Decision by reiterating the rules of the game: “In short, the Legislature within its jurisdiction can do everything that is not naturally impossible, and is restrained by no rule human or divine … there would be no necessity for compensation to be given.”
The 2009 decision was citing a century-old suit brought by the Florence Mining Co. that the Ontario Court of Appeal unanimously dismissed. Since then, the right of the legislature to unilaterally rewrite contracts has often been tested and always been upheld. When Clitheroe in 2010 asked the Supreme Court of Canada for permission to appeal the lower court’s ruling, the Supreme Court dismissed her request.
If Ontario doesn’t rewrite the renewables contracts, virtually everyone in the province will suffer, now and well into the future, with the victims especially being those least able to afford the costs. If Ontario does rewrite them, the bleeding will stop and the ones to suffer, fittingly, will be those who knowingly took the risks of deals that were too good to be true.


There were alternatives to this nightmare- Ontario choose to subsidize this monstrosity with an eye to selling it off. All on the backs of Ontario taxpayers and ratepayers.

Remember Ontarians don't even use this electricity.

Gone are the days of beautiful Ontario….

“These wind projects will change this place more totally, more rapidly and more permanently than anything in the past 10,000 years”
James Corcoran, South Huron, Ontario
30 years experience, environmental assessments on behalf of developers.

The rendering below provides a perspective of Ontario’s new turbines. The building behind is 38 storeys.
Image included for perspective- the tallest turbine is what marches through Ontario


  1. Hi Penny:

    Excellent post about a very important topic. Canada has always been the "Hewers of wood and drawers of water" for the US. It is absolutely horrific that Ontarians are subsidizing other provinces and states while paying outrageous electricity bills themselves. BC has been caught in this same trap over the years as well. We have had some terrible energy deals (for us) with the state of California and other states. Like a commenter on the NYT once told me years ago: "Canada is our (the US's) back yard that we just haven't landscaped yet."

    But as far as energy goes, water, wind turbine and the another generation it will all be as old as a coal furnace. Solar power, IMO, will be the universal source of energy. With nanotechnology and other high tech apparatus..our cars, homes and everything will be powered from the sun. Just the other day I read where solar power is now able to extract clean water from the air!

    So, the real challenge for Ontario (and BC) is to get ahead of the curve and develop the new energy technologies. I see where China will one day be one of the greenest nations on earth because of its investments in the new energy technologies.

    But, in the meantime...Ontarians should demand that their pathetic provincial legislature "man up" and stop the economic bleeding from the economy and the citizens!

    1. Hey GC:

      I could have posted more info still. There was a town near Bobcaygeon- they didn't want these ugly things and they got them

      what also bothers me is the way the media presents this.. oh those horrid rural dwellers- they should just suck it up like the big city folks

      I live not far from Lake Erie and the rural area of haldimand- these giant monstrosities are hated by all- protested etc

      and yet there the wind turbines are there

      There is nothing green about them- and had it not been for the extremely generous subsidies for these massive wind farms not a one of them would be standing now--- and ready for privatizations profiteering on the backs of Ontario tax and rate payers

      My own electric bill is nearly double despite using energy at cheap times
      having all energy star rated appliance
      switching to led bulbs
      and no air conditioning...
      bills have doubled- use is way down
      go figure- it's disgusting

      all the politicians here are corrupt imo
      they talk about no tax and all this other crap, but, the bottom line is --- this is not sustainable and has ruined so much- you should see the massive hydro poles to connect this system together- giant cranes chewing up roadways etc

  2. Jeez those wind things are ... well it reminds me of the first time I was in LA back in 78... I was shocked to see oil rigs everywhere... everywhere... all sizes... everywhere... I had never seen anything like it, was a tad apocalyptic to this Toronto girl. Now I get that seem feeling looking at those...

    BC is just as brutally drained by American states over on the West Coast. And we get to be close to American nuclear sites as well... on a fault line...

    The Ontario government is as set on wrecking the people and their values as the one in BC.... Right now there is a fire sale on and BC is up for grabs.

    Getting the governments to "man up" is not going to go well since little Trusty Justy is such a slave of the PTB. He could not fly back to Europe fast enough to get the TPP in the bag...

    The only good thing I can say about that little fart is that I was 1000% bang on when I predicted his future back when he was born. Only he is worse than I imagined.... Canada is SO on the chopping block...

    1. Noor when you see those thing as you drive along, particularly highway 20 to Hamilton- the look like great beasts... on the march-

      There was a better way then this- Ontario just chose to subsidize big and bigger business- Ontario chose to disregard Ontarians- I would rather have been able to take myself off the grid or have solar panels and reduce my dependence on the grid as much as possible... Instead it's gouge, gouge, gouge

      And an expansion of the centralized control the people grid

  3. I'm glad I have never seen them and hope like heck I never have to.

    I hadn't listened / or read anything on what's up with finance, the banksters and so on in ages. Ran across an audio early today and decided to listen while doing tax paperwork.
    As I've know would happen for a good time, as do all of you, this interview w/ Jim Willie pretty well lays out our coming status as the new #bananaRepublic .

    He also goes into a lot of Middle East issues and back room talk about the status of Saudi's and Qatar. In his opinion (and I concur) Russia is doing all it can to keep the implosion from happening. I don't agree w/ his view of the deal w/ Russia on the gas deal, but I honestly know little about the deal.

    The good news for the World is Death of the Dollar is finally arriving. The bad news for us, or should I say US is hopefully they will be able to work a deal to gradually devalue the dollar..
    Maybe that's why they picked a Business man who also went through a huge bankruptcy to lead us through it.. If he can stay alive.

    1 Hour 45 minutes.
    Penny, Charles, Anonymous I think you folks will be glad to have the info.. others, I don't know well enough to suggest that.

    US Will Lose The Reserve Status, There Will Be An 80-90% Devaluation Of The New Dollar:Jim Willie

    He really goes deeply into just how badly the monarchies have been fleeced.. both the above I mentioned.

    The Real pipeline that none of the pundits speak of is why Qatar (with gas) has funded ISIL.
    That would be the pipeline from Iran through Syria and to the Med Sea and off to Europe.
    An amazing amount of info in a short time in that interview. I didn't seek it out, it was just there (maybe on purpose to help me see better ) ?
    KR thanks Charles :)

  4. Re Wind Turbines...from what I've read they go up...but they never come down. When they break down, which apparently happens frequently, the cost of repair does not justify the expense in terms of the money being earned through sale of they're just left to blot the landscape. As a lifelong lover of all birds....I hate the damned things!

    1. Hey GC
      that's what I've read also- the turbines are basically abandoned

      They last about 15 years and the maintenance has to be costly because they are so tall.

      Big, big crane? Helicopter?

      Hubby was on a job and the cost of crane rental was in the tens of thousands (set up/take down/operator etc.- Not even a crane of the size required for the turbines.

      And not only are they bad for birds, bats etc
      they are bad for people
      And bad for soil below- there is some noise about that presently but it will become a bigger issue in time
      never mind the total ugliness of them-