Thursday, November 3, 2016

Turkey: No US Cooperation on Safe Zone/Border Wall Construction Continues & Raqqa

Unsurprisingly the 'kurds' are willing to die to annex Raqqa! 

First, what should have been obvious..

The US and Turkey are NOT WORKING TOGETHER to create safe zones for refugees

The United States is not working Turkey to create a "safe zone;’ for refugees along the Turkish-Syrian border for refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war, the Department of Defense spokesperson Adrian J.T. Rankine-Galloway told Sputnik.
"At this time, we are not working with Turkey at this time to create a ‘safe zone’ along the border," Rankine-Galloway said on Wednesday. "We do not think a safe zone would resolve the fundamental issues on the ground because there continues to be fighting on the ground."
This is a subject that has been reported on more then once. Since the US and it's kurdish proxies are interested in annexing territory and ethnically cleansing arabs- it should seem obvious to all that creating a safe zone to impede this agenda is not in the cards.

The Turkish/Syrian border wall construction continues on..

Noticed Turkey’s wall was in the news again yesterday... Why is it the north american/european media, alt and main stream is completely ignoring the construction of the wall?
Is it so their NATO friendly dis/mis info can be pushed? If you ignore the wall construction you can allege Turkey is expansionist and out to take Syria's territory BUT a 900 km long border wall under construction, to secure their own border, seems to contradict those assertions
A YPG fighter walks along the Turkish-Syria border wall (AFP)
TASS:Turkey plans to complete construction of wall on border with Syria in 2017

Middle East Eye: Turkey is just months away from completing the 900 km border wall
ISTANBUL, Turkey – Turkey plans to complete the construction of a huge, permanent wall sealing off its entire 900-km long border with Syria by early next year, the Turkish defence minister confirmed during a visit to the border on Wednesday.
Fikri Isik made the announcement during an inspection tour of military personnel and installations in the southern Turkish province of Hatay on the border with Syria.
“We plan to build a wall along our entire border with Syria by the first half of next year,” said Isik.
He said the 900km wall would be part of Turkey’s “integrated security project”.

 September 28/ 2016: Turkey to Complete Syrian Border Wall Within 5 Months

  August 29/2016 : Turkey’s Border Wall with Syria

Kurds Willing to Die to Annex Raqqa

And ethnically cleanse more Arabs... Which shouldn’t really come as a surprise to readers here. Remaking the middle east. Oil. Water. Electricity. Raqqa has it. The US BACKED Kurdish terrorists want it. As do their American & Israel benefactors.

Will Turkey enter Raqqa alone?

The US won't support them. But I  suspect the US wants them to enter so they will become over extended and weakened.  In other words, yes, I'm suggesting the US and their Kurdish proxies are creating the conditions for Turkey in Raqqa that could see Turkey 'get in over it's head'

Syria, Russia and Iran had better pick up the slack on Raqqa or Syria will be much worse off in the long run!  Turkey can build their border wall and defend the territory they have presently.

Kurds will be the only force, supported by the Americans, to annex Raqqa.

U.S. officials have said they hope to start an offensive against Islamic State in Raqqa within weeks, and have said that the SDF will play a big role, but Washington's ally Turkey has also insisted that it take part in the operation.

"The Syrian Democratic Forces are the only force that will take part in the operation to liberate Raqqa and we informed the (international U.S.-led) coalition forces that we reject any Turkish role in the Raqqa liberation operation," SDF spokesman Talal Silo told Reuters.
Ankara is dismayed at the prominent role in the SDF played by the Kurdish YPG militia, which it sees as a front for the Kurdistan Workers Party that has waged a three-decade insurgency inside Turkey.

Since it was formed in early 2015, the SDF has seized large swathes of territory along the Syria-Turkey border from Islamic State and pushed the jihadist group back to within 30km (18 miles) of Raqqa.

The Kurdish forces masquerading behind the SDF brand have seized large swathes of SYRIAN territory- Notice Reuters left that important piece of information out? Which is why the territory annexed is along the Syrian Turkish border... Because it’s Syrian territory. Syria doesn’t recognize the annexation of it’s territory

Raqqa is necessary for the joining of Iraqi and Syrian territory into one unified Greater Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0

Iranian Kurds fighting in Iraq
"There is one Kurdistan," he says as the sun breaks through. "Our enemies divided us between four countries, but we want to be united. We are nationalists and want one democratic Kurdistan."

Your enemies never divided you... nice meme, but, not factual.

Iranian Kurds fight in Iraq. In Syria. Same as Turkish Kurds- fighting in Syria- all pkk affiliates



  1. Fars reports Turkey very busy in Syria
    Turkish Helicopter Alights Officers, Unloads Suspicious Boxes in Idlib

    The Turkish army sent 20 trucks loaded with ammunition for the terrorist groups in Northern Syria.

    The trucks entered Atme two days ago through Bukulmez region which borders Deir Balut village in the Northwestern parts of Aleppo.
    The army said that the captured terrorists confessed that they had received advanced military training in a camp in Turkey.

    kurds are part of the source of the report
    just saying

    1. Turkey fm says differences with Russia onn terorist separation and assad. Akar and fidan meeting Russian defense officials. What do the Russians think of Akar?

      Egypt devalues.

      Turkey has made very explicit it will nnot allow sinjar to become a Kurd base in the ungoverened Iraq.

      Follow through?

    2. Hey Karin
      read the link...thanks :)

    3. anon:
      I wonder what the Russians do think of Akar??
      I sure don't trust him.

      Pkk is heavily invested in Sinjar-
      So that makes sense why Turkey is not enthused
      To stop the connection of Sinjar and Raqqa would be a must.. but then how could they follow through.??
      Not sure? I think the US wants Turkey to become over extended and weakened..

      Link to disagreement.

    5. I did see the news about their disagreement thanks charles :)

    6. 10 lives baghdadi

      The leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who is reportedly hiding out in the besieged city of Mosul, released his first message since 2015, urging followers to wage all-out war and take the fighting into Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

      Which raises an interesting question about the latest alleged missile attack on mecca following the US Navy tomohawk launches Inn Yemen

    7. Take the fighting into Saudi Arabia and Turkey- How freakin' perfect!

      Title: Yes, Willy Loman, It’s about Blamin’ & Framin’ Turkey & Saudi Arabia

      "And it has been for a good long while now"

      "Both countries are so very bad. Their America's biggest problem in the region. Joe Biden plaintively states. Sy Hersh writes all about America's woes in dealing with their next targets. And grass roots 'peace' activists are making meme pushing, perception managing ,documentaries about the bad boy in the region.

      Turkey has already moved from ally to enemy- Saudi Arabia has joined the naughty list.

      So, yes Willy Loman it is all about framin' and blamin' these two nations for years and years of CIA/NATO interference and intentional destabilization"

      Just one post where I wrote extensively how it was the narrative was being prepped for the take down of Turkey (which is further along already) And Saudi Arabia (which is in the process)

      Much of the narrative prep spoon fed by Sy Hersh
      everyone's favourite superjournalist, I like him too, but not for his so called airing of truth- that's just so/so
      It's his narrative creations and prep work for the CIA that's so engaging!

      When he's gong I wonder who will fill his shoes?


      Captagon: Zombification?

    9. There is no doubt the US wants Turkey to invade Syria much more to target YPG & Sinjar as well. The plan has always been for Turkey to invade Syria, the US pressured TR to do this for years, without result.
      They want to weaken TR the way they did Iraq with the Iraq-Iran war.

    10. It would help against the accusations of expansionism if Erdogan didn't ramble about Mosul, Aleppo "being ours".
      Akar & Fidan are literally the worst ppl to send to Moscow, both turncoats.
      The campaign against Turkey is much further ahead then I expected. Ironically, The coup attempt really help framing Erdogan as an evil dicatator. He is villified on the level of Putin now.
      I have reached the conclusion that a military option is the only one the US has in Turkey.
      I hope the Turks get those air defense systems quikly. It will be difficult as TR has a strong army now defending the entire border with Syria & Iraq.

    11. Rescue "They want to weaken TR the way they did Iraq with the Iraq-Iran war"


      Rescue :Erdogan plays to the audience quite a bit- notice that often-

      I know what you mean about Akar!
      Less sure on Fidan. But Akar? IMO he should be gone! However... this is where we get to the military still being the power. troubles with Turkey's constitution etc

      "Ironically, The coup attempt really help framing Erdogan as an evil dicatator. He is villified on the level of Putin now"

      Yup! Erdogan responded exactly as one would have expected to an overthrow and possible assassination attempt- giving the US all the ammo it needs via the media to spin negative memes

      Rescue "I have reached the conclusion that a military option is the only one the US has in Turkey"

      How do you mean this statement? Military option?
      Can you clarify this?
      I don't want to assume what you mean by this statement.


    1. ally- hello!

      I haven't got through them all but I like Erdogan's talk on globalization being nothing more then global colonialism
      so true- here our leaders tell us this is great- lol
      it hasn't turned out great thus far

      '"I see contemporary globalization as a new way of colonialism, modern slavery," Erdoğan said

      so absolutely true!

  3. When writing my senior seminar paper for my degree in International Relations in the mid-seventies, I challenged the concepts and ideologies behind multi-culturalism and globalization. Ideologies which were beginning to be supported by much of academia as leading to a new social structure that will benefit all of humanity. Needless to say my contrarian opinions were not well received. Especially by the professor leading the class; who was a an advocate of the concepts. Some forty years later I believe the assessments I made were spot on. Globalization has not been beneficial for the masses. For the .001%, a godsend.

    1. Charles you were ahead of your time!
      A god send for the .001 percent, yes, but everyone else- colonialism

  4. The US promised them independence so they even serve as mercenaries if Americans ask them for a favor. However from the Kurdish point of view the attack on Raqqa doesn't make much sense. Without ethnic cleansing Raqqa will never be a Kurdish city.


    1. "Without ethnic cleansing Raqqa will never be a Kurdish city"

      Ethnic cleansing hasn't been a problem so far for the Kurds...They have an extensive history of doing just that. And I don't see why Raqqa would be any different!

  5. Turkey is a hotbed this morning.

    way down at the bottom of the page before the arts I spy this little jewel

    the suspects had been charged with abducting minors from their families in Belgium and other western European countries and handing them over for training in PKK camps in Belgium, Greece and Iraq

    Turkey condemns Belgian court over PKK ruling

    1. B52 confirm

      "Mosul is being bombed daily from B-52H American strategic bombers, F/A-18 bombers based on USS Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier and from Rafaele M base on the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle. In the past day alone, the coalition warplanes flied 25 sorties and delivered 21 air strikes on the city and its suburbs," he said

      US terror threat NY, Texas, Virginia
      Russia interior warning of terror threats risings in wake of that harsh Russian response to the former Pentagon brass turned State Department spokesperson

      “Extremist groups will continue to exploit the vacuums that are there in Syria to expand their operations, which could include attacks against Russian interests, perhaps even Russian cities. Russia will continue to send troops home in body bags, and will continue to lose resources, perhaps even aircraft,” John Kirby, the State Department's spokesperson, told reporters at Wednesday's press briefing. - Kirby

      Tuck, Roll, mouthpiece

      FOMC culdesac
      The Committee judges that the case for an increase in the federal funds rate has continued to strengthen but decided, for the time being, to wait for some further evidence of continued progress toward its objectives.



      Moscow train discovered days ago with explosives

    3. Going back to those PKK assassinations in Paris...

      Kurdish PKK co-founder Sakine Cansiz shot dead in Paris


      Interesting BOEING headline: Turkish and Russian planes involved.

    5. @ anonymous Finally did some financial catching up last couple of days
      There is no stopping the Dollar fall now..
      It's how and when ( the when has been there a long time ) and Deutsch bank is tettering, spinning out of control.

      advice I saw was watch France banks now.

    6. the financial news is not my strong suit :(

      anonymous... "tuck, roll, mouthpiece"?
      You lost me... :)

    7. Egypt says arrests militants, links them to Muslim Brotherhood daily star
      Egypt general killed in sinai

      Another Egypt general killed day after the central bank devalues.

  6. Hi Penny. Very tense in Turkey with HDP mayors arrested. What do you think? And yesterday, Turkey deported Chechen jihadis to Russia:

  7. Looks like Russian Turkey cooperation is going gang busters!

    "On October 27th, 2016, as a result of joint operative-investigative activities between Russian and Turkish intelligence, in Instanbul were arrested leaders and active participants of an underground gang from the North Caucasus region and Crimea, who were hiding from Russian law enforcement on Turkish territory"

    Wonder where they had been hiding? Or who was hiding them?

  8. I've been busy and missed all the news out of Turkey and elsewhere, what would I do without all the commenters :)

  9. :)
    And thanks for your article about the Canadian journalists Penny. We are also having a similar problem with freedom of speech here in the UK. Sad, but I hope it gets better. The government here hasn't even invoked the 'article 50' to begin the process of leaving the EU. Just wish Britain could get the hell out of the EU/NATO terrorist groups! Hope you are ok.

    1. I'm ok Ally- we had a rough day today- hubby is really upset- and it's going to cost us $$$

      Trudeau really doesn't seem concerned about that news at all- He's a pretty boy tyrant. That's all