Sunday, December 18, 2016

AGW ? Fall Ice Wine Harvest- Cold in India, Cold in Calgary the UK and November Snow in Tokyo

When AGW was a spin fail- It was rebranded to “climate change” which is truly a statement meaning... nothing. Climate always changes.. Always has, always will. Which is why I stick to AGW- Anthropogenic Global Warming- As originally billed.  AGW is A FAIL

While it’s not officially winter here yet...Winter kicks off December 21st. The solstice.  The weather we’ve experienced?  Brutally cold  for this time of year! Temps well below normal- getting very little media coverage, of course! Doesn’t fit with the hard sell of our impending carbon tax/cap and trade in Ontario- you know more taxes to impoverish us all?

Let’s look at how AGW is affecting my neck of the woods:
December 14/2016- The Ice Wine Grape Harvest is On! 
This has got to be one of the earliest harvest I can ever recall- Usually they aren’t until January or February.
 Instead, at 5 a.m. on Wednesday, (December 14/2016)  harvest started on the winery's 8 hectares of icewine grapes. Thanks to a cold snap when temperatures dipped below the required -8 C mandated under VQA rules for an icewine harvest, they were able to pick a little earlier than last year — about 21 days earlier.
Paul said picking lasted through morning light until 10 or 11 a.m. when temperatures picked back up. The harvest continued on Thursday when picking was completed. Matthew, viticultural manager and vice-president, oversaw the harvest of the three varietals: Riesling, cabernet franc and vidal grapes, picked in that order.

 The St. Catharines winery was just one of many across the Niagara Region that embraced the frigid temperatures that hit Niagara earlier this week.

Reif Estate winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake started picking on Wednesday evening and continued again on Thursday night, heading out around 8 o'clock and picking straight through to 3 a.m.  
The colder the temperature, the better the icewine. You get a lower quantity yield but a higher quality one. Quantity is not very important, it's all about the quality."

The temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday evening dipped to -10 C and -11 C
, he said, adding that in the first batch picked — cabernet franc grapes — had 44 bricks of sweetness, which was higher than the normal run of 40 bricks.

In West Niagara, several wineries — such as Vineland Estates Winery on Moyer Road and Sue-Ann Staff Estate Winery in Jordan Station — were out picking late in the week. Malivoire Wine Company in Beamsville has plans to head out over the weekend if the weather co-operates.
21 days earlier then normal- cause it's way colder..

The rare occasions when it’s been a later harvest the news screams ‘climate change’- But 21 days earlier and nothing. Of course, an earlier harvest just doesn’t fit the AGW sale pitch now does it?

Calgary: Coldest Weather in 2 years

Cold Snap settles in over Calgary and Southern Alberta

Calgary Cold Snap

Overnight temperatures could go as low as –27 C this week 


Cold Wave across Northern India- People are dying from cold

Temperature plummets in Punjab, Haryana


Tokyo hit by first November snow in 54 years


UK weather: Temperatures set to plunge across Britain as colder-than-average December looms

 The UK is set to see the most widespread cold snap for this year so far as sub-zero temperatures are expected to sweep across the country, leading Britain into a colder-than-average December.
None of this early extreme cold is consistent with global warming- AGW- human caused of course- but extreme tax extraction/manipulation and controls had to be justified with extreme perception management campaigns


  1. tonight -13c or 9 F
    I will of course be keeping an eye on the Great Lakes Freeze- have already noticed the lake ducks heading into town- many many of them starved to death when the lakes froze in the frigid winters of 2013/2014 and 2014/2015

  2. Hi Penny. You've probably seen this already but I just wondered if you'd heard of Professor Valentina Zharkova and her research into solar cycles. I thought it was interesting anyway.

    1. Hi John!

      I hadn't seen any of this info- but I'm going to check it out for sure!

      been to focused on the ME, but, the bitter cold this soon just begged to be written about

      I knew it was going to happen cause I noticed, as did everyone who spends time outdoors, that the squirrels had their winter fur early- had commented on it here-- I figured it meant an early, cold winter,

  3. BC is setting cold records as well.... It is shockingly cold in Victoria... by our thin-blooded standards anyhow!

    1. Hey Noor!

      I saw an article about the grape harvest in Okanagan taking place too- Valley's are colder anyway so might not be unusual or it might be?

      Know what you mean about thin blooded- I've not acclimated at all- and we are outdoors all winter hiking and snowshoeing


    Interesting for me to see that even the most Atlanticist Turkish news outlets are finally clogging on to the fact that Turkey is being targetted. Kurds protesting PKK in Diyarbakir today. Thousands turned up in the freezing cold with Turkish flags chanting 'terrorist PKK'. Hope this war ends :(

    1. Cold in Turkey too, I'd seen that and also for a while it was below norm in Syria, not sure about recently

      I hope that ends soon to Ally- for everyone's sake
      I've got a post upcoming on Turkey and more- rumours of a coup..

  5. In Hakkari as well where some of the most intense fighting took place:

    More talks between Putin and Erdogan:

    1. The best thing the Turks can do is come out strong for their nation- check my latest Ally