Monday, January 16, 2017

Breaking: Reina Nightclub Attacker Captured In Istanbul

As my husband would say... "It looks like he fell down" 

The publication of this image is yet another message- To whoever's killer this is. And it ain't ISIS!

And yes it looks to be the same man that made the video in Taksim Square- I'll repost the image below.

Daily Sabah
Reina nightclub attacker Abdulgadir Masharipov, who killed 39 people in a nightclub attack in Istanbul on New Year's Eve, was captured by Turkish security forces late Monday.

The Uzbek attacker was caught in a Daesh terror cell in Esenyurt district of Istanbul after a weeks-long intense hunt conducted by the Turkish Intelligence Agency (MIT) and Istanbul police. According to reports, Masharipov's 4-year-old son was with him in the cell during the arrest.
 After staging the attack on the nightclub, the terrorist went to a house in Zeytinburnu, where his wife and children were brought to. Masharipov then took his 4-year-old son and went missing.
Sad to think this man took his child to use as cover..
"We said goodbye to each other and he left the house," Masharipov's wife told anti-terror police during her interrogation.

Previous reports have said that after attacking Reina, Masharipov went to Zeytinburnu with a taxi and asked workers at a local Uighur restaurant to give money to the driver. Uighurs were among those detained after the attack, while the owner of the restaurant, identified as Şemsettin Dursun, has denied any connection to the attack.
 The Uzbek attacker was caught in his Kyrgyz friend's house in Esenyurt district of Istanbul.
 The assailant, who has been on the run since the Reina nightclub attack on December 31, was reportedly transferred to Istanbul Police headquarters.

The arrested suspect will be questioned, amongst other things, about possible links to “foreign intelligence services.” Just before the raid, Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister, Numan Kurtulmus, once again voiced Ankara’s suspicion that Masharipov could not have perpetrated the attack without outside help.

“It appears the Reina attack is not just a terrorist organization's act, but there was also an intelligence organization involved, Kurtulmus told A Haber broadcaster on Monday, Reuters reports. “It was an extremely planned and organized act.”
An intelligence organization was involved! I do not doubt this one bit!
I had mentioned repeatedly this seemed most plausible- The attack had embedded in it so many warnings/messages to Turkey- A few of the more obvious ones I had caught, but, I bet there were more?

 Santa Claus- completely bogus media planted story, but a message

The delivery of a "gift". Western style. Christianity vs Islam.

The video shot in Taksim Square

The suspect is pictured wearing a heavy hooded jacket and staring coldly into the camera, on a street thought to be just off Taksim Square, before the massacre on New Year's Eve.

The killer is taunting Turkey's leadership and Turkey, the nation.
 Taksim square was the site of a large pro-Turkey gathering after the coup attempt
The Club at the base of the bridge renamed after the coup

It was earlier mentioned that this club has a wonderful view of the bridge across the Bosporus renamed for all those that died at the hands of coup plotters-

"The bridge is itself now haunted by history and named after the victims of the failed July 15 coup attempt after it became the site of fierce battles between plotters and protesters"

And finally Turk against Turk... Gulen against Erdogan.
A divided people- Divided nation
 Uzbeki's and Uighers are Turkic people

Embedded messages.... 

Two Uighers had been arrested a few days ago..

In Istanbul court on Friday arrested two foreign nationals linked to the deadly attack on an Istanbul nightclub on New Year's Eve.
Two suspects Omar Asim and Abuliezi Abuduhamiti, who are Chinese citizens, are accused of "being a member of an armed terror organization," and "helping 39 times first-degree-murder".
Which intelligence agency/ies were involved? CIA? Mossad? British Intelligence?

 This was a planned attack with embedded messages- That's how I saw it. And that's what I said in this post : ISIS responsible for Istanbul Night Club Attack? About that Santa Meme...

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  1. Ocalan was a rapist:Çürükkaya

  2. "He revealed that the guerrillas have set up customs posts in Giriyana to collect taxes from people"

    Ally it just "blows me away" as in, I'm stunned, at the reverence some dupes have in the west for this crowd- So they're extorting the locals- let's revere the PKK- shakes head

    1. They have been for a long time. PKK is very brutal-Israel needs them to get all the mix of Kurds to unite as 1.

  3. Oh and I will look at the rest- ty

  4. barzani buyout? Goran rises.

    1. Do you recall my prediction regarding Barzani?

      Gone by the end of 2016,or early this year at the latest- He is not the right man for the remake of the region.

      Let's see if I did indeed get it right?

  5. I assumed it was this American douchebag "Jacob Raak"

    If you can judge a book by it's crisis acting and smirk, and the swiftness with which he departed the country, my intuition says Raak was the shooter, and this Uzbek is the best patsy they can come up with.

    I don't know what the shot:kill ratio was, but I believe it takes a great deal of specialized training to achieve such a high body count, particularly with handguns, even when you are initially in a crowded area.

    A comment from Loman's site "I expect the Turks (not the government or law enforcement but the people) to investigate where he was staying, when he arrived in Turkey, how he spent his time prior to the shooting, etc. as well as following up on his actions, whereabouts and identity for some time to come…And, I hope they do"

    I admit I haven't followed it closely and I'm not trying to steer any discussion, just my 2¢.

    Many thanks Penny for all your work.

  6. Also, notice the photo identifying him in the heavy hooded jacket. The height of his head and proportion of head to face is different than the first photo, his face is too big. His face has clearly been photoshopped onto a "selfie" of another male. If real photo's exist, why the need to photoshop any? How common is it for a devout Muslim man to take these urban metrosexual type vanity pictures? I know of course that all the real terrorist/rebel fighters are drug fueled psychopaths, many of whom don't even realize they should all be facing Mecca for prayer.

    I've been slogging through Chris Spivey's work, which grows ever more dense with his obsession with picking apart and comparing photos. While I don't agree with the extreme "everything is photoshopped" and "nothing is real" view, it is clear that a great deal of photoshopping is happening (particularly in the British media), and a lot of people's faces/heads are being transposed, distorted, and manipulated, and it's been going on for a long time.

    The 1st photo stood out to me at first, because compared to the head the body appears to be the size of a child. I don't know what the physique of the average Uigher or Uzbek is, and perhaps they're diminutive fella's with big heads. I don't know. I do know the second one is fake and I have to wonder why. Did they do a slapdash job to create the back story for their cutout? (If so, is "staring coldly into the camera" the usual pose for this type of self-portraiture, or was this just useful wording in an effort to breathe some life into his persona?) Did they just invent an identity out of whole cloth to satisfy the need for a guilty party? Who will ever actually see this individual and confirm his identity and bear witness as he is brought to justice?

    (Incidentally, I'm seeing a pattern here, including the Florida airport shooter, of adding young children and families to the mythology of the cold-blooded, ideology-driven shooter, to what end I wonder? Make them more plausible as human beings?)

  7. Hi Gigolo Joe:

    "....this Uzbek is the best patsy they can come up with"

    Here's my problem with that angle- This man as patsy?

    The arrest took 16 days to make- 16 days from shooting to arrest.. 16 days of news coverage and pressure from the public and the government looking bad

    If the Turks were looking for a patsy they would have arrested someone, anyone, within a couple of days- that didn't happen- so the patsy argument falls flat, in my opinion

    The faces in the two images look the same to me.Despite the first image in the above post showing a more swollen lumpy faced person, but, it's clear he's gotten a beating.

    The second picture in the bulky black coat was one frame from a selfie video the killer took of himself as he circled taksim square- selfies taken from higher positions make the head look larger- since it's the closest image

    "Also beware of holding the camera too high: It can make the head look too large in proportion to the body"

    The same applies to the camera footage from the nightclub- the cameras are sitting in an elevated position. Making the head look disproportionately large to the rest of the body..

    As for him taking his son..yes to make him seem more human, because he'd be walking around with his kid publicly. likely making him appear less suspect

    What better way to hide then in plain sight?

    I'm from Ontario, Canada- One of his victims was from here. (Toronto way, I'm south of TO) Her death confirmed, reported on, including coverage of her funeral



    2. Turkish and dutch?

      Fake US embassy in Ghana shut down after 10 years issuing visas. Turkish citizens who spoke English and Dutch posed as consular officers and staffed the operation. Investigations also uncovered a fake Dutch embassy, the state department said.

      At the scene a Syrian passport was found which bore this name, suggesting the man was a 25-year-old from the Syrian city of Idlib, but authorities believe this passport was a fake.

      Paris attacks
      Syrian passport was found which bore this name, suggesting the man was a 25-year-old from the Syrian city of Idlib

      Al Arabiya this Am on Free Syrian police funded by coalition in Idlib

    3. So a fake US Embassy that just happened to be issuing real visas. For 10 years. Finally shut down.
      Turkish citizens who spoke English and Dutch?

      With an obvious connection to the US

      I smell PKK? You?

    4. Fair enough. I think in the second pic it's not his head that's out of proportion to the body, but the cheeks and eyes that are too wide for the forehead/hairline, and check out the distance from the ear to the jawline, as though the face were pasted on to someone else's head, but I don't want to belabor the point, because that's how photo shopping discussions go.

      I'm not suggesting the shooting didn't happen, far from it. I just think it was carried out by skilled professionals. Did you watch the videos of Jacob Raak? Is there anything about his story and demeanor that you do *not* fing super fishy?

    5. Hi Gigolo Joe!

      I agree the hit on the Raina club was carried out by a professional- I'm 100 percent on the same page as you there!

      I did not watch any of the videos regarding Jacob Raak- If you would leave a link for me, that would be great... One that you feel demonstrates your contentions, that would be great and would make my life present day so much easier-
      Thanks in advance

    6. Apologies for the delay, I know my reply was being awaited with baited breath ;)

      Based on Raak's behavior and story, I can only draw one logical conclusion. The gunman/gunmen were alleged to have escaped by laying down pretending to be one of the victims. Raak's story is that "these crazy people/one person came in shooting" he got shot in the leg, and survived by laying down and playing dead.

      It's another case of apparent negligence and incompetence by the authorities involved, who fail to secure the scene before failing to set up a proper triage, as evinced by the paramedics plucking Raak up and putting him into a waiting van with nothing but a bandanna wrapped around his fully-clothed leg, despite suffering a gunshot to the thigh.

      WillyLoman's post covers this guy's story

      Via AmericanEveryman

      Like I said, I defer to your insight in the political situation in Turkey, I find it downright cryptic. Raak's story is very relevant though.

    7. hey gigolo joe: interesting video- I watched it a few times-

      not sure what to say except.. the news outlets at the airport- aren't in on what ever is really going on with that guy.

      he is suspicious that's for sure. he's got nothing to say? makes me think he wasn't in the club... at all- and if he talks about it he'll give his lie away

      I know the Santa Claus story was a complete fake.

      Planted by a private station that aligns itself with msnbc- a station that was caught promoting straight up fabrications during the coup plot

      that all said jacob raak may have been in the area for nefarious reasons, doubtful he was the shooter (who had a slighter build) but, that doesn't take away from the attack taking place and people actually dying.

      Agreed his story is relevant, just not sure how?

  8. Have you seen this guy's videos, teasing apart links to attacks, gas lines, the Clinton foundation, etc? I'm going back through them from the beginning at 2x, but a sampling of 2 or 3 will give you the gist.

    Via and occurrences foreign

  9. I just want to add that Penny's expertise in the subtleties of politics and terrorism in the regions in discussion is far beyond anyone else's I've encountered. I wouldn't have any basis to dispute her facts or reasoning, it's just my feeling that Raak is somehow a prominent actor here, based on his behavior and how he was handled by the media, (and that, to a far less important extent, one or more of the pics of Masharipov have been manipulated). Turkey's factions are a mystery to me beyond Gladio and Gulen's obvious 'intelligence organization' connections, but I don't see any reason why our two theories or observations have to be mutually exclusive.