Friday, January 6, 2017

Canadian Woman Arrested For Insulting Facebook Posts? Absurd!

Link- Windsor Star

The headline making the rounds  today about this woman from Ontario and her facebooks posts being the reason for her arrest, just didn’t pass muster. I was suspicious. Of course. So I read through a few varying news articles and an entirely different picture emerged.

 Cavorting with  PKK.

A recognized terrorist organization. Wreaking havoc all over the place!
Ece Heper is shown in a handout photo provided by Emrah Bayram

 But hey let’s pretend this is about freedom of speech and bad Erdogan rather then oh let’s say links to terrorists and terrorism

Just the facts:
Heper had been spending more time in Turkey over the past year, her friends said, after befriending a man in southern Turkey, near the Syrian border. She told friends the man had been in exile and living in a Kurdish region in Syria’s north.
She told ‘friends” the man lived in exile- but that’s not the truth either as you will see. That's one lie already.
Heper’s friends said she was living in Mardin, a city in southeastern Turkey, but travelled to Kars to get the man’s wife and bring her to visit him in jail. She was arrested in the woman’s home around 10 a.m., her friends said.

This isn’t about ‘freedom of expression’ which we have none of here in Canada-

The man has gone from being in exile to being in jail? Did she really go to get the man’s wife to visit?  Was this even the wife of the man in jail?

 The question is, what was Ece Heper really up to? 

Was she assisting or enabling the PKK in pulling off yet another terror attack in Turkey?
Delivering money? Materials? Can't be sure. Whatever she was up to with her PKK affiliates - the story about her arrest being over face book comments is nonsense to distract from her real activities

 "Heper has a log home in Norwood, Ont., about 150 kilometres northeast of Toronto"

Wonder how much that log home set her back?
 Perhaps she should have just stayed home with her 5 dogs 

Just a thought..

The arrest of this woman coincides/matches up with the arrest of 18 PKK affiliates for the Izmir bombing

Turkey's justice minister says authorities have detained at least 18 people in connection with an attack in the Aegean coastal city of Izmir this week that left a police officer and a courthouse employee dead.


  1. Looked through her FB profile and you are right, certainly a PKK supporter. There are pics of the fighters and Kurdistan flag on her profile. She supports Demirtas as well. She didn't just go to Mardin and Kars, she also visited Nusaybin and Cizre and uploaded photos calling the 'Turkish occupied'. Interesting, she also went to Northern Iraq and visited Erbil and Hawler. Some Canadian commented on the selfie of herself in Erbil and asked what she was doing there and she replied 'business and pleasure'. Strange, she is bald. Maybe she has cancer? If you have FB, I would advise you to take a look because it doesn't seem to me like she has 'insulted' Erdogan in any of her posts.

    1. So she's been a busy PKK supporter- and is she there on Canadian taxpayers dime?

      Business and pleasure--- so what's her business?
      Supporting terrorism?

      The facebook persecution claim is a ruse, obviously- disgusting

    2. I don't have facebook so no can go..
      There is enough being reported to figure out this is bull!

    3. Considering she is spending all this time wandering around the ME, yes. She is using Canadian taxpayer's money. Like I wrote, she doesn't explicitly insult Erdogan, but definitely supports PKK. Also, a few years ago, she went to a gay pride march in Istanbul where 250,000 people turned up.

    4. She is apparently 'self-employed' too.

  2. Jabar citadel on the banks of Lake Assad was captured by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) alliance Thursday, militia spokesman Talal Silo told Reuters. It is located near a dam on the Euphrates River that the U.S.-backed alliance also aims to capture in the current phase of its campaign.

    Another dam...

    1. thanks! control water.. control hydro electric and deny access...

  3. Hey Penny, hope you are ok. Thanks for this post. You do a lot of research and know how to read in between the lines-all the information you need is there if you look for it. Another link:

    1. thanks ally- yah, that's how I see it- the information is there- ya just have to look- it's sort of hidden in plain site
      and yes I'm fine- it's very cold here but still got out today -- I see it's very cold all over including in Southern Italy where my dad was born and omgoodness Turkey has been just getting buried with snow -Istanbul in particular-
      frozen fountains in Italy- people dying
      quite terrible really- but the media is barely mentioning it since it doesn't fit the agenda
      my dad told me when he was a boy in Italy they saw snow- but- it never stayed- fell to the ground and melted- well Calabria is getting snow

    2. You are right. But here in the UK, it is not as cold as it was last year. Anyway, do you think that Erdogan will be killed soon?

    3. I can't say Ally. There is no way to know.
      Consider this.. when the coup attempt was made someone tried to kill him then.. it barely gets mentioned- so if interested parties tried once- why wouldn't they try again?