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Istanbul Night Club Shooting Heralds Year of Bloodshed in Turkey

 Following up on.... Famous Istanbul Night Club- 2 Santa Gumen, New Years Eve Attack

The early reports of 2 shooters changed in very short order to one- There was one dead police officer found at the club- In this case it seems quite likely that one shooter might have been the dead cop. Assuming he attempted to return fire?- No jumping to false flag assumptions when there are many, many good reasons this is for real- Example the attendees?- The upper crust of Turkish society and foreigners.. The gloating media

TIME choosing the word herald and using it in their headline. 
Thought that was interesting? No sorrow or empathy just a straight up announcement of how it's going to be.

Herald defined: official messenger bringing news.
2. a person or thing viewed as a sign that something is about to happen

Time heralding the new years' bloodshed
"As New Year’s Eve approached, Turks were ready to put 2016 behind them: It had been a wretched year for the country, marked by numerous terrorist attacks and often violent political instability. Many wished each other not only a happy, but also a peaceful 2017.
    Yet just over an hour into the new year, it became all too clear that Turkey would continue on its violent course, as a gunman stormed into an Istanbul nightclub, killing at least 39 revellers at a New Year’s Eve party. 
    The unidentified attacker killed a policeman and a civilian standing at the entrance of the Reina nightclub before shooting into the celebrating crowd at random. He managed to flee the scene shortly after as security forces stormed the venue, and was still at large Sunday afternoon local time"
Shooter outside of club- Not Dressed As Santa:

Mentioned the change in tactics last night (previous post) - From police, soldiers, tourists and the lower classes straight to a club representative of the upper classes- A target chosen  to increase the discomfort factor for the government of the day.

    The Reina club attacked early on Sunday is one of Istanbul’s most exclusive venues, popular with the city’s elite and tourists alike. It sits beside the Bosphorus strait that separates Europe from Asia, offering guests a spectacular view across the water.
    On Saturday night, some 600 people were celebrating the beginning of the new year. As the gunman opened fire, some party-goers tried to escape by jumping from the club’s waterfront terrace. Police officers pulled several survivors from the Bosphorus, Turkish newspapers reported.
 Inside the club, bodies covered the dance floor. “Before I could understand what was happening, my husband fell on top of me,” Sinem Uyanik, one of the guests, told the Associated Press. Her husband was wounded in the attack. “I had to lift several bodies from top of me before I could get out.”
    The attacker, Kocarslan told Hurriyet, “raved through the place with Kalashnikovs”. He added: “U.S. intelligence warned over such an attack about one week or 10 days ago and measures have been taken, including on the sea front. And look what has happened then.”
Additional security measures had already been in place on Saturday night, with thousands of police patrolling the streets and squares in major cities, including 17,000 officers on duty in Istanbul. In Ankara, police arrested eight suspected Islamic State militants said to plan a New Year’s Eve attack.

 Reina nightclub- Al Jazeera
The upmarket Istanbul Reina club, targeted in a gun attack during New Year celebrations that left at least 39 dead, is the haunt of Turkey’s young secular elite and one of the most prestigious nightspots in the city.

    With an idyllic location on the shores of the Bosphorus on the European side of the city and a terrace spilling down to the water’s edge, Reina is the place to be seen in the city.
    It is expensive and hard to get into, with bouncers giving would-be guests a hard time at the entrance to ensure they look sufficiently well-moneyed and beautiful.     
The most well-heeled patrons can even be taken up to the waterside terrace of the nightclub in boats.

    The club is popular with foreign visitors and of the 21 victims identified so far, 15 are confirmed to be foreigners.
    The parties at Reina are legendary, with the action usually not starting until well after midnight and the venue endowed with several restaurants and dance floors.

    The view from the terrace is spectacular, just underneath the mighty first bridge across the Bosphorus with the lights of Asia twinkling on the other side.

    The bridge is itself now haunted by history and named after the victims of the failed July 15 coup attempt after it became the site of fierce battles between plotters and protesters

 UPDATE: WSJ  At least 39 dead in ‘terrorist attack’ on Istanbul nightclub

Its clientele includes footballers from the top Turkish sides and stars from the country’s much-watched soap operas.
 The destabilization of Turkey has just been kicked up a notch.

Greencrow had asked- who started the claim regarding the perp dressed as Santa?
 greencrowJanuary 1, 2017 at 10:46 AM 
    BTW, Erdogan says there was only one attacker and he was NOT dressed up as Santa. Where did the previous disinformation come from????
I got your answer GC!

NZ Herald:
    Private NTV news channel said the assailant entered the upscale nightclub, on the shores of the Bosporus, on the European side of the city, dressed in a Santa Claus outfit.

    Security camera footage obtained by AP from Haberturk newspaper, shows the male assailant dressed in black and carrying a backpack as he shoots down a police officer outside the Reina nightclub.
See above video footage for image of shooter outside of the club

Question? Who provided NTV with this fake info? Or did NTV plant false information intentionally to signal the delivery of a "gift"   There is NO mistaking a person in head to toe black with Santa Claus.

Link to NBC

Video embedded directly below:
Again we see the perp wearing dark clothing- the video is not for the faint of heart



    1. The requisite kalishnikov. Bulgarian stock circa aleppo? Or Bosnian stock?

    2. Thanks for the links Ally

      Anonymous, I read it was a kalishnikov..
      that'll have everyone think Russia, but, that's not the case at all

  2. Replies
    1. Ally? Uigher?
      Where did you read or hear that?
      If you can leave a link with info that would be great!
      Are you in touch with someone in Turkey?

  3. TIME spins the attack. Perhaps the TIME "story", like the cover, headlines and story about Hillary winning the US Presidential Election, was written PRIOR to the attack.

    1. I didn't use much of the time story because it was very extended- all over the place-

  4. BTW, Erdogan says there was only one attacker and he was NOT dressed up as Santa. Where did the previous disinformation come from????

    1. Initial reports had two gunmen, but, it's clear from the video in the post- there was one gunman, entered the club and was not dressed as Santa

      I wonder if the Santa meme was planted for perception management purposes?

      Santa being a product of western advertising
      delivering 'gifts' to godless Turks
      The locale of the club- right at the bosphorus bridge coup spot- renamed to commemorate the coup

      There's a lot going on with that attack- symbolically

      upper echelons- wealthier targets
      the new year
      santa meme
      the coup
      the bridge between Europe and Asia

      January 1 just after 1:00 am
      1/1 at 1:10 am roughly?

    2. revenge for the sniper pick off

  5. the disinfo regarding the perp dressed as Santa began with a private tv channel

    "Private NTV news channel said the assailant entered the upscale nightclub, on the shores of the Bosporus, on the European side of the city, dressed in a Santa Claus outfit.

    However the perp is clearly dressed in black.
    I'm going to put another video in the post and add additional info

    Security camera footage obtained by AP from Haberturk newspaper, shows the male assailant dressed in black and carrying a backpack as he shoots down a police officer outside the Reina nightclub.

    where did this media outlet get their info from???

  6. Sorry, I am not sure if he is Uighur. Seen pics of him on Instagram and he certainly looks Central Asian/Uighur-CCTV images. Can't find where I saw it now. And absolutely agree with your theory about the Godless Turks.

    1. Hey Ally:

      If you find anything leave it here, please and thanks

  7. Ok, so far so good- I've reposted the above post
    the lay out of the blog is in order
    My blog is running correctly- it is 12:18 pm est
    Should you run into any problems accessing the blog, let me know if possible or let GC know- she'll get in touch with me

  8. Blog looks good, Penny. That NBC video has some kind of "recruitment" video tacked to the end of it. Can't see much of the perp but he looks like a professional hit man. And he got away...probably sunning himself on the beaches of Tel Aviv by now.

  9. Happy New Year Penny, thanks for all your hard work here x

    1. Hey Majestika

      well well well... isn't that interesting
      and he was just good hearted and helpful and loving and kind and blah, blah, blah
      That's the standard claim for these killers for hire-- they just want to save the world and did you notice all the contradictions in the article?

      btw: he died when Mr Israel died to and that fellow was a 'real humanitarian' too- roflmao!

    2. oh and happy new year to you too!

    3. Ahahah, these people are allowing themselves to be used for the remake of the ME, thinking they're going over there to fight ISIS. What to you mean about the Mr Israel? Is he a Zionist?

    4. Michael Israel died at the same time this 'chef' did.
      It's in one of my older posts- he was a great humanitarian too... for the love of the kurds and greater Israel

      "Ahahah, these people are allowing themselves to be used for the remake of the ME"- Yup

    5. Saw a video a few weeks ago of another westerner being interviewed by Ara News. He said that he came to Rojava because he was a Communist/Socialist and so supported the Kurds. Sad that these young people are being drawn to such things.
      Had a look at Michael Israel. Yep, he came to join the 'revolution':

  10. I noted in Occurrences late last night -- it went "to press" at about 2-3 AM GMT-5 as the net evidenced difficulties in accessing certain sites -- two links for reports about plainclothes officers disguised as Santas. I am not intimately familiar with things in Istanbul or their press outlets and, in the current context, everything is more topsy-turvy than ever, what with Syria, Erdogan, Russia and the US.

    Several points in deep background: A deep reading of US intel history and the history of the Dulles brothers will document that the very first foreign affairs posting of the fellow who went on to form the OSS and the CIA was in Istanbul, the great turbulent crossroads between the East and the West, just after World War One, at that time teeming with immigrants from Russia's own upheavals; it was there where Dulles picked up his first assignment: to carry the information to the papers in London and New Year that the famed Protocols of the Elders of Zion" was a hoax. page 82 or thereabouts in "Gentleman Spy" by Peter Grose]

    Secondly, always take everything and anything from Time with a very large grain of salt, as Luce was Skull and Bones, and the deep involvement of the Luce media empire in CIA bag-jobs, particularly the assassination of JFK, was covered in depth, specially with reference to one C. D. Jackson, in George Michael Evia's book "A Certain Arrogance" (see the fifth and sixth essays).

    1. Hi editor

      regarding TIME and the Luce connection- rather then a grain of salt.. I take it more as what it was an announcement of intent

      and am familiar with the historical connections via couple of different books

      Notably the Mighty Wurlizter
      and a biographical book about Roald Dahl- spook
      "The Irregulars"
      read several years back a gift from our daughter

      " They include Millicent Rogers, the heiress to a Standard Oil fortune, and Clare Boothe Luce, a right-wing congresswoman and the wife of the publisher of Time magazine.

      Boothe Luce proved so frisky, Dahl later claimed to have begged his superiors to take him off the assignment, only to be told to get back into the bedroom"

      and others

      It turns out that the Turkish media outlet NTV is partnered with MSNBC- wonder why that is?

      will look for the book you mention - thanks!


    Another 'mysterious' death?

    1. regarding the Russian Military officer found dead
      - no signs of violence?

      "The preliminary forensic report indicated no trace of violence on the body of the deceased, sources said"

      Assuming being a military officer he had routine physicals? Not sure