Monday, September 25, 2017

Bernard Henri Levy Hard Sells the Kurds(Referendum) & Syrian Updates

The Kurdish people- however you wish to believe they exist as a unified people- has little to do with reality. They've never been unified and are notorious for infighting.
Nor have they ever had a state- I’ve actually seen misleading information other places implying the Kurds did have a state and it was divided up among Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkey- This was NEVER the case.

"They’ve never had a permanent state.... but first results are due tomorrow from Kurdistan's indyref"
 INITIAL results from an independence referendum in the Kurdistan region of Iraq should be known tomorrow, with the full outcome due later in this week.

More than 5.2 million voters in the three northern Iraqi provinces that make up the autonomous region were entitled to cast their ballot yesterday in a poll that Iraq’s Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi denounced as “unconstitutional”.
I’ve read the turnout may have been as high as 70 percent, but, that was pretty preliminary information..
Bernard Henri Levy has been all over the place promoting Kurdistan & Israel’s approval for it. For quite some time now. He made the romantic documentary that was ‘suddenly’ included at Cannes.  Not employing the term romantic in the usual boy/girl sense- rather:  "marked by the imaginative or emotional appeal of what is heroic, adventurous, remote, mysterious, or idealized" 

His opinion was featured over the weekend in the Globe and Mail. Most certainly not worth my time to read!  Here he is again talking up Israel's special obligation to support the kurds.

Years ago  I wrote about how very similar the mythology of the Kurds/Judiac is/was. How much it aligned. Including the righteousness of a nation state for both- at the expense of millions of others!  Not sure how it was so many others failed to see the obvious similarities? Death, displacement, war crimes, ethnic cleansing- All swept under the rug for moves on the global chess board.
 All should be aware that BHL’s motivation for any agenda is Israel first. He’ll justify the destruction of any nation as long as it serves Israel- He wanted Libya destroyed-
“Lévy said that he returned to Paris and told President Nicolas Sarkozy that humanitarian intervention wasn’t enough. “The real objective had to be to topple Qaddafi,” he told me. Sarkozy agreed, and Lévy became his emissary.”

He was a cheerleader for the real nazis in Ukraine - ya know the ones Canada supports?

“I haven’t seen neo-Nazis, I haven`t heard anti-Semites, I have heard the contrary – an incredibly mature movement, incredibly determined and very deeply liberal .....”
Must be why the Trudeau junta loves the Ukrnazis so much- very deeply liberal

Bernard Henri Levy- Questionable morals. Questionable politics. And most certainly not a philosopher of any merit. Not in my book.

Syrian Updates Begin

Russia bombed SDF?

Russian warplanes bombarded the positions of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the area of Koniko (Conico) gas field northeast of Deir ez-Zor Monday noon.

In the wake of the aerial bombardment, Russian forces started to hit the area with mortars and Katyushas.

Russia didn't bomb SDF

It’s possible ground attacks are taking place, however, I have serious doubts about the aerial strikes- It sounds almost exactly like the previous claim, including, the same injury count according to some reports I’ve read.

The area of Koniko gas factory northeast of Deir ez-Zor was liberated by SDF fighters on September 23.
A gas factory liberated? What weird language.
Koniko was liberated by brand SDF- How about this much more truthful headline?

PKK captures major gas plant in Syria’s Deir ez-Zor
"The PKK’s Syrian wing, the PYD, took control of a major gas plant northeast of Deir Ez-Zour province in Syria, according to a local source.
The US-backed group is advancing into the eastern Syrian province, home to some of the country’s most productive oilfields. There are 11 major oilfields in Deir ez-Zor from which the Daesh militants allegedly withdrew earlier without any shots fired."

Guarantor States Establishing 5th deconfliction zone

The Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim in an interview with Anadolu News Agency stated that guarantor states (Iran, Russia and Turkey) had star working on establishing the fifth de-escalation zone, which would be set up in the northern part of Aleppo province, in the area of Afrin.
That's interesting to consider.

Theatre of the Absurd:  Former British Banker Fighting ISIS in Syria- 

Macer Gifford is a former banker in the City of London - but he has left his old life behind to fight ISIS in Raqqa.

From sitting at a desk to touting an AK47? Yah, like that's credible.


  1. The Lies of Bernard-Henri Lévy

    A philosopher who’s never taught the subject in any university, a journalist who creates a cocktail mingling the true, the possible, and the totally false, a patch-work filmmaker, a writer without a real literary oeuvre, he is the icon of a media-driven society in which simple appearance weighs more than the substance of things. BHL is thus first and foremost a great communicator, the PR man of the only product he really knows how to sell: himself.

    Sent him a tweet, asking if he got his Mossad/CIA pay in cash or bitcoin, but he never responded. Broke me heart!

  2. It's a real 'let down' when an icon of his caliber ignores your query- ;)

  3. Bernard Henri Levy the humanitarian- roflmao!

    " The company specialized in rare woods from Africa and–as Une Imposture Francaise reveals–while BHL was running the company, numerous international bodies and a report from the Canadian government denounced it for keeping its African workers in penurious semi-slavery, which rather contradicts BHL’s pretensions to be an international humanitarian activist.

    A jew and slavery. Why I never! ;)

  4. The appearance of BHL is ominous. Obviously he was ascribed the role of heralding the future massacres for the greater glory of Israel.
    If one would take a walk down the memory lane, he would remember the terrible massacres perpetrated by the messianic revolt of 115-117 at the same time in Cyrenaica (Libya), Cyprus, Egypt and Adiabene. The signal of the revolt was given by the Babylonian Exilarh (Rosh Galut)Shlomo ben Hunya. Babylonia was always the real center of Jewery, the Exilarh ("head of the exile") claiming a descendence from the Davidic kingly line).
    Jews tried repeatedly to establish a state of their own in Babylonia (ex. in 495 AD the Exilarh Mar-Zutra II succeeded to establish a short lived state in Mahoza).
    Some people look keen to repeat history.

    1. Hey wizoz- his appearance isn't recent- he's been pushing the agenda for some time now- he had the glorifying peshmerga 'documentary' all ready for that 'unexpected/sudden 'inclusion at Cannes May of last year- so he's been pushing this crap for a while now

      However, as of late- he's been hard selling!

      "Obviously he was ascribed the role of heralding the future massacres for the greater glory of Israel."

      No other way to describe what he's doing!

  5. Trudeau and Levy have a few things in common. Insufferable vanity and a peacock strut belying arrogance | and careers built on nothing but Talmudic Israeli deception.

    Levy stood in the bombed shell of Qaddafi`s home, where children and kin of the great men perished. He stood there in his pristine white shirt and hair, gloating. I have hated him ever since. He is a manufactured thing, a product, as mentioned... himself.

    And if there is war to be pushed, he is your agitator.

    1. Trudeau and Levy love Ukrnazis too--- cause they are very liberal.

      Yah, the white shirt thing is a bit much!

      Agree wrt Trudeau and Levy having the insufferable peacock strut, arrogance and an abundance of vanity!

  6. He's so obnoxious that even his sister became a catholic nun. No joke.