Monday, September 4, 2017

Evidence Makes a Liar of Mattis- Washington Supplied an Army in Northern Syria

And, no, it wasn't the Syrian Arab Army they supplied. Obviously this is a Sunni Muslim Kurd TERROR army.... 'cause I'm not mincing words for the crybaby crowd.


I have every reason to believe that Turkey knows the real numbers of weapons etc., supplied to the PKK/YPG
"Ankara revealed that the Washington has provided 1,285 truckloads of weapons and ammunition to the PKK's Syrian armed wing, the People's Protection Units (YPG) while they are claiming that only 60 trucks of arms support was sent to the YPG. 

Defense Minister Nurettin Canikli refuted the statements of his American counterpart James Mattis regarding the number of trucks carrying military equipment sent to YPG by the U.S. During a face-to-face meeting between Mattis and Canikli on Aug. 23, the Turkish side provided aerial photographs which indicate that the number of trucks is far higher than claimed. 

Diplomatic sources said that the recent meeting held in Ankara on Aug. 23 between Turkish and U.S. defense ministers was a tense one in which Canikli and Mattis discussed the Pentagon's military assistance provided to the PKK-affiliated YPG"
Interesting that the US showed documents to Turkish officials regarding 60 trucks, which Turkey countered with images taken..
 Canikli stated that according to Ankara's calculations that are based on documents that were provided by the U.S., the YPG terrorist group is likely to have received 60 trucks of weapon and ammunition. However, the aerial photographs taken by Turkey, as well as data gathered from field intelligence reveals that the number of trucks sent to the YPG is more than 1,285.
Turkey's immediate falsification (showing the US to be a liar) of the numbers claimed by the U.S with documented evidence caused consternation in the American side. In order to provide an explanation regarding the number of trucks, Mattis stated that those trucks were not only sent to the YPG but also to U.S. soldiers in Iraq and Syria.
  The Turkish side has responded by saying that the 1,200 trucks of weapons are enough to adequately equip at least 60,000 soldiers, adding that as far as it is known, there are not American soldiers of this number in Syria and Northern Iraq, again refuting the U.S. secretary of defense.
 Washington supplied an army- In a previous post I covered the fact that this indeed was the goal. To turn the PKK/YPG into an occupying force in annexed Syrian and most probably Iraqi territory.
Coincidentally, but, not likely, immediately preceding this meeting  we recall the US make a completely NON-CREDIBLE claim regarding gun fire exchange between Turkish backed rebels and American forces who are stationed in, but have ZERO business, being in Syria !
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 I'm not a coincidence theorist... we're witnessing (from a far, via the media) a conspiracy.


  1. Uh, help me out here Penny.

    Did those trucks come overland via Turkey? Or Iraq, perhaps escorted by the Iranian Republican Guard and/or PMU Shia militia's on the eve of yhe referendum.

    Either way, Mathis' claims are irrelevant to the poorly hidden double game being played by Turkey and Iran, plus new best friends the Muslim Brotherhood, in a big dirty game which as usual sees the British brokering a deal to displace Russian gas in Europe with Iranian/Qatari gas from Pars, via a pipeline through Turkey.

    Turkey is no victim, and neither are the Russians fooled. The issue now is what is to be done with the Kurds of Turkey, who I suspect are about to experience a fate identical to that of Armenians, Greeks and others 100 years ago. Kurdistan is a go, just not on Turkish territory.

    1. To my knowledge, the trucks came via Iraq..
      I haven't a clue who escorted them- I would figure it was US forces and PKK..

      You would have to explain why we'd be talking anyone else.

      Kurdistan is a go,I'm quite certain that's been stated here previously, not on Turkish territory- YET- that's more how I see it.

  2. re: truck and arms delivery via northern Iraq

    as covered here:

    "The transportation of weapons and armored vehicles was carried out along the highway through the territory of Northern Iraq, and afterwards they were delivered to Raqqa," he added"