Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Israel Needs to Prepare America for the Upcoming Conflict in Syria??

"Why Israel needs to prepare America for the Upcoming Conflict in Syria "

Pretty darn presumptuous of Israel, no?

Israel always claims to be looking for peace, yet, always pushes for more and more war! 

Will an Israeli move on Syria provide the pretext the US is already looking for?

Or is Israel calling the shots, entirely?

Whatever the case may be... Israel is definitely looking the mad dog.

I don't think the 'mad dog' analogy offends Israeli sensibilities one darn bit!

Excerpts from an oped published in Jerusalem Post:

 “An Israeli tipping point may have been reached, forcing Israel to either be resigned to a permanent Iranian presence in Syria or significantly increase its operations in Syria, potentially escalating into a wider regional war”

According to Yediot Aharonot, “Russia has reportedly stationed its advanced S-400 anti-missile defense system near an Iranian arms factory in Syria, which allegedly manufactures long-range guided missiles for Hezbollah.”

When Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu complained to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Pravda reported that Putin’s response to Netanyahu’s complaints was “Iran is Russia’s strategic ally in the Middle East.”

So will Russia use its S-400 anti-aircraft system against an IAF attack on its Shi’ite allies? A successful Israeli attack would require Israel to knock out any S-400 system defending the target.

How would the Russians respond to the deaths of Russian soldiers manning the S-400? Can anyone predict how Trump and co. would respond to an Israeli attack killing Russian soldiers? A regional conflict now becomes a possibility.

As former head of the National Security Council Yaakov Amidror said, “At the end of the day it is our responsibility, not the responsibility of the Americans, or the Russians, to guarantee ourselves, and we will take all the measures that are needed for that.”

The region could be ignited with a single match. That light could be a significant Israeli attack in Syria in response to the increased military transfers facilitated by a permanent Iranian presence,
starting the engine toward a wider regional conflagration.
Doesn't read to me like Israel is looking for peace. We aren't even certain Iran will have a "permanent presence in Syria". How can Israel make that claim?
This is why Israel must prepare its American ally sooner rather than later to know that Israel may not be able to sit idly by while Iran’s uses its new base to transfer more and more powerful weaponry to Hezbollah.

An American commitment to back up Israel if Iran does not decrease its presence in Syria would actually decrease the chance for conflict, as knowing the red lines might make Iran think twice before challenging Israel or expanding further into the Golan.
Are you getting a black mail vibe from the statement an American commitment to back up Israel will decrease the chance of conflict... Implied in the statement is no American commitment to Israel, Israel will attack, Syria! There's that mad dog attitude, again! 

Of course this may be, and probably is, exactly what America is hoping for. I do not believe America will stand down regarding Deir ez Zor

From Earlier:  UPDATED- Deir ez Zor: Seige Broken!
The Trump Middle East Israeli-Palestinian peace team should also refocus their efforts away from the improbable quest for conflict resolution and get their head into the real game in the Middle East, Iranian control of Syria, one that could set the region on fire.
 Israel  never did want the Palestinian issue fairly resolved... I happen to believe the US didn't want resolution either. That's why Jared Kushner was on the team.


  1. All of that State Department hostility towards Russia, having the FBI raid their office and residences, is most likely Israel wagging the dog's tail for its benefit.

    If there is some kind of wider ME war, which Israel will have its GOY lackeys fight, Israel will lay waste to Gaza and push out thousands of West Bank Palestinians.

    After all, you never let a crisis go to waste.

    1. Israel 11 day exercises largest yet on northern border following the warnings about Lebanon civilian kills. post the arsal ISIS evac deal.

  2. https://www.tasnimnews.com/en/news/2017/09/03/1508372/israel-losing-stranglehold-over-us-american-activist
    TEHRAN (Tasnim) – A peace activist and journalist based in Virginia said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s panic about recent advances of Iran and its allied forces against terrorists in Syria signals that the Tel Aviv regime is "losing its stranglehold” over Washington.

  3. This sums the feelings quite well.
    link: http://thesaker.is/putin-it-is-difficult-to-talk-to-people-who-confuse-austria-and-australia/

    Iran Missile Factory in Syria????????? Really ????? Stuff n Nonsense. Any excuse will do.

    I have difficulty believing Isreal will go against Russia and think they have been put in there place by both Putin and Lavlov.

    Greg Bacon brings up a good point with Isreal telling the US what to do re Russia Embassy, real or false I dont know though plausible as a dummy spit from being told off by Russia.
    Escalating the conflict with Syria is also a very dumb move as they have a lot of well seasoned troops and equipment now which would be a very good match for the IDF they have degenerated into a bunch of thugs and I feel would be in great difficulty against a seasoned army. Add the Hezbollah troops and combat on a wide front mostly clandestine not regular would be more than the IDF could manage I think.

    Read the Sakers post (easiest place from the many I have read pointing put how Russia feels about the current US congress thinking.) Link above

    We in Aus have had a mild winter and the first week of spring is all about the winter we missed ... chees what a mixed up world we live in Cheers Penny..

    1. Israel will go after Lebanon + hit infrastructure (Hezbollah logistics) in Syria. US bases in Syria?

  4. I started a response with links pointing out how it is today the "syria used chemical weapons" news is making the rounds yet again

    The Independent
    Middle East Eye
    New York Post
    Daily Mail

    So, far all are carrying this news- by tonight this will have multiplied exponentially.

    Coming immediately after the 5 eyes media pretty much ignored or downplayed SAA taking Deir ez Zor back..

  5. My guess is that if they're rash enough to try armed aggression, they will be badly beaten. The Zionist forces are effective enough against defenceless families, and they're very good at shooting children for sport (and to reduce the demographic problem), but going up against experienced troops would be another matter.

  6. Good read.