Thursday, September 7, 2017

Where do Trees Get Their Mass?

hattip gallier2!

Hi, about AGW cultists, I stumbled over an interesting video on youtube that was quite an eye opener. It is a video on a science channel that asks the simple (so I thought) question of where do trees get their mass from? I was surprized that so many people in the video were incapable to answer it. I suspected that it was a selection bias by the video mounter, so I decided to ask the same question to people around me. I was completely floored, most couldn't give the right answer, albeit it is incredibly easy and basic. Even one of my colleagues who worked several years for an environment agency (granted maritime environment) gave the wrong answer.
These worse is that these ignorants are the one judging you for being AGW sceptics.

I Love Trees and admit to being a Tree Hugger. And happily so :)

Here is the video:

If the answer to the question posed was a  surprise to you. That would be shocking to me. And would, sadly, be an indication of how well your perception has been managed and also how abysmally unaware of the real world you might just be- Not trying to be harsh, but, trees and plants being fed by carbon is just reality.

Recall my comment from this post- Geo-Engineering: Sucking up Carbon & Dimming the Sun to Cool Planet

 "I'm going to hug a tree today and thank it for giving me oxygen, while I aspirate my carbon for it's food"

That video portrayed my statement so very well :)


  1. I just put this question to my nearly 13 year old, homeschooled son. He answered correctly. :)

    1. That's great to read Gwen and you should be proud of that fact! Cause that means your son has a good teacher :)

  2. I knew the answer, but I was lucky to have good teachers in the long-long ago. Like Gwen. ;-)

    Anybody's who's been a hospital patient should know it too. It's why they always take the plants out of your room at night, because they're giving off carbon dioxide after a day of breathing it in. I'd thought I'd be depressed about this whole thing now that sucking carbon out of the atmosphere has become yet another money-maker for people who don't care about consequences, but you've pointed out the miracle of nature, Penny, and I'm holding onto the adage that Mother Nature knows best, and may well knock a few greedy know-it-alls on their keisters one of these days.

    1. Mother Nature does know best- she really does.
      And hopefully she knows to knock the right people down :)