Thursday, October 19, 2017

Enormous Flag of Ocalan Raised In Raqqa- Greater Kurdistan Dead?

Giant Ocalan flag flying in the centre of Raqqa. Some on twitter suggest it's a dedication to the USA.  As a supporter of terrorists and terrorism it's a fitting dedication. Very fitting. 

A still shows a flag bearing Abdullah Ocalan's face in the centre of Raqqa
The Kurds also employed a huge appeal to the feminists (identity politics) that litter the west with their toxicity- Story for another day....
I'd describe this as a huge flipping of the bird to the dead. The displaced. The ethnically cleansed. To the nation state of Syria. Only full awareness that the USrael has their back could explain this brazen display.
Middle East Eye

Syrian social media users have reacted with alarm after the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) unveiled a large picture of Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) leader Abdullah Ocalan in the centre of Raqqa following the city's liberation from Islamic State.

Ocalan, who was born in the Turkish province of Sanliurfa, was a co-founder of the PKK in 1978 and led a guerrilla war against the Turkish state that resulted in more than 40,000 deaths.

Although the YPG has claimed it is independent from the PKK, the group acknowledges Ocalan as its ideological figurehead and PKK commanders are thought to control key institutions in northern Syria.
Syrian opposition activists criticised the move on Twitter with some saying that one "terrorist" group, the Islamic State, had simply been traded in for another:
#Raqqa city:: AlBagdadi photo has been replaced with Abdullah Ocalan the leader of #PKK which consider internationally a terrorist group
 IS captured mostly Sunni Arab Raqqa in 2014, and under its rule the city became infamous for gruesome abuses and as a planning centre for attacks abroad.
WSJ is also reporting this display with a nice twist "Symbol of Kurdish Nationalism Rises in Raqqa"
No mention of displaced, dead, ethnically cleansed Syrian Arab/Christans resident in Raqqa that I can see- Or the fact that this is still Syrian territory? You know, government in Damascus?
 Just "kurdish nationalism"
"Two days after leading the battle to oust Islamic State from Raqqa, U.S.-backed Kurdish fighters on Thursday made clear they have replaced the extremist group as the Syrian city’s new authority.
 Members of the Kurdish led Syrian Democratic Forces held a news conference in the symbolic public square, where they raised a giant banner of Abdullah Ocalan."

Those Arabs have now been displaced. 

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  1. Hi Penny:

    Just looked at Raqqa on a map of Syria...hmmmmm looks like a great place for a "cauldron". Probably not militarily sustainable for any length of time...but then....did that ever stop them????

  2. Hey Penny,

    thank you for disclosuring the lie that is SDF/YPG. It is paramount that truth about YPG gets out there for us Turks.

    I want to be aware of your next blog posts but am horrible at keep track of things. Is there a twitter account where you announce your posts?

    1. Hi John Kennedy:

      It is paramount not only for the Turks that the reality of what and who YPG is get out. Though admittedly it's going to get much worse for the Turks. And they do need to know.
      It's important for the Iranians, the Syrians, the entire region and especially important for the manipulated, dumbed down gullible west to understand this is NOT a hero's journey! As has been presented - It's simply geopolitics, manipulation of the global chessboard done to enable specific parties to gain certain advantages- Most of the YPG is not even Syrian- that's just another lie!

      (I had several articles here explaining that according to casualties counts the vast majority of YPG is Turkish- with a near equal split between Syrians/Iranians and some Armenians) YPG is not Syrian

      I don't use twitter, if you wish to keep track of upcoming posts- follow by email, or simply follow- It can be done in the sidebar to the right- both options are there.

      I keep thinking about twitter???