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Pt2: Winter of Iran's Discontent? Destabilizing Iran and Pakistan.

Background covered in first post on this latest destabilization. If you missed that background or are unaware, first post relinked immediately below or scroll down.
The Winter of Iran's Discontent? Destabilizing Iran & Pakistan

Kurds as destabilizers of Iran, simultaneous with Syria & Turkey, present day:

I had this saved from yesterday and WizOz left the link along with a comment-

 December 31/2017- Iran’s Kurdish opposition parties back protesters, call for international support
In a combined statement on Saturday, the Kurdistan Democratic Party-Iran (PDKI) and the Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan (Komala) called on authorities to free people who were arrested for participating in country-wide protests.

The PDKI and Komala urged NGOs, political centers, and world leaders to support the demands of Iranian people and pressure the regime to release the imprisoned protesters and others unfairly detained during previous movements in Rojhelat.
On Sunday, the Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK) released a statement calling on the people of Iran “to fight and stand together to seek a new way forward for a democratic Iran.”
In response to WizOz's comment, I wrote this yesterday:

Hey WizOz

"It looks like the 'spontaneous protests against corruption (what else!) in Iran have a wider scope: redirection of Kurds against Iran"

I've got that news article saved for what looks like a two part post- hopefully will have it up tomorrow?
Israel would never give up on their Israel 2.0 that's for sure... And yet I think this is a bit bigger then just Iran- think Pakistan- if your going to go, may as well go big!
Always prepping for the next move
Bingo! Trump the Twit, on Twitter: 
Happy New Year Wiz Oz et al:

From above "And yet I think this is a bit bigger then just Iran- think Pakistan - if your going to go, may as well go big!"

What is Trump tweeting about? I mean his first tweets of 2018!

"Trump began the new year by launching an attack on Islamabad in his first tweet of 2018, saying Pakistan was providing “safe haven to the terrorists we hunt”.

Bin Laden being caught in Pakistan will make the rounds again!

“The United States has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years, and they have given us nothing but lies & deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools,” he wrote. “They give safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan, with little help. No more!”
Recall my July 2017 post about the coup in Pakistan?

"The deep state with the assistance of outside interests?
Can't say for certain. Let's just say there is a high probability of outside interest involvement considering all players and nation states affected by the removal of Nawaz Sharif"
As expected!
This was predictable. And Trump, the boor, makes it so obvious. 
Let's revisit the July 2017 post covering the 'soft coup' in Pakistan.

Flashback:  Pakistan’s Soft Coup- The Deep State Ousts Nawaz Sharif

And you'll want to keep this more recent post in mind.. French ISIS Fighters Relocate to Afghanistan from Syria aka the french foreign legion
"Several foreign militants affiliated with the Islamic State terror group including French and Algerian nationals have moved to Afghanistan after they were suppressed during the operations in Syria and Iraq, it has been reported"
  The US and Israel have been positively beaming, braying and drooling over the protests in Iran. 

US State Department Hints Regime Change Op In Iran Underway?

The US State Department has issued a formal condemnation of the Iranian government following two days of economic protests centering in a handful of cities, calling the regime “a rogue state whose chief exports are violence, bloodshed, and chaos” while announcing support for protesters.

It fits a familiar script which seems to roll out when anyone protests for any reason in a country considered an enemy of the United States (whether over economic grievances or full on calling for government overthrow).

The statement by spokesperson Heather Nauert, released late on Friday, further comes very close to calling for regime change in Iran when it asserts the following:

    On June 14, 2017, Secretary Tillerson testified to Congress that he supports “those elements inside of Iran that would lead to a peaceful transition of government. Those elements are there, certainly as we know. The Secretary today repeats his deep support for the Iranian people.
Certainly the US knows those elements are present in Iran. Since they've been dealing with them, arming them/training them and giving them shelter for years and years and years...

The media is already promoting a regime change narrative.
"As we noted during our initial coverage of Thursday’s protests, Israeli as well as Iranian opposition media commentators (and of course pundits in the US mainstream) have generally appeared giddy with excitement at the prospect that protests could spread inside Iran, potentially culminating in society-wide resistance and possible change in government. It goes without saying that Iran has been enemy #1 for the United States and Israel since the Islamic Revolution and embassy hostage crisis beginning in 1979.

Consider for example a major Israeli international broadcast network, which in an English language interview segment covering the very beginnings of (relatively small and limited) protests Thursday quickly linked the Tehran government with use of chemical weapons in Syria, supporting the “biggest butcher in this region Bashar al-Assad”, and facilitating the killing of civilians.
Simultaneously the resident “expert” presents the protesters as condemning these things while yearning for freedom and democracy. He can barely contain himself while repeating “It’s spontaneous! It’s spontaneous!… and could be more spontaneous! …it inspires people to go out more! …Because it’s spontaneous these two are combustible mixtures”.
It's spontaneous??? I wish some mass protests would break out, truly spontaneously,  in Canada. It's pretty restricted here- And yah, about those Google algorithms impeding freedom of speech and discourse?? I've yet to see any real concerns expressed in the land of the dumbed down and gullible- Canada? Whatever... These protests in Iran are not spontaneous. They are fomented. Encouraged. And supported. By the US. By Israel. Canada. The usual suspects

 Did Israel and the US “secretly” sign a Confront Iran memorandum?
"Last Thursday, TV Channel 10 in Israel, citing Israeli and American officials, aired a report which claimed that Israel and the United States had secretly signed a memorandum of understandings on how to confront Iran.

The accord was reportedly signed on December 12 after intensive talks between Israeli and US intelligence and defense officials and the ceremony was attended by the heads of the national security councils of the two countries according to Channel 10.

The agreement outlined “steps on the ground” against the various threats emanating from Tehran and culminated in the forming of three joint teams.

The first team is to deal with the growing threat to Israel and the Sunni Arab countries and plans to focus on Iran’s creeping encroachment on the Syrian Israeli border and its aid to Hezbollah in Lebanon.

The second team was set up to gather intelligence on Iran’s nuclear program, which both the Trump Administration and Israel think is covertly commencing, despite the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers.

A third team would grapple with Iran’s ballistic missile program and the Iranian efforts to build underground missile silos, factories which manufacture precision weaponry and military bases for the Quds Force of the IRGC in Syria"
And finally....."Diplomats reportedly on same page for overt and covert plans..."
image accompanying linked article
 "Barak Ravid, a reporter for Israel’s Channel 10 and for the U.S. political newswire Axios, reported on Thursday that teams led by President Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser, H.R. McMaster, and his Israeli counterpart, Meir Ben-Shabbat, agreed on overt and covert plans to block any potential nuclear threat from Iran.
Additionally, the joint document aims to counter Iran’s expanded missile development, its military interventions in Syria and its support for Hezbollah and other designated terrorist groups.
 The American and Israeli teams would form working groups and hew to an Iran strategy Trump outlined in October, which includes reviewing and amending the 2015 Iran nuclear deal and expanding pressure on Iran outside the framework of the agreement. The 2015 deal exchanges sanctions relief for a rollback in Iran’s nuclear program. Trump has said it’s a bad deal and wants tougher strictures"
Flashback:  Trump Will "Decertify" the Iran Nuclear Deal.

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  1. Russia hopes U.S., NATO step up anti-drug efforts in Afghanistan - Foreign Ministry
    Moscow doesn't see NATO's strategy in Afghanistan, believes alliance benefits from maintaining controllable chaos there - diplomat

    1. "Moscow doesn't see NATO's strategy in Afghanistan, believes alliance benefits from maintaining controllable chaos there - diplomat"

      Controllable chaos being the strategy.

  2. Certainly 'this is a bit bigger than just Iran'. It happened to find the comment of an Armenian (on a trusted blog) relating to Azerbaijan. It didn't take long to do my own research and hey presto, I stumbled upon this:

    "Neoconservative Delusions on Azerbaijan", December 29, 2017, Eldar Mamedov

    'If there is one feature for which neoconservatives are well known, it is their reckless disregard for reality, no matter how many times and how badly their policies have backfired–especially in the Middle East.
    This feature was on full display in Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) CEO Michael Makovsky’s piece of advice to the Trump administration on how to deal with Iran. The piece, dissected by Jim Lobe and Derek Davison, is full of praise for Ronald Reagan’s “resolve” in dealing with the Soviet Union–obligatory in the neoconservative canon–and repetitive references to Iran’s meddling in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen. There is, however, another element which deserves more attention: Makovsky’s idea that the U.S. strategy to counter Iran should include Azerbaijan. This is actually not the first time he advocated for such an approach: already in January 2017 he urged the then-fresh Trump administration to integrate the Caspian nation in a regional effort, together with the Persian Gulf monarchies, to isolate Iran.
    As Makovsky makes clear, Azerbaijan’s value in this context would be threefold: as a Shia nation, it would provide cover to the anti-Iran coalition’s evident anti-Shia bias; the Azerbaijani government’s alleged interest in closer ties with the U.S. would make it available for such an effort; and, perhaps most importantly, closer cooperation with Baku would galvanize the sizable Azeri minority in Iran, with the ultimate aim of destabilizing the Tehran regime...
    (the author enumerates the reasons why this is a delusion)
    The secession of what Azerbaijani nationalists refer to as the “southern Azerbaijan”, i.e. Azeri-majority areas of Iran, is out of the question. Even an attempt by Baku to pursue the issue would invite a retaliation from Tehran, which could try to mobilize Shia Islamists in Azerbaijan, support the Iranian-speaking Talysh separatists in the country’s south or tilt even more explicitly toward Armenia, Azerbaijan’s bitter foe.
    Makovsky doesn’t address any of these potential pitfalls. Neither does he explain why the Azerbaijani government would act against its own national interest only for the sake of isolating and destabilizing Iran. As experience shows, however, neither a proven track record of past failure nor the inconsistencies and delusions inherent in their latest offensive against Iran are likely to deter neoconservatives from trying the same policies once again."

    You see all of a sudden an interest in the 'Mountain Jews':

    "The rich Jewish heritage of Azerbaijan. The fascinating story of Jews who live and prosper in a majority Muslim country where religious discrimination and racial hatred towards any group are suppressed by the government and there is no aggressive nationalism", by Yunis Abdullayev, 25/12/17
    I quote only the conclusion:
    'Jews continue to pursue comfortable lives and enjoy freedom of activity in Azerbaijan. They have synagogues, schools and cultural centers. They can enjoy fundamental rights and opportunities to publish materials concerning their religion, culture and national identity. The Jewish role in science, music and industry is as flourishing as ever'.
    Oh, and the Jews settled in Azerbaidjan 2500 years ago! Like the Kurds!

    1. Hey WizOz-

      Azerbaijan it makes sense- Cause if I'm not mistaken Israel was all over the recent flare up? Nagarno Kharabkh? Relink from April 2016

      I have to stop over at that blog you previously mentioned- it is in the sidebar here and I do like the site very much. Which is why it has stayed in the sidebar.

      for others: the blog mentioned is Heralding the Rise of Russia- the blogger writes very in depth & good comments


    1. Posting the article for all to read

      Caspian leaders may sign convention on sea's status at Kazakhstan summit - Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry

      BAKU. Dec 6 (Interfax) - Negotiations on the status of the Caspian Sea have concluded successfully, Azerbaijani Deputy Foreign Minister Khalaf Khalafov said.

      "We confirm that the talks on the status of the Caspian Sea, which lasted for 21 years, have concluded successfully," Khalafov said at a press conference in Baku on Wednesday.

      Following necessary procedures within each country concerned, the draft convention on the legal status of the Caspian Sea could be submitted for the presidents to sign at a summit in Kazakhstan in 2018, he said.

      Azerbaijan, Russia, and Kazakhstan had bilateral and multilateral agreements related to the development of oil and gas fields in the Caspian Sea area, Khalafov said. "The draft convention defines a framework for these agreements. As for oil and gas deposits, it is too early to talk about them before the delimitation work is conducted," he said.

      The parties are working on a draft agreement on military activity in the Caspian Sea "based on concern for the security of all countries and the prevention of incidents," Khalafov said.

      Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the foreign ministers of the five Caspian countries had agreed on all key provisions of a convention on the status of the Caspian Sea, work on which started almost 20 years ago, and now the text of the document is almost ready for signing by the leaders of Russia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan at a summit next year.

      "I am greatly delighted to announce that we have found solutions to all of the outstanding key issues related to the preparation of this document. The text of the convention is virtually ready," Lavrov said at a press conference following a meeting of the foreign ministers of the five Caspian states in Moscow on Tuesday.

    2. Russian, Azerbaijani Navy to Hold First Ever Joint Drills in Caspian Sea

  4. Happy New Year! It is unusual that these protests would 'spontaneously' start at a time when the Iranian government had just liberalised some of its religious requirements for women...

  5. Just to get a better idea about Iran.