Thursday, January 11, 2018

Putin: Drone Provocateurs Known, Turkey Uninvolved. Intercepted Ship Update

I'd noticed a couple of days ago- there was an alternative media push suggesting Turkey had been behind the drone attack. The claim was the impetus for my use of translate for the Kommersant article.. which was linked to an alt site claiming Turkey was behind the attack. Except when I read the kommersant article ,'cause that's the way I do things here, there was nothing to substantiate this claim.

Drone Attack Russia/Syria- US Spy Aircraft Present During Attack


 Putin said. And I'm quoting, large sized and in red:

While speaking about the recent drone attack on Russian Hmeymim base in Syria, Vladimir Putin said that he believed Turkey had nothing to do with the issue amid the reports that alleged, the drones had been delivered from Turkey.
"There were provocateurs there but they were not Turks, we know who was that… We know, how much and whom they have paid for this provocation," Putin said.
The attack was a provocation, aimed at undermining Russia's relations with partners, including Turkey, Vladimir Putin said, adding that Russia had taken additional measures to protect its military facilities in Syria.
"Firstly, these are provocations aimed at the collapse of the earlier reached agreements. Secondly, that is also an attempt to destroy our relations with partners — Turkey and Iran. We clearly understand that and therefore we will show solidarity," Putin said.
 The Russian leader also said that the attacks had been thoroughly planned.
"Concerning the attacks, we have no doubts that they had been well prepared, we know when and where these drones were transferred, as well as the number of drones," Putin added.
 Putin tells Erdo─čan that he knows who was behind attack on Russia's Syria bases

Russian President Vladimir Putin told his Turkish counterpart that he knows which "provocateur" was behind a drone attack which targeted Russian military bases in Syria earlier this month.
During the phone call initiated by Putin, the Russian president stated that Turkey had nothing to do with the drone attack on military targets in Syria.
 Unless Putin is lying? And I really don't think that's the case.

About that freighter "loaded with weapons"intercepted by Greece, allegedly bound for Libya??  
Or so the Greek media is claiming- As is some of the so called alternative media.

Saw this report earlier, but, it gave me pause for thought. Why, you ask?

Because Turkey and Greece have been 'tit for tat' with one another over the coup plotters that Greece has kept safe. Or gave safe passage to? Whichever? Then there is Cyprus.

This is also not the first time Greece has targeted a  claimed Turkish ship- The incident reported on in 2017 claimed the ship was Turkish flagged Greek coastguard opens fire on Turkish flagged ship

 The dramatically labelled "bomb ship was NOT flagged as Turkish. It was Tanzanian flagged
The US also has it's sights set on destabilizing Turkey for the remake the region agenda that's been discussed.

Earlier reports regarding this ship had it headed to Djibouti. And Oman. 
 The explosives were reportedly loaded on the freighter in the southern Turkish port city of Mersin and destined for Djibouti and Oman.

If these weapons were actually loaded at Mersin, who loaded them?

Keeping in mind that the US has naval facilities in Mersin

Map From here

Keeping in mind : The Pentagon's 2.2 Billion Dollar Arms Pipeline

Who was actually shipping the weapons?  

How about this scenario?

 Weapons are loaded by a private contractor at the US naval facility in Mersin. The captain takes his cargo out to sea heading for their destination, which may or may not have changed along the way.  ("The ship's captain was later instructed by its owner to deliver the explosives to the Libyan port city of Misrata, the coast guard said") It's entirely plausibe that those who loaded the weapons tipped off the Greeks. Because the Greeks acted on a tip.(Greek authorities stopped the ship south of Crete and brought it ashore after receiving a tip)And the tit for tat continues. 


  1. I've updated this post- and tidied it up
    clarified the Greek provocations aspect of this incident- Greece being NATO's big spender- Also reminding readers the US is attempting to destabilize Turkey-

    differences in flagged ships from one incident to another
    noting that the alleged weapons were allegedly loaded in Mersin- where the US has naval facilities


  2. There is also a US base in Djibouti

    1. Thanks Gallier!
      I thought that there was!
      And considering the presence of AQ in africa.....

  3. Also notice the story about the ship has mostly gone away?

    I had read, maybe a Washington Post article. and all it was about was what great partner Greece was to US in it's attempt to clampdown on smuggling- No mention of Turkey in the entire article
    Wonder why that was?